Subject: GROWING UP NUDE AND MORE. PART 7 GROWING UP NUDE AND MORE. CH. 7 I HOPE YOU MAY BE ENJOYING MY STORY. Please tell me by writing ail to tell me your thoughts and any story ideas. This is a fictional piece and no real people are involved. Finally, Nifty needs your donations to keep this site free for all adult readers. Please support them. Thanks! Rob I got him and reviewed the driver’s ed. pamphlet a bit and grabbed some food. Mom came home an we headed to the drivers registration office. It didn’t take real long as I got called almost exactly on time. I was dressed in basketball shorts and a regular tee and tennis shoes. Of course, no socks, no underwear, as I didn’t have either anymore. I did one to just look preppy and not slutty(the real me). We took my car with mom driving giving me a chance to check out al the features on the car. It even had a satellite radio! The test went well with me being the perfect driver. The guys taught me well. We went back in to the office and in about 15 minutes I walked out proudly holding my driver’s license. Mom said the insurance was already in effect so I drove us home again being a perfect driver. My mom was impressed. I cleaned up my car so it was pristine but then went to help set up for the party. Connor came by and I showed him my cherished prized of a driver’s license. He wouldn’t get his for another week when he turned 16. He was envious and kidded me about being the chauffeur for him. I just laughed and I was pleased to drive him anywhere. He laughed too but we then jumped into set up mode cleaning up the patio around the pool, me adding chemicals and Connor setting up tables and chairs. We were done but sweaty, within an hour. We just stripped off and jumped in the pool not getting out until the cooking guys from the restaurant showed up and whistled at our nudity. I knew them all but not well as I really didn’t like working there unless I worked with Christo. We bowed for the guys and shook our cute little butts. We slipped on swim wear disappointing the young guys but laughed along with them and took their jokes. I helped mom with arranging the tables a bit more. The boys from the restaurant did most of the work. It was a group of about 5 hot young Greek boys and I almost wanted to jump their bones. As it was a pool party, they wore just swimwear so it gave us something to enjoy. My dad came home early and Christina and Nick both put on clothes. Nick was in a swimsuit and Christina wore a very hot dress. I wondered if she had underwear on . Hmm. The guests started to arrive so I slipped on a shirt. But left it totally open to reveal my bod. I was so happy that so many friends stopped by and enjoyed the spread of food my folks had done for me. My Grandma came by too and stayed quite some time eating and drinking. I went sit down with her as I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and gave her a big hug and kiss. We chatted with the other guests at her table which included my parents. Suddenly, she just spoke up and said “were are all the naked boys. All got some clothes on. I wanted to see a show!” We calmed her down and said it wasn’t that kind of party . She also embarrassed me by telling my friends how when I was about 4, the church had some kind of festival and all young boys were made to be naked and show off. She said I won for having a great scrotum and big balls! I must have turned purple but she was a party lady and before leaving gave me a substantial check for my birthday gift. Ah, Grandma! The guys all ribbed me about my balls an I eventually let them see them as close as they chose while Connor looked on. I was pleased so see that Derek showed up with Chen in tow. He wore a handsome outfit which he told me he got modeling, for free. Chen wore only a small swimsuit and was barefoot. They ate and enjoyed themselves meeting my family and friends. After a while, most of the family and many of the others left leaving only about ten boys and two or three girls. The boys just said what the fuck and stripped naked to go in the pool. The girls were ecstatic and I’m sure maybe even got fucked by one or two boys. I know I saw a guy in the pool, licking one of the girls cunts off to the side. Finally, Connor and I and Derek and Chen were nude too and in the pool justing being goofs. As the guys were all no the team, we all knew one another. Derek talked too many of us with Chen saying practically nothing except to Derek. Most of the young people left by nine knowing we had swim practice in the morning .Finally Connor, Derek and I got a chance to talk. Chen followed but but just stood around as apparently Derek hadn’t given him permission to sit. He eventually sat on Derek’s lap which was weird but cute. Derek soon made him sit on the floor next to him. Chen like the rest of us, was totally exposed and I got to see his smaller cock but which had nicely trimmed soft pubes. I noted that Derek had soft pubes too. He was a beautiful boy with gorgeous pecs developing and a v line going to his crotch which included and very large cut