Hotwife Chronicles Ch. 01


***Rule 63 – “Lose a bet intentionally that will compromise your marriage”

“Remember tonight is poker night honey,” Cliff said as he was heading out to work.

“How can I forget? It’s your ‘guys night’, by the way, who is hosting the next one?”

He kissed her on the lips, “It should be Tony, but he may not be in town. We’ll see.”

“Have a good day,” she called out, as he backed his car down the driveway.

Kate went back to the bedroom, her job as a hair stylist didn’t start until 10am. She was in her bathrobe, and she started the water running in the shower. When it was nice and steamy, she dropped her robe to the floor and stepped in. Her body was nice and fit, have trained for and run several half marathons. Her training group were pushing for a full marathon, and she was game. Since they lived in the hilly part of town, she had mastered the climbs and the slopes she would need for the upcoming ‘Beast Hills Marathon’.

As the water ran down her nude physique, she lathered herself up with body wash. Her mind replayed the previous Poker Night when Cliff had come home horny and biting at the bit. She loved when he came home like that, his rod nice and hard. She was sure they played porno’s at some of the poker nights, but not here. Either that or the raunchy nature of their conversations had got to him. Either way, that had been a good night of sex for both of them.

Her hands slid down to her slice as she thought about that night. She played with herself, alternating between stimulating her lips, fingering herself with two fingers or rubbing her swollen clit. She knew her body and orgasmed several times before finishing her shower.

She made chia seed pudding for breakfast, and mixed in several antioxidant fruits. That was her secret for keeping a flat tummy. Her six pack was gone from running Track & Field for UNLV, but she knew she had a killer body. Her abs were toned and her runner’s legs and ass were the envy of many of neighbors as well as their husbands. She watched Downton Abbey on Netflix as she ate. When it was time to go, she rinsed off her dish and spoon and loaded them into the dishwasher.

Arriving at her salon, Hairoine Boutique ten minutes early. She let herself in with her key and started getting her station ready. Monica, the owner and manager arrived 15 minutes late, running in frazzled as usual.

“I should charge you for opening up the salon, you know,” Kate deadpanned.

“You try getting your kids ready for school, see how your life changes,” Monica returned fire.

Kate smiled, knowing that wasn’t the real reason she was always running late. Kate’s first appointment arrived and she seated her, probing her for what she wanted done with her hair. Monica’s customer walked in shortly after. As they shampooed, cut and styled the hair, they fell into conversations about their lives. This was Kate’s favorite part of the job, the conversation. More often than not, it was with the customers and finding out about their lives, sometimes it was with other stylists as they worked. She could get the gossip on so many people in town, even if she didn’t know them.

“So no kids in the works, you and Cliff ever planning on having any?” asked Monica.

“I’m 32, and we’ve been married for seven years. I’ve been off the pill for five years but so far nothing. It’s not like we are actively trying, but so far no. A few false alarms, but no. I guess we should get serious about it soon, but honestly, I’m in no rush.” Kate said, staring out the window.

“Hmm, most women I know get knocked up within a few years of getting married.”

“Well, not us, not yet.”

Another round of customer’s came in along with Steven, a femboy gay that absolutely stunned with his hairdo’s. Kate had met his lover, a construction worker named Jake. She never would have thought of Jake as gay if she met him in the street. bahis şirketleri Steven, who preferred to be called Sissy told her Jake didn’t see himself as gay, he saw her as a woman. Steven/Sissy was the biggest whore Kate had ever met. He/she, depending on how he/she dressed when she came to work, was the biggest blabbermouth of sexual exploits and purile raunchy knowledge.

“Hey bitches! The queen is here, you can stop worrying about me!” she said as she strutted in.

Kate laughed out loud, she was such a card.

As they went about their day of styling hairdo’s, the conversation turned to the stylist about what they were doing for the weekend. When it came to Kate, she let them know Cliff was hosting poker night. His friends rotated who hosted, so they only did it every few months. She also told them she was the ‘dealer’ when they played at her house. She had moonlighted as a dealer when she attended college, but her husband didn’t know that. Her husband’s friends assumed she learned when Cliff watched Poker tournaments on ESPN.

“Oh! Hotwife Rule 63 – “Lose a bet intentionally that will compromise your marriage” Sissy all but shouted.

“What?” several women asked, stylists and clients alike. “What is a ‘hotwife’?” several spoke at once.

