Hot Tub Trio Ch. 07


It took several minutes for Chad to wake enough to realize he wasn’t dreaming. Someone was sucking his dick. He smiled. Amy had made amazing progress in the sucking dick department. He couldn’t imagine such a thing as a truly bad blow job but up until yesterday her blow jobs were rather pedestrian. If nothing else he had Vince to thank for that.


His eyes flew open and he sighed. It was Amy’s shoulder length blonde hair that sway over his legs.

He watched her for a while. He wished her hair was shorted. He loved the idea of watching his cock disappear into her mouth. She paused for a moment to wrap her tongue around the crown of his dick, while her hand continued to stroke him.

“Morning Ams. Nice wakeup call babe.” She didn’t giggle which surprised him.

She turned and crawled up his body. Her pussy was wet when it touched his stomach. Chad’s right hand was under his head. He stroked her leg with his left. She grabbed it and put it above his head. She intertwined her fingers with his. She leaned forward pushing their hands into the mattress.

Her hair hung in his face. Her nose touched his.

“I can still tasted my pussy, my cunt, on your dick, from last night. I can still taste it.”

She pressed her lips to his and her tongue probed his mouth.

“See? Can you taste it? Taste my pussy?”

Because he could he nodded.

“I woke up and the whole place smelled like my pussy. The bed, the air, your cock, Vince’s face.”

Chad wondered where the hell Vince was but before he could ask Amy continued.

“Vince’s face smell like your cum too.”

She kissed him again, smashing her lips into his. He started to raise his arms, intending to hold her but she pushed his hands back down, raising up to lean her weight on them.

She shook her head. “No, leave them there.”

She leaned forward and he lifted his head to meet her but she didn’t seek his mouth this time. She turned his head with the side of her face and began to lick and tickle his neck. He started to raise his hands again and she bit him. Hard.

“Ouch, what the fuck Amy?”

“Lay still.” She hissed, clearly perturbed. “Should I get a belt?”

That surprised him. They had really never talked about the night Amy’s friend Lucy had laid into him with his own belt. Amy had never offered to do it and Chad had declined to ask, though he thought of it at times but he would cum before he found the courage to blurt it out.

She smiled at him. “You liked that didn’t you? You like being spread out on the back of your couch, watching me finger my cunt while Lucy beat your ass. I saw the way the cum had leaked out of Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort your cock to decorate the back of the couch. You like it didn’t you?”

Chad slowly nodded before whispering. “Yeah.”

“Good to know.” She smirked at him. Her face shifted and the old giggling Amy was there for a minute. She gave him a quick ‘off to work with you’ kiss.

“I changed my mind. If you don’t hold still I won’t spank you. Since you like it the punishment should be not getting it.”

She kissed him quickly. When she spoke her voice was flatter and deeper.

“Don’t move.”

“Yes Amy.”

She made no acknowledgement of his acquiescence except to return to tickling his neck with her mouth and hair.

She moved her hips lower and the hot wet lips of her sex engulfed his cock. He moved his hips, trying to enter her. When he did she lifted herself off him and bit him again. Hard. He wondered if she had broken the skin.

“Too much,” he whispered.

She kiss the spot and he knew she understood. He understood as well and when she began to rub her slit over his cock he remained still.

She did this so long Chad decided she wanted to cum this way. He did not want to cum, not yet anyway. He started working his way through the prime numbers, pulled up a mental diagram of the latest algorithm he was working on, anything to take his mind off the sensations coming from his cock.

Amy slide off him and sat up tall, stretching her arms, fingers still locked with his. She shook herself.

“Baby you feel so good. I can’t believe how much I love your cock.” She purred.

Chad didn’t believed he’d ever actually heard a woman purr.

“You love my pussy baby?”


“You love my tits?” She pulled her arms together and shook her chest.


She slide her hips back, tilting so that rather than sliding over his cock, his cock was pressed upward. She pushed harder and his cock slipped between her lips. She moved up and down.

She freed her right hand and reached behind her. It was all Chad could do to hold still. Her hand found him and rubbed his cock up and down her slit but she did not put his cock inside her pussy, she simply played the crown of his dick along her engorged lips.

“Hhm, your cock likes my pussy.” Saying this she slide half his length into her cunt. She held him there. “Feel me baby? Feel my pussy milk your cock?”

He could. Her pussy contracted and relaxed around him. He nodded.

Her hand tugged and his cock popped out of her. She angled him upward and pushed back. As she did his pussy lubricated cock head skipped over the rim of her anus and she purred again.

