Gothic Amy and Me: Part 2 A sweet little emo helps out


First and foremost the true author of this is King Of Rejects. It is his story and I have not altered it in anyway. I do have his permission to repost these. Enjoy -M

After what happened with Amy and I it was the best sleep I ever got in my life. I didn’t even care that I was on the floor. Such a peaceful sleep. “Hey, wake up…wake up…HEY JACKASS WAKE UP!” I shook myself away staring at my ceiling. Sitting up and turning my head I saw Amy standing in the doorway in her Pajama bottoms and tank top. I checked the clock on my nightstand 5:07 A.M. “Why in the hell did you wake me up so early?” Amy responded by throwing a towel at me. “Shower, Breakfast. You can’t run late today.” Amy walked away. I shook the sleep from my mind and remembered last night. Closing my eyes and remembered everything. Throwing her up against the wall…Tearing her ass apart. Thinking of it got my dick hard again. Poking my head out the window I saw no sign of Miss May around so I took it as my sign to run to the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and shut the door. Turning around I saw Amy brushing her teeth. I walked up behind her and grabbed her left ass cheek and gave it a squeeze kissing her on the neck I asked her “So how’d you sleep.” Spitting out the toothpaste in her mouth and rinsing her mouth she turned to me spitting the water in her mouth in my face. “I slept good. My ass hurts though, and I have a big hicky on my neck.” I laughed and looked at Amy’s neck. The big purple mark looked like Mike Tyson punched her in the neck. If you looked closely you could still see fading bite marks. “You’re welcome.” I said with a grin as I stepped into the shower turning it on. I felt the hot water splash all over my face. I just stood there letting the water fall on me. Everything was good until I felt a familiar hand grip my cock…Than everything was great. I felt Amy’s lips on my neck lightly sucking and biting making me harder than ever. And I couldn’t ignore the feeling of her firm tit’s pressing into my back. I started fucking her hand. I felt my balls tighten and I felt my cum raise to the tip of my dick. Right as I was about to shoot Amy stopped. I felt my cum retreat back to my balls.

Amy stopped kissing my neck. I turned around to see Amy grabbing the shampoo bottle and squirting some into her hand as she rubbed it into her hair. “Why did you do that cock tease?” I asked in dis belief. “Well I figured after last night you wouldn’t have much cum left…and you’ll need to have some jizz left for today. So I decided to pump you full and let you blast it later.” Amy said as she pushed me out of the way to get in the way of the water. I just stood behind her dumb founded. And a little pissed. I decided to get a little pay back. After we washed up and she stepped out of the shower Amy sat on the toilet to blow dry her hair. I took this as my signal as I bent between her legs and started to lick and slurp her cunt. I had her moaning and groaning. Amy dropped the blow dryer which was now blowing hot air onto my dick making it hard again. Amy grabbed my head trying to pull me deeper and deeper into her cunt. “B-Bab-Babe im…im…IM..IM GUNNA CU-“

Before Amy could finish her sentence I pulled my head away and walked out of the bathroom back into my room drying myself off. My dick deflated as I pulled on a black shirt with a white Cross on it and black cut off denim jeans. I walked downstairs in to see Amy sitting at the table taking a white pill and drinking water. “What was that?” I asked. “Birth Control.” Amy said like it was nothing. “Miss May lets you take birth control?” I asked “She doesn’t know. My friend gets a prescription…But she doesn’t need it. I don’t think she can have kids so she just gives me her pills.” Ok I thought. I poured myself some coffee and sat at the table. “So you ready for today?” Amy asked. “Why what’s today?” I asked. “Field trip to some camp. We’re supposed to learn leader ship by looking after a group of kids or some shit.” She said drinking the rest of her water. “Eh…Im not really good with kids.” I said. “Neither am I but if we want to pass leadership we need to do this.” She said. “How longs the trip?” I asked. “Well its up in New Hampshire. It’s probably about an hour and a half trip all round. And we won’t leave until five.” Amy grabbing her back pack. “Really?…On a fuckin Friday.” I said in disbelief. “Hey is this a good outfit.?” Amy asked. I stared at her. Tight black shirt. You could tell she wore no bra. And a black and green checkered skirt about six inches above her knee. And to top it off she was wearing these Goth boots that just scream fuck me. Escort “You look hot.” I said trying not to get hard. “Why thank ya Psycho. Now let’s go. I want to introduce you to some people.” Amy said as we left the house.