dick. Both boys were erect like Connor and me. Derek finally asked if we wanted to know about the posing date. We of course did and nodded. He said we would go to a place about an hour away on the water. Very secluded. There was a guy who photographed mostly nudes. “He really likes young boy and teens but does adults too, both men and women.” I posed twice with a women where I got my first taste of pussy as I was to kneel and front of her and eat her. Very fun.” He smiled and added “but I still like guys more,” and laughed. The photographer is the procurer of the boy talent for some very wealthy men. If he likes you or thinks you’ll be an addition, he’ll offer you a chance to be there. Remember, you never ask about it nor discuss it nor if invited, tell anyone who was there of any details. You never mention you were there. Generally, you will be kept naked sometimes wearing some special jewelry or something, and make nice with the dressed men, mostly older. They will fondle you, kiss you and maybe ask you to suck them or sometimes even rim them. They sometimes take a boy back to a room. “The entertainment,: he said, is made out of other boys who wrestle or make love or anything the clients like and end of fucking one another. It can be brutal though. I don’t do those things yet but maybe someday. I just sit with the man who picked me and do as he asks while he often plays with my body. Fingering, playing with my nuts or cock an he may ask you to cum for him which he usually licks up. These guys really like boy cum. The. Other boys there are already whores or owned boys who are often the property of one or more of the men and are kept and either just brought to show them off or rented from another guy as party favors. The probably don’t get paid either as they are owned boys. I never want that. Usually run a ways or street kids that have been procured somehow and are kept until they no longer are of any use. It’s terrible. I asked him how he got started and said that he never knew his mom.” She was a pretty Japanese girl who died in childbirth with me. I always feel bad about that. Dad, he’s a lawyer and businessman, moved us to our more secluded house when I was about 5 years ago. He wanted me to go to this school, which as you know is a Quaker School but very different from most as it is very liberal and the founders and many today, still live in communes or colonies and often live as nudists.” “My dad liked nudity so maybe like you, I lived naked since I could control my bladder and shitting denizli escort and stuff. Dad and I lived alone there with occasional houseboys who took care of me and dad and introduced me to sex with guys at a young age. My dad hired them to not only cook and clean but to be sex objects too. They, like us, lived naked and I had my first fuck from one of two boys who lived with us as my dad watched and encouraged. I didn’t know what all was happening at first but grew to love sex. My dad usually didn’t do anything with me but his live in servants were made to use me and train me. I got to like it.” “Dad eventually started hooking me up with a photographer who at first had me model clothes. I was pretty proud of myself but then the posing and eventually of sex stuff started an I liked it all. I was different than other boys but I liked the attention. When you go tomorrow to the the photo shoot, he will take lots of pictures of you, all naked of course, some being just poses on you in situations, sitting, standing and all and then. If he likes you, he will do some erotic stuff. You’ll get to see the pics but some will be sent to a proposed male who will become your sponsor. If he likes you, he keeps those pics for his personal file. You won’t control what he does though. If he likes you, he’ll invite you to a party or meeting. He’ll give you a very non descriptor invitation which you will surrender when you enter. It’s all coded and stuff buts that’s how you eventually get paid. All very has hush.” “You guys should know that if you get into the little `club” as it is sometimes called, your futures are made and you will get almost anything you want. See, it is run by vey powerful men, businessmen, some school people, politicians and even some church men . It is mainly the 1% of the wealthiest of wealthy. They are all over the country, and have a special liking for boys . If you want to go to a major fancy university, just getting your man to know that will make it happen almost magically. I want to go to Harvard and I I’m pretty sure it will happen and won’t cost anything but my use of my body. Pretty cool. Some guys can’t handle it and eventually drop out but others make a fortune. By the time you age out, too old for boy play, you’ll get into other things and eventually get a boy of your own. By then, the posing and all that shit are over. Who knows, you may even go straight and get married!. This whole thing is a step toward whatever you want your future to be.” Connor and I sat flabbergasted by all this.. We didn’t know what to say. Like switching subjects instantly, Derek