Holly Willoughby Caught Me


Holly Willoughby Caught MeFinally, the day had arrived. I had been begging and begging my friend, John, to let me come and visit the studio where he worked as a camera man and he had always refused, mainly with the excuse of ‘I haven’t been here long, I don’t want to get into trouble, blah, blah, blah. But now John had been working at the ITV studios for well over a year and finally caved in and agreed to show me around the set. This wasn’t just any set though this was the studio where they recorded This Morning. That might not sound too exciting to you but to me this was going to be the greatest day of my life. I was obsessed with This Morning but for one reason only, the gorgeous Holly Willoughby. I was in love with this woman everything about her turned me on, every time she popped up on my T.V screen my cock would pop up to a rock hard stand still and I’d spend the next ten minutes furiously wanking myself off while picturing Holly’s gorgeous lips wrapped around my hard shaft. But this was the day I was finally going to meet her, all thanks to my mate John.I approached the studios main entrance and stopped a few feet away from the doors and dug my phone out of my left pocket and sent a text to John saying I was waiting for him downstairs. I stood there waiting, nervous but excited that I was finally going to see my ultimate fantasy. Just then the glass door swung open and out came John.”Mate! How are you doing” asked a happy to see me John.”I’m good thanks, excited that you’re finally taking me on a tour around the studio, you’ve taken way too long to get this sorted” I said in a sarcastic but friendly manner.”I know, I know, but you know the reasons why” replied John in a sorry tone. “I didn’t want to just start bringing people into the studio when I’d only been here for 5 minutes, it would look like I’m taking the piss. Anyway, you’re here now aren’t you” John said.”Yeah and I can’t fucking wait” I said to John as I shook his shoulders in excitement.John started laughing but cut me off mid laugh.”Listen you have to remember that this is my place of work, you can’t fuck around here otherwise I’ll get into serious trouble and you know how hard I worked to get this job.” The look on his face was serious and he just stood there waiting for me to reply. I finally opened my mouth.”Of course, mate I know, I promise you I won’t fuck around or anything, I just want to meet Holly!” I said excitedly.”Yeah yeah” shot back John, “But be polite to her, I have to work with this woman most days and anything you say to her will reflect on me, ok?”I promise mate” I said to John and I did mean it, he was my best friend and I’d hate to be the reason why he’d lose his dream job.” Here” John reached into his pocket and brought out neck pass for me to wear. “Keep this around your neck at all times right, if for any reason I have to leave you for a bit you’ll need to show this to people otherwise you’ll get kicked out”. I grabbed the pass off John and I quickly put it around my neck.”Let’s go, I want to meet Holly, quick!” I said.” Easy tiger” snapped John, “She’ll be in rehearsals for at least another 45 minutes.””45 minutes!?” I moaned.”Yeah and remember she’s not going to stick around and have a big conversation with you, maybe just a hello and a photo with you” explained John.”And a hug?” I cheekily said.”If you’re lucky and polite enough. Come on let’s go up.” John swung around and grabbed the handle of the glass door and held it open for me. I quickly stepped through the door, eager to meet the woman of my dreams. We reached the elevator and John pressed the button for the 3rd floor. We stood in the lift silently but there was a thousand things running through my mind, what shall I say first, shall I just hug her without asking her, what if I asked for a hug and she said no, then I wouldn’t have even got to touch her! The elevator pinged and we reached the 3rd floor.”This is us” said John as he glanced me a smile and the lift door began to open. Now I was getting nervous. The doors opened and we stepped out into a large corridor full of doors on either side with 2 big wooden doors at the end, I presumed they were the doors to the main studio.”This is where peoples dressing rooms are, green rooms are and other waiting rooms” said John “Holly’s is a few doors down, I’ll show you it but she’ll be in rehearsals at the moment reading over the morning script and stuff so I’ll take you to the main studio, show you around and stuff, then walk back up and see if she’ll meet with you, ok?” asked John.”Sounds good yeah” I nervously said. We started to walk down the long corridor, a few people past us on the way down, John saying hi to each one of them as they passed. He suddenly stopped at one of the doors, “look” John said as he pointed to a sign on the side of a closed door we were standing outside of. I glanced to where he was pointing and on a glass plaque