II A Brief Look Back


* Part 2 of a story that I have been working on for quite sometime and am at a Stumbling block on chapter V.

* Hopefully publishing my work here will inspire me.

* When I first wrote this a few years back I didn’t realize my male perspective dominated this chapter.


II A Brief Look Back

Challan put his forehead against the door and placed his hand on the knob ready to turn it. However, he didn’t want to rush the moment. He believed in stretching out the anticipation of once again watching his wife shamelessly whore herself out to her black lover. He delighted in the convoluted emotions that he felt. Tormenting himself with the power exchange of purposely emasculating himself to his wife and her ebony stallion. Slaughter was the first guy that Makayla had slept with outside of their marriage and the only man that they welcomed back into their relationship as per her request and his enthusiastic approval. When the three of them we’re together the unyielding attraction that Makayla and Slaughter shared between each other overpowered the sanctity of their wedding vows. Challenging Challans masculinity when she joyfully pushed him aside to embrace the brawny ‘Brother’.

Challan and Mikayla had come a long way in a short time once they got tired of role playing in the bedroom and decided to live out their sordid desires in real life. He never expected his life with her to take this turn of events, even though he had verbally instigated his ‘wife sharing’ fantasies to her when they were intimately engaged in the bedroom. depraved cravings that were implanted in the back of his mind for many years thanks to his lifelong obsession with adult entertainment. Makayla understood his vulgar musings as he imagined her fucking other men as he garishly laid out in explicit detail how he wanted to watch her perform while he masturbated. The more he talked about it the more Makayla allowed herself to delve into Challans sordid imagination. It got to the point that it aroused them so much that it was a sure-fire way for them to get off.

Challen never imagined that he would find a woman, much less get married to a woman whose sexual appetite was just as perverse and adventurous as his own. Her willingness to delve into the depths of his repressed desires liberated her own furtive restraints. Inhibitions in which she internalized for many years because she was morally bound by a strict upbringing of Catholicism. Although she did step out of her religious boundaries on occasions, she never really allowed herself to fully comply to the darkness that was in the recesses of her mind. Fortunately he had a knack for being able to gain access to her darkest deviations, evoking the naughty demons that she had carefully kept hidden away in the behind her amber eyes. It was that sordid lasciviousness that connected them. binding them by their mutual perversions, and the lurid secrets that they were only able to confide in with one another.

She revealed a tainted past to him, acts of immorality that were hidden beneath a facade of assumed purity. Her mask angelic, her poise unblemished by her warm compassionate attitude, encased in a voluptuous shell of eye-catching beauty and voluptuous curves. But the demure confident woman that she was on the outside was sexually conflicted on the inside. Despite her precautionary measures of self-preservation in an unpredictable world she was all woman, and in her prime. Socially she was confident in herself, respected by her peers and was aware of the power that she had over men. But deep inside locked within the recesses of her mind was a woman that had an unquenchable urge to be erotically subjugated.

Not unlike many women of the modern age she had a secret desire in which she felt the undeniable need to be dominated but had not come across a man that she felt comfortable enough with to unleash that dark side of her personality. Sure, there was no limit to the amount of men that hit on her, and although she was physically attracted to many of them, they were unable to achieve a level of comfortability or a mental connection that inspired any confidence for her to expose her servile yearning. That was until she was introduced to Challan at a birthday bash of a mutual business associate. When their eyes met, and he shook her hand in a businesslike greeting there was an immediate attraction. A surge of electric energy passed between them that seemed to be charged with erotic ions that sensually aroused their inner desires. Although it was not immediately recognized, they sensed that they were on an invisible path from which they were predestined to meet.

Challan who was usually intimidated when meeting beautiful women surprised himself at how easy it was for him to start a conversation with Makayla even though she was sexy as hell, and way out of his league. She was all curves, huge breast, small waist, and wide hips and he remembered the low-cut turquoise blouse which revealed a tasteful view of her seemingly abysmal cleavage of her sizable all-natural bosom. Her finely Betturkey chiseled strawberry shaped face looked at him with a pretense of unexpected impetuosity as she smiled at him. She met his gaze with her round almond shaped eyes that seemed to glow with rich amber, welcoming him into her soul. There was something about her that gave Challan an air of overconfidence as he seduced her with his levity and charm as the crowd that sauntered around the room seemed to have disappeared and she became his only focus.

