Holiday with Brenda


We selected the small cottage because it was a stones throw from the beach, had three bedrooms and a small private courtyard, where we could eat outdoors in privacy.

This was our first break for 18 months and we wanted to get away from it all and have some quiet time with kids in a safe area. Three bedrooms worked well for us because the Mother in Law, Brenda, could also holiday with us and look after the kids if we wanted some free time. Brenda insisted that she didn’t mind as she loved her grand kids and could do with a break herself. It was three years since she had broken up from the Father in Law and she was now settled into her life helping with the grand kids and making herself useful. She even teased by saying she might even find herself a new friend herself on holiday.

We had been there a few days and by then were well and truly chilled out. The sun was shining and the weather was hot and clear. Life by the beach was great fun, we lay sunbathing whilst the kids swam in the sea or played in the sand. Brenda also joined us from time to time and lay sunning herself in her string bikini. It was hard not to admire her figure as she has obviously looked after herself well. Her trim, tanned skin looked smooth with few lines and she certainly belied her age. I couldn’t help noticing the admiring glances from a few of the men walking past.

Jenny and I even had time to sneak back to the cottage for some quick sessions in the bedroom, playing with her toys. We even took videos of some of our horny sessions but were careful to download them to our laptop and delete them off the camcorder as we also had our holiday images bahis şirketleri on there too.

One day we had been on the beach and Brenda had decided to stay behind and read in the courtyard. After an hour or so in the sun, I felt like a drink so headed back to the cottage. I checked in the courtyard and could not see Brenda. I went back inside and as I approached our bedroom, I could hear a buzzing sound. I listened more closely and could hear the unmistakable sound of my wife’s hungry moans, as she was obviously in a highly aroused state. I looked into our room through the gap in the doorway to see one of our videos playing on the laptop. My wife was there in full view, slowly playing with her clit, using the dildo to rub up and down her juicy pussy. Meantime she also had my cock in her hand, rubbing it across her nipples, spreading my precum across her tits. This was our video from two nights before. I saw as she took my cock and extended her tongue to lick the pre-cum off, then wrapped her lips around the shiny knob.

At this stage I became aware of further heavy breathing and as I looked further into the room, I could see Brenda, sat on the chair at the dressing table. She had her top pulled down and was playing with her large pendulous breasts, pulling on the nipple with her left hand. Her right hand was down between her legs and I could see she had her panties pulled to one side, fingering her very wet pussy.

The whole scene was very erotic! Here she was, watching her daughter in full view, playing with sex toys whilst sucking her son in law. Brenda was obviously getting off on it and I had a hard on very quickly. bahis firmaları Not only was she hot for her age she obviously loved what she saw. I was so engrossed I was not sure what to do next, retire gracefully or stay and watch. As I pondered what to do, Brenda suddenly got up and stripped off her clothes then lay on the bed naked. As she did so she saw me in the reflection in mirror on the dressing table. She turned around to face me.

“Oh err Hi Brenda.” I stammered.

“Hi Dave, I was cleaning and nudged the mouse on your laptop. Then I saw this, I think I got carried away!” She smiled.

“My daughter is a lucky girl, you have a lovely cock!”

I was a little taken aback by how forthright she was but I had a raging hard on all the same.

“Well you have a lovely body yourself” I quickly replied.

“Thank you Dave, I can see that you appreciate it ” she smirked, pointing at the bulge in my shorts.

“You have me at an advantage. I am naked and you are not. I think you should join me and watch the rest of the video” she grinned.

I stepped into the room and she shuffled to the edge of the bed and gripped my belt, loosening it and undoing the buckle. She slowly unzipped my shorts and slid them down over my hips. “Mmmmmmmmmm” she smiled as she rubbed her fingers along my erect shaft, still enclosed in my underwear.

Her fingertips slid inside them and pulled them down releasing my hard cock, springing free just in front of her face. I stepped out of them now naked as she was. She put her fingertips underneath my balls and slowly caressed them, working her way along the length of my shaft to the tip. kaçak bahis siteleri She looked at the video screen to see her daughter, pulling my foreskin back and hungrily sucking on my dick, pumping it back and forth. Brenda took the lead and started to follow her daughter’s action. She gripped hard, pulled back and sunk my cock deep into her hot, hungry mouth. I could already feel my balls start to tighten, she was obviously well practiced.

I cupped her boobs in my hands as she went to work on my knob, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She licked my length from the tip, slowly down to my balls, taking each one in her mouth, then back to the tip.

“Give it to me Dave, I can’t wait much longer”

She lay back and opened her legs, touching her pussy which was wet and swollen. ” God, I need it now” she panted.

With that I climbed between her legs and entered her in no time at all. She was wet and juicy and ready for it.

She kissed my neck and wrapped her legs around my butt as I started to slide in and out. I could feel her grip my cock with the muscles of her pussy as she pulled me ever more vigorously in and out of her hot tunnel.

I could see she was also keeping one eye on the screen, where her daughter was on all fours, me pounding her from behind, grabbing her tits as they swung beneath her.

The scene was such a turn on I could not hold back any longer and great spurts of cum filled Brenda’s hot pussy. I could feel her grip me with her pussy, draining me of all I had.

“oh Dave, that was great! You don’t know how much I needed that fuck!”

It was a shock to hear her talk like that but at the same time so sexy that she felt that way.

“this must be our little secret” she smiled. “and send me a copy of that video” she winked.

“Next time we can make our own” she said with a dirty smirk on her face.

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