“Girls! A hotwife is a married woman that sleeps with other men, a lot of time’s with their husband’s permission. Sometimes without. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!” Sissy snapped her fingers in a Z.

That got a reaction, as Sissy had intended.

The conversations devolved into versions of “I could never” and “that sounds exciting” through the salon.

“Where do you learn this stuff?” Monica asked Sissy.

“Don’t you watch porn! Ohmygawd, I grew up on porn in high school, that’s how I became a Sissy and I love my sex life!”

The girls all roared with laughter. They all dearly loved him for his blatant honesty and rampant sexuality.


Kate got home and started thawing out some tri-tip to make dinner. It was an easy dish to make and fed multiple people which was perfect for Poker night. She planned on some salad with sides of street corn and roasted brussel sprouts as well. Once she had everything prepared she relaxed with a glass of wine and caught some more Downton Abbey. When Cliff got home, she smiled as he kissed her on the lips.

“The tri-tip is thawing out and your favorite rub is on the counter. All you have to do is prepare it, and light up the grill.” she said over her shoulder as he checked the sink for the thawing meat. Once he guesstimated the remaining time for it to thaw he cracked a beer and came and sat with her. “Cheers,” he said as they tapped their drinks together.

“What time is everybody showing up?” she asked out of the side of her mouth.

“7pm, we’ll probably get started 10-15 minutes after. Gus is bringing a case of beer.”

“You guys have this down to a science,” she smirked.

“Damn right we do!’ Cliff beamed with pride.


Sure enough, the men started arriving between 6:50 and 7pm. In total, there were 5 guys there counting Cliff. Gus, Tony, Steve and Mark sat around the dinner table as they usually did. They each had a plate of food with all the fixings and a beer. Cliff was already tipsy as he had continued to have another beer while Kate only had the one glass of wine. He was four beers into his drinking while the guys had barely begun.

Kate sat center her back to the sliding glass door, and started dealing the cards with professional level accuracy. As they played round after round the money in the pot grew. As was usually the case, the clear leaders were Cliff, Gus and Steve. These three were the most likely to win as they had the best poker faces. They were also the most experienced at reading a ‘tell’ from others.

As the night progressed, the trash talking also grew bahis firmaları with the volume of alcohol consumed. Cliff was the loudest talker since he was also the drunkest. It was going on 9pm, when the game escalated. Steve was instigating Cliff, taking advantage of his drunken state. He had won several hands and was peaking at the moment.

“Side wager Cliff, I beat you and I take the pot tonight. What do you say? $100 spa treatment for whoever wins? To treat the winning couple to a date?”

“Not going to happen my man,” Cliff slurred slightly.

“Then take the bet, if you’re so sure!”

“Not going to happen Steve,” he looked at him, finishing with… “the day you beat me at poker is the day I let you sleep with my wife!”

The table roared with laughter. No one took it seriously, Cliff was known to speak out of turn when under the influence.

Kate became silent.

To hear what he had said had turned her blood to ice. None of the guys noticed her silence or her lips tightening into a straight line. She felt like the proverbial cartoon, she could imagine steam blowing out of her ears.

“I’ll take your bet! Winner gets a couple’s spa package on the loser’s dime.” Cliff cemented the deal by shaking on it.

Kate, who had spent years dealing in Vegas, began feeding Steve winning cards slowly but surely. Sissy’s rule for hotwives suddenly coming to mind. By 10pm it was obvious Steve had won. Cliff had drank more as he saw his chances of pulling out a win slipping away.

“Well I’ll be damned,” Cliff slurred. “Well, I’m an ass, aren’t I?”

The guys all laughed as the night ended. They headed out one by one. Kate waved to all of them and headed off to bed. Cliff walked Steve to the door.

“Someday you’re going to have to tell me how you cheated. Nonetheless, a spa package deal is coming up!” he slurred his words and walked erratically.

He stood there staring at the closed door for a few seconds and then turned and walked to the bedroom. Crawling into bed, he started groping Kate. She moved away from him. He nudged over and his paws started rubbing her again. She turned around with an angry look on her face.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight! Maybe tomorrow night too for that matter!”

“What?” he said incredulously, “what’d I do?” he said plaintively.

“the day you beat me at poker is the day I let you sleep with my wife!”

“I said that?”

“Do you have any idea how embarrassing it was to hear that? Then all your friends laughed like it was the funniest thing they ever heard! How dare you? Go sleep on the couch, Now!”

