gloryholethe wife and i went for a walk in the local park it was a fine day and we thought why not. whilst we were walking we seen lots of people and said hello to a few it was really nice see allsorts of people and k**s playing. about an hour in to the walk i needed a number 2 we looked for a loo but none were close by so i asked a guy where they were, if you continue there is some over there they are behind all those tree’s but not many people use them. i wondered why! we kept walking and we came to the tree’s the loo’s were well hidden, i entered the loo and it was dark and shabby but when you have to go you go.there was toilet paper thank god, the wife was outside making sure nobody walked in on me as i sat down i never noticed a hole under the toilet paper it must have been there for a purpose, i went to grab the toilet paper and there was somthing there hard and warm i shit myself again,lol,,it was a mans cock it was sticking right through now it was a massive black cock it must have been 11inches long and 7inches thick i never shouted what the fuck are you doing like i should have, i finished what i was doing and went outside and told the wife, she never believed me so i took her in and said look it was still there and it was huge,ann the wife said what should we do, it was weird there was no noise from the other cubicle so i said to ann suck it i dare you, no fucking way it might be stinky then a big deep voice said its clean trust me.ann looked at me and i said go on it wont hurt we dont know him he cant see us so what the hell, she bent down put his big black head into her mouth there was a sigh then mmm,nice go on girl take it deep. this was mad we were in the local park and my wife was giving head to a BBC. at this point my cock was bursting Escort through my jeans i pulled it out and started to stroke my own cock then ann took my cock and was playing with it whilst sucking the life out of his, this was diffrent.ann pulled my cock towards his cock and placed them together and was rubbing his aginst mine she was loving this she said how does it feel to have a cock rubbing against your’s to tell the truth it was ok, she was gripping the 2 cock’s and wanking them with both hands it was unreal ann was in a frenzy she whispered in my ear you suck it he wont know i looked with shock on my face and mouthed noway go on darling for me i want to see it, so i bent down with hesitation and ann pushed my head towards his cock it was getting closer and my mouth was open the next thing it was half way in then ann closed my jaw for me and then moved my head to and fro, this felt strange, but after a couple of seconds i shut my eyes and went for it i was now sucking a BBC.ann was rubbing her pussy lips and fingering herself whilst i sucked his cock the guy next door must have known it was me cos you could hear ann moaning with pleasure as she wanked herself off, then that deep voice said you suck better than your wife keep doing what you are doing, i was not loving it but it was diffrent it felt right but wrong if you know what i meen, i was doing it for ann. ann then pulled her skirt down and asked the man if he had a rubber jonny, sorry i dont but i am clean. i looked at ann and said what you doing, i want him inside me is that ok, if its what you want go for it.ann slid his cock into her pussy and backed up all the way to the hole it was right inside her the gasp of air she took and the look on her face was buetiful she was in heaven Escort Bayan ann stayed still so he must have been ramming her from next door, ann was dripping cum you could see it in on the cubicle wall i got her to suck me off whist he fucked the life out of my wife seeing this my balls were going to burst i said ann i am cumming, i pushed my cock right into her mouth and she never spilt a drop i was drained after all that so i zipped up and watched him finish off my wife.ann was getting hammered the cubicle wall was rocking he was really going for it,then he stopped and told her to bend a little lower and open her arse cheeks ann was so wet she never felt him at first but then she sreamed a little he was entering her arse, i never get to do ann analy so i was shocked she was letting this 11inch black cock fuck her arse, fuck me i said go on darling push back take it all in, she was there it was all in, this time she took charge of the movement she was going really slow at first and then he took charge he started to thrust really fast pumping her arse with his black rod, ann was now dripping cum you could see it flowing out of her pussy, i sat underneath her open legs and sucked her lips i could taste his and her juices.he was really fucking her arse it was amazing how long this bloke was lasting its asif he couldn’t cum, ann pulled off and said taste me on his cock i want you to suck him again so i took his cock and cleaned my wifes juices off it was nicer this time cos i was really horny now after seeing him take my wifes anal cherry, this bloke said if i wanted he would take my anal cherry, sorry mate not for me but thanks for asking, ann the dirty horny bitch said go on only me and you will ever know, you always ask me to poke Bayan Escort your arse when i suck you off so whats the diffrence its only a cock.it was running round my head what to do ann was keeping him hard by sucking him off and she kept looking at me and saying try it if not so what he can finish me off, who was this woman in front of me ann had turned from the normal wife into a filthy whore but god she looked fucking hot with a black cock hanging out of her mouth and her legs wide open her pussy soaking wet, fuck it only for you ann, go gentle mate if i say stop stop.i bent over ann had gone and got some soap she was soaking my hole up fingering me and stretching it a little, this felt wrong. i backed up to the hole and ann grabbed his cock and she placed it on to my hole he pushed forward and it popped my arse i felt the pop his head was in my arse ann was like a school k** again giggling she was loving it, go on dave slide back i dare you, i slowly slid back and he moved forward with a thrust it was in, he was now thrusting to and fro ann held my arse so i didn’t move she was watching him fuck me,she was amazed she kept telling me i am loving this, i was starting to like it, it felt warm. he was now banging my arse hole the speed he was going it was unreal ann was now horny again and wanted him back inside her thank god..he pulled out of me then straight back into ann’s arse he was about ready he said give me 5mins and i want to cum inside you, ann said fuck me so hard you come through the wall i want it fast and then fill my arse she was a demon.he filled her arse with so much spunk it would have filled a pint glass it was gushing out of her arse ann bent over and said lick me dry, i went down on her and i sucked his cum out of her arse then she made me suck him till he was clean and floppy. at that moment in time i would have done anything for my wife she is everything to me and this proved it, that was some walk we have been back to the loo’s but there is nobody ever there????????

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