it read “Holly Willoughby”.”That’s her dressing room” John said. John knew I was obsessed with Holly, probably didn’t know how much I was obsessed with her though! I was standing outside the room where the woman of my dreams got dressed, where she got her glorious tits out and showered herself each morning before the show. I stood there daydreaming. “Let’s walk to the studio” John said and snapped me out of my daydream.”sure” I replied.We began to walk towards the big wood doors when suddenly they popped open.”There you are John. We need you to go over the camera work for a segment of the show, we’ve had a few problems and we’re changing a few things around” a panic-stricken brunette lady said to John.”Oh right” replied John. “Can my friend here come through and wait while I sort things out?” he asked.”Afraid not, he’ll have to wait here for a bit” said the woman. John turned to look at me with an apologetic look on his face.”It’s fine, I’ll wait out here, go ahead” I said.”Thanks mate” said John, “I’ll be as quick as I can”. He then grabbed the door that the fit brunette was holding and eased it open some more and walked through. I hope I’m not going to have to wait even longer to meet Holly with these changes and extra rehearsals I thought!I turned around and looked down an empty corridor. I decided to walk back down to Holly’s dressing room, no idea why but I just decided to do it. I stood outside her door and just glanced at the plaque with her name on it. Only one thing went through my mind at that moment, to see if the door was unlocked! But then I panicked, I couldn’t just walk into her dressing room, imagine if John found out and I got him in trouble, I couldn’t forgive myself. But then another thought pooped in my head, I’m standing outside Holly Willoughby’s dressing room, when the hell is this going to happen again!? Fuck it I thought, I quickly glanced around and checked to see if the long corridor was empty, it was. I quickly grabbed the silver door handle and gave it a push down, it was open! I quickly opened the door and dived inside just in case anyone saw me. I slammed the door closed and leaned against it. Holy shit! I was in Holly’s dressing room! I looked around and took deep breaths. Inside were a large sofa, a couple of smaller chairs and a large makeup table with a big mirror in front it. There was another door on the far wall which I presumed was Holly’s bathroom. Dotted around were pictures of Holly with various people that she had interviewed on the show, she looked stunning in every single one. She had a big wardrobe in the corner of the room. I leaned off the door and began to wander around the room. I couldn’t believe where I was, I was getting horny just knowing that Holly had not long ago been naked in this very room! As I walked over to her dressing table, I noticed a stack of pictures lying on the top. I picked one up and they were pictures of Holly, some signed with her autograph and some not signed. She looked gorgeous on the photos, with her blond hair waving down to her shoulders and a big beautiful smile with bright red lipstick on. She was absolutely perfect. I picked one of the photos up and just began to stare at it intently, fixed on her gorgeous face.Just then I could feel myself getting horny, all I was doing was looking at her photo and she was giving me a semi! I looked around the room and once again I thought fuck it! How often do you get the opportunity to have a wank in Holly Willoughby’s dressing room!? I looked around and made sure the door was closed, it was. Surely, I couldn’t have a wank in her dressing room!? Sod it! I placed the photo back onto the table and directed Escort it right in front of my crotch. I reached down and undid my zipper. I had a large cock, and I mean a large cock. I’d measured it a few times and it was just about 10 inches. I’d heard blokes complain about the size of their big cocks, saying women didn’t like it and it was too big and painful to fit in their pussy’s, but I loved my big cock! I’d have it out at every opportunity and luckily not one girl I fucked in the past had complained one bit. I reached my hand into my trousers and slowly pulled out my semi hard dick. I began to slowly rub the head of my cock while all the time my eyes were looking into the gorgeous eyes of Holly on the picture, imagining it was her hands wrapped around my semi. Soon enough I was rock hard, and all 10 inches were standing to attention right in front of Holly’s picture. My eyes were still fixed onto Holly’s as I began to pick up the pace and quickly stroked every inch of my shaft, switching hands now and again. God I was horny, and I was even hornier knowing I was in her dressing room.I then had an idea. I walked over to Holly’s wardrobe with my cock still rock solid in my hands and opened one of the bottom draws. Bingo! Holly’s underwear! Holy shit I thought! My cock seemed to get even harder and I hadn’t