looked over at me and said ” you got the prettiest balls sac and cock I think I’ve seen.. Can I touch it?” Stunned, I just nodded a weak yes. “While I play with it, do you,( meaning Connor) want to fuck Chen? He’s my boy toy and gets used far more and in worse situations than I do. He’s made to do all kinds of disgusting things but alway is brought back to me.” I sat stunned still at what we learned but Connor jumped up and said “I’d like to fuck him.” I wasn’t surprised “Go for it man, don’t bother with lube, just spit in his hole and go. He’s used to it. Chen got up and was on the bed quickly with his cute butt pointed toward Connor and Connor was right behind. I watched as he entered the boy as Derek fondled my nuts making me hard. I looked into his dreamy eyes and he smiled and said I think you’ll do fine. Just follow my lead and enjoy.” I weakly asked how Chen got here. “He came from some family in Taiwan, I think. Over there, it isn’t unusual for poor to sell off kids . The parents know what is going on and look the other way. My dad bought him for me as my personal houseboy as he used the others. I do have to let Chen go when my dad rents him out to men who like to use Asians. He is used and brought back to me. Heck, that’s the only time I use a toilet. Chen does that for me too and seems to love it. HIs life was so hard and he was starving most of the time that he had to sell himself on the street by the time he was 6. Real sad. Here, he gets a warm nice bed, food regularly, washed and kept by us and we love him. Dad has his own boys and now we got ourselves a cook too, a Latino boy, from PR I think, who never leaves the house and does all our meal prep. Even orders from the list we make for food delivery and the guys who bring it enjoy seeing him naked as he has no clothes anymore. They probably fuck him too, I don’t know nor care. Tough life, I guess but them’s the breaks when you’re born poor and your parents can’t keep you. The oldest is usually the first to get sold. Juan is around my age and we all use him when he isn’t cooking or cleaning up. I think he likes it but we keep him without money or clothes so he can’t go anywhere. He goes outside like Chen but only in our enclosed yard where he does the grass and shit like that.” I was beyond knowing what to say about all this. Derek had told us so much in a short time, I could hardly process it! As he stopped playing with my hard dripping cock, he said, ” better let you save it for maybe the weekend. But he did lean over and lick the pre off me and said Hmmmm! So good!” Seeing Connor had cum in his boy, he smiled as Connor was just about to get off him and go pee as he always did after sex. “Don’t bother with the john man, use Chen. He likes it and may enjoy a new flavor!” Chen hopped around, stuck out his tongue as Connor lay his cock there for cleaning and then he pissed. Chen closed his lips tightly as to not lose a drop. Once done, Derek said “man it was really good to finally meet and talk and thanks for inviting me. I hope I didn’t bore you with this shit but I’ve had my eye on you. For some reason, when I found you to be gay boys, I decided to ask dad and well, here we all are. We all hugged as Chen slipped on his tiny shorts and Derek redressed. “I got my car so I can run us home. By the way, nice new wheels you got! I’ll see you at the pool in the morning and I think I will take you guys with me to the photo set as its kind of remote and tough for beginners to find. G’night guys!” He and Chen left and Connor and I stared at one another for awhile before we kind of smiled and said Fuck man, we’ll be boy whores!. The fact we smiled I guess meant that we weren’t afraid of it and probably welcomed it. Connor called his mom and said he was spending the night with me and she agreed. “I got your special gifts to give you now. He handed me a kind of small box. I opened it to find and assortment of three rings. I knew what they were from watching porn an other web sites. “Oh, Connor, these are hot but I don’t know if I can get away with wearing any of them.” He just said I decided I wanted my boy to show his stuff more so yeah, you’ll wear them. Lay back and I’ll fit the gold one on you.” I did as he told me and he put a little lube around my cock base and the slid it over the my cock. When he took my balls, he did one at a time until it was in place. I thought it was very cool but worried how my family would react. “It’s gorgeous on you. Look how it’s making your cock push forward and your balls too. Wow” I had to admit it was erotic. Just he did it, there was the usual knock on my door. I hesitated but Connor just said come in. In popped Nick, naked as us and Connor pointed to my ring, smiling. “Oh, man, that’s so hot as he went for a closeup look. Connor then said I have this vinyl one too so in case we have to go through security anywhere. It won’t call attention. Finally, there’s this smaller one that fits dikimevi escort around your cock head. I saw them on line and knew they were right for you. I’m glad I got the right size. Connor