Makayla got chills throughout her body and felt herself get wet at the touch of Challans hand. She felt weak in the knees as she found his boyish charm, sparkling brown eyes, and impulsive sense of humor quite irresistible. He remembered that it didn’t take that long for them to understand each and feel a sexual connection as they felt themselves intimately pulled towards one another. Within a short time, they decided to duck out of the party and ended up in the back seat of Challans silver Camaro which was parked down the block from the reception hall. Once in the car, which was hidden within the shadows of a parking lot of a closed office plaza, they were all over each other like two high school sweethearts with overactive libidos. Embracing each other with rapacious mouths, tongues twirling and hands groping at each other’s clothing, working their way beneath the cotton material to feel that warmth of flesh against flesh. It felt so wrong and yet so right as they gorged themselves upon each other vigorously, insatiably, relentlessly.

Challan couldn’t believe his luck, here he was with a woman that had a body of an Amazon goddess and the face of an exotic angel. Her blouse was unbuttoned, and her bra removed as her heavy, all-natural Triple-D sized breast hung freely for him to indulge himself upon. He was surprised by her aggressiveness and how her hands were all over him, groping for his crotch with a determination to get his pants open. She seemed almost desperate as she practically begged to go down on him, unbuttoning, and then unzipping his slacks to allow her entry into his nether regions.

At the time it had crossed his mind that his manhood may not be adequate to satisfy such a determined woman once his member was exposed to her eyes. He was a bit distressed of what her reaction would be when she saw the size of his penis, or lack thereof. As it was, his history with woman wanting to go down on him was very unsuccessful and he wondered if it would be a deal breaker since he didn’t consider the size of his package to be very substantial. Nevertheless, when Makayla pulled his draws down around his thighs, he was fully aroused, harder than he had been in years. His phallus stood stiffly in all its seven-and-a-half-inch glory, making up in girth what it lacked in height. She didn’t bat an eye at the size of his member as she grabbed his thick shaft in her butter soft hand and began to stroke his cock.

Challan worked himself into a more comfortable position in the back seat noticing how fogged up the windows of the car had become. He secretly had hoped that other guest from the party had observed him leave with Makayla and could guess what was going on between them as they passed by his car trying to look through the distorted glass. Makayla lay across his right leg, her soft breast pressed against his bare thigh so that she was face to face (so to speak) with his manhood and took him into her hungry mouth. When Challan felt her eager lips wrap around his dick, he knew that Makayla was very different from the women that he had dated in the past as she hungrily latched onto his leaking member, self-propelling her head down on him without any resistance.

He flashed back on some of his ex-girlfriends recalling how difficult it was for him to convince them to please him this way. Some of them were reluctant but would give in to his desire and make a vain attempt of taking him into their mouth for a lazy five minutes or so. Others would also give it a try, but he could often tell that they were not enjoying the act, so he would give them a break and fuck them instead. While others would just refrain from taking him into their mouth all together out of pure disgust. He was beginning to get an insecure complex because it was so difficult to get a woman to go down on him and his desire to receive a good blow job at least once in his life had become an unfulfilled wish. Nevertheless, Makayla opened her mouth with such enthusiasm and feverishly fed on his member, abolishing any insecure thoughts that he kept inside. Satiating an oral craving that Challan soon found out was her self-admitted obsession.

Whether it was her desire to please him or to satisfy her own oral fixation Makayla seemed to be pacified by taking him into her mouth. The pleasure he felt was intensely sensual, sending chills throughout Challans body and filling his eyes with the vision of her thick pouty lips kissing, sucking and licking at the solidity of his phallus with her soft pink tongue. Contently moaning in self-absorbed pleasure, her eyes closed as she relished in the sensation of having his throbbing cock Betturkey Giriş in her mouth. She seemed to have lost herself in the pleasure of what she was doing to his member that for a moment Challan thought that she forgotten that he was attached to it. But who was he to stop her as he lay back allowing her to indulge her obvious need to give him head.