even grabbed a pair of her knickers yet. I reached down and pulled the first ones I grabbed out of the draw. They were a pink lacy, pair. I put them to my nose and took a massive deep breath as I stroked away on my huge erect shaft.”Fucking hell” I said out loud. I walked back over to the dressing room table and positioned myself back in front of the picture lying on the table. In my right hand I had my rock hard, 10-inch dick and in my left hand I had Holly Willoughby’s actual underwear! I was taking deep breaths of her underwear while furiously stroking my dick. I kept looking into Holly’s eyes during each sniff of her lovely pink underwear. my intention was to shoot my hot sticky load all over the face of Holly on the picture. “Fucking hell Holly, you’ve got me so horny” I said out loud.”I can fucking see!” Came a shocked voice behind me.I quickly shot around with my dick still hard in my hand and now showing a horrible shocked face.”Oh my god” I shouted. Wait. I stood there in shock, just looking at this fine, beautiful woman standing in front of me. She was perfect, she was wearing a very tight long red dress which showed off her perfect curvy shape and 34DD tits, you could just see them peeking wonderfully out the top of the dress. She had her hands on her waist and was standing slightly on an angle with one leg a little bent. Her hair flowed down past her shoulders and her lips were perfect, coated with bright red lipstick that made them shine and look very kissable. I couldn’t believe it, standing in front of me was the gorgeous Holly Willoughby.”Holy shit” I muttered, “I’m so, so sorry”. I was still standing there with my dick in my right hand and her underwear in my left, I hadn’t even bothered to try and hide it. I just stood there in a panic!”What the hell do you think you’re doing? Who are you?” Holly demanded to know in her usual sexy voice that I had only had the pleasure of hearing on T.V but now was fully focused at me.”I’m just having, I’m a friend of a worker here, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have walked in here, please don’t shout anyone. I’ll leave right now, I’m sorry” I managed to quickly blurt out.”Is that my underwear?” snapped Holly.I quickly looked at the pink underwear I was still holding and then suddenly dropped them to the floor.”Yes” I said “sorry”. I was now just standing there with my limp cock in my hand just looking at a pissed off Holly Willoughby. I didn’t know what to do.”So, you haven’t cum yet?” she asked quizzically.I just stood there and managed to get out the words “not yet no”.”Good” Holly said just as a big smile came across her face. She dropped her hands to her side and began to slowly walk towards me. What the fuck!? Was this actually happening!? She didn’t seem angry anymore, the exact opposite in fact! Her figure was amazing as she walked towards me, she grew more and more gorgeous as she inched her perfect curves towards me. She finally got to me and without saying a word she grabbed my face and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met. Hers was soft and perfect and she slowly slipped her tongue in and out my mouth, she was the perfect kisser, so passionate. I responded by kissing her back, slowly inching my tongue into her gorgeous mouth. I released my cock from my right hand and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. She was the perfect kisser. I grabbed the other side of her waist with my left hand and then slowly eased them down and placed them over her pert arse. I couldn’t believe what was happening! Her arse felt amazing in my hands, so perfectly shaped and nice and firm. I could feel her big breasts up against my chest and I took little squeezes of her arse as she continued to tongue fuck my mouth. She took her tongue out my mouth and leaned away slightly and looked down towards my cock.”Fucking hell that is one big dick you have down there” she said with a very pleased look on her face. Without realising it my 10-inch rod had got rock hard again and was pressing against her tight dress right where her pussy would be placed. I looked into her eyes as I was still caressing her perfect bum.”Do you like a big cock?” I said nervously.”I love a big cock” Holly cheekily said, “But I’ll be honest, I’ve never had one anywhere near as big as that” she said as she pointed down towards my solid length.”So, your husband isn’t that big?” I grinned.”God no. Don’t get me wrong his cock is nice but size wise he’s nothing compared to your b**st”.Her eyes were still fixed on my big erect cock as she spoke. I leaned in for another kiss and shoved my tongue back down her throat. She moaned a little and responded by sticking her tongue back into me. God she was perfect. I gave her arse another big squeeze and she once again let out a little appreciative moan. Once again, she withdrew her tongue but this time, I wasn’t disappointed for long as she began to slowly lower herself