Hippity Hoppity


Title: Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on its way~

Summary: Maybe Kate shouldn’t have egged on an odd-looking stranger…now she may be in for a harey situation…

Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for giving me a try!


“Hey, could you please watch where you’re going?”

I could barely make out the words over my music, but his tone was unmistakable. Letting out a big, theatrical sigh, I stopped jogging, turning to see the strange-dressed man who I had bumped into on the otherwise-deserted park path.

To be honest, I hadn’t really been paying attention; I just saw a weird-looking guy in what looked like a black bathrobe, and thought it might be fun to run into him. There was some kind of stupid nerd thing called….comictron? Commacon? Something dorky like that, and ever since it had come to town, there were stupid weirdos everywhere, and I was so sick of seeing them while I jogged. I had already vented my frustration by bumping into a few of the geeks, but I guess this one must have been out shopping, because there were two large bags on the sidewalk, their contents spilled out onto the concrete.

“Yeah, what is it?” I snapped back, giving him a practiced look of annoyance. These losers were so easy to bait and deal with; probably because they never actually talked to a real woman, let alone one as hot as me. It had played out the same every time so far; the nerds looked so frustrated at first, but then all they could do was stare at my chest and stammer out an apology. The last guy I had bumped into had nearly started crying when a cop came over to ask if I was alright; it was priceless! This one didn’t, though…he just stared back at me, looking puzzled and annoyed.

That, more than anything bugged me. Annoyed? This creep was annoyed with me? He should have been thankful I even gave him the time of day. Granted, he was actually kind of cute; he looked about my age. His brown eyes were large and expressive, his dark hair looking wonderfully soft…but he still wearing some stupid robe, and the look he was giving me was anything but cute.

“You knocked over my stuff,” he replied, his voice light and soft, but his eyes were defiant. I was surprised; one of these geeks had a backbone? This might be fun.

“Yeah, so?” I shot back, putting my hands on my hips and wiggling a bit. I was hoping his eyes would drop to my tight pink jogging shorts, or at least for him to sneak a peak at my chest; then I’d be able to totally call this weirdo on being a perv. But he just kept staring straight at my eyes…it was seriously weirding me out.

“So, it’s rude,” he answered calmly. “You seem like that kind of person, though; maybe you’re just a creature of habit.”

I recoiled as if I was slapped. “Excuse me!? Who the fuck do you think you are, you creep? Rude? I’ll show you rude!” I gave the asshole a shove, and felt a little surge of satisfaction as he stumbled back, though he didn’t trip, unfortunately. But whatever; I was done with this nut job. I turned to leave, moving to put my headphones on.


I froze, the voice behind me so powerful, so stony and forceful that I couldn’t help but stop.

“What the hell…?” I stammered out, as I tried to force my legs to move. But it was as if they weren’t even part of my body anymore; try as I might, I couldn’t do anything but wiggle my hips.

“Well, you certainly look a little more enthusiastic now, don’t you?” The man walked in front of me, smiling as he looked at me. I clenched my fists in anger; what the heck had this freak done to me?! The creep looked me up and down, his hand on his chin as if he was deep in thought.

“It always seems so rude to start these things without proper introductions…my name is Krystian. And you are…?”

“Fuck you, you piece of shit!” I yelled back…or at least, I tried to. When I opened my mouth, the only sound that emerged was my voice calmly replying, “Kate.” What was happening to me? Was I drugged or something!?

Krystian nodded, apparently reading the look of confusion and fear on my face. “Kate…hmmm…that’s actually a pretty adorable name; I’m kind of surprised, considering how mean you are. I’ve met plenty of women and men like you…haughty, arrogant, conceited, and cruel to others just because they’re in a position of power over them.”

“You don’t know me, you freak!” I shouted back, my mouth finally listening to me. “So why don’t you fuck off back to your weird little nerd convention, and leave me alone!”

Krystian raised his hand, and my mouth clamped shut. It was if my lips suddenly stuck together…how the heck had he done that? My wide eyes must have tipped him off, because Krystian let out a small chuckle. “Surprised? I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m doing this…well, I’m not here for the convention, and I’m not wearing a costume. These are my apprentice robes; Gaziantep Anal Escort I’m actually a wizard in training.” He paused, then shrugged. “I’m sure you don’t believe me, but don’t worry; I’m sure you will soon enough.”

I wasn’t paying attention; I was looking around frantically, still trying to move, still helplessly wiggling my hips. I had to get away from this psycho!

