Gisele’s Obession


Gisele was at her computer attempting to finish an assignment for one of her psych courses. It wasn’t going well. The cursor kept blinking at her, urging her to type. Type, type, type, type it instructed her but it was no use. She opened up her internet browser and typed in her favourite erotic story site. She was too distracted now to do any decent work so she decided on some light reading before bed instead. Her cobalt eyes scrolled down the list of stories in her favourite section. She settled on one proclaiming to be about a wife getting the punishment she deserved.

Gisele sat back against her chair and let her hand fall across her lap as she read the story. She could feel a wetness developing between her smooth, bare thighs as she read about the spanking the main character was receiving. The story turned out to be more than Gisele bargained for and she had to stop herself from reading any further. She leaned forward on her desk panting.

‘What was wrong with her?’ She thought to herself. It was 2006, not 1802. There was no way she herself would ever stand to be in a real relationship where the man thought he could spank her ass crimson over any little misbehaviour. Why then did she continue to return to these stories time and time again? Why did she find herself exploding into the best orgasms after reading them? And why did she find herself fantasizing about that kind of relationship once and a while?

Being a student of Psychology at the University of Toronto Gisele prided herself on understanding the human psyche, yet she could not even explain her own twisted desires. She thought about this often. Normally the thoughts came after she had just finished a story and she was fully relaxed. Tonight, however, she decided the issue required more thought.

She ventured into an area of the site she had never been to before: The chat rooms. The site was set up with different rooms matching the different categories the stories fell under. Gisele entered a chat room and began to read the conversations. She wasn’t entirely sure what she intended to do, or what she intended to find so she stayed in the shadows. As she was working up her courage to start a conversation she received a private message.

CounTry_StaG003: hey stranger, lookin 4 a partner?

TOgrrl_27: Not exactly. Mostly just someone to talk to.

CounTry_StaG003: i can talk

TOgrrl_27: I’m not really sure what I even want to talk about…

CounTry_StaG003: just tell me what ur thinking

What was she thinking? Gisele wasn’t even sure. She decided to attempt an explanation of what she felt after reading the latest story. She told her new internet friend about the contradiction she felt over the way the women in her favourite stories were treated. Even as she typed the words she felt herself getting re-aroused. ‘Control yourself!’ She thought as she waited for a response.

CounTry_StaG003: seems to me like u need to try the role. see what it’s all about

Gisele let these words sink in. Try the role? Hmmm. She couldn’t deny she’d considered the idea before but it always came down to finding someone to be on the opposite end. She knew she would have no trouble finding a guy willing to control her but it had to be more than that. It would have to be someone who cared enough about her that they wouldn’t inflict upon her any permanent or life threatening damage. She had enough to think about for one night and so Gisele signed off her laptop and crawled under her thick duvet. She snuggled istanbul travesti into the warmth and fell fast asleep.

Gisele was a bright girl. She graduated from high school with straight As and was now in her first year of University where she was also receiving straight As. But there was one area of life where Gisele wasn’t too bright and that was in the area of security. She had grown up in a small town and was inclined to trust people. She thought the best of everyone and didn’t think twice about offering out her personal information.

Over the next week she talked to CounTry_staG003 several times and she grew fairly close to him. This meant that he now knew more about her than most of the people in her classes and it meant that he knew where to find her.

It was late one Saturday night and Gisele had just finished reading one of her favourite tales. She was tucked into her cozy bed and sleeping quite soundly. She didn’t wake up when her balcony screen door opened. She also didn’t wake up when someone walked across her living room and crept through her bedroom door. In fact she didn’t peel her eyes open until the cold wind brushed across her naked chest bringing her pink nipples to attention.

Gisele shivered and tried to pull the covers up closer to her neck but her arms were restrained. Her eyes shot open fully and she looked wildly from side to side. Each one of her arms was tied neatly to the posts of her double bed. Her covers had been pulled off completely and she could feel her legs tied, likewise, to the end of the bed. Instinctively Gisele cried out for help struggling against the ties that bound her to her bed. She was almost hoarse and definitely in need of a drink when someone came into the room.

“Are you about finished my pet? I must say that noise is awfully unbecoming of you.”

“Who are you? Untie me right now! How did you get in here? Who are you?” Gisele sprouted off every question she could think of but her captor was not responding.

“All that you need to know is that I own you now. You will do what I say when I say it. Clear?”

“No it’s not clear! You don’t own me. No one owns me. Untie me NOW!”

“Very well. It appears you are going to make this difficult for me. Luckily I was prepared for this.”

Gisele’s captor left the room leaving her alone and exposed. Her full breasts were rocking from the effort of shouting and swayed even further as she tried futilely to loosen the ties and free her arms. She glanced over at the clock. 3:12. Great. What the hell was she going to do?

It was after four when Gisele woke up again and realized she had fallen back asleep. She looked around but saw no sign of her captor. She didn’t have long to wait, however, before he returned. He asked her if she was ready to submit and left promptly after Gisele’s refusal.

She remained in her compromising position for the remainder of the night as well as the entire next day. She was extremely thirsty as well as hungry and her nipples ached from the cold but she was still unwilling to submit to her captor. On the second day without food or water Gisele’s captor began to tease her. He dribbled a few drops of water down her throat and filled the apartment with the smells of delicious cooking.

On the third night Gisele broke down and told the man she would do anything for a glass of water. ‘Excellent’, he thought to himself, she was right where he wanted her.

