Ginger Fabulously Taken


Hi, it’s Julia. You may remember me … Sheri, Julia? Me, the Cougar taken and turned. Ah, I see you nodding. Good. It’s been four glorious years for us. I still blink when I look at her. She’s just a wonder … and she’s doing very, very well at work too. (Me: winking) Yeah, the jokes are still lame and the sex is still fabulous.

About a year ago, Sheri was on a trip and had a short, glorious interlude. She’s so cute; she called and asked if it was okay. Don’t you dare tell her … I got so goddamn wet I used that little powder room in my office to ‘beat back’ the fire. I was the queen bitch when she got home … my Ma’am was very un-Ma’am-ly all weekend, at her pet’s beck and call. I did, if you will, beck and call her plenty. Oh yeah sure, I hated every delicious moment of it.

So on and on life went. When Linda told me she and Randi were getting hitched we cried!! Oh what a party that was! My girls, two of my bestest friends!! How happy we were for them. They went to that place where that person did that thing she does — and they spent two weeks in France, England and Ireland on their honeymoon. La vida loca!!

Life goes on. A business trip was planned; the C.F.O., me, was the leader of the pack. Mrs. C.F.O. was coming. Geez, it’s four years later. Has anyone grown up? We had made plans to stay the full weekend after the conference ended and then ‘stuff’ happened. Someone got fired and, as a parting gift, put a ‘bug’ in the software. Company-wide. Now software isn’t my thing but this was a biggie. Our home office I.T. department went into lockdown. No vacations, no weekends, no nothings till a fix was made … yesterday kids! Someone needed to be sent to the site. Guess who? Uh huh; plans up in smoke. Mrs. C.F.O. would be in Dallas; her wife would be in Baltimore.

Sheri was the one who made the suggestion. I went nuclear. What was good for the goose was NOT good for this gander, and she damn well knew I was totally cool with her fling. No, no, no! I had what I wanted and no one else would ever do. After she soothed me to and through several blinding orgasms she simply said, “Here’s the deal. If. That’s all I ask … is if someone catches your eye, consider it.” The lights had cleared out of my head by then and I was sort of capable of making rational decisions so I agreed to that. I wasn’t going to look anyway. Moot point.

Anyway, this conference would take place in January in Arizona … you’re welcome people! Too damn much work for me. I wasn’t happy about it, especially since there wouldn’t be anyone there to keep my bed wet and warm at night. Teresa served us dinner the night before we had to leave and we hustled upstairs for a glorious night of loving. I’d give you chapter and verse but you’d be bored. Yeah, okay, I admit, that hurt — a lot. You’d line up for my powder room and pay BIG money to use it if I described that night. All of every glorious moment of it. And you know it’s true!!

I asked Randi how life was … she beamed. I suspect there was a lot of that goin’ on. Lin beamed a lot too. The window seat next to me in first class, already paid for, was empty. Sigh. Yet another reminder. I would text my honey soon as the plane door opened. Nah, soon as the wheels touched down. Tell her that pussy was sore and baby was happy — and missed her terribly. She, umm, replied rather graphically that she missed me too! Gawd! We’ve debated, delightfully, in the Jacuzzi, about which was better: make up sex or I missed you sex. If anyone has an opinion please let us know. Sheri reminded me of her suggestion. No problem! Not happening. Homey don’t play dat! Word! The silly C.F.O.

The suite was wonderful. I hated it. No Sheri. Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel — close to the airport, plenty of rooms, 2 restaurants … Linda’s the best. She beat them to death on the rate and (giggle) told them she had it from a secret source that the President would not be there during the conference. You know who had the bestest suite! Big ole Jacuzzi and I had no one to share it with. So go shop or something girl and quit whining. Yes Ma’am. She nodded; oh god the spend was so good. I miss her terribly. I got out of the shower and put on casual things — shorts, cotton top, anklet athletic socks, and white tennies. Why did blondie wear tennies? Cuz nineies were too small and elevenies were too big. Grin. Somebody out there laughed! I know you did. Thank you. Yes, it’s pathetic … but the laugh is the thing!

I went down to the “Rimrock Bar and Grill.” Seriously? It was fine. I ordered wine and perused the menu. I had tonight to myself before things ramped up tomorrow. So I ordered something ‘healthy’ and sulked. The place was moderately full for a Thursday. Apparently we weren’t the only group booked. I might swim later and work off some of the frustration. When the server brought my food was when I saw her. I think the young man asked if I wanted more wine — if he’d asked me to sign over my … I’m 29. What? You really wanna argue? Okay, so it was going Ankara bayan escort to be the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. Soon. (Me: sticking my tongue out at you!) She sorta, kinda looked my age. The two things that caught my eye were the stark, forlorn look on her face and her face. However old she was she is gorgeous. Hair so dark red it was … I thought for a minute. Ginger? Yeah I think that’s it. She sat twisting a glass round and round in her hands with that forlorn look. Like many a redhead, she had a lovely, fair complexion. It was hard to tell her height and build. She was sitting and her shoulders were hunched like she was protecting herself from something — or someone. Could it have been she was comforting herself?