“Now, where to start, Kate…” Krystian drummed his fingers against his chin, his eyes distant. “You’re bitchy, arrogant, full of yourself…cruel to those beneath you. I had heard that a rude woman was causing problems around here, and I’m glad I ran into you; not only can I try to help you get a better attitude, but I can practice some more advanced spells. But let’s start simple…that mouth of yours. We can’t have you talking like that; not if you want to be a nice girl!”

What the hell is he babbling about? I thought to myself, watching the creep snap his fingers at me…and then I felt my lips start to tingle and itch. And…and…

Oh my God…they were swelling…they were swelling!

“MMMMMMMFFFFFFFF!!!” I let out a muffled yelp, my lips still pressed tight together even as I felt them plump up, swelling into lush pillows, and they…they…my eyes widened as my tongue rubbed against them, sending shivers of pleasure through me. They were so sensitive…this couldn’t be real, this just couldn’t be real!

“Well, Kate?” Krystian asked pleasantly, smiling at my terrified moans. “What do you think about magic now?” I felt a pressure lessen on my lips, and I gasped, opening my mouth, not used to the weight of my fat lips…

“You fucking thithead, you wuined my wipth!” I howled out at him…then let out an embarrassed squeak as my words registered in my head. I was lisping! “Well, it’s a step in the right direction, and it certainly sounds cute on you…maybe a healthy lisp will help you to be more mindful about what you say.” Krystian nodded to himself, sounding as if he were deep in thought. “Though you clearly need more…let’s change around a little something in that cute head of yours…”

“Wha’?! My head?! You thtay outta there, you bathtawd!” I shouted back at him, cringing at my mutilation of the English language…and suddenly I felt it again, the tingling from my lips, the itching feeling…only it was under my scalp, making me shake my head from side to side as I tried to get rid of it. But just as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished.

“So, Kate…how do you feel?” Krystian asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“Wike, thuper weird, cutiepie!” I giggled out without thinking. Then I froze, my face growing cold with fear.

Oh no.

Oh FUCK no.

I sounded like a bimbo! A stupid, brainless bimbo! I hadn’t even thought about the response; it had slipped out as naturally as my dumb lisp…it was like…it was like magic…I gazed at the smiling young man, my fear turning to absolute fury. This bastard was changing me around, like I was some toy!

The hatred on my face must have been obvious, because Krystian flashed me a grin. “Oooooh, is the wittle bimbo a wittle mad? Maybe feeling a wittle more empathy, Kate?”

“Fuck you, you thtupid head!” I shot back, pouting miserably…though not really by choice. My huge lips seemed to pout naturally, the lush, sensitive things hanging open just slightly.

“Well, that’s too bad…but kinda expected.” Krystian closed his eyes and raised both his hands, his brow furrowing in concentration. “You see…I was kinda hoping you would be a tough nut to crack, because I really wanted to try something here…I’ve never actually transmogrified someone before, and I have just the perfect idea for you, Kate. So…start hopping.”

My legs responded at once, the first little jump surprising me so much that it drew a humiliating “Oh, goodneth!” from my lips. I kept hopping up and down, looking down at my legs in confusion; I was jumping with my legs and feet pressed together. They were fast, quick little hops, and I was panting before too long, confusion and fear making me exhausted.

“W-wha’…ahh…t-the heck…ahhh…i-ith thith, thweetie…?” I gasped out after a minute of hopping. But instead of replying, Krystian just smiled a little wider, his eyes still closed and his hands still spread. And in a moment, I knew why.

Now my breasts were tingling.

I looked down in horror, just in time to see my tight pink top and sports bra vanish. They didn’t fade out, or poof out in a flash of white; one second they were there, and the next they were gone, and my perky A cup breasts jiggled slightly as they bounced up and down with me. I let out a tiny squeak, as I watched them start to swell, too horrified to make cry out. Every time my feet hit the ground, I felt a tiny tingle, and my breasts plumped up by just a tiny bit…but I was jumping so quickly, and before long, I was up to at least a very full C cup, if not more! I felt my ears tingle, and a tickling feeling on the back of my hips, but it was unimportant compared to what was happening before my eyes. My tits…my perfect small tits, petite and perky; they were ballooning into fat, slutty things! And the worst part was that the more they grew, the harder it was to hop! The huge things jiggled and swayed, slapping against each other with a humiliatingly lewd sound as they ripened into DD’s…and showed no signs of stopping.

