I Own Your Big Beautiful Body


Big Strong BBWs make the nicest slaves. This is a story of an older man who turns his 18 year old big bodied coworker into his submissive love slave. Caution: contains some pain and abuse which I don’t condone since I adore BIG bodied women. Just a fantasy to OWN one of these luscious ladies. If you don’t like BBWs, please don’t read.


It was 9:00 a.m. and I was settling into my cubicle to begin the day’s purchasing orders when I heard the boss, Ms. Brownstone.

“This will be your cubicle Darlene. Why don’t you get settled while I go make a few phone calls, then I will be back and introduce you around the office.”

I knew we were getting a new Purchasing agent, so I calmly turned my head as I saw Darlene squeeze her massive frame into the small office chair. I knew she had to top the scales at 360 pounds and on what I guessed was her 5’5″ frame, she was a vision to behold.

She had a beautiful full round baby face, with jet black hair flowing to below her shoulders. I surveyed her tanned massive legs, with her skirt stopping about three inches above her knees. She was wearing white sandals since it was pushing 95 degrees in a tough July in the Nations Capital. Her toenails were polished in a light shade of pink, which made my dick jump at the thought of devouring each toe slowly in my mouth.

I could see the rolls of flesh layered in the light material of her dress, and almost creamed in my pants as I watched her bend to retrieve a pen and expose the mountainous breasts, nearly totally exposed by the scooped neck of her dress.

I loved the way she blushed as she sat back up and caught me staring directly at her. She couldn’t hold my eye contact and with a shy smile, turned back to her computer terminal. I knew at that point I had to make this large young Goddess my property by the end of the day.

At 38, I hadn’t seen many women that interested me since my divorce 3 years ago, but this young shy beauty definitely made me want her, so I slowly rose from the chair and moved toward her. Even though I am only 5’5″ and 130, I have always been very assertive and aggressive, going after what I wanted. My “ex” couldn’t take my need to dominate, so we had parted, fairly amicably.

I moved within a foot of her chair and extended my hand in greeting. “Hi. I’m Gerry Richards.”

She shyly took my hand, but had an incredibly strong grip. I knew that beautiful fleshy body would contain an enormous amount of power, and it was my goal to tame it and make it serve me. “Nice to meet you Gerry. I am Darlene Gibson.” I noticed the engagement ring on her left hand, but no wedding band. As she turned her back to me and studied the computer monitor, I moved behind her and gently put my hands on her shoulders and began to knead her soft flesh.

“What are you doing Gerry?”

“Just getting the kinks out before you start your day. Feels good doesn’t it?”

“Well yes. But I don’t know if you should be touching me since we just met, and doing it at work just doesn’t seem right.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just relax.”

After five minutes, Darlene’s eyes were closed and her head began to bob and circle in relaxed bliss.

“I’d like to get to know you better Darlene, so I want you to treat me to lunch at 1:00.”

“No way!”

I firmly held her shoulders to keep her from twisting around and with a smile, plunged both hands into her bra, firmly grabbing a nipple in each hand and twisting it roughly.

Shocked and embarrassed, Darlene looked around, and grabbed at my hands, but that only made me twist harder, and her to stifle a scream of pain.

“Please Gerry. You’re hurting me. Okay…okay, I will treat you to lunch. Please let go.”

“On one condition. You spend the evening at my place, and we get to know each other a little better.”

“Please. I can’t. I am supposed to meet my fiancé tonight for dinner and a movie.”

I released one nipple, picked up the phone and handed it to her, and once again twisted the nipple I still held as I told her to cancel.

“Please please, stop hurting me. Okay; I will. I will.”

I eased up on her nipples enough to let her voice get back to normal as she explained to “Michael” that she would have to work late and would see him another time.”

I rubbed her nipples gently as she hung up the phone and felt them respond and harden to my sensitive loving touch.

“That was very good Darlene. You won’t regret canceling. Now please remove your panties and hand them over. You will no longer wear panties to work, or anywhere in my presence.”