Her back wasn’t to me. Duh! She wasn’t facing me, thankfully. So I could kind of keep an eye on her without doing so too obviously. I nibbled on my food, sipped my wine and watched. She pushed the food around … eating but not really. Way more of whatever she was drinking. I saw her nod to the same server I had. Hmm. I lifted my hand and, when he came to my table, said, “That lady nearby, the one who just ordered whatever … my tab please. But don’t tell her who it’s from. And I’ll have another of mine.” If he was any kind of surprised he hid it. Hotel, restaurant, two singles at two tables. I saw his lips move … her head look around — not at me. She shrugged her thanks.

Goddamn you Sheri … you put the bug in my ear. No, Julia, not goddamn Sheri! This is on you. SFTU and say thank you Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am. A little smirk — yeah, still me. Now go talk to Ginger. Yes Ma’am. Am I married or what?

I stood, walked to her table, and said softly, “I, umm, hope I didn’t offend by putting that last drink on my tab.” My best smile. Her head turned; she stared. Her eyes took me in. No honey, I’m not a serial killer! Just a girl; well, no, not so much anymore. Whatever!

She smiled, “It did catch me by surprise; thank you. Would you like to sit down?” Oh honey!

“Thanks, yes.” I did. Smooth as ever, “I’m Julia.”

“Hi Julia, I’m Emily, nice to meet you.” Gawd! Brilliant smile. “What brings you to the desert in January?” We laughed.

“Oh, the usual … winter, business, the swimming pool, a chance meeting with a beautiful woman.” That last? Inside voice.

She nodded. “He left me for a blonde. It was a text and the locks were changed and my … umm, our … all … the accounts had zero balances. Mother fucker — no, strike that, child fuc …” That was when the tears started. I waited for a bit, then reached out and covered her hand with mine as she cried. The phrase flitted through: “Behind every successful man is a woman, cheering him on, helping lift him to ever higher peaks and we hope it’s his wife.” I just shook my head and empathized.

She dabbed at … goodness, they may be puffy and red but they’re so very blue. Okay, I confess, I took a gander at her. Nice! Her casual dress did nothing to hide a lush, very feminine figure. “Sooo, if I may, are you from this area?”

The question seemed to startle her from whatever she was thinking. She looked at me as if for the first time. Oh dear lord. The smile was — sweet. She didn’t have much makeup on; her lips were full, very kissable. (shush!) “No, I’m from Dayton, Ohio. I’m here on business and to …” she shook her head. Shut up Julia and let the woman speak. “To … I don’t know … I guess to try and figure out the rest of my life.” Good for you Ginger, you got it out!

I lifted my glass, we clinked, and I said, “Here’s to the rest of our lives, Emily!” I smiled, hers was faint. She took a wee bit of a sip. I saw her eyes tear — again.

“Julia is it?” I nodded. “This … it’s not how my life was supposed to go. We would ride off into the sunset together — the pwince and his pwincess.” I smiled at her pwonunciation. (Yeah — mickey soft hates it!) It was so innocent, so cute, and I kissed her. EEK! No, you didn’t really! Umm, yeah, I did — really. Maybe she wouldn’t notice. Fat chance ya goof. Oh my god, now what.

She giggled. “Did you really just do that?” What a gorgeous smile! Sheri!! Help! She laughed at me. You’re on your own wifey!! Geez!! So I did it again. You did what? Uh huh, and I liked it; so did she!

Do you know of hair that isn’t a mop of tight curls but sorta hangs in glorious, endless loopy things? Ya huh, I knew you would. That was Emily. Her face was thin … It’s perfect for her. I got a bit of a glimpse of her smile when she giggled. It lit up her face. She was sooo sad that it was hard to find a smile in the sorrow.

“Hey!” She looked at me. “If you’ve had enough whatever wanna go for a walk? Just do something other than think about whatever it is you’re thinking about? It doesn’t … sorry, seem to be bringing you a lot of … umm … joy or whatever.” Smooth, Julia.

She stared for a moment, asked the glass what to do (apparently) then nodded slowly. “Yeah, what the hell.” So we each Escort bayan Ankara paid our bills, stood and wandered out. To where? Hmm. I took her hand in mine and we walked through the front door. We wandered with no purpose and no destination other than my bed. Oh god! I didn’t just say that. Sheri smirked. Bitch! UGH! I giggled; Emily asked, “What was that about?” I blushed. I had to tell her — now? Yeah!