I tore my eyes from the horrible sight as Krystian laughed, and I looked up in time to see him snap his fingers. Instantly, there was a full length mirror beside him, facing me in all my bouncy glory.

“Like what you see, little bunny?” Krystian choked out between laughs.

I stared at the mirror, squeaking in misery at what I saw, even as I kept bouncing. I wasn’t staring at my boobs anymore; I was looking at something worse. My ears…my ears had…had…they were rabbit ears! They stuck up from my head, fuzzy and…oh God, they were the same bright pink as my jogging outfit, the short fur looking soft. The things were absolutely massive, adding a good foot to my height, and they twitched and moved as I jumped.

“And I bet your cotton tail looks just as cute, sweetie.” Krystian added, snapping again and making the mirror vanish. “Although I’ll have to wait a little to see it. Now…what do you think, cutie? You can stop jumping, by the way; those fat jugs of yours look plenty big.”

I panted with relief, swaying a bit as I stopped hopping. My jiggly breasts kept bouncing a bit after me, slapping against each other. They were positively massive, jutting out from my thin frame. Anywhere I walked, they would lead the way…they absolutely dominated my body; there was no way to look at me and not see my tits!

“Honeybunny hateth it, you dumbie!!” I yelled at Krystian, stamping my foot in frustration.

Then I blinked, my mouth hanging open.

“H-honeybunny…? Wha’….but…but Honeybunny meant…w-wait…why ith Honeybunny talking wike thith!?

Krystian was clearly holding back laughter, shaking with suppressed giggles, and if I hadn’t have been so shaken by my transformation, I would have been shaking with fury.

“Honeybunny? Ha…oh my, that’s a good choice. I left a little suggestion in your head when I gave you that lovely speech change; I made it so that you would pick the first name that popped into your head when you saw the new you. And I have to say, you picked the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I think you’re a real softie at heart, Honeybunny, which is why I’m glad to help you out. With those new melons of yours…34F, by the way; don’t they feel great? With them, now you won’t have to wiggle around so much to coax nerds into staring at your chest! Plus, they’re so heavy, they’ll help you exercise; you didn’t think that hopping was a temporary thing, did you? I thought it would be perfect for a health conscious person like you; you’ll burn so many calories being an athletic little bunny!”

“Y-YOU FUCKIN’ WUINED HONEYBUNNY!” I howled back at him, my anger finally overwhelming my fear, and I hopped towards Krystian, wanting to pounce on him, to force him to fix this! But instead, all I felt was another tingle on my breasts.

Krystian tutted, shaking his head. “Bad Honeybunny; you’re not quite finished yet. Easter is close, after all…you need a little decoration, I think. What do you think?”

I looked down at my chest, and for a second, I didn’t understand what I was seeing. Then the realization struck me, and I let out a pitiful little moan.

My breasts were colored a bright baby-blue, with two sets of zig zags on them. A thicker yellow one closer to the base of them, with a thin light green band right next to my nipples. My nipples themselves were a bubblegum pink, bright and eye catching. It wasn’t my skin that had changed colors, though; I could tell that from how close I was. It was as if I had been painted, as if my mammoth boobs had been painted…

…like two big, fat Easter eggs.

“There you go…much more festive! And that paint is great stuff; it’ll never smear or get wiped off!” Krystian’s voice cut through my disbelief, and I gazed up at him in misery.

“Pweath don’t weave Honeybunny wike thith, cutiepie…” I whimpered out, my painted tits wobbling.

Krystian smiled at me, and it caught me off guard; it was an actual kind smile. “Sweetie, I wasn’t going to. But you’re going to have to be the one who does the work to change yourself back.”

I felt my ears twitch to attention as I perked up. “Wha’ doeth Honeybunny hafta do, thweetheart?”

Instead of replying, Krystian pulled his robe off, tossing it lightly to the ground. He was completely naked underneath, and I couldn’t help but stare at his already hard cock, lightly bobbing up and down, with two big, firm balls underneath it…

“Here’s your fix, honey,” he said, a grin coloring his voice. “Just hop over here and do what feels right.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice…for some reason, I couldn’t tear my eyes off his balls. His cock was good looking, for sure; hard and eager, twitching with heat. But his balls…they looked so round and perfect, dangling there delicately…my mouth started to water, and I actually drooled a little as I licked my plump lips. Without a second thought, I hopped over to him, a few short jumps, each one making my tits bounce up and down, pulling me forward even more. I landed on my hands and knees in front of him, eye-level with his swaying cock.