He then remembered thinking that she must have been reading his mind because she then lifted her head from his lap. Her lips glistening with the residual wetness of saliva and semen as she gazed into Challans eyes with untamed lust. Then she put her sticky wet hand behind his head and pulled his mouth to hers. He wondered if this was a test for her to see if he would pull away from her tainted cock flavored lips as she forced her mouth on his, or was it just uncontrolled lust that drove her to embrace him like this. Her motivations were inconsequential as he drew her in and returned her embrace with his own mouth, tasting himself on her heated moist lips. She continued to stroke him as he found her mouth palatable while their tongues danced in unison with each other. This was a dream come true as the actions of this demure angelic beauty whose visage was a tasteful mixture of class and sophistication was a total contradiction to her lewd behavior.

Challan placed both of his hands delicately on each side of Makayla’s face and put his forehead against hers looking into her impassioned eyes. He felt a thin layer of perspiration on her skin as they tried to catch their breath for a few moments, to try and regain a little composure from their overzealous actions. The muskiness of his arousal permeated the car’s interior as Makayla went back to stroking his hard-on with one hand while she cupped his balls in the other. Her technique gentle but sensuous, sending intense sensations throughout his body as she joyously toyed with his manhood. Taking pleasure in giving him pleasure, a man that she barely knew but felt compelled to sexually gratify. What was it about him that he was able to open the door to a suppressed appetite that she had kept hidden for such a long time? How was he able to penetrate a boundary so quickly by just a shake of his hand, and a look into his eyes? Opening the floodgates of her repressed sexuality which she had so carefully restrained behind a saintly reputation. These were questions that ran through her mind as she helplessly attempted to regain some dignity in in the back seat of Challans car while still engrossed with coddling his manhood.

Even though she was still working his shaft, she had a momentary expression of guilt on her face and tried to explain to him (between heavy breaths) that she really wasn’t the type of girl that usually jumped into the back seat of a car with a practical stranger. This was true of Makayla’s past. Despite her evasive craving for a man to take control, there were only a handful of men that were fortunate enough to experience her oral talents firsthand, and even less that got to delve into the heaven that was between her legs. Unlike this evening, she was usually very careful not to let her guard down when meeting men for the first time and preferred her suitors to wine and dine her before trading any sexual favors. But there was an enigmatic chemistry about Challan that pulled the trigger between morality, and immorality that set off yearnings like no other man before him. She was determined to find out more about Challan, but the moment was resolute, and she wanted to indulge this sexual freedom by taking him back into her mouth and exhibit her oral skills on his manhood once again as she dived back into his lap to suck his cock.

Challan was relieved to feel the comfortability and warmth of Makayla’s oral entrance this second time around and was delightfully awestruck by her exuberance as she worked his organ back into her mouth. Realizing that she was not only doing this to please him as much as it was to gratify her own desire of having a throbbing, bulging penis in her mouth. Makayla then placed her hands on his chest as a sign for him to just lay back and enjoy what she was doing to him. Hoping to relieve any tenseness he may feel by her aggressive behavior. She was hoping that he would not shy away from her determination of giving him head, which few men rarely did if she had found them worthy enough to give them this special treatment. It had been quite a long time since she found herself in the position of giving oral pleasure, and reveled in the power that she had over Challan who was grinning from ear to ear.

She looked Challan in the eye and lowered her head to lovingly kiss the tip of his erect member as she cupped his balls with a firm grip of her hands, massaging them with her delicate fingers. Gently scraping her long red fingernails along the sensitive skin of his testicles and thighs. Her tongue swirled around his bulbous mushroomed shaped head, lapping up his syrupy leakage as if it were a sugar sweet nectar, coating her taste buds with his excitement. Then she dragged her pink appendage slowly up and down the rigid shaft, trailing it along the engorged pulsing Betturkey Güncel Giriş veins that stretched around the circumference of his meaty pole. Looking Challan in the eyes with her own dreamlike Leer, gaging his receptivity to the pleasure that she was giving him. She winked at him, letting him know that she took comfort in pleasing him in this manner. Challan moaned in pleasure, his legs losing all tenseness as Makayla orally worked on his manhood. His heartbeat racing with excitement, pumping plasma to his engorged penis that was acutely receptive to her tongue which was travelling up and down along his shaft. Followed by loud wet kisses that she planted on his cock, abdomen, and thighs before she guided his dick back into her throat. He did all he could to not prematurely blow his load as he wanted this moment to last for as long as he could.