“I’m, very, very married Emily and I was thinking of my wife and …” She stopped on a dime, turned, stared, very pale. Her blues bore into mine. I stood up to it. I nodded, and said, “Yup, very, very gay. And very blissfully married. I love her with every last bit of my being and she, basically, told me that IF someone happened to cross my path I should …” I let the rest of it drift. She stared. I shrugged.

Her voice was a razor sharp hiss; her eyes blazed as she angrily spat the words. “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re gay, married, and on the prowl? You spotted me, clearly wounded, and figured I was low hanging fruit?” Her eyes still blazed; she slapped me. It was hard enough to rock me on my heels. I took it. I let the anger … whatever anger does; dissipate, I guess.

“Emily, I’m so completely not on the prowl you can’t begin to imagine. That I told you I’m married might, if not for your understandable fury, make some sort of sense. Yeah, I’m happily married and comfortable being me. I … I saw a woman forlorn and reached out. The kiss was …geez … I don’t know, it was just a kiss. You’re gorgeous, he’s an idiot and yes, I want you desperately.” FUCK! Why on earth? She stared – more in shock. “I’m so sorry Emily. I really have no idea why or excuse for saying that. It … the words just fell out of my mouth and I just don’t …” I have no idea anymore. Did I ever? I didn’t want this to happen … no goddamn way. But I said it, right? So something must have been in there? What? I was about two seconds from just turning and going back to my room.

Her eyes stopped me. There’s that moment that it flashes in the eyes — resolution, acceptance, whatever, I might as well try. I’m reading, they’re thinking. She met my gaze steadily, resolutely. “Okay.” Huh? One word? Color me confused wifey.

“Okay?” Smooth as ever.

“I accept your offer and understand your train of thought. I suppose, like many, I’ve wondered what it might be like to make love with a woman. Lord knows I’ve read enough stories about it on Literotica.” OH MY GOD! I laughed out loud. I nearly fell over laughing. As in, tears streaming down my face, gasping for air, her gawking at me. Honest to god I did. I leaned on her shoulder as I gathered myself; she let me!

“I have stories published there!” More fits of giggles. This time she joined me.

“You’re kidding right?” Hysterical laughter …

“A Vixen Literally … me.” Through gasps and pants we laughed. She stood straight up.

“YOU wrote that? Oh my god Julia! Asshole thought he was Olympus I fucked him so good thinking of … oh my god.”

I wiped my eyes and cheeks and said, “Emily, at the risk of sounding like I’m begging … which story?”

“‘Seducing Carmen Completely.’ It was so cute and so hot … every bit of it. I just wanted more and more and more. Are you going to write a sequel? It’s there, I know there’s more. Oh god, please do.” I smiled and kissed her. Once she started she had more. “The ruse of the page? It was perfect. I was grinning as I read. I, umm, it took several orgasms to quell what your story started.” She was blushing. “I gave him the fuck of his life that night, Julia. I kid you not.” The blaze in her eyes was stunning, warm, and lovely to behold. The author had her turn blushing.

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me; no hesitation, not the slightest. It was hot, warm, demanding and … Sheri!! Shit! She giggled and nodded; go for it baby. I sighed. I gave Emily her heat back. Delicious. “Um. Emily? Ever hear of ‘Marco, Polo’?” Her head went to my shoulder as she laughed. Yum! We headed back to my suite.

As we walked back I thought of Sheri. Something went cold deep inside me. I can’t do this until I speak with my wife. I … no, I won’t do it. Figure out a way to tell her, Julia. This can’t happen … the lump in my throat threatened to choke me. I fought it. I stopped. After another step, Emily stopped and turned, her eyes questioning. I couldn’t meet her gaze. I let my eyes fall to the sidewalk. My voice was near whisper soft, “I have to call Sheri.” Saying her name out loud brought on a flood of tears. “I can’t explain it Emily; it just is. Please, I want you, I do, really. But I …” I sobbed. I felt her arms circle me. I heard her voice, soft in my ear.

“I hit you. I’m so embarrassed I could die. You love her, you really do.” She lifted my chin, kissed the tears on my cheeks, and kissed me softly. She nodded and smiled sweetly. “Go call your honey, honey.” We both giggled a little. “There’s tomorrow; whatever. Go call Sheri Bayan escort Ankara and get a good night’s sleep.” She kissed me again; this time I stepped in close to her and kissed her back, my arms holding her close. This is a kiss!! Lordie my, yes!! Sweet and loving; god the woman can kiss! What sort of moron would … oh never mind. We were both a little breathless and flushed when we parted. A few more smiles, a few more soft good nights, and we both headed, separately, to our rooms for the night.