“Please levent escort Gerry. This has gone far enough.”

I grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her head back as I twisted her hardened nipple with my other hand and whispered in her ear, “Never again deny any request I make of you. Understood?… Understood?”

“Yes. Please. I’ll do as you ask. Please just stop hurting me.”

“The panties….now!”

I released her hair and began to caress the fleshy mounds of her breasts once again as she moved a hand on each side of her dress and pushed the huge white silky panties over her quivering thighs and down her calves.

Shyly she gathered the huge garment into her hand and offered it to me. I could see the yellow stained crotch, covered with about ten pubic hairs and I drew it to my nose and inhaled deeply taking in her wonderful aroma.

I continued to caress her breasts as I leaned over and began to run gentle kisses and bites up and down her neck, biting her earlobe and French kissing her ear with my hungry tongue and warm breath. I whispered into her ear, “You smell heavenly Darlene. Welcome to Fairfield Incorporated,” and I returned to my cubicle to put my panty prize in my top drawer.

When Ms. Brownstone returned, Darlene’s face was still flushed with a combination of fear and arousal. When it was my turn to be introduced, I calmly smiled and said, “Oh Darlene and I have already become good friends. In fact we are going to lunch together. Isn’t that right Darlene?”

Looking down at the floor, Darlene whispered, “Yes. Yes, that’s right.”

I smiled as I watched Darlene and the boss move to the next cubicle as Darlene walked rigidly, not wanting her skirt to rise up and show her large naked buttocks.

She returned to her cube twenty minutes later and began to get to work. I couldn’t get enough of staring at her massive 18 year old body, and I picked up my phone and dialed her extension.

“Hi Darlene. How do your bare pussy and ass feel against the silky material of your dress? Are you nice and wet pretty lady?”

She whispered back, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You’ll find out in time. Right now though, I would like you to turn slowly in your chair, and spread your beautiful meaty legs so I can see how hairy you are.”

“Oh my God. I can’t. What if someone should walk by?”

“Darlene. Remember what I said about not questioning me? You don’t want me to come over there and punish you do you?”

“No…. No I don’t.”

I watched as she silently turned her chair and body to face me, then spread her thighs as wide as the arms of the chair would allow her. The site was incredible, with a thick patch of black, moist pubic hair, calling out to be licked and enjoyed.

“Ah yes. You are a very beautiful young woman Darlene. You may turn around and go back to work now, and I will see you at lunch.”

I hung up with a smile on my face and processed orders for the 3 hours remaining before lunch.

We went down to the garage and I instructed her to drive, so we climbed into her little Toyota Camry and she started the car.

I stopped her from putting the car in gear by saying, “Before we head out, I want you to pull your skirt up over your hips and rest it on your waist.”

“Please….I just can’t. Don’t make me….”

I roughly squeezed her cheeks together with my strong fingers and bellowed “Do it!…now!”

With shaking hands she slowly moved the skirt up over her hips, providing me with my first unobstructed view of her hairy young pussy.

I released her cheeks and let my fingers gently caress her soft fleshy thighs. “That’s better Darlene. You are a very beautiful woman.”

I let my fingers caress her thighs and listened to her breathing become more labored as she drove to Matteli’s while I inched my way closer to her moist opening. Reaching the bottom of her slit, I gently moved my fingers up her length, and caused her to gasp as I reached her clit and gave it a tender pinch. I inserted first one, then two fingers into her warm moist cavern, and was pleased as her body began to hump my fingers with a will of its own.

Arriving at Matteli’s I removed my fingers and licked them before sniffing them for her musky aroma. “From now on Darlene, when you pee, you are not to wipe your pussy. Understand?”

Almost pliant as she tried to regain her breath, she stared at the wheel and meekly said, “Yes Sir.”

“Oh, I like that. In private, you will address me as Sir, but at the office or in public, I am Gerry.”

“Yes mecidiyeköy escort Sir. I understand.”