We walked and held hands. Her hand would “Accidently” brush over the seat of the crotch sometimes and sometimes id accidently palm her ass cheek. We walked past our school and went to the foot-ball field. We walked to the bleachers where I saw a bunch of other people sitting. People who Im guessing were gothic and Punk and Emo. Amy stopped me and smiled. “John. Let me introduce you to my friends.” Amy stepped up to a girl who was dressed in gray skinny jeans. White converses and an All-time low t-shirt. “This, This is Jessica. Shes our happy little Emo.” Amy said patting her on the head. “Hiya.” Jessica said with a smile and a wave. Amy walked up to the next girl who just oozed of darkness. The girl was making out with some dude who didn’t even look like he belonged with the rest of the bunch. “We call this little creature Vampira. Her real name is Vanessa. But call her that and your dead.” Amy said pulling the girls face away from the dudes. “Say Hi.” Amy said trying not to give an evil smirk. Vampira looked at me. Black and blood red hair. Snake Bites. Dark rings and bracelets topped off with Tripp pants black sneakers. She smiled at me flashing her fangs and went back to the guy. I looked at the last girl who was sitting at the end of the bleachers in the upright fetal position. Wearing black skinny jeans and a gray shirt. “This one…” Amy started as she walked up to her. “This girl is the sweetest little submissive you’ll ever meet. I mean tell this girl to do anything and she’ll do it.” Amy sat above the girl patting her head. “Her name is Lilith.” Amy said. “Hey.” Lilith said. “And guy’s this is my roommate slash Boyfriend John Psycho Fields.” Amy said pointing at me. I just stood there awkwardly until we had to get on the bus.

Amy and I sat in the way back with Lilith and Vampira. Lilith sat in front of us with Vampira. “Hey. I want Lilith to sit with us.” Amy said looking at me. “Ok but there’s no room.” I said stating the obvious. Amy jumped on my lap and Lilith sat down. “Now there is.” Amy said grinding her ass into my dick. I looked at the seat across from me and I saw Max and that ginger chick he was with in the library. Max waved hey and I waved back. As the teacher got on the bus, the bus took off and off we went.

About 10 minutes into the ride I noticed Amy adjusting her position and every time she did that her skirt would ride up. After about the fifth time she adjusted her position I could easily lift her skirt up and to my surprise she was wearing No panties. I looked at Lilith who was staring at Amy’s ass with a hungry look in her eyes. I tilted my head back to see if Max noticed. I don’t think Max did. Maybe because he was enjoying the sing along that everyone on the bust except for a few students participated in. Or maybe because the ginger was bobbing her head on his cock. Max leaned back with his eyes staring at the ceiling with one hand pushing the girls head down.

My cock sprang alive. I poked Amy in her rib as she turned around to look at me. I pointed to Max. Amy looked over and laughed. She then turned to me and gave me a devilish smile and whispered into my ear. “This is why I wanted you to save cum. To shoot it into me on the trip here.” Amy looked at Lilith and told her to keep watch. “But you’re not wearing any panties. Last thing we need is you getting caught with my cum dripping out of you.” I said. Amy thought for a second than cursing herself before leaning up.

