Subject: I Didn’t Resist 4 Notation regarding Donation……… ” please ” Dave led Michelle and I down the hall and into his bedroom. We were all on the bed and I was being kissed and nuzzled by both men, they were taking turns pinching and twisting my nipples, teasing my cock with light strokes and I was right on the edge of an orgasm. I felt Dave’s finger lightly tapping against my bum, I bent over on my knees with my bum up in the air. I could feel him spreading lube around my hole and then his finger slowly going inside me. He was soon using two fingers, in and out with hard strokes and I was ready. I asked him to fuck me, I think I even said please, and he gave me what I wanted. muğla escort Michelle was in front of me, holding the poppers to my nose as Dave pushed his cock into me. He was not as gentle as Michelle had been the day before, but I could only feel pleasure each time Dave slapped against me. I was stroking myself and as he sped up his thrusts, l came, and I could feel Dave coming as well. Now it was Michelle’s turn, he had me on my back with my bum at the edge of the bed and my legs up. He put his cock against my hole and he slid right in. I was felt so full, Michelle fucked me so deep and so hard that I was on the edge of coming again. He stroked and I moaned with pleasure, muş escort he would hit bottom and I would let out a grunt that must not have sounded human. I moved my hand to my own cock and with a few strokes I was shooting my second load onto my belly and Michelle was only a stroke or two behind me, and then he was filling me with his cum. The three of us were spent, cuddling on the bed with me in the middle of a man sandwich. Dave was asking me if I was happy, did I like what the three of us had done together. Of course I told him yes and that I would certainly want to do it again. Dave said that I had to keep what we did a secret because I was so young. He told me that nevşehir escort if I didn’t want everyone to know that I liked to suck cock and get fucked, I shouldn’t have sex with other boys. He said that sooner or later someone will blab, and your then secret is out, but if you have sex with men, they have to keep quiet. I took Michelle’s big cock in one hand and Dave’s big cock in the other and said that I had never seen boy with a cock like these. Even though both cocks were getting hard again, they told me that they were done for the day. When I was dressed and ready to leave Dave asked me if I wanted a job cutting his lawn, he would happily pay me well for the work, and it would give us a way to be together. I said that I would have to ask my parents first, but they were sure to say yes. He said with a big smile that his grass was already getting long and I should come as soon as possible so that he could come too .

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