I clicked the lights on, kicked off my shoes, and went right for the fridge. I needed a glass of wine. I opened, poured, opened my phone and dialed my life line. I sat on the patio in the cool night air. When she answered, “Hi lover, I’m so glad you called.” I cried helplessly, again. Sheri was quiet for a few moments as she heard my gasping sobs. “So which is it? You’ve already had her? Or are you having second thoughts and needed to hear my voice?” Oh Ma’am, yes. This is why we’re married, lover! You just get me! Thank you baby. My stomach ached from crying.

I sniffled. “She’s gorgeous; dark red hair — ginger; her name is Emily, from Dayton, Ohio.” I took a deep breath; Sheri was quiet. “I saw her at dinner. I don’t know Sheri, she just looked so sad. I bought her a drink. I nearly let it be enough. I went to the table.” I started to laugh.

“What in the world has gotten into you woman; tell me!” I told her. We both howled. “Oh my god how funny. So let me get this right … will you be datin’ a girl from Eaton, or eatin’ a girl from Dayton?”

I held the phone away from my ear and stared at it. WTF! “What?”

Sheri laughed so hard I knew she’d need a change of panties. “There’s a city on the western border of Ohio, off Route 70, Eaton, Ohio. Some chick in the sorority was from that general area. Apparently that’s a pretty old joke that gets told at all the colleges in the area.” We both laughed and laughed. How funny!! Oh god I’m so glad I called!! I’m so glad I’m married. I’m so glad I’m married to her!!

“Oh I feel so much better babe … thank you so much. How are things coming along in Baltimore?” We chatted for a bit about that and a few other random things, said our goodbyes, complete with periods of soulful silence, and hung up. I sat on the patio, sipped my wine, and reflected on the night. I finished the last of the glass, smiled in satisfaction as I thought of my honey, nearly on the other side of the country, and stood. I was locking the sliding glass door when I heard the knock. Good grief. I peeked. Oh my! I took a very deep breath, fluffed my hair, and opened the door.

She had a look on her face … ‘hand in the cookie jar’ sheepish? I smiled and waved. “Come on in Ginger.” She wrinkled her eyes questioning; I grabbed her hand and pulled her in and to me. I locked the damn thing, and whispered in her ear, “And you ain’t leavin’ either!” My tongue followed my words. She gasped. Our kiss was warm and got hot quickly.

When the kiss finally ended, Emily smiled and said, “So may I assume E.T. has phoned home?” We giggled. I nodded. I took her by the hand and led her … to the table. She sat down; her eyes told me she was confused. I know what you want — me too.

“Care for something to drink?” Her face showed her confusion but she settled for wine; me too. I brought the bottles and glasses to the table. We clinked glasses. “To E.T.” More giggling. “Yeah, I called. I cried. She’s so sweet. I’m sorry Emily, I just had to.” A deep sigh and a sip. I smiled. “Ginger; it’s for your hair.”

She nodded, “Oh I know. It’s not the first time I’ve been called that. An aunt of mine actually calls me that all the time.” She is so sweet and so lovely. Not tonight though, it’s just too late.

“You’re going to think me to be a royal bitch, Em, but I don’t want to start tonight and not be able to finish until we’re both done. But would you mind an appetizer?”

“What do you have in mind?” I stood, took her hand, and led her to the bed. I lay down first and held my arms out. She slid in next to me. “Will you teach me, Julia … and be gentle?” Oh my god!!

I turned, leaned over the top of her and kissed her very tenderly. “Ginger, you know a little about me and you know the very most important thing: my Sheri. So this will be lesson, a loving, intimate, lesson … and I hope, if it’s your choice to do so, that it’s the first in another chapter of your life. Nothing would please me more — other than pleasing you.” I let my fingers slip over the swell of her breast — lightly. Her eyes closed, her lips parted and she sighed with pleasure. I leaned over, covered her lips with mine, and let my tongue enter. Her fingers gripped my hair and head as she held me tight, her tongue dancing and dueling with mine. I let her ‘win.’ I gave her nipple a pinch. She squeaked into the kiss. I smiled.

“Oh you are just an awful tease, Julia.”

“You’re quite welcome Ginger.” More giggling. “So you know the joke about Eaton and Dayton?”

“Yes!!” That included an eye roll. I told her about Sheri surprising me with it and the context. Her eyes widened with every word; the smile turned into hysterical laughter — for both of us. “Oh how absolutely cute she must be … wow!”

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