Great Unexpectations, Pt. 1


Great Unexpectations, Pt. 1(True story – names have been changed to protect the innocent – innocent…who amd I k**ding???)I met Stacey and Derek through a Craigslist ad.Her daughter needed tutoring in math and I needed the supplemental income. When we first met, it sparked the begin of a great friendship with her and her husband. I tutored their daughter for an entire semester, and by the end of the school year, her math grade went up two letters.When I started my summer break, Stacey gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in having lunch with her near her work place in Glendale. Sure enough, we met at a nice place just off the freeway. After some cordial discussion about life, career, and family, Stacey seemed comfortable enough to ask me if I was familiar with…”the lifestyle”.I’m a guy with an open mind, so I was Buca Escort interested. This is when she let me know that she and Derek were swingers. I was taken aback because in all the times I saw them, or knew them, who would have guessed that? They were only in the lifestyle for about a year, and were really selective about who they let into their “bedroom”. She said she had a talk with her husband and asked if my “open mind” would entering their interest in entertaining with them. I told her, without offense mind you, that I would think about it. She seemed happy enough that I would give it some thought.After about three weeks, I gave it some thought and decided to meet them for an evening. It felt a bit surreal going to their house knowing I would not be sitting down to tutor their 11 year-old. Çeşme Escort When I entered, Stacey greeted me at the door in an all crimson ensemble that accentuated her incredible curves. Her demeanor was much the same as it was any other day I saw her. A hug, a smile…only the ambient light was softer and so was her body fragrance. Derek came downstairs in a t-shirt and shorts. He was a bit smaller than me, frame wise. Shook my hand as we sat down to chat. Chatting is good – especially when you’re new to this sort of thing.The talk went from sports, to politics, about 10 minutes later…we got to the subject matter. Sex. What she liked – what he liked – what I liked. What we were all willing to try. Stacey came out and said, “I like two guys fucking”. Derek rolled his eyes at that, Çiğli Escort even though he expressed earlier that he likes two girls fucking. Stacey continued, “I’m trying to get Derek to fuck a guy. We tried finding one, but they’re too…you know…”gay” about it. We need a straight, masculine guy for this and Derek agreed he would do it then”. Derek made it clear he was not bottoming. I was not sure I’d be able to try that. Stacy moved over to me and started rubbing my cock, which honestly, got hard from the time we sat down. She then unzipped my pants and pulled it out. Right away, she said, “Fuck he’s bigger than you, Derek”. Derek didn’t mind as he took off his shorts and begin stroking his cock – he then came over and put it in her mouth.When a woman can take a cock so freely like that, hands cupped around a man’s testicles and slurping so gently on the shaft, you know she’s gifted at oral sex. While she sucked Derek, I slowly pulled off my jeans. She eased my legs apart and began folding my balls and stroking my shaft. Derek looked down and said, “That IS an impressive cock, man”. It was time to go upstairs.

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