were so happy. I weakly smiled but wondered about wearing this stuff. Nick popped his head in the door and just came in “I hear you have maybe fucking your big brother. Is that right?” Nick proudly smiled and nodded. “You want to fuck him while I watch before we sleep?” Nick climbed up, kissed my erecting cock and said lift them, meaning my legs. I knew what he meant and did as Connor took hold of my left foot and tongued it. “Better eat him a bit so he doesn’t hurt, young man,” Connor said so Nick licked my hole. It opened easier now and then he backed off and put his nice five inch cock to my hole and pushed in. It actually felt good, not like Connor’s but a cock was what I always liked in my hole. Connor watched as Nick did his thing commenting to him to breed his boy. I was a bit embarrassed by it but really knew it would happen eventually. He fucked me for a few minutes but his hair trigger response made him shoot in me. Connor produced from the box, a bigger butt plug and as Nick pulled out, lubed it and slid it in me. “I like my boy to be ready and open’, he commented with a laugh. Nick laughed too and was was allowed to turn over on my side as Connor jumped in with Nick in the middle. I knew his cock would find my hole but couldn’t go in. I had such a strange but great day – my new car, the party, the gifts and cards and learning so much from Derek, our new friend. After Nick fell asleep, Connor and I talked for a bit just remarking about all Derek had told us. It was quite a day! The next morning, Connor an I untangled ourselves and pushed Nick out of the way and went to do our morning rituals. I had no worries about shitting in front of Connor and I guess he didn’t either. As I sat on the toilet and evacuated. He just casually walked up to me and rubbed his big cock on my face and then told me to open wide. I did as he asked and he put his cock in my mouth. “I’m gong to feed you your morning juice he casually said and began to piss in my mouth. I was surprised but took it all down. As he moaned and said what a good boy I was. I smiled a bit letting a bit of his piss run down my chin before I regained my self and swallowed it all. “Kind of strong but you should get used to this” was all he said. I finished and he pulled out and gave me an affectionate pat on my face . I wiped and got up. Dam, why did he insist on this? I thought. I kissed him with my pissy mouth and climbed into the shower together and washed one another completely clean using the shower device to clean out whatever Nick had left in me. Once done, we both got out and he grabbed my toothbrush and did his teeth and handed it to me. I did my mouth cleaning and even gargled a bit with mouthwash. I didn’t want my family to smell my mouth. We came out and patted Nick to wake him up and he just moaned and gave us a little smile. Connor pulled him out and kissed him as I stripped the dirty sheets from our last night’s escapades .We stayed naked for a bit until I slipped on my new running shorts which he had also given me . He asked if I didn’t want to show the gold ring I now sported, to my family. I said I think I’ll wait on that and he just said you’re such a pussy. As we walked down to breakfast I thought what I slut I had become. In the kitchen we grabbed some cereal and juice as my dad walked in and greeted us both and hugged me and then Connor. I could swear he copped a feel of me and Connor both. After our morning greetings he called me over and said he hoped I had a great day and would enjoy being a model later. I smiled and said I hoped it would go well. He then told me that Nick had been hired and we might do some brother modeling. Was surprised but said simply, oh yeah? “Your momma and I decided it might be good to start him in modeling so he could save money for college too.” I nodded and said “that’s cool.” After breakfast, we went to the pool. I was thrilled that I got to drive my new car to school. We couldn’t park in the student lot yet as I had no sticker but that was ok. We got inside and said hi to the guys who were getting undressed for our practice. As some of them left, Derek and Chen came by and chatted. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his almost 10 inch thick cock. He saw my ring and said how nice it looked. And told me if coach didn’t disapprove of mine he would wear one too as would Chen. They acted more like regular half brothers today as alway unlike what we had witnessed last night where Chen’s real role was revealed. We did our swimming and decided to work out some at the school and were joined by a few other guys including Derek an Chen. We all stayed naked for the workout as it was before some of the other athletes would be in. Exercising naked wasn’t too unusual at our school. Nudity was an accepted practice, even encouraged at times as we were in a school that was run by a very liberal sect of the Quakers. I even had been to a nude camp they ran one summer and it was cool. Derek offered to help me on the weight bench standing over my face with his big meat dangling in front of me