I smiled as we exited the car and moved into the restaurant to be seated at a table in the rear. Before the waiter arrived, I bent to remove my right shoe and sock and placed them under the table. After placing our order for spaghetti, salad and wine, I leaned back and slowly extended my leg so my bare foot parted Darlene’s legs and crept up into her furry mound. She was still moist from my fingers in the car, and although I startled her, I had taught her well not to deny me.

I gently began running my toes up and down her lips and I began to simultaneously caress her forearm.

“Have you been with many men Darlene?”

“No Sir…only two.”

Once again her breathing was becoming labored and face flushed with passion as I put more pressure on her sensitive lips and clitoris.

“You like what I’m doing to you Darlene?”

Shyly she whispered, “Yes Sir.”

“I am going to teach you lots of new things tonight, and by the end of the evening, you will be ready to tell Michel goodbye, and will be available for only me. Understood?”

I didn’t like the length of time she paused, so I slammed the ball of my foot into her crotch, causing her to shriek….”Yes….Yes…I understand.”

Lunch was served and as I continued to caress her with my foot I was quickly falling in love as I watched her pile the forkfuls of spaghetti into her full pouting lips. I drove her to three orgasms, causing her nearly to choke each time on a mouthful of food. By the end of lunch, I knew she was satiated both from hunger and lust, and would have done anything for me at that point.

I put on my sock and shoe and we returned to the office, but neither of us were very productive for the rest of the day.

I smelled her wonderful aroma on my fingers and after she visited the ladies room twice, I made her spread her legs and sit on the table of her cube to be cleaned by my tongue and lips. The salty taste was divine and the scent was intoxicating. This young teen was definitely getting under my skin and I couldn’t wait until 5:00.

Finally quitting time rolled around and we headed to the garage where I instructed her to follow me to my home. I thought her nerves would have calmed considering everything we had been through during the day, but she was like the fidgeting scared little 18 year old that she was as we entered my condo.

I closed the door, then pushed her large body back against the door, took her face in my hand and kissed her roughly, pushing my tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice and causing her to moan as I caressed her massive breasts.

We broke the kiss, both of us winded, and yearning for more.

I instructed her to remove her clothes and she resisted one again. “Please no, Sir. I’m so…fat.”

I quickly reached underneath her short skirt and grabbed hold of her pubic hair, making her cry out in pain. “Oh my God! Stop! Please! I’ll do it!”

I released her and stepped back as she slowly slid the dress off her shoulders and down her thighs, and stood, in only her bra. I couldn’t stop myself from getting a huge erection as I took in the massive belly and layers of flesh. When she removed her bra, her huge breasts exploded, jiggling madly and coming to rest sagging towards her stomach. They were tipped off my two massive brown aureoles and nipples, and I could feel my heart nearly hammering out of my body.

“Turn around slowly please.”

Gingerly she did as I directed and I was blessed with the first view of her beautiful full ass and long crack. Between the sexy broad crack, I could see a thin line of black hairs, which drove me crazy and I had to advance behind her. I ran one hand over her breasts and nipples as I ran fingers up and down her ass crack.

I kissed and licked her neck and whispered in her ear, “You’re beautiful Darlene. I’m going to inspect your ass, so I want you to remain still.”

“Please don’t Sir. I might smell bad back there.”

I delivered a hard smack to her beautiful bottom, causing her flesh to redden and jiggle provocatively.

“No more resistance. I am getting tired of saying it.”

“Yes Sir.”

I slowly moved to my knees and began to knead the soft layered flesh. I parted the opening and ran my nose up and down her slit, taking in her slit. The faint natural scent of her was intoxicating and I continued to smell her gorgeous body for 2-3 minutes, then I had to taste her beautiful flesh. Slowly I ran my tongue from top to bottom kağıthane escort of her crevice, causing her moan but otherwise remain silent. After a minute of teasing her ridge, I slowly began working my way further into her until finally I reached her puckered opening. I ran circles around it, then sucked the opening into my mouth, and finally inserted my tongue, causing her to cry out with pleasure.

