I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 06

Big Tits

Friday afternoon comes, and I leave the project after a long argumentative meeting with a belligerent contractor. “Why the fuck do these guys schedule meetings on a Friday?!” I think to myself as I walk up the driveway. I notice Alison’s car in the garage, the spare donut on the left rear axle.

“Uh oh, I hope she’s alright” I think as I pick up the pace, wondering how she did changing the tire and why she didn’t call me.

I hear voices in the yard and go around that way, expecting to see her on the phone or sitting with friends. I turn the corner, and there she is, with a friend alright, a friend from next door!! She sits in our hot tub with Doug, drinks in hand. Now, our hot tub is a decent sized one, and can fit 6 adults easily, 8 or more if you’re really good friends and don’t mind the friendly rubs of body part to body part that is inevitable.

They sit on opposite sides, and I can see that Alison has already began her weekend with a few drinks. I mean, it is 5 o’clock somewhere, right? What I don’t see is that Doug’s shorts are folded over the lounge chair closest to Alison, even though they are in plain sight.

“Hello honey” she says, and I can tell that she’s probably 3 drinks into her weekend. “How was your day? Mine could have been terrible, but our friend Doug here, well, he saved the day. He deserves a reward, why don’t you reward him Bill?” as she chuckles and looks at me devilishly.

My heart skips a beat as I wonder what the hidden meaning is behind her comment. “Does she know? Has she fucked him?” I think. “Has she fucked him without me?” springs foremost to my mind.

“The day was long, but thankfully, it’s over and it’s Friday” I respond. She gets up and we both stare at her in an electric blue tankini, the straps on her bottom pulled up over her hips, exposing and highlighting her beautiful curves. The top covers her huge boobs, but exposes about 2″ of her stomach, which is still quite flat, despite minimal attention given to the gym. Her boobs are their usual melonous size, stretching the lycra fabric of the tankini top to the limit and creating a big boob-shelf above her belly. The sight is mesmerizing. She shows quite a bit of cleavage, more than usual around company, but I’m not complaining, and neither is Doug. His eyes undress her, and I wonder if he’s already seen them uncovered. I have a feeling he has, as he doesn’t seem to care that he’s staring.

She gets me a beer and gets back in the tub and says to me, “Sit down, let me tell you how my day went.” It’s a long story.”

I relax and she begins, “I was on my way home on the turnpike and I heard a bang. The car started acting weird, so I pull over. ‘Fuck’ I said, ‘fucking lousy time to get a flat’. I was ready to call you, but Doug here pulls up and changes the tire for me.”

“Thanks Doug, I owe you” I say to him. “Anything for a friend” he says. “It was no big deal. Besides, helping a beautiful woman in distress is always a pleasure.”

Alison continues, “Well, he follows me home to make sure I get there safely and I offer him something, a drink to thank him. He agrees, but says he wants to change first. I go with him to his house and while he’s changing, I look around, not nosy or anything mind you, just to see his taste.”

“Ok” I say, wondering where this is going, slightly worried.

“Well” she continues, it suddenly dawns on me that Doug doesn’t seem to have all that much furniture, and there are only 2 or 3 pieces that might require 2 people to move. The more I look, it doesn’t even seem that those pieces have been moved recently. I yell to Doug, asking him if he has any white wine. He tells me there is some in the basement, and to help myself.”

I gulp nervously.

Alison goes on, “So I go downstairs, and wouldn’t you know it, the basement is unfinished. No plumbing. No walls. Nothing. I come up with a bottle and ask Doug ‘what does Bill do here when you call kilis escort him over?’ He says that he helps you move things and said you were finishing your basement, but it’s obvious you aren’t. Does he meet a woman here?”

I look at Doug and he shrugs his shoulders.

Alison continues “Since Doug was hemming and hawing, I ‘persuaded’ him to tell me, and these” as she grabs her tits, “well, they’re better than a lie detector.”

“So honey” Alison says to me seductively, “why don’t you show me what you’ve been doing? Doug and I have been talking about it and drinking, and honestly, it’s gotten me excited. Of course, I might want his big cock too.” and she smiles.

“Doug, sit up on the ledge and show me what he can do, won’t you” Alison coos.

Doug moves up on the ledge of the tub and I realize he’s had nothing on the whole time!! His black cock stands half-masted, hanging to one side, resting on his thigh.

“Go on” Alison says, “take it. You know you want to. Just do it.” she orders. I walk over to Doug and obediently bend over, taking his cock into my mouth. His hands find the back of my head and he holds my mouth on his now-growing hose as he thrusts upwards.

“You know that he can get the whole thing in his mouth?” Doug says to Alison.