He got up and stared at her. There was no doubt of her hostility. He wobbled his way down the hall and passed out on the couch.

Kate laid down and tried to sleep, but it eluded her. She tossed and turned, even took some melatonin drops, but to no avail.

She was frustrated for more than one reason. Remembering the last time Cliff had come home, the sex and been intense. She had been looking forward to a good fucking tonight, and now that was not going to happen.

Due to the drinking early, he had been a total flop this night. She rolled over, trying to sleep, when a dirty thought entered her mind.

She couldn’t.

No, it was wrong.

But the more she thought about it, the hornier she got. She slid out of bed in her silk negligee. As she padded down the hall she could hear him snoring like a walrus. Picking up his phone, she unlocked it, and quickly found Steve’s phone number and address. She tapped the information into her phone, and replaced his phone. As she walked towards the front door, she hesitated, then not some flip flops by the front door. Quiet as a mouse she left the house and got in her car. It was moments before she pulled up in front of Steve’s house.

It was all dark.

She was incredibly nervous, and yet it made it kaçak bahis siteleri even more exciting. She texted his phone, “Are you awake?”

Waiting, she kept glancing at the house. After a few moments, she saw a dim light in one of the windows. A few seconds later, a reply came through…

“Who is this?”

Her heart started to spike as she took a selfie, one boob out as she dropped that side of her nighty, and lifted her hem. She attached it and sent it along with a message…

“…you did beat him at poker, after all!”

She waited, no response. Still waiting, figuring he would have texted her back by now…when she heard the front door quietly open. Steve stepped out in pajama pants and nothing else. His pants were slightly tented.

“Kate, what are you doing here? Cliff was joking…”

Her heart raced, he was absolutely right and her practical side told her the same. But deep down, she wanted a small revenge for Cliff embarrassing her, not to mention she had expected some dick this night. That decided her…

“Well the jokes on him. Are you going to fuck me or not? Last chance cowboy,” a wicked grin spread over her face. She leaned back against his car and hiked up her skimpy outfit.

Steve stared at her, offering herself up to him. He would be a liar to say he never thought about fucking her. He walked forward, not sure what to do…

“In the back of your car or mine?” he finally stammered.

“Right here, right now,” she kissed him and leaned back on his hood, then lifted her legs around him pulling him in. She pushed down the other side of her nighty, exposing both her breasts.

That was all he needed.

Steve dropped his pj’s below his waist and rubbed his head against her lips, finding them already wet. His cock slid in her with little effort. Her ass dangled over the side of the hood, so he grabbed her waist and found it was the perfect height to slam into her. Pinching her nipples, she moaned with delight. She was actually doing it! A part of her wished Cliff could see this. Payback is a bitch!

As Steve started fucking her harder, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. She was definitely feeling like she was in heat. The eroticism of making her husband pay for his big mouth, and being outside in a suburban neighborhood…it had her hot and horny. Her nipples were erect and she pinched them mercilessly as Steve slapped his waist into her. The sound was making her hornier still. The distinctly wet sound of her their bodies clapping meant she was beyond wet, she realized she had squirted for the first time of her life.

Her climax exploded out of her, her body shaking. If she hadn’t noticed her squirt before, this time was unmistakable.

“Ah gawd, yes! My wife has never squirted… ohmygawdthankyoukate!”

She was letting out little gasps as he pummeled her. If he could go on forever, Kate swore she would stay for it all. But all too soon, she heard him getting ready to unload.

She quickly pulled out her phone, reversed the camera and video taped the peak of Steve fucking her hotwife pussy.

With that thought, she orgasmed again. She muffled her cry, not wanting to wake up Steve’s sleeping wife.

“Cum in my mouth, please…I want to swallow you…” she begged.

He set her down off the car and she immediately squatted. Steve shoved his cock in her mouth just as his rod bust its nut, shooting her oral cavity with all the spunk he had in reserve. Even after his dick stopped twitching, she suckled his cock. He ran his fingers through her hair enjoying every last bit.

She got up, and licked her lips clean of cum. Leaning into him, her breath hot, she whispered in his ear…

“Don’t call me, I’ll call you!”


When she got home, she quietly entered the house. Cliff was still snoring, and she had no problem getting to the room. It was past midnight and she had no problem going to sleep. She slept in and didn’t wake up until past 10am.

The first thought she had upon waking was…”

Hotwife Rule 63 – “Lose a bet intentionally that will compromise your marriage”

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