“Do you like that Darlene? You may speak.”

“Oh Sir, No one has ever done that to me before, or made me feel such pleasure. Please let me try to bring you as much pleasure.”

“In time, my beautiful lady. In time. I want you to understand my mouth has claimed your full beautiful ass as mine, and right now I want you to get on all fours down on the floor. I need to test just how well you are willing to listen to me and do as I ask.”

Tentatively she moved into position with her large breasts hanging halfway to the floor and her beautiful ass open for my viewing pleasure. Her massive stomach sagged provocatively, and her flesh showed ripples of soft flesh on her sides. I wanted to devour this large sexy teen.

Slowly I moved up to her delicious body and explained to her my demands. “I want to feel the strength in your young body Darlene, so I plan to use you as my horse. I plan to direct you on which way to turn by having two fingers inserted in your rectum and whichever way I point to, is the direction you will go. Understood?.

Darlene began to almost whimper, begging me not to, which drew another hard slap to her delicious ass.

After I was convinced that she would resist no further, I mounted her back and wrapped my legs around her full bodied middle. It was all I could do to cross my ankles; my lovely lady was so large.

I inserted two fingers slowly into her asshole, which felt moist, warm and delicious. I lifted my fingers up, and she understood by advancing forward. I had her turn right, left, forward and reverse for three minutes, then I slowly withdrew my fingers, and directed her to lie on the couch with her feet on the coffee table.

“You did a very good job Darlene, now I wish to feast on your toes while you rest before our next lesson in love.” I gently separated each beautiful polished toe and sucked on them for 15 minutes like a mother to a baby’s breast. Darlene moaned with pleasure and after being told that she could play with her pussy, she made herself come twice as I devoured her toes.

I then led her into my bedroom where I had the final lesson planned for the evening. While she stood by the bed, I moved her hands behind her back and cuffed them. I then placed her on the bed, her chest lying flat as she kneeled with her ass in the air.

I stripped off my clothes and scooted my smaller body beneath her, so my head was even with her ass and pussy. “I want you to slowly lower your pussy, until it is completely covering my mouth.

The scent of her was already driving me crazy, but became stronger as she lowered herself, then her beautiful hairy pussy covered me completely flooding my mouth with her delicious nectar. I lapped every drop and crevice, lost in her taste, with her massive weight pummeling me as she bucked wildly. She came, flattening out with her full weight on me, letting out a primal scream of pleasure. Recovering a bit, she quickly panicked, realizing she was on me, and rose up.

I merely licked my lips, wanting every last drop of my bronzed beauty, then moved out from under her, directed her to move back to the edge of the bed, and I took my five inch dick in my hand and ran the head up and down her slit.

I inserted an inch and held it inside her. “Do you want my dick Darlene?”

“Yes Sir. Please shove it in me.”

I moved in another inch, teasing my sexy teen. “Whose pussy am I about to fuck?”

“Yours and only yours Sir. Please fuck me hard and fast.”

I gave her jiggling ass a hard swat. “Patience lovely one. At my pace.” I teased her with another inch, then slowly withdrew, waited, then plunged my full member into her tight warm pussy calling her to cry out, but avoid speaking.”

“You may speak Darlene.”

“Oh God, that felt incredible. Please do me again Sir.” I rammed my rod into her beautiful body for 20 more minutes, varying my pace, and recording 3 orgasms from her, then her golden pussy really began to clamp down on my rod and suck me in with incredible pressure, and I came, shooting a huge gusher into her big body for over 30 seconds.

I lay spent and exhausted on her back, still inside her until my cock went soft. I released the handcuffs, but she lay winded on her stomach and I crawled up to once again whisper in her ear. “Who owns your ass?”

“You do sir.”

“Who owns your breasts and pussy?”

“Mmmmm. You do Sir.”

“Who owns your heart?”

“That’s the easiest question of all….You do Sir.”

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