Subject: I Was A Scout – part 7 I Was a Scout � Part 7 Gay, teens, adult If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to fty/donate.html * * * * Later that night, I was woken by a noise from outside and when I turned over, Pat was missing from “our” bed, so I got up and went to the window. I looked outside and saw Pat, in a pair of short shorts, walking toward his brother who was lounging in the big chaise. He was also wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, longer and baggier than his little brother’s though. I cracked the window and stayed in the shadows while I listened to their conversation. “Hey, big brother. Couldn’t sleep?” Pat asked as he sat down in the chaise next to Mr. Garland. “Hey, no, I couldn’t. I guess my body clock is still behind. What’s your excuse?” “I heard you get up so I thought I’d come out to check on you.” “Thanks for that. Bobby asleep?” “Last I checked. How was your trip?” “It was good, productive. Anything happen while I was gone? Anything I should know about?” Pat chuckled and asked, “Why? What did John say?” “Nothing. That’s what worries me.” “Well… then nothing out of the ordinary happened.” Mr. Garland laughed a little too loudly then looked in the direction of the bedroom window I was looking out of. I ducked further back into the shadows. “Did you visit her?” I didn’t know who “her” was but I was anxious to find out. “Yes, I did.” “Did you take her some flowers?” “Yes.” Pat looked incredibly sad and then started to cry. I’d never seen him cry before, so I was just about to run out there to comfort him when Mr. Garland opened his arms and said, “Come here, little brother.” Pat got up and laid down next to his brother. Mr. Garland wrapped his arms around Pat and let him cry. Through the tears I heard him say, “I miss her, Ron… every day.” “I miss her too, Patty.” Pat looked up and said, “You haven’t called me that in… I don’t know how long, Ronnie.” Mr. Garland chuckled and said, “Too long, I guess. Feeling better?” Pat nodded, then said, “I got you all wet,” then started to lick his brother’s hairy chest. “What are you doing, Pat?” “I don’t have anything to dry you with so I thought…” “Oh, okay. I was just surprised that’s all.” Pat laid his head down on his brother’s chest again then his hand started to wander over to Mr. Garland’s nipple. He rubbed it then gave it a little pinch. “Now what are you doing?” “Just playing.” “I don’t think you should, erzincan escort Patty.” “I like it when you call me `Patty.'” Pat commented then latched onto the nipple closest to his mouth and began sucking. “No.. oh shit, Patty!” His hand left the other nipple and made its way down to his brother’s crotch. He started rubbing that instead and I could see from my hiding spot that it was growing. I couldn’t help but wonder how far Pat was going to go. “You need to stop, Patty, before this gets out of hand.” He was trying to sound serious, but his eyes were closed and hid head was thrown back. Pat saw that so he decided to let his brother’s massive prick out for a little night air. He was slowly stroking it up and down when I heard a moan escape the back of Mr. Garland’s throat. I took my own cock out and started stroking it. Then Pat bent down and took the head in his mouth. It was huge, so that was about all he could swallow from that angle. But he licked and sucked until it looked even bigger than the last time I’d seen it. Mr. Garland opened his eyes and looked down, saying, “If this was going to happen, Pat, and I’m not saying it’s going to, we don’t have anything…” then Pat stopped. He was ready for him. He dug into his back pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube then handed it to his brother. “I see, you came prepared.” Pat let up and replied, “Scout motto,” then started sucking the head again. “Jesus, Patty, you can really suck cock, you know that? But I don’t want to come yet!” That seemed to get through to Pat. He came up for air. “Fuck me, Ronnie? Please?!” “Dammit, I shouldn’t give in to you, especially not about something like this, but…” “Then you will? Good!” Pat got up and pulled his shorts down. Ron pulled his down too, then threw them to the side. Pat took the bottle and applied a liberal amount of lube to Ron’s cock. Then he did the same to Pat’s hole. He straddled Ron’s hips then slowly lowered himself onto Ron’s enormous cock. He was able to take in the whole head but no part of the shaft. He had to raise up a little and try again. That time he was able to take the head and part of the shaft. He did that over and over again until he was finally sitting in Ron’s lap. My cock was dripping. There was no way I could touch myself without shooting, so I had to keep my hands placed firmly on the windowsill. “Are you okay, little brother?” Ron asked. I heard Pat answer with a wince, erzurum escort “Yeah, just give me a minute.” He stayed still for the longest time. I thought he might have changed his mind, but then I heard him say, “Okay, I’m good.” He raised himself up and then sat back down… up and down… over and over. When he got tired, he let Ron take over. Ron held Pat’s ass in his hands, guiding him. Ron was gentle with him, too, caressing him, talking to him in a loving tone. “You’re fucking amazing, Patty. You’re beautiful and I love you, brother.” Pat was unusually quiet. I could only guess that he was concentrating on all the new sensations he was experiencing. I really wanted to touch myself. That’s when I heard Ron say, “Touch yourself, Patty. I want to see you come.” Pat took his cock in his hand and started beating off to the rhythm Ron had set. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed my own cock and started beating off too. I heard Pat yell out first, “Oh… fuck… me!” as he came all over Ron who was not far behind, “Fuck yeah!” as he shot his load inside his brother. I was last but had to swallow my scream. I came all over the wall in front of me. Once my vision had cleared and I could see again, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sight. Pat was laying on top of Ron, his cock still buried deep inside Pat’s butt, his strong arms wrapped around his brother. I cleaned up my mess quickly before Pat came back in then I got back in bed and waited for him to return. I fell asleep waiting, but when I awoke in the morning, Pat was spooning me. He hugged me tightly when he realized I was awake. “Morning, sunshine.” I chuckled and greeted him back, “Morning, Patty.” “Where…? Oh, you were watching last night, weren’t you?” I turned to face him, saying, “Yeah, I was. So how was it?” “Amazing. I’ve never felt closer to him than I do now.” “I’m happy for you.” “Please don’t say anything to Ronnie.” I caressed his sweet face and assured him, “I won’t. Now what do you say we get up and get some breakfast?” “I say, good idea.” Pat got out of bed gingerly and I couldn’t help but rub his ass in sympathy. We spent all our time together, at Scout meetings, camping, bowling and of course sleepovers. It was a magical time in my life and I was grateful to have had these wonderful men as a part of it. * Pat went away to college after our summer of love. Even though I was still in high school, I esat escort wrote to him all the time. But he stopped writing back after a while. I suppose I could have stopped by Mr. Garland’s house and asked about him, but I figured if he had wanted to get in touch, he would have. I guess he had just outgrown me. My first love had moved on, leaving me behind, devastated. After graduation, I went away to college too, far, far away. I thought of him often, but then less and less as the years wore on. After I moved back, I was out at the grocery store one Friday after work, when I saw a familiar face in the produce section. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to say “hi” to him or not but I finally decided to just bite the bullet and do it. “Hi, Mr. Garland.” He turned around and looked at me then slowly a glimmer of recognition came across his face and BAM! “Bobby Milner! How are you?” he asked as he came in for a hug. I hugged him back and it was as familiar to me as if we had just seen each other last week, not nearly a decade later. As we pulled apart, I informed him, “I’m great thanks! And you?” “I’m well. Thank you. What have you been up to since I last saw you?” “Well, I moved back here after my dad died.” I didn’t really know how much else I should say in such a public place. “I think I remember reading about that in the paper awhile back. I’m really sorry, Bobby.” “Thanks.” Again I was at a loss for words and he helped me out. “Listen, before you ask what I know you’re going to ask, I think we should go someplace and talk.” While I was trying to think of what he could possible say that needed to be said in private, we left our baskets at the front then he led me past the cash registers and out the automatic front doors. “Do you still remember where I live?” “Yes, of course. I spent a lot of time there, remember?” He chuckled and said, “You’re right. I’ll meet you at my house, okay?” I tried to speak, but he cut me off before I could even form the first word. “Just meet me there, please?” I nodded and replied, “I’ll see you there.” We parted then walked to our cars. I drove to his house, a trip I’d taken on my bike so many afternoons in my youth. He was waiting for me on his front porch as I pulled in the driveway. He waved me to the house just as he stepped inside. Once inside, he motioned for me to join him on the couch, the very same couch Pat and I had hung out on so many evenings, holding hands and kissing. “I wish there were some easy way to say this, but there isn’t. Pat died and few years ago. He was sick for a while and I took care of him here as long as I could, then he went into hospice and didn’t come home. Bobby, he had AIDS.” (to be continued in Part 8)

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