to her knees while her eyes were still fixed on mine. Holy shit I thought, the actual real-life Holly Willoughby was about to stick her glorious mouth around my hard waiting shaft. I let out a deep breath. Her head was now level with my cock as she was resting on her knees and her eyes had gone from looking at me to purely fixed on her prize, a rock hard perfect 10-inch prick that was already covered in waiting pre cum. She looked excited and I’m sure she could tell from my waiting member that I was excited as well!She looked back up into my eyes and I looked down at the most beautiful woman in the world, she had her puppy eyes out now and said in a soft, horny voice, “Would you like my mouth around your hard cock?”Fucking hell, the innocent looking Holly that you see on T.V was turning out to be one dirty, slutty bitch!I looked deep into her waiting eyes and said, “Yes please”.She was still looking at me and replied, “Yes please what?””Yes, please Holly I would like your mouth around my cock” I quickly replied.”Good boy” she said as that perfect grin came across her face once more. She gazed back down to my waiting shaft and without saying another word she placed her right hand around the base of my cock and she slowly eased the first few inches into her waiting mouth. A sudden rush of excitement shot through my body as she slowly sucked on my hard dick.”Jesus Christ this is fucking huge” she said as she took my cock out of her mouth, “I fucking love it” she said excitingly. She then shoved my hard member straight back into her mouth but this time she managed to take a few more inches. It felt so good to have her sucking me off and if I’m totally honest I was surprised I hadn’t shot my load all over her face already! She began to move her right hand over the base of my hard shaft while slowly sucking on the head, each mouthful made her moan a little and the vibrations of this shivered through my penis making it even better.”You like that baby?” she asked through mouthfuls of my erect 10 incher.”I fucking love it” I replied as I swung my head backwards still not believing this was happening.”Much better having my mouth around your dick that wanking yourself over a picture, right?” she asked.”God yes, much better, you’re so good at sucking dick”. She then took more of my hard dick in her mouth, swallowing a good 7 inches. She Escort Bayan was looking straight into my eyes as she slobbered all over my cock and still moaning in appreciation. I took my right hand and placed it on the back of her head.”I hope you don’t mind me doing that” I asked.She took my huge cock out of her mouth and said with half a mouthful of spit “Not at all baby”.I grabbed the back of her head a little harder and starting to push her on onto my thick, long shaft. Each suck got a little wetter and by now the spit was dripping down her chin and onto her waiting, glorious tits which from my angle I had a perfect view. She then eased her mouth off my dick and leant slightly backwards and leaned onto her hands while still resting on her knees.Looking straight at my cock she begged “I want you to fuck my mouth with that huge fucking cock of yours”.Fuck me she’s dirty I thought. She didn’t have to tell me twice. I took a few steps forward and aimed my waiting tool straight at her mouth. I reached around the back of her head with both of my hands and placed them on the waiting Holly.”Shag my mouth now” she demanded in her sexy, horny voice.I shoved my cock straight in her wet mouth and began to seriously fuck her mouth nice and hard. She loved it. With my cock being so huge she was quickly gagging on it and the amount of spit running onto her tits was incredible, it made her breasts look even more stunning than they already were.”God your mouth is so good” I panted between thrusts as I frantically fucked away at her mouth. Holly never said a word, her eyes were bulging at the length she was currently getting fucked by and she was absolutely loving it.She quickly pulled off my cock and forced my hands backwards with her head.”Holy fuck that was good, I’ve never taken so much in my mouth” she pleasingly said.”You did good” I proudly said to her. “Most women don’t take that much of my dick”.”I can understand why” Holly replied “It’s bigger than my fucking arm!” she said as she was gobbling all the spit back up to her mouth and swallowing back down the lot. She slowly began to get back up to her feet. The tight, red dress still clung to her gorgeous figure, but it was bit messy with Holly’s spit and my cock juices covering parts of it. She was now standing up straight and looking into my eyes. She slowly reached around to the back of her dress and proceeded to unzip herself. The dress fell straight to the floor and there she was, Holly Willoughby standing butt naked right in front of me. Her shape was perfect. Her 34DD tits were absolutely stunning, she had perfect small, round nipples that were already