Alas her oral skills were overpowering as Challans organ became a willing victim to Makayla’s spongy throat as she took him deeper and deeper into her esophagus. He closed his eyes tilting his head back against rear car door, immersed in every sensation that he was experiencing. His cock was as hard as a rock, throbbing with oral encouragement. His knob was glistening in the dim light, polished slick with Makayla’s saliva as she deliberately spewed her mouth water onto it, purposely making a sloppily mess of his cock. He could feel her drool trickling down his balls and along his taint as she massaged the wetness into them. He could feel her cheeks pull in with the tight suction that she had on his pole as if it were a straw clogged in a thick smoothie. The sounds of her slurping, kissing, and choking echoed loudly in his ears. Challan found himself irresistibly moaning as he felt his abdomen began to contract and his testicles tighten up as he was ready to let go.

Makayla felt Challan peaking and sucked harder on his cock, triggered by his moans that egged her on. She looked up at his bare hairless chest coated in a shiny layer of sweat as he began to uncontrollably twitch, trying to hold back the inevitable. This was what she hungered for as Challan grabbed the front seat head cushion with his left hand and the rear seat head cushion with his right and thrust his hips up into Makayla’s mouth. She then placed her hands on his wet chest, bobbing her head up and down desperately coaxing his seed from his loins. Then with a boisterous moan of release Challan thrust upwards as Makayla forced her face downwards on his erupting cock. The tangy saltiness of Challans sperm shot into her mouth as his hips jerked forward, pumping his thick viscous seed into her beautiful face. She held onto it with a firm grip of her jaws as she felt the liquid warmth of his load slide past her tonsils and down her esophagus as she fed from him.

Challan had never cum so hard in his life prior to that first night with Makayla. His fingers lost in the mane of her silky dark hair as he grabbed her head after letting go of the car seats where he had to braced himself. She let him take control, her soft hands sliding along his sweating chest as he pumped himself into her mouth with a loud moan of ecstasy. He was so loud in fact that he hoped that no one was near his car to hear the vehicle reverberate with his passionate lament as he ejaculated into Makayla’s greedy mouth. Pumping his seed into her throat so hard, that she gagged on cock as he stuffed it into her throat causing his sperm to dribble out from between her sucking lips. He held the back of her head steadfast as he thrusted himself deeper into her throat with every plunge realizing that she was unresisting to his punishment. He felt the warm puddle of spit and sperm build up between his legs as she used her lips to drain him of his last drops of his ejaculate. He jerked several times, muscle spasms as the last few drops of his seed were sucked out of him. Makayla then went to work with her tongue licking up the spunk that spilled around his crotch, lapping his balls and thighs clean of the mess she made. He could not believe that this demure beauty was behaving like an orally fixated porn star and loving it.

Letting his plump but softening penis plop out from between her lips she looked at him with fire in her eyes, obviously pleased by how she made him feel as she inched up onto his rising and falling chest to lay her head on him. His wet penis now nuzzled between the suppleness of her heavy breast. Challan put his hands around her and cuddled her to his body running his fingers through her silky hair as she lay on him catching her breath in between kissing his chest, wanting more of him. When their eyes met they were both glowing. Challan felt like new man who wanted more of this incredible woman. Makayla held tightly onto him, comforted by the warmth of his body and satiated by the after taste in her mouth. They held each other for quite a while before they composed themselves and then redressed into their wrinkled garments. Climbing back into the front seat of Challans car they decided to drive to his place, and pick her car up later the next day. Soon they were both in his bed and naked once again. Getting to know each other between late night cocktails and sex. Waking up perversions, and sharing their fetishes that were repressed for many years. Little did they know that what had started as a spontaneous unmitigated act of passion was the beginning of an intense exploration into sexual depravity.

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