Her first anal


Her first analmy gf is 6ft 1 150lbs she is super skinny! she is still a virgin and isn’t ready for sex so one night she was staying with me i told her to sleep down the hall cuz the next morning she had to go to work so i told her sleep in the room down the hall. I was so horny that night i was wanking she walked in and caught me. she asked Escort the usual questions WTF are you doin! i said nothing trying to hide it then she ripped the covers off of my bed exposing my hard 8in cock. she then told me that was her dick and when she is around she makes it cum she started to give me a hj then she wanted a load Escort Bayan in her mouth so she sucked me till i came hard. then she told me to put my pants back on and she rolled over and fell asleep. a couple hours later i woke up with a massive hard on she was still laying with her back to me i got gutsy and pulled off Bayan Escort her pants and thong and pushed her onto her stomach she woke up and asked what was going on i forced 2 fingers into her ass and shew screamed i told her its gunna be worse with my dick up there. she begged me not to but i forced my dick in her hard she was crying out in pain then she started to enjoy it and roled over on top of me and rode up and down on my cock i warned her i was about to cum and she slammed her ass down as far as possible and told me to blow it deep in her ass so i did thenwant more????

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