in temptation. I could hardly focus! It was truly an amazing cock, long, thick and with a beautiful head, a bit darker than his biracial other skin. Hmmm. As he leaned over me toward the end, I just hoisted myself up to lick it. He smiled at me and said I want do yours too but later. I nodded yes. Derek reminded us about our appointment later not being too specific since others were around . I said we were going home to clean up a bit in order to be ready. He smiled approvingly and said to dress very casually, running shorts and maybe a top and flip flops. “You won’t need anything after you get there.” We went home and talked about last night and how Derek had an actually body boy to care for his any need any time, or any place. I told Connor that he had invited me and probably him too, to visit and see some of the photos and paintings that ere done of him. I wanted that and hoped it would be soon. We were all freshly body wash showered and cleaned out. Connor loved to have me bend over after to inspect my growing hole opening. We left our plugs at my house and had something real light to eat before Derek showed up as he was driving to the photo shoot. I told my folks about it feeling guilty if I hadn’t and they said to enjoy myself, which kind of surprised me but said I would. Derek showed up and we went to my room to finalize an outfit. He saw my gold ring at the base of my cock and loved it. He told Connor he should get himself one too. He didn’t know if the photographer would make us take them off but said it looked cool. He picked out some old running shorts that were a bit small on my bubble butt and elsewhere, a cropped tank top that we used in P.E. and flips. He was dressed similarly. Connor had some stuff and borrowed a back up tight shirt the was sleeveless and cut all the way down to the bottom hem. With our what I called Tik Tok hair styles, which we liked as they had to be pushed back so they didn’t block our face and the styles we wore in summer as we had much shorter hair in swim season and soon would have to cut ours again, we were ready. Derek had a high hair with with shaved sides style which was also cool. I felt we looked kind of to dweeby with short hair but that was what we had to do. Derek drove us in his hot sports sedan, one of several cars dikmen escort in his home. We arrived to a dirt road well off the beaten track that we might not have found. No signs or anything . Up the road we spouted a kind of cottage like building where he parked and told us not to be too surprised by the photographer, a man he simply called Mike. “He’s cool though in a kind of hippy way and does a lot, I mean a lot of this stuff and apparently schedules the `talent’ for the big estate parties we might go to.” We simply nodded yes. And got out of the car and approached the house where when we knocked, Mike simply yelled to come in. Derek led the way inside. It was pretty messy with a kind of living room and kitchen and other rooms in back. Mike came out to greet us wearing only short shorts that clearly revealed everything inside as well as being barefoot ,and gave us all fist bumps. “So, you’re my new models. I see my boy Derek has brought you.” He looked us over like he was shopping and said real beauties describing us. We smiled . “Take off your stuff and come on in. I got a guy today as I didn’t know how you felt about a girl helper. We said either way was ok and he smiled and nodded. We got naked with Derek being done first. “Just dump your stuff on the chair.. We get started in a room where were dong something easy to get you started. We may do more if you’re willing.” We nodded yes again and went in. A young guy was there doin stuff totally nude. He smiled and introduced himself as Gary and said we looked great making us feel good. Mike handed us each a glass of water and a small blue pill. Take that to relax yourself and maybe help to improve the pics we take.. Foolishly maybe, we did as he asked as we saw Derek do the same. We got right into taking pictures. Connor and I were first doing poses like standing next to one another kind of staring in one another’s eyes , followed by one where I lay on a bed with Connor almost hungry like, was poised over with his face near my big cock. The helper guy John did some arranging of my cock and did what was called “fluffing,” meaning he played with our meat a bit to make it harder. We also did some single pictures like me, sitting in a chair totally exposed staring off into space like I was thinking. We both posed in front of a realistic picture that was put up as a kind of backdrop, of library, with me standing with one foot slightly up pretending I was reading a book which John handed me. I was a bit out of it it seemed and couldn’t hardly focus on the pages! It didn’t matter. I wondered what was in that pill we all took. It did make me hard but a bit drowsy so I could appear to stare at things at a distance without those things being there. It got even more interesting when we were told we were going outdoors. That didn’t bother me but suddenly lights