“No. But I want to see that” Alison replies. “Does he swallow too?” she asks, as she moves closer to the action, sitting next to Doug, letting her breasts casually brush against his arm.

He looks over at her and stares at her pendulous breasts resting against his arm and says, “Oh yeah, he swallows it all.” He then pushes down on my head a little, letting me know it is time to take him all the way in.

I feel him growing larger in my mouth and if I wanted, I could let him grow to his full length without taking his cock out. But Alison wants to see the action and urges me to bob my head up and down on his growing manhood. She tells me to lick his balls and she takes his hard shaft in her hand.

“Wow” she says. “This thing is huge! You sure he fits it all in his mouth? I never could” she says.

“He does. I’ve trained him well” Doug says as his gaze goes from her eyes to her heavy breasts to my head in his crotch.

Alison puts her arm around his neck and pulls his head down, kissing him deeply. Their mouths join and their tongues search frantically for each other. His hand shoots to her breasts, fondling them, squeezing them, caressing them, feeling the weight of her huge breasts. They continue this for a long moment and I can sense that she is getting excited, breathing heavier.

She breaks her mouth free of his and stands, “Let’s go inside where we can be comfortable and continue” she says. Doug stands up, his cock popping out of my busy mouth and standing at attention.

Alison takes the sash from her robe and wraps it around my neck, like a leash, and giggles. “Let’s take our ‘pet’inside” she says to Doug, as she fondles his giant black hose, leading him in by it. “Take the leash” she adds. “He’s your pet.”

We get to the bedroom and she stops, turning and dropping to her knees in front of Doug. “I’ve got to feel this big cock before it fucks me” she says as she licks it and wraps her lips around the head. “You do know you’re going to fuck me with that big cock, don’t you Doug?” He nods, smiling.

With that, she stands and takes her top off, her big pendulous breasts falling free of the lycra prison they were in. Doug’s eyes light up and he steps closer to her. Their mouths meet again and his hands are all over her huge tits. They’re too big for his hands, but that doesn’t dissuade him from feeling every inch of them. His hands hold them up and he bends down to kiss her nipples.

She moans with pleasure and takes his big hose in her hands, holding it out and calling me over. “Get down on your knees Honey, I have something for you” and she proceeds to feed me his monster cock, kıbrıs escort inch by inch until the whole thing is in my mouth. “That’s it” she adds.

Doug begins pumping it in and out while Alison holds it and the sensation of her soft hand and my mouth for Doug is exhilarating, as he begins to moan excitedly. The fact that he is playing with an enormous set of beautiful, swaying tits adds to it and his precum flows steadily into my mouth.

“Slow down there Tiger” she tells Doug. “Save some for me”.

He continues thrusting his cock in and out, pumping his hips back and forth while he fondles her mammoth breasts with one hand and explores the rest of her body with the other. I feel his cock beginning to spasm and am very familiar with that warning sign. His finger finds her pussy and he gently rubs her lips from outside her bathing suit. She gasps. “Don’t worry Baby, there’s plenty of this big cock for your pussy” as he explodes in my mouth. He continues pumping, through her hand, and she feels the pulses of his spurts.

“Holy shit! You came already! In Bill’s mouth!” she exclaims. “I half thought you were joking.” She watches me finish him off and asks me if I like it. I tell her that it’s pretty cool, but that nothing compares to her.

Doug grabs her, lifting her off her feet and setting her on the bed, joining her, side-by-side, as they begin to kiss and embrace. His hands continue their exploration of her body, caressing her ass, her hips, her back, her shoulders, working their way to their Eden, her tits. He fondles them for a while and adds, “Get ready for Round 2. Bill is going to fluff me, which won’t take long with your body in my hands.” She moans her agreement, her mouth filled with his tongue.

“Bill, get the fuck down there and make my cock hard so I can fuck the hell out of your wife.” Obediently, I make my way between their legs, my mouth working it’s way up his thighs towards his giant manhood. I reach his balls and begin to lick them and take each one in my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. Alsion looks down from time to time, to watch me, and to see how much time until that black snake is probing her pussy. She is very excited now and Doug feels her pussy, inserting a finger or two, right behind my head!

“Man, she wants it Bill. Her pussy is dripping. Here, see?” he says, as he puts his fingers on my lips. “Very soon that juice will be all over my big cock and you’ll watch every second of it. I have a feeling she might enjoy it” he adds.

Alison looks down at me working Doug’s cock with my tongue in between gasps of pleasure that Doug’s fingers provide and eagerly checks my progress. “Hurry up.” she says. “I need to feel that monster in me.”