Amy leaned up with what little room she had and I unbuckled my pants and slid the down enough to get my rock hard rod up in the air. Amy put her skirt over my cock. She wiggled around until the head was poking at the entrance of her cunt. She took a deep breath and sat down. I bit into my hand to stop me from groaning to loud. Once Amy’s ass was sitting on my lap I whispered into her ear. “Now what?” Just than one of the teachers sat up and announced “STUDENT’S WE ARE NOW ENTERING NEW HAMPSHIRE THE ROADS ARE GOING TO BE VERY BUMPY!!!” Amy laughed and leaned back and said “And now this.” We sat still for a few seconds and within seconds the bumps on the road gave Amy an excuse to bounce happily on my cock. If you listened closely you could hear my balls hitting her ass cheeks. I looked over at Lilith to see her hand down her pants rubbing her clit furiously. And once again at Max who was also taking advantage of the bumps. Every time the bus Escort Bayan bumped he would jump and jam his cock into the brunette’s mouth. I turned my attention back to Amy who was breathing heavily and sounded like she was close. I stood up a little and grabbed her hips jack hammering my cock into her already pounded pussy. Amy bent forward and bit the seat in front of her as I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock. I knew she was coming and coming hard. After she settled down she turned to Lilith and spoke. “Im not wearing any panties and I can’t have his cum dripping down my leg all day so suck his cock for me like a good little slut will you?” Amy said more of a demand than a question. Lilith nodded. Amy sat up and as Lilith bent down to suck my cock Amy sat of Lilith’s head making her deep throat. I was in pure heaven. Every time the bus hit a bump. Amy would jump a little making Lilith’s head go up and then slam her juicy ass on the back of her head making her deep throat again. It was too much to bare. Amy stood up and I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as wave after wave of cum went down Lilith’s throat and she swallowed like a champion. I stuffed my dick back into my pants and turned my head to Max who was looking at me laughing and cheering. I hugged Amy from behind and drifted off to sleep.

“Dude wake up. Rides over.” I woke up to Max pulling me out of the seat. “Dude…I can’t believe you fucked Amy.” He said with a laugh. “Believe it.” I said yawning. “But what we did right there was nothing compared to Last night.” Max looked at me wide eyed and laughed. “Fuck Psycho your name is Pimp Daddy John.” We got off the bus and Max checked his cell phone. 8:50 A.M the sun shining bright and I hated it.

The camp counselors split the girls up from the boys. The boys take the boys group and the girls take the girls group. We spent around 4 hours playing with the kids. Basket-Ball. Kick-Ball. Soccer. I didn’t mind it. It was fun but all I could think about was the bus ride home. Me and Max split up the kids with the rest of the 5 boys in the class. Max and I decided to have a free play. Kids where hitting and throwing balls. I looked to the ground and say a black jump rope. I grabbed it wrapped it up and put it in my pocket. Max saw me and laughed. “Got any plans for that?” He said. “Ya a few. I just need to know where to go.” I said looking around. “Well there is the storage closet down that trail. That’s where they keep all the extra food and shit. Found that out when I went to camp here when I was a kid.” “Dude you went to camp here…that sucks.” We laughed and gathered up the kids for lunch. I met Amy in the lunch line and told her to meet me near the bathrooms. I left the mess hall and walked to the bathroom stalls. Within five minutes Amy walked up me eating an apple and throwing it on the ground. Amy got behind me I didn’t know why. All of a sudden I felt he jump on my back. I hunched forward and piggy backed her down the hill. And sure enough just like Max said I found the storage closet. After to checking to see if it was locked (which is wasn’t) I set her down closed the door and locked it. She immediately pulled up her shirt showing me her nice big tits which I happily attacked with my mouth. Sucking on one nipple while pinching and twisting the other one switching off sometimes. The only sound you could hear besides me suckling was Amy moaning. I slipped my hand inside her skirt and finger fucking her nice and hard. She had to pry my head off her tits. She took my head in both hands and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I broke the kiss and picked her up putting her on the window sill so her pussy was eye level with me. I looked at her with a smile and shoved my head between her legs and sucked her pierced clit in my mouth licking all over her clit and shoving my tongue in her wet dripping hot hole. “John I want you inside me now!” I looked at her almost threw her off the window sill. I Puller her skirt down and whipped my cock out. I shoved it in her mouth roughly. Smashing her face against my pelvic bone. One my cock was lubed up enough I pushed her roughly against the wall and in once swift motion shoved my cock up her tight asshole.