“Oh, that is a cute little tail, Honeybunny…the pink goes great with your ea-ahhhmmmmm…” Krystian’s words were swallowed up by his shivering moan as I lunged at his balls, taking them in my mouth with a loud, lewd slurp. The warmth against my sensitive lips was delicious, and I let out a pleased little moan as I tongued the sweet things, my muffled noises vibrating against his sack.

“Ahhhh…oh God, g-good bunny…good bunny…!” Krystian panted out, his strong hands petting my hair as I worked and slurped, his hot, swollen cock thumping against my face. “B-but you know…oooh…I t-think you’d loooooh…look better with f-floppy ears…mmmmm…”

Another tingle went through my head, and I was dimly aware of my ears suddenly slapping gently against my neck as the huge things lost their firmness. But the two wonderful things in my mouth were the only things that mattered; everything else was secondary. I was squirming in bliss just having them in my mouth, delicately tonguing them, the pleased moans Krystian mixing with the amazing sensation in my mouth for pure ecstasy. I could feel the soft things tense in my mouth, twitching and clenching as his cock thumped against my face harder, slapping wetly against my nose as it dabbed me with precum. Krystian moaned harder, and my own noises rose to match his, my muffled moans vibrating his swollen, eager balls. And as I did, I felt the heat in my pussy grow, squirming as I felt my panties grow wetter and wetter, my hips bucking against the air, my painted jugs slapping against each other…

With a sudden gasp, Krystian came, holding my face tight against his crotch, and I felt his heat shoot into my hair, onto my forehead. His balls were clenching hard in my mouth, and I lightly stroked them with my tongue, savoring the sensation, glad I made them feel so good, that I was able to be so good to them-

My own orgasm hit me like I freight train, and I mewled into Krystian’s crotch as I felt myself actually squirt from the force of it, cumming hard into my panties. Stars and fireworks exploded before my eyes as I mumbled and gagged against the two delicious things in my mouth, slurping and sucking, milking his balls dry as I squirmed, moaning all the while…

After an absolute eternity of nirvana, I slowly felt myself come to my senses. With a little whimper of pleasure, I let Krystian’s sack out of my mouth with a wet pop, backing up from him on my hands and knees. He looked a bit shaken, but mostly pleased, and he leaned down to scratch one of my massive floppy ears.

“Didn’t that feel good, Honeybunny?” He asked me gently, and I nodded, still basking in the afterglow of what I had just felt.

“Mmm…I’m glad you liked it, sweetie,” Krystian replied, still scratching my ears, and it felt so good…I let out a tiny, pleased sigh, drawing a soft chuckle from Krystian.

“Good girl…see, I knew you’d like this, and I bet once you’re fixed up, you’re going to be as sweet as this all the time. It’s an easy fix too; all you need to do is have a little Easter egg hunt.”

I looked up at him, confused. “Honeybunny don’ get it, thugahpwum…”

Krystian nodded. “What I meant, sweetie, is that you’ll need to track down those people you were rude to these past few days, and give them a nice little present…don’t you worry, it’ll be easy for you. Your cute bunny ears will be able to zero in on them, so all you’ll have to do is hop hop hop your way over to them…they’ll all be at this convention for the next few days.”

I felt a twinge of embarrassment run through me, and I blushed hard. “B-but then evwyone wiw thee Honeybunny…”

“It’ll be alright; they’ll just think you’re in costume, I’m sure! You’ll probably have a good deal of admirers, so if you want to hunt for extra eggs, be my guest. And it can’t take too long…how many people were you rude too, cutie?”

I closed my eyes, thinking to myself. “Theven…” I mumbled back.

“Hmmm…well, it could have been worse. You’ll just be a busy bunny for a bit.” Krystian patted my back as he walked past me, moving back to his bags. “Besides, I’ll be at the convention anyways; I’m actually on my way to a Star Wars costume contest.”

I turned around on my hands and knees to give him a little glare, my jugs swaying beneath me as I did. “But Honeybunny thought you thaid you didn’t come for the conventhin!”

Krystian shrugged, digging in his bags that had beenleft on the sidewalk. “Well, I’m not in town just for the convention, but any chance to indulge in my dork side is a guilty pleasure.” He apparently found what he was searching for and stood back up, facing me…and holding a couple tiny white eggs in his hands. Then he flicked a switch on the two objects, and they started to vibrate. I let out a tiny squeak, looking up at him with wide eyes.

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