came up and made it look like daylight. There was an old red pickup truck and Connor and I were told to get in the bed. We did that and Mike said these shots were a bit more kinky. John put a chain around our ankles as we lay with our whole bodies exposed and due to the angle, even our holes showed some. Derek got some makeup making him look more a black man and was handed a crop or whatever it is called and stood next to the truck pointing at us with a broad smile. Our hands were put behind us exposing our pits , and tied with a rope so I guess the mage was that of slavery. Derek smiled at us but then got a grin as pictures are shot from a few angles making us look like slaves boys or something. It was kind of hot, I admit. I had a thought that I didn’t want to ever be a slave boy but the pictures were kind of neat. We were unsecured and Mike said he had a little surprise. As we went back in the house, there was a totally naked kid, maybe between 9-11 and Mike reached down and hugged him. The boy, we never did give his name, was with a man maybe in his 30’s who I guess may have been his dad or uncle. “We’re going to get some fuck pictures now. “Neither of you, meaning Connor or me, will have faces showing but you will simulate fucking this lad.” Wow, I thought. I would never do that to a kid but apparently he was used to this. Later we learned from Derek the man was in fact the kids father and he did in fact sexually use his kid and the kid loved it! Connor’s photo was to hold the kid out, his big cock right at his ass and appear to be fucking the kid as he boy, a pretty good actor was to move in several directions so it appeared he was enjoying Connor’s cock raping him. My picture was me laying on a bed wit the kid between my legs sucking my cock. Although supposedly simulated, he did lick and suck me. This kid was no slouch in that department and seemed to love it. My hair was brushed down so you couldn’t recognize me as I held his head to my cock. It was kind of fun and the kid told me after, he loved my cock and would like more of me maybe coming in his mouth or ass. Connor was told the same thing. Derek didn’t do as many photos but from what I could see, he was a master at posing. He did one where all you could see was his butt and he held his checks open to show his hole. I loved his hole and the hair that was in it. I wanted to go jump on the bed and eat him. Another one was him looking back to the camera seductively as I sat and inserted my finger inside. I was going to just put it near his hole but Mike liked my penetration of it better so that’s what I did. I licked my finger after savoring the taste as I had nothing to with it on but my body. This went on for quite some time. The young boy sat on my lap for some as we didn’t have enough stools. Mike smiled at me and whispered that he really wanted my cock in him but I only inserted the head which made the boy smile as his dad stood by and watched proudly. We had been at it for some time. Finally, Mike told John that we were all done and to start processing. Mike told us some of the pictures would go to the men at the next day’s party. “I’ve decided you guys meet our standards or maybe exceed them so if you’re willing, you’re invited. Derek will bring you. You are never to share any of this with anyone including your parents or any authorities. Where you go tomorrow is a secret. He handed us each a small card and a small red neck band like a collar. “When you arrive, put the collar on and nothing else. Steve, you can wear the cock ring if you like as it might be a cool thing. Anything else you will need will be provided when you enter the home.” He handed us the cards, one for each with only a few numbers on them. Looking at mine, Mike told us that we never use names. Tomorrow you may or may not get a party name to use with the men there. But you never tell anyone who you really are or any other information. All is very confidential.” I nodded . Derek just slipped in his sorts leaving his shirt off. We said our good-byes to all present. The little boy hugged us and thanked us for something, not sure what. Connor and I did the same as Derek and we left. We had many questions that Derek tried to answer on the way home. We drove with the remains of our hard ons but tired . We were glad Derek drove and praised us for everything.. We got home and I asked Derek if he wanted to come in but he declined saying he would see us at the pool. I leaned in and kissed him, not even thinking about Connor at my side. Derek gave me tongue and whispered hot hot he thought I was. We went in and just went to my room . I Asked Connor if his mom didn’t question his staying over so much and he just said she knows what we do and Is proud of me and you too. I did my nightly duty as Connor was still so horny as I was. He pissed in my mouth just to try to prove who he had become, I guess and fucked me real good. I think we both dreamed of what might come at the party we were so proud to be invited to. End of CH 7

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