“You love my ass too don’t you baby?” He nodded. “You want to fuck my ass?”

“Yes,” he croaked. He swallowed hard. “Yes Amy, I want to fuck your ass.”

“Hhmm, I know. You keep saying it.”

Her hand tightened and she pressed harder. He felt her sphincter begin to relax then it tightened and his cock slipped past her rosebud. She re-positioned herself, pushed again, started to relax but once again couldn’t quite relax enough. He heard her groan, not in excitement but frustration.

“Amy?” She ignored him. “Amy, that’s enough for now. Later maybe. Besides baby, I’ll never love your ass more than your pussy.”

She continued to move his cock around her sphincter a few times then let go. Her hand went back to his. She leaned over him and began to brush her nipples across his chest. It had been a couple of days since he had shaved but she didn’t seem to mind the stubble. She massaged his cock with her pussy while she did this.

Sitting up she slide over his belly, she continued forward until her knees were pressed into his armpits. She freed her right hand again and reached between her legs. She spread herself and then pressed against Chad’s right nipple. She ground her pussy in circles on his chest then slide back down his belly as her hand sought his.

She slipped down his body and somehow managed to tilt her pelvis just right so that he slide inside her easily. She pressed backward, driving him deeper into her cunt. His cock hit her cervix and she groaned, a good groan this time. She stayed there, not moving her hips.

Her back was arched. She relaxed bending forward now. Her mouth found Chad’s nipple. She sucked it into her mouth, flicked it with her tongue, pulled away.

“Your nipple tastes like my pussy too.” She said this as if the fact might have been uncertain prior to her statement.

She licked his chest. She took his nipple in her mouth. She bit. She bit and pulled and let it go. She bit and moved her mouth in small circles dragging his entrapped nipple with it. She continued, biting a little harder, pulling a little longer until she heard a soft “too much”. She backed it down a notch and continued to play.

She moved up his body again, this time grinding on his left nipple before returning to bury his cock in her cunt. Whether because he was more excited or because his left nipple wasn’t as sensitive there was not a whispered “too much” this time.

As she tormented his nipple she continued to squeeze her pussy around his cock. She bit down on his nipple, pulled and held it stretched from his chest as her tongue flicked over it.

She heard him gasp was getting ready to let go, anticipating his “too much” when she felt his body quiver.

Instead of “too much” she heard, ‘Oh fuck Amy how did you do that?”

She stifled a groan of disappointment. She was getting so close. She had been thinking it was about time she quit playing with his nipples and sat up and fucked herself on his cock when he came.

He started to pull his hands away. She tightened her grip. She was in charge. If she could not cum on his cock, well there were other means.

“Lay still. I’m not done.” Her voice was flat, not warm and fuzzy.

She sat up, leaning back on his cock.

“Scoot down,” she commanded and began to walk backward on her knees. He pulled his feet up, raised his ass and followed her. She never let go of his hands and his cock never left her pussy. He could feel his jizz started to ooze over his balls.

She lifted herself off his cock and walked on her knees up his body as she pulled his hands down so that his arms lay closer to his sides. An awareness of what she intend was growing inside him. It was something he had thought about, but like asking her to spank him, it faded with his orgasm.

He swallow and stared at her pussy. His cum hung from the lips, some dragging off onto his chest. She raised her right knee and put it beside his head. Her pussy yawed open just below his chin.

She moved her left knee.

She lowered herself and he open his mouth to accept her.

As he felt her body respond to his tongue digging deep inside her pussy his reservations fell away. His mouth became a greedy beast, sucking and lapping at her pussy. His mouth filled with her juices and his own jizz. It was his first time eating creampie and he was ecstatic to discover it just might be his favorite pie in the whole wide world.

His nose rubbed her clit as he ate her out. He felt it throb and pulse. He left her cunt and found her clit with his mouth and tongue. He sucked on her, ran his tongue over her and sucked some more. He worked one hand under her ass and slipped two fingers in her pussy then pulled them free.

He pressed one against her rosebud, but did no more than hold it there. She pushed against his finger and it slipped into her tight almost virginal ass. Her hips began to shake against his face.

When she stilled, he slipped a second finger into her ass and began to move them in and out, spreading his fingers, filling her, stretching her.

He sucked harder on her clit until her hands found his head and she pulled herself out of his mouth as she gasped. He finger fucked her ass a couple more times before carefully freeing them from the vice grip of her sphincter.

She collapsed atop of him, panting.

This time she did not stop him from wrapping his arms around her.

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