“Here are the terms. From this anadolu yakası travestileri day forth you will submit to my commands without complaint. You will be punished severely upon complaint or failure to comply. It is in my power to use you and allow others to use you as I see fit. If you agree to these terms I shall give you all the water you can drink. If not I will be forced to leave the apartment and you can hope someone comes to find you… before you dehydrate.”

‘Damn it!’ Gisele thought to herself. No one would come and find her. No one really knew her in the city yet and her parents only called her once a week. She would have to submit. In all her nineteen years of life she had never considered that this sort of thing could actually happen, especially not to her.

“I Submit.” A tear rolled down Gisele’s cheek as she said it. Her life as she knew it was over.

The man untied her limbs and allowed her to sit up as he handed her a glass of water. She drank the liquid greedily not even caring as it spilled across her chest. She was handed a second glass which she downed in a similar fashion. When she’d had her fill of water the man offered her some bread and told her to get some sleep. She was going to have a very big day ahead of her.

Gisele actually woke refreshed on the fourth day. She had been permitted her covers and the chill was finally out of her bones. She was not to have a moment’s peace, however, as her new master came strolling into the room. His dark brown hair was wet against his head and his t-shirt smelled fresh as he approached Gisele.

“Good morning my pet. I trust you are ready for your first submission?”

Gisele swallowed all the words she wished she could say and nodded. Her captor led her from her bed and fed her a light breakfast before leading her onto the balcony. Gisele tried to pull back as she was still completely naked but her captor’s grip was firm.

“Now, I need to know that you trust me and that you will do everything I ask of you. So, hop up onto the railing.”

Gisele didn’t move.

“I said, hop up onto the railing!” The tone of his voice frightened Gisele. She had no idea what this man was capable of but she had a strong feeling that if she did as he asked he wouldn’t cause her any serious pain. So Gisele gingerly climbed up onto the railing.

“Now swing your legs around.”

Gisele did as she was told though she was extremely scared. She lived on the tenth floor and it was a long way to the ground. She gripped the railing tightly as a strong wind threatened to throw her from her perch.

Her captor instructed her to move her legs down so she was standing on the outside ledge. He quickly tied her right leg to one of the railing rungs. He nudged her left leg until it was spread far from her right and then he fastened it as well. He tied her arms and stomach in a likewise manor so that she was now snugly attached to the railing. As a last move he strung a rope between her legs so that it rested against her clit and came back up along her crack. He tied this to the rope around her waist tightly so that it pulled her lips apart.

The man stood back and gazed upon her smooth white flesh contrasted against the iron of the bars. He could see Gisele’s body shaking from the cold and probably the fear. He knew she would be shaking for another reason soon enough. He went back into the apartment for a minute. Gisele couldn’t istanbul travesti see what he had returned with but she could feel it. Her ass stung wildly as she felt a blow across her cheeks. She gripped the railing as fear and pain coursed through her. Another blow and another. The man watched as Gisele’s ass grew more and more red.

He delivered a particularly heavy blow and Gisele felt one of her feet slip off the ledge. The rope between her legs thrust up against her clit causing her to moan. The rope slid against the wetness of Gisele’s inner desires. She was incredibly turned on though utterly humiliated at the same time.

The man gave Gisele one last blow before returning his whip to the apartment. He left Gisele on the balcony panting. The brush of the wind against her tender flesh stung just as much as the leather had. Tears were flowing down Gisele’s cheeks but more for the aching in her clit than on her ass. She was so eager to relieve the tension that had built up inside of her but she couldn’t. She was aware that she had drawn a small crowd below the building as well as across the street but no one seemed concerned enough to help her. Gisele was too worked up to care about the neighbours anyway.

She carefully lowered one foot trying to brush the rope across her clit. She alternated legs trying to stroke herself into an orgasm. Her breathing was becoming heavy as she began filling herself with an intense pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back as she lowered one leg after the other driving the rope into her heat.

Gisele was lost in her own pleasure and did not hear her new master return to the balcony.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Gisele’s head snapped up and her eyes flew open. She tried to turn her head and face the man. She meekly replied that she was not doing anything but the man could smell her betrayal.

“As long as you belong to me you will not cum unless I allow it. Do you understand?”

Gisele nodded, choking back fresh tears. She had been so close. She felt like she was going to explode.

“You do know that I am going to have to punish you for this misbehaviour, right?”

“That’s not fair!” Gisele shot out before thinking. She hadn’t known this rule before.

“There is no fair and I will be quick to remind you that for complaining your punishment will be doubled. I will not tolerate disobedience and I most certainly will not tolerate complaining. I can make your life miserable. I don’t think you want that. So behave.”

He brought the whip down on her ass again before moving over to her. He ran his hands down her stomach and across her pussy. He pulled her lips apart and worked his finger under the rope.

He could feel the wetness she had generated from her own teasing. He was ready to do some teasing of his own. He worked his finger along her slippery clit and Gisele moaned her approval. She asked if she could please cum but her captor refused. He continued to tease her. Gisele was bucking against his hand desperate for release.

She didn’t care if she was punished. Nothing could be worse than this. She was ready to succumb to orgasm when the man removed his hand and left the balcony. Gisele moved her feet wildly but after the softness of his hand the ropes were no longer pleasing.

Punished? If this wasn’t punishment Gisele did not want to think about what was. It had been less than a week ago that she had been reading about stories like this. Now she was in one. She had been turned on by the whipping but it had also hurt a lot! How much more would punishment hurt? Would it still turn her on? She continued to think as her soft skin filled with goose bumps from the growing cold and her pussy calmed slightly. The only conclusion she came to was that if she had been confused before, she realized now it was only the beginning.

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