“ITS PSYCHO BITCH!” I growled into her ear. I pounded as hard as I could into her ass all the time she was screaming for more. It sounded like she was getting killed. I hoped to God no one heard her and walked in. I threw her onto the ground and put my knee on her back. I took out the black jump rope from earlier and tied her hands together. I turned her over so she was on her back. I got between her legs and lined my dick Bayan Escort up between her. I looked at her in the eyes. Amy made eye contact with me and licked her lips and only said “Fuck your whore.” That was music to my ears. I shoved all of my dick in her tight little pussy. “YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” She screamed. I pounded as fast as I could like a piston in and out of her pussy. Each thrust moved her a little bit across the floor until her head was hitting the wall. It was all fun and games until there was a knock on the door.

I stopped mid thrust and froze in fear. We stayed quiet. After a while we heard a soft mousy voice. “…Amy…John…” I got up and opened the door a crack to see Lilith with her head down. I opened the door and poked my head out and looked both ways before roughly pulling Lilith inside and locking the door. Amy (Still Tied up) tried her best to look forward to see Lilith looking at her. “The camp counselors are looking for you.” Lilith said. “Shit. Untie me.” Amy said. I reluctantly untied her and got all of her clothes together. Amy left the cabin and turned to me. “Sorry Psycho. Fuck Lilith.” Amy said running to the mess hall. My eyes widened as I looked at Lilith really studying her. Streaks of blue in her black hair and her low cut black shirt. Lilith walked towards me looking at me as we made eye contact. My eyes where blue. But her’s where Icy blue and they seemed to be staring right through me. “Listen we don’t have to do anything.” That’s all I said right before Lilith pressed her lips against mine. It was nice. Passionate. She pulled away and took off her shirt. She may have had small’s breast but they looked amazing in her lacy black bra. I unzipped her pants and had her step out of them.

Standing there me naked from the waist down and her in bra and panties. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and shook it off. Her breast didn’t sag and they were perfect handfuls. Topped off with tiny perky nipples. I walked up to her grabbing her ass and pulled her towards me as I sucked on her tits one at a time. I could hear her deep breathing and gasping. I pulled her panties down to find out she was soaking wet. I bent down ready to east out her pretty pussy. It was shaven with a light landing strip above it when she stopped me. “Can we just have sex? We don’t have much time.” She asked. I licked her pussy one time just to get the taste of her. She tasted like blue berries. Kind of an addicting taste. I picked her up and help her as she wrapped her legs around my waist and my cock sunk deep into her love hole. She whimpered quietly until my ball’s rested on her ass. I looked at her and asked. “You ready?” She bit her lower lip and nodded. I started slow thrusting in and out gradually picking up pace. Every time I went a little faster she moaned a little more. I grabbed her ass for more support and then picked her up till just the head of my cock was inside her and dropping her down impaling her on my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I thrusted into her as hard and fast as I could. “Im gunna cum soon.” I warned her. She wrapped her legs around me tighter. She pressed her lips to mine as our tongues danced together it was too much for me to take as I pulled from the kiss groaned and shot all my cum deep into her warm and welcoming pussy. I kept thrusting as she bit my shoulder lightly and moaned and starting to shake like she was having a seizer. I set her down after she stopped. I asked her if she was alright. She looked at me and giggled the first sign of happy emotion she showed towards me. “Im excellent. You made me cum silly.” She said. I chuckled “Oh?” I said. She stood up and put her on bra and her skinny jeans and her shoes on. As I was about to leave she pulled me back and told me to close my eyes. When I did I felt something soft on my face. “Breath.” She said. I breathed out but when I breathed in I smelt something wonderful. I opened my eyes to see her lacy panties. “Love your present?” She asked. “I love it but we have to get going.” I stuffed her panties in my pocket smacked her ass and left.

I met up with Max and told him everything. “Dude your such a badass man. I wish I could do what you did. I need to get into Trish’s wild side.” Max said. “Trish?” I asked. “The girl who was bobbin on my cock on the bus ride here.” “Oh.” I said with a laugh and continued. “The sexy ginger.” “Ya.” Max said. “Well…How about this. You two come over to chill with me and Amy. Maybe I can get Amy to talk to Trish about going a little further.” I explained. “Dude you’re a fuckin life saver. Ya I’ll talk to her and we’ll be over.” Me and Max played some sports with the rest of the kids until we all went on the bus. Same seating situation. Amy sat on my lap with Lilith right by my side smiling all the way back to Boston.

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