erect and perfect for biting on. As I glanced up and down her perfect body, I could feel my dick somehow getting even harder. I suddenly glanced down and fixated my eyes onto her pussy.”Do you like it shaved?” she said with that perfect smile on her face.”Yeah” I replied, god smacked at how perfect she was. She then slowly moved her right hand between her perfect tanned legs and eased her hand between her crotch. She parted her legs a little then gradually began to stroke her clit. All the time her eyes were fixed on me and by now I had my hand wrapped around my member and was slowly rubbing the head of my cock at this glorious sight I was looking at.”Stroke that huge cock for me” she moaned as she slowly pressed a finger into her waiting fanny. She gasped as her own finger entered her and she slightly closed her eyes. She fingered and rubbed her pussy nice and slowly, easing her finger in and out and moaning in a sexy voice. I began to walk towards her while still slowly rubbing my hard 10 incher. I then once again shoved my tongue into her mouth and we passionately kissed once more as she continued to finger herself as I wanked myself off. Her moans were getting louder between each tongue fuck as she continued to masturbate.She then broke away from the kiss and took her fingers out from her wet pussy and placed them straight into my mouth.”Taste me” she demanded as she fucked my mouth with the juices from her pussy dripping from her fingers. She tasted fantastic, I licked every last drop as I didn’t want to waste any of the juices that had just come from the most beautiful woman in the world.”Taste good?” she asked.”Fucking amazing” I replied in between sucks of her fingers. She took her hands out of my mouth and began to walk behind me towards her makeup table. I turned to face her and got an amazing view of her perfect arse. It was a round, firm and beautiful arse. She reached the table then spun around to face me and quickly pushed herself up on the table. She leant back and rested on the palms of her hands and slowly opened her legs to revel a beautiful, wet, waiting pussy. I stood there looking at this gorgeous fanny, wanting to run over and give it good bashing with my shaft.”Come and fuck me with that huge cock” her sexy voice said. Once again, I didn’t need telling twice. I rushed over to Holly and moved her body closer to the edge of the table, so her soaking pussy was just hanging over.”I want you now” she whispered to me. Her pussy was soaking wet and looked as though it was gagging for a cock, gagging for my cock. I grabbed my tool and pointed it to Holly’s pussy.”Stick it in me” she said. I held the base of my cock and slowly eased it into her begging fanny. She let out a big moan as my first few inched entered her.”Oh my god” she moaned as I began to shove another couple of inches into her.”That’s it” she moaned as her pussy ate away at my dick. I started to thrust in and out of this beautiful woman and began to slowly moan myself. I had the best part of 8 inches pounding away inside her and she was loving it.”This is the biggest thing I’ve ever had inside me” she gasped.”This is the best pussy I’ve been in” I replied.She let out a little giggle “I’m glad” she moaned.I was now fucking her with everything I had, grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs wide apart so I could see my cock go in and out her perfect pussy. I then leaned into her chest and I took her right nipple into my mouth while I was still fucking her with every inch I had.She moaned a little more and said “Baby I love it when someone sucks on my nipples, it gets me so horny”. Her nipples tasted like perfection and she grabbed her left tit and began to play with her nipple as my mouth worked on her right one.”Suck it baby, suck my fucking tit” she begged me. I was still pounding away at her perfect pussy and my mouth was clamped onto her right nipple.”These tits are fantastic” I said between sucks. They were perfect 34DD’s. I took my hand and moved her hand away from her left breast and began to grab her tit while I was still sucking on the right nipple and my 10 incher was fucking away at her very wet pussy.”Holy fuck I’ve never been this horny in my life” she grunted. I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my shaft as I pumped it in and out of her.”I think I’m going to cum soon” she moaned, “Carry on giving it to me, give me every inch of that cock, go faster, I want you to make me cum hard” she demanded. Fucking hell, I was about to make the stunning Holly Willoughby cum all over my dick. I released my mouth from her tit and leaned back and grabbed her by the waist with both hands. As we looked into each other’s eyes I began to furiously shag her pussy.”That’s it, speed up baby, fuck my pussy, fuck it”.Go faster!? I wasn’t sure I could go faster! I was giving it my all here! Still, it was what she wanted so I sped up as much as I could and shoved all 10 inches in and out of her at an incredible speed. She then wrapped her legs around my waist and back and her pussy instantly became tighter around my cock. I continued to fuck her as she screamed and moaned.Just then she began to speak through her deep, heavy moans, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”. Fuck me I thought. