how I lost my Virginity


how I lost my VirginityThis is a story about when my dad got me drunk when mum was away and used me for his pleasure.Mum was always away on business working in London for many weeks and not getting much chance to get home to see us and this always affected dad alot and I could tell he missed her alot and he was not getting much sleep and I went to go into his room one night to speak to him and I hered noises coming from inside so I slowly opened the door and looked inside the room to see dad laying naked on his bed with mum panties in his hand and he was rubbing them over his cock while watching a porn DVD. I watched him for abit before going back to bed and I wanked myself until I cum and then fell asleep and all I could dream about was my dad wanking with mums panties.The next day mum was ment to be coming home and about 12pm the phone rang and it was mum saying she could not get back for another week and this upset dad quite abit and he went upstairs and did not come down for many hours. I was sitting in the front room watching a film when he came down with some beer and other drinks and asked if I wanted some so I said yes even though I did not realy like drinking much but I thought it might help cheer him up abit so we started drinking and it was not too long before I was quite drunk and not quite with it when dad started rubbing his hands over my body and started to grab my nipples through my top and that was all I remember because I must have passed out but when I woke I found myself tied up and bent over the armchair wearing some of mums clothes. Dad must have undressed me and them put her things on me and he had Escort dressed me in her night clothes. I was wearing white silk underwear with a white silk nighty and one of mums fancy dress wigs she used when her and dad went out partying.I was still quite drunk and did not realy understand what was happening to me and then I hered someone walking up behind me and I looked over my shoulder to see dad standing behind me completely naked rubbing his cock making it hard.He said it was good to see I was finally awake and then called me by my mums name and he said he had been waiting to do this for a long time and when I went to speak he forced a some of mums panties into my mouth and put some tape over them to stop them from coming out. They were wet and tasted funny and that is when dad told me they were the ones he was using last night and he had cum inside them, he must have caught me watching him or something.I felt him move closer to me and I felt his body press against mine and I could feel his big hard cock between my legs and he started rubbing his hands ovr my ass before spanking me for a few seconds, just long enough to make my cheeks turn red and then I felt him pull the panties I was wearing to one side and then I felt a sensation I have never felt before or thought I would ever feel and that was dads big hard cock forcing it’s way inside my Virgin hole and it felt so painfull that it brought tears to my eyes. I felt some wet stuff being sqirted on to my ass and this seemed to help ease the pain abit and helped dad get deeper inside me and all the time he kept calling me Kim (mums name) saying things Escort Bayan likeyou like my bigs fat cock in your pussy dont you Kim, you have missed it since we have been apart and now I know you love this we are going to do this every day.I was helpless to do anything to get out of what was happening to me and all I could do was take what ever he did to me hoping that it would not last too long but it never seemed to end and dad kept fucking me for hours cumming deep inside me countless times. It was about 5am when he finally finished with me and he layed me on the floor next to the fire and went upstairs and grabbed some pillows and a blanket and came back down and he layed down beside me pulling the covers over us and he rapped his arm round me and told me to get some sleep ready for later.I fell asleep quite fast because I was just so tired from what had happened earlier and I woke late afternoon and found that dad had untied me and was still laying beside me. I went to move away and he told me not to move so I stopped and he told me that he wanted me to take my mums place while she was away and that he would pay me alot of money to keep this between us and he would get me what ever I wanted and all I had to do was stay dressed in my mums clothes and let him fuck me when ever he wanted and I was quite shocked at what he was saying but then thoughts of what I could get out of this started running through my mind and I was getting more and more into the idea when dad suddenly started kissing me and he rolled me over and eased his cock inside me again but this time he was more gentle and seemed Bayan Escort to be making love to me rather than forcing me and he kept kissing different parts of my body and he eased his cock back and forth inside me and then I felt his hand slide round and under my body and inside the panties I was wearing and I felt him grip my cock in his hand and he slowly started wanking my cock while he made love to me and after a few minutes we both cum together and I filled the panties I was wearing and I could feel dad cumming inside my ass and I hate to say it but it felt realy good.Dad layed on top of me for a few minutes until he caught his breath back and then eased off me and layed beside me and I looked at him and said, so you would buy me anything and pay me to do this every day and night when mum is not here and you promise to only make love to me and not treat me the way you did the first time?He agreed, as long as I did as I was told and only wear mums clothes all day even if we have quest round unless they are family. So I said I would do it and the first thing I want is a new car and he said ok but first we have to go upstairs and get into bed and have sex a few more times first to make sure I was realy up for it so I agreed and we headed upstairs and climbed into bed and we kissed and felt each others body and he told me to suck his cock and swallow every last drop of cum so I did and he asked and moved down his body till my face was level with his cock and I slowly rapped my fingers round his shaft and opened my mouth letting the head of his big cock ease inside me and I slowly started sucking as much of his cock as I could and after a few minutes he was cuming inside me and I swallowed every drop as he asked and after a few more seconds of sucking I worked my way up his body and we kissed for a while longer before falling asleep in each others arms.The end

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