Doug and Alison continue to kiss and he begins to work his way down her body, kissing her shoulders, the nape of her neck, until he finally finds the paradise he was working towards, her mountainous breasts. He licks her nipples and the bulbous bottom of her breasts and buries his face between her huge juggs. She holds them together, smothering him.

He pulls up and tells her, “It’s time”, and he flips her onto her back. She eagerly spreads her legs and plays with her breasts, holding them up for his hands to caress and fondle. Doug moves closer and calls me over.

“I need you to take my cock in your hand and put it in her pussy. My hands will be full with her big tits.”

I obey and slide over to where Alison lies, her legs wrapped around Doug’s legs. I take his huge and now throbbing cock in my hand, lick the tip to make it wet and easier to get into her tight pussy, and then give her pussy a couple of licks to make sure that’s wet. There’s no doubt that her pussy is wet enough; it’s nearly dripping with her excitement of having it filled with big black cock.

I put the head of his cock on her pussy lips and she thrusts forward, trying to engulf it with her pussy. Doug lets kırıkkale escort me hold his cock there as he adjusts himself and gets ready to start fucking the hell out of Alison. He moves me away, telling me “I got this now. This pussy is gonna be hit hard” and he proceeds to push himself in.

Alison lets out a few gasps, several “Ohhhh’s” and wriggles under the cock entering her tight white pussy. Doug continues slowly, making sure his oversized cock enters her painlessly. He buries it to the hilt and she moans with pleasure. He withdraws slowly and rests his plump cock head on her mound and then begins to drive it back in. There’s no problem with lubrication, as Alison’s pussy is flowing. She’s not cumming yet, but she will soon! Doug begins a rhythmic pumping, his cock withdrawing almost all the way out before he drives it back in to the base.

Alison moans and wriggles, seemingly trying to get the wriggling snake out. Doug grabs her boobs and works them in his hands, massaging her soft pillows. She grabs his arms, digging her nails in and lets out a low scream ad begins to cum. “Oh my God” she screams, “It’s so big. It’s so fucking big.” she adds. “Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me Doug! Have your way with me. I love your cock Doug, just don’t stop fucking my pussy.”

Doug answers her “yeah baby, take that cock. All you white women love the black cock. It’s bigger than anything you’ve ever had. Right? And your pussies are always so tight. Your pussy is so nice and tight, I’m gonna stretch it out!” He continues hitting that pussy hard, withdrawing and thrusting in with a piston-like pumping. She continues to moan and gasp, cumming several times.

All this time, I’m not sure what to do, so I watch his cock going in and out of Alison’s pussy and see her enjoying it. It turns me on even more and I begin to rub her clit while Doug slams her. “OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD I’m cumming Doug. Cum in my pussy! Fuck me and cum in my pussy. Fill me up with your cum Doug!” she yells and is squirming like a fish out of water, Doug’s cock hitting every sensitive spot in her pussy.

Doug continues and I can see by the look on his face that he’s close. He lifts her tits, which spread out to her sides when she’s on her back, and holds them together, fondling them. “These are some awesome tits here.” and he yells out, shudders, and unloads in her pussy. He keeps pumping and Alison climaxes again as his cock erupts repeatedly into her drenched pussy with each thrust. He slows and his big hose begins to deflate. Doug withdraws and places his still-pulsing huge cock on her mound and she lies there, panting, out of breath. Her face is flush with multiple orgasms and she sighs.

“I think she might be spent for the night Bill” Doug says to me. “Women who get big cock for the first time usually do get exhausted the first time. It’s overwhelming to have a big cock instead of, well, an average one, like yours” he adds.

Alison agrees and breathes deep again, pulling a blanket over herself, adding, “God, that was unbelievable.”

Doug looks at me, looks down to his cock, and says “I think by now you know what do do. So, get to it.”

I crawl over to him and take his limp cock into my mouth and clean him off, tasting his and Alison’s juices. Doug says to me while my mouth is full, “You know, if she’s done for the night, it’s all on you, if I want to cum again.” I look up at him and we both know that he’s good for another load and what is in store for me.

Alison hears Doug and coos to Doug, “No, I’m not done for the night, I definitely want more of that big cock. Send him over here to clean my pussy after he’s done with you.”

I finish cleaning Doug and he pushes my head into Allison’s cum-drenched pussy and they demand that I clean her out for her next black cock fucking. Obediently, I do.

Alison tells us that she wants to rest a bit and that since it’s still early, she’s going to take a quick nap and recuperate from the pounding she took. She tells us “go see if a game is on tv ‘or something’. But Bill, make sure you keep our new friend happy. We want him happy.”

I think she’s hooked. Soon, I find out what they have in store for me.

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