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she screamed. I then felt her cum juices around my cock.”Don’t slow down” she panted. Her legs were shaking around me waist and her knuckles were white from her clenched fists as she came all over my cock. Her pussy felt fantastic as I carried on fucking her.”Oh baby”, she moaned as she still let out her juices on my shaft.”Go slower she whispered.” I began to ease off and I was now only thrusting 7 or 8 inches into her instead of all 10. She then pushed me back and my cock slipped out of her juicy pussy. She quickly jumped off her makeup table and got straight onto her knees and began to furiously suck on my cock.”I love tasting my pussy juices Bayan Escort off a man’s cock” She said as she looked into my eyes and wanked me off. She put her mouth back onto my shaft and once again began to suck as much as she could, licking off every bit of her own cum she could get her mouth on. Her wet mouth felt great once again wrapped around my dick. I was just surprised I still hadn’t shot my load! I always thought that by some very, very slight chance I’d ever get my hands-on Holly I would be over and out within 10 seconds! She took my inches out of her mouth and got back up to her feet while wiping juices from around her face and sucking them straight off her fingers. God she a dirty bitch I thought.”Did you enjoy fucking my pussy?” she asked.”It was the best pussy I’ve ever had” I grinned with a rock hard cock.”Well if you enjoyed that then you’re going to love this”. She grinned back at me. She then turned around to face the makeup table and slowly bent her gorgeous perfect arse over it. She turned her head back towards me and looked at my hard shaft and then straight into my eyes and said, “Now you’re going to fuck me up the arse you big fucker”.Holy shit, Holly does anal! As she finished her sentence she spat on her right hand and brought it were to her arsehole was. She began to slowly massage the spit in and around her perfect bum hole. I stood there watching but not stroking my cock just in case I blew my load at this stunning sight before I even got anywhere near her arse. She looked into my eyes as she slowly slid a finger into her waiting hole. Still looking at me she let out a little horny moan and began to finger fuck her arse. It was a wonderful sight watching Holly fuck her own arsehole.”I’m ready for you” she said as she took out her finger and positioned her hand back onto the desk to balance herself for the fuck that was about to come. I spat on my hand and slowly walked forward as I wanked myself off and got my cock even wetter for easy access into her fine arse.”Give it to me” she said. I stuck my dick onto her bum hole and began to wipe my cock around it to make sure it was nice and wet.”You relaxed?” I asked.”Very” she replied.I then aimed my cock at her bum hole and slowly slid in the first inch. Holly took a deep breath but didn’t say anything. We were looking at each through her makeup mirror and she seemed to enjoy the first inch. I slowly eased more in all the while looking for a reaction from Holly.”More” she demanded.I then quickly shoved as much as I could up her hole.”That’s better” she gasped. “Go for it, you can get more in there, I don’t mind” she said.There was already about 9 inches deep in her tight hole.”You sure you’re ok for more” I asked.”Fuck yeah, give it all to me” she replied.”You want all 10 inches in your arse?” I asked.”Yes, I love a good anal fucking, I never get it off my husband, he says it’s disgusting”.I quickly obliged and with one quick thrust my entire 10 inch shaft was all the way up Holly’s very tight arse and my balls were against her wet pussy.”Now fuck me good and hard” Holly said.I began to pump away, grabbing her waist and arse and making sure every inch went straight back up this glorious forbidden hole. I gave her a quick spanking on her left arse cheek as I fucked her good and hard, she responded well to the slap on her arse.”mmm baby spank me again” she panted.I did everything I was told so this time I slapped her left arse cheek and it wobbled perfectly, such a fantastic sight. I noticed that Holly had reached down with her right hand and she was now playing with her pussy as I pumped my shaft in and out of her perfect hole.”Rub that pussy for me Holly” I panted as I looked into the mirror and made eye contact with her once more.”This is such a good shag” Holly moaned, “I think I’m going to cum again pretty soon”I was going to make Holly cum twice! This quickly turned me on even more, so I now went full pelt into her