husband has to wait

Angela White

husband has to waitI tossed and turned in my bed, too excited to sleep. Waiting to hear the car pull up, waiting to hear her footsteps moving to the bedroom. My dick was throbbing, and my heart was racing. On these nights I always stay naked in our silk sheets, because it feels so sexy to me, as I think about how a big dick stud is fucking my wife. I ached to play with myself but I knew better. I know if I start playing I will cum, and I want to save that for when Dee gets home and tells me about her night. I squeezed my dick once and electricity ran through me. It’s always like this. Something about knowing another man is taking my pussy, and how sexy my wife looks giving herself to him, and how he will look at me when I see him…just makes my body come alive! Every time I heard a car driving down my street my heart raced and my excitement flared only to be disappointed when the car didn’t stop. I looked at the clock, 2:30 am. At last I heard the sound of a car stopping outside the house followed by the sound of its door closing. I heard the click of high heels tunceli escort coming up the walk, then the sound of the front door opening and closing, more clicking of shoes on the tile and there she was, standing at the foot of the bed. She was so beautiful, so sexy. Her hair and clothes were disheveled and she moved a little unsteadily. She smiled at me and the air in the room was suddenly thick with anticipation and excitement. “You want some pussy, Tom?” she said, “Is there any left?” I shot back. We both burst out laughing. “Dee, you’re the sexiest woman! I’m glad he took good care of you!” She then began to tell me about how good he took care of her. How he kissed her and massaged her body, and made her feel like a queen. How she got on her knees and sucked him. How she stripped for him and offered him her ass. She wanted to show me how she stripped for him…Her black dress was extremely short and her perky breasts showed nicely through the thin fabric, her nipples hard and readily visible. She reached behind her and şanlıurfa escort unzipped. She shrugged and the dress fell to the floor. As she stood there in her heels and black panties, I could see the love bites on her breasts and neck. She slowly removed the panties, folding them carefully and moved toward the bed. Then she was straddling me. Her pussy was three or four inches above my face. It was swollen and red. The lips gaped widely. I stared intently between her legs. Soon a small speck white slimy liquid appeared. The speck grew larger and soon became a large glob hanging from her pussy by a thread. It hung there for a moment then the string broke and it fell, some landing on my upper lip and the rest falling into my waiting mouth. I savored it, salty and a little bitter. I thought about the cock she had been enjoying – I’ve seen it many times, ten inches long and wide as my mouth could open, shiny and black. I thought about the times I have been allowed to watch them. I thought about seeing her insane with sexual uşak escort pleasure as he fucked her, her moans and screams filling my ears. Another big glob of cum landed in my mouth and brought me back to reality. She lowered her pussy to my face. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could reaching for every drop that his gorgeous cock had pumped into her. I licked and sucked greedily wanting it all. Then, I moved my tongue to her ass, licking up and down between her checks before settling my tongue on her puckered hole and pushing it in deep. He had cum there, too, I could taste it and feel the texture of if on my tongue. He had owned my wife completely. Soon as she touched my cock, I came. Suddenly, He laughed out loud. I looked up as her lover walked in, naked, cock waving in the air and semi hard. “Let me show you how to treat this sexy woman of yours, Tom” He proceeded to fuck my wife in front of me. All my sexual problems are because I am too small…can’t get it up…and when I do I cum too fast. He has plenty of dick, stays hard for long periods of time (sometimes hours on end!) and can give my wife three or four orgasms for every one of his. I can give my wife a lot of things, but when she wants intense sexual pleasure – she tells me and I call one of her young lovers and ask them if they will come over and take care of my wife for me! Tom

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