Helping the Older Generation

The first of this year I was unexpectedly let go from my job when they locked the doors and walked away. With no final paycheck or benefits I needed to make some money quickly.

I decided that I would go ahead and retire but social security and medicare take time to get signed up so I went on line to find a job.

I hit the job lists and was immediately inundated with job offers, but most were recruiters. But beggars can’t be choosy so I filled out a lot of applications. Most were out of my league but with unemployment coming in I was okay.

So one day I see an offer for a companion to senior citizens. I figured I could do that so I filed for the job. I got it!

Surprisingly with no experience they said they could use me. With minimal training they gave me my first assignment. His name was Phil and he needed help around his house, cleaning doing errands and some personal hygiene.

So the next Thursday I got up and got dressed to go see Phil, not really knowing what to expect. Since I would not be around anyone that knew me, I put on panties and bra which always make me feel sexy and helpful. I picked a pair of pink panties and a black bra, and some pantyhose, black of course. I slipped on some warm up pants and a loose fitting tee shirt and headed out.

I knocked on the door of the small trim house on the west side of town. It was well taken care of so that was encouraging. Phil opened the door using a walker to get around. “You must be from the senior center” he said. Applying affirmative he allowed me in.

His house was pretty clean but it Gaziantep Escort Numaraları could use some help and we talked about what he expected. He needed me to clean up a little, mow the grass and the he said the magic words. “I need some help taking a shower, can you do that?” He explained the last person would not help him. While I hadn’t been told that was part of the deal I was more than happy to help out.

I made him some coffee and told him to relax while I cleaned up. Well like most older folks Phil liked it hot in his house and I was soon sweating quite a lot. I caught a look at myself in the mirror and realized that I had soaked my tee shirt and my bra was quite visible underneath.

“Oh well, Phil is an old man I doubt if he can see that anyway”, I muttered softly. “See what” he said. His hearing was working well that was for sure.

“Oh nothing” I replied pulling my shirt away from my bra. “You mean your bra?” he asked.

I stopped working and looked at him. He had a silly grin on his face, and with a shrug said he didn’t mind that I wore a bra. I could wear anything I wanted as long as I helped him with a shower.

Smiling, I got the idea he was really wanting a shower. I laughed and assured him that I would help him shower. With that he asked me to help him up and get him to the shower. I went over and helped him up, noticing him running his hand over my bra straps as I got him up.

Once to the bathroom he announced I needed to help him undress. I smiled and said sure I can do that.

Slipping his slippers off I reached up to pull his trousers down. They were simple sweat pants so they slid down easily.

Surprise!! Phil was not a believer in underwear. His dangling cock was eye level with my face as I pulled his pants off. I tried not to stare but Phil was still well endowed. I sat him on his walker and peeled his shirt off.

There was a shower seat in the shower already so I turned on the water. Once it was warm I helped him into the shower. Sitting him down I began to help him wash his body. Of course this just got me wetter than I was and my tee shirt clung to my bra.

Soaping his upper body I washed his back and chest then then after rinsing him off with the handheld shower head I told him to stand up. I reached behind and soaped up his ass being sure to get the soap deep in his crack. He seemed to enjoy that so I slid my fingers up under his balls and cleaned his asshole.

It was obvious he enjoyed that as his cock began to get grow hard. Rinsing his ass off I scrubbed his legs and rinsed them clean.

That left only his growing erection to be cleaned. I poured out some soap and began to scrub his balls and cock. He held the grab bars as my hands slid up and down his hardening shaft. “Been a long time since I got a hard on,” he said. Smiling I told him I was glad I could help him out.

I went ahead and rinsed him off and then helped him get dry. “Let’s get you some clean clothes shall we?” I asked.

We went into the bedroom and he said he wanted to lay down for a while, to just leave him naked. I figured he had dressed himself to he could do that again.

Laying him down he reached over for some lotion on the nightstand and asked me to rub some on him. He promptly rolled over on his stomach. Massaging his back I rubbed lotion on his back and legs, the dribbled some on his ass. He moaned as it ran down his crack.

I slowly massaged his ass cheeks then let my fingers drift over his puckered opening. I slowly rubbed my fingers over his hole and he raised his ass as though offering it to me.

“Time to turn over” I said. Smacking him lightly on each cheek.

Once he turned over it was obvious how much he enjoyed the massage. His cock was easily a full seven inched of thick meat. I stared hungrily at it then began to rub his chest.

Slowly I worked my way down his stomach and then to his erection. I pushed it aside and rubbed all around it. By now he was caressing me as though there were tits under my bra. I finally poured some lotion on his cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down.

Phil began to moan and arch his back, I wondered if he could even still cum? I caressed his balls as well as his cock and he got really hard. I was impressed with how hard he was and imagined it in my mouth. Did I dare?

I slid one hand down between Phil’s ass and slipped finger into his sphincter. That was all it took with a gush Phil shot a load of semen high up on his chest. Several more spurts left his cock empty of cum as I squeezed it out.

Phil looked at me as I licked his cum from my fingers, the leaned down and licked it off his chest.

With a smile, he rolled over and said I think you will work out just fine. I smiled as I envisioned my next visit to Phil and how much I could help him with is issues.

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