arse, determined to make cum once more.”Shit that’s it” she screamed. I couldn’t believe anyone hadn’t heard our little fuck fest from the corridor. Still, I wouldn’t care if they had, I was fucking Holly Willoughby! I could now feel Holly’s legs buckling as I grabbed her by the waist and pounding her bum hole with each 1 of the 10 inches I could offer her.”I’m going to cum baby, speed it up again” she stated as I she worked slightly quicker on rubbing her clit. I obliged once again and with every effort left in me, I began thrust in and out of her while grabbing her waist nice and hard and occasionally slapping her cheeks. Her arse hole swallowed every inch of my shaft as I pumped away.”That’s it, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she screamed. Her legs gave way and I had to prop her up to save her from falling into a heap. My cock was still deep in her and I could feel my cock getting more and more sensitive. I still pumped away at her arse knowing that any minute I was about to shoot my load. Holly was breathing deeper and deeper and was still slowly playing with her fanny as I pumped away.”I’m going to shoot my load Holly” I panted.”Good” she said, “I want your spunk over my face and tits, keep shagging my arse until you’re ready”I eased my cock out until there was just one inch left inside her. I then quickly shoved the rest of the 11 inches back in but only managed a couple more thrusts up her arse.”That’s it Holly, I’m ready to shoot” I said as I took all my cock out of her hole and watched Holly swing around and get straight to her knees and dive straight onto my cock with her mouth. She was now licking her own arse of my cock, just like a porn star would. 5 seconds later that was it, I took my rod out of her wet mouth and aimed it at her face.”Cover me baby, cover my face and tits with your hot sticky spunk” she said in such a beautiful horny voice. I began to wank myself off and just one thrust later a big wad of cum came shooting out the 10th inch and landed straight onto her perfect face.”That’s it babe, cover me, get my tits” She demanded.I aimed my dick towards her amazing, waiting 34DD’s and continued to spray her with her my cum, this time all her over both of her tits as she cupped them in her hands and looked at my cock excitingly. She had got me so horny that I never thought I was going to stop spunking.”What a huge fucking load” Holly giggled, “How are you doing this” she chuckled.”You got me so horny, that’s how.” I said as I aimed back at her face and shot another load of my spunk onto her beautiful red lips and she showed appreciation by licking it of her lips and swallowing it all without so much as a second thought. She leaned into my cock and began to suck the end, determined to get every last drop out of me. I was panting heavy I couldn’t believe what I just did. I just covered Holly Willoughby in what seemed like a gallon of spunk. She sucked every drop out of my dick and then cupped her tits once more and began to lick the drops off her breasts and didn’t waste a single bit, swallowing every last bit. I then reached over and began to scoop up all of my cum off of her face with two fingers, she looked in my eyes as I did this and I could tell she was gagging to eat more cum.I then stuck my fingers in front Holly’s mouth. “Here you go Holly”.She continued to look in my eyes “Thanks baby, you must somehow know that I love the taste of cum” She then proceeded to lick my fingers as she was still down on her knees and my soft shaft was inches from her mouth. Every last drop was taken and swallowed straight down her throat. She got up of her knees and looked at me.”All gone” she said as she opened her mouth and leaned back so I could look in.”Good girl” I said proudly “You must really love cum”.”I fucking love it, yours tasted the best by the way, was so tasty”. She then leaned into me and kissed me passionately. Just then I realised that only 10 seconds earlier her mouth was covered in my spunk. Fuck it I thought, this is Holly Willoughby, who knows when or even if I’ll ever see her again, so I carried on kissing her, tongue fucking her mouth frantically.She pulled away “Did you enjoy the fuck?” She asked me.”Enjoy it? I fucking loved it” I grinned back at her.”Me too” she said “you were perfect. Anyway I’ve got to get ready, I’ve got a show to do”.She turned around and began to scribble on a piece of paper.”Here” she said “Here’s my mobile number, we are definitely fucking again”.I grabbed the paper straight away. “I can’t fucking wait” I replied.”Me neither” shot back Holly with that perfect smile coming across her face once more. She then walked towards her bathroom door, still naked and still allowing me to get one last look at her perfect bottom. She opened the door then looked back at me.”See you soon big boy” she grinned.”Bye” I replied.As she closed the door behind her.

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