I Bent Daddy Over


I Bent Daddy Over Ha, does mom know , I know she is a slut. He told me smutty stories an i saw his shorts gettin excited, ‘ Are u thinkin of gettin sucked or suckin dick’ as I rubbed his crotch… He tried pushing my head down but i resisted an called him a cocksucka… U wanna know, open the dvd case’ , brought it an sat next ta him on moms bed in my jammies an showed me pix on his phone… Mom lickin girls i’ve met pussies, B Fuckin them, FAT ASS with his dick in her used cunt & vibe up her spread ass!!! Then her suckin black dick an gettin sloppy tits creamed on… B & black dick on her tongue, that slut!!! Grabbed B stiffy’ Where the pic of u suckin Dick’ with a giggle… Then he showed me a smaller dick on his tongue an told me mom took the pic… Finally i got to see, feel, & taste B cock on my lips as he told the story of them playing with a guy & opened dvd… Ghetto gangbang, niggers fuckin white sluts… Strapon bitches, giving it to guys asses… Bi black cuckolding, white couples gettin dominated by a black guy… We put that on an B, 14 years older then me undressed an licked my lil pussy, that’s why mom screams!!! I saw the white hubby an wife on there knees feedin, lickin, sharing his huge black dick, ‘ Did yous do that daddy’ 1st time calling him that!!! Yes, ya moms a black cock slut an forced me to suck black dick too, that’s ok, i force her to eat my cum after fuckin Chillow or Coley, she loves when I call her other names like yours’… He took out ma purple vibe an rubbed my lips an made me suck moms toy, then put his 9+ inch cock together, it was makin me wett… I grabbed the vibe, as he lay naked on me, rubbed his face & offered it to him, ‘Daddy show me how u suck dick’, wow he licked an sucked an looked like a bitch!!! ‘U look like a bitch suckin that… Cocksucker… Do u like to have white or black dicks in your mouth an my ma’??? Couldn’t believe what happened next!!! He pushed his hard dick in my virgin pussy, popping my cherry, looked in my painfull eyes says’ We don’t play with small dicks & it’s just naughty an kinkier, laughing an cumming together’… Escort bayan I held the vibe near his lips and he moved in to suck it while slowly breaking me in, ‘Suck that black dick daddy, mommy probably is now!!! I’ve been here while she got high with the nigga an heard her scream, she cheats on u an told me!!! Nigga cums inside her 2 daze ago an left as u texted, did u lick an taste his black cum in mommy’s fucked cunt??? He immediately pulled out an shot his bloody cum on my landing strip, then i tasted a man’s cum for 1st time as i licked it slowly off his cock, ‘Do u like cum too daddy, black cum after Fuckin ya slut’??? He lit another joint an stared at me as we kissed an swapped cum together, so hott!!! He went to grab a drink so i peeked in his phone an saw surprising pix!!! Ma bein used, B suckin the vibe & ma fuckin his ass with it!!! I quickly texted myself that one an saw others… Ma tied up with candles in her pussy, B an black dick in her mouth, FAT ASS drippin cum (whos) from it… Then B spread open with ma toy up his asshole an jerkin off, then he walked in an saw the vibe in my pussy… Sat next to me an we looked together… B an ma lickin black dick… Ma ridin black dick… B an black dick in ma hands,Smirkin at B smaller one… B on his knees while ma holds his head an smiles, nigga had to take that one… Cum drippin from ma cunt an few pix of B suckin it out… B then ma lickin cum off a black dick… I put the harness on an B started bein a bitch, ‘Lick this dick daddy, pretend it’s black like the one or ones that ma cheats on u with. ‘ I could tell he liked it so i kept talkin, ‘ Wow u really look like a bitch suckin this, ha i have to laugh at u!!! Do u like being laughed at u black cum eater!!! U suck black cum they dump in ma then u get sloppy seconds… Look at tv, white bitch, ha u, gettin ma strapon up his ass an nigga dick in his mouth, Fuck i wanna see that!!!’ He then threw me on my knees, spread an licked my asshole before shoving a finger in there… Rubbed his cock on my ass crack then slammed it Bayan escort in my sore stretched out cunt, fast an hurtful he fucked me, ‘Is this how hard mom fucks your faggot ass u bitch,it hurts but i’ll take it…’ He pounded me HARD before throwing me on my back , holding my hands, & before i knew it B hott cum was shootin outta his bloody cock on my cheeks, lips, & tongue, rubbin all my face… I licked every yucky drop of cum off his dick, ‘ Do u or mom like drinkin nigga cum like i just did more??? ‘We was both bitches on our knees in porn shop gloryhole while the old man fingered ya ma they held my head an said’ Suck the cum outta my cock’ an blasted my face, ya ma laughed an rubbed his cum an cock smearing my lips & putting a cum covered cock in my mouth an my tongue licked it off just like u did… He kept fingering ya ma an make me taste his fingers as I fucked ya ma… What a slut he called me, suckin cock an cum while other dicks fuck ya ma… He smacked my lips with his dirty cock as i filled ya ma pussy…’ We went to rinse off an i couldn’t believe i finally fucked B yay, orgasms rule, but his kinky surprise was more fun… He shaved my lil cunt bald… We get out of bath an lay naked in ma bed together, i text ma ta see how her day goin an told her to suck some cock before gettin home i joked, she is going to suck dick in parkin lot on lunch break, i wrote take pix while B got us nose candy which he did off my fat tits… B broke out phone an took these pix of me, showed me how i looked suckin his dick, my phone vibrated… Black dick covering her tongue an her tits out was pic she sent, ha’I’ll show this to B for u ma’… 2 minutes later she says yes, show B… B was busy takin pix of his dick breaking my pussy open, fun ones, i giggled, ‘Ma says hi’ as he saw the pic an got stiff… ‘U like knowin what a slut ma is, wow these pix are hott, keep lickin me, here is black dick in her mouth again, ha, read this to me’!!! B pulled his head up as I showed pix… Cum dripped from her cunt, holding a note B read aloud, ‘ How did his Escort black cum taste an which time???’ Another bend over with cum on her ass, 1 more with cum on her lips… I took a pic of B suckin my strapon & laughed when showin him… ‘Just texted ma i found your gay porn, maybe u suckin this later!!! Oh she callin, hey ma that black dick u just sucked looked sweet’ ‘It was, an B likes hearin what i do, so what dvd did u find’??? ‘I got his phone he sucks black dick with u cuz i saw an he admitted the truth… Daddy likes u as a whore & the surprise u bring home’… Good i can’t wait to tell him what i did again later’ … He knows ma, B is lickin my non virgin pussy rite now… I showed him those 3 pix an he got stiff like when he sucked your strapon… He listenin now, so u know… Wow, can’t believe the guy who fucks u so good loves black dick, he such a bitch’!!! He is but it’s fun controlling an humiliating him, now that u know it will be more fun!!! Later cocksucka!!!’ Hang up… ‘Tell me how u degrade ma’… Chillow is here blowin me an big billowy clouds every week & squirts on ma face… She licks my cum from Coley pussy… I lead her around gloryhole on a leash… Fuck her an call out Chillow name, Chillow laughed an ma creamed so Chillow fucked her cunt & i nailed her asshole, made her take pix of us fuckin too’… I lay B down an sucked his balls while opening his legs an stickin 1 finger up his ass, he barely squirmed so i kept suckin but rubbed vibe to his ass an told him i’m photographing… Shovin a strapon up ma boyfriend ass was hott as i showed how it looked… ‘Have u bent over for a black dick daddy, do niggers Fuck u after mom???’ ‘No not yet, why would u laugh at me??? On my knees lickin your ma pussy, u open my ass while a black dick fucks me, would that make me a bitch???’ ‘I would laugh u bitch, this is just a 18 year old with a toy, how embarrassing, black guys fuck an cum inside mom in fronna u, suck his cock clean, ma sit on your face while his load drips out, oh, suck his black balls as he fills her up, ha, yeah plus i’m watchin an takin pix, i’m so wett!!!’ Snap, here’s your asshole daddy, does it hurt, i hope so…’ He pulled my hair down an blew his load on my lips an face with me up his ass, we kissed again… ‘I need a real drink u cocksucker… We rinsed off again while i got ma text, she be home in 20 minutes…

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