In a College Shower


It had been a long hard practice and Henry had stayed on the field for an extra half hour practicing penalty kicks. It was late October and the sun was setting at about six thirty so as Henry gathered up the soccer balls the light was already fading. He glanced up at the power plant smoke stack and watched as the last rays of the evening disappeared. “Life is good.” He thought, “School is challenging, I’m getting acquainted with new friends through soccer and the math study group…mom was right…college will be a great experience!

Henry entered the natatorium and returned the soccer balls to the coach’s office. He headed for his locker and a quick shower before making his way to the library for a couple of hours of study.

There were six shower rooms in the men’s locker room. Not unusual for a land grant university with a freshman enrollment of just over five thousand. Henry liked the one on the far end away from just about everyone. He was still a little shy about his body. By the time he came in each night nearly everyone else was gone and he could shower alone.

As Henry shampooed his hair he heard another shower turn on. He rinsed off and turned to leave. That was the first time he saw Arnie but it would not be his last.

Two days later Henry was again in the shower when Arnie entered. “How’s it goin, Champ?” Arnie greeted him.

“Ah…ok…I guess.” Henry stuttered.

“Late practice?” Arnie questioned politely.

“Yeah…sorta…soccer class…you know…you have to make nine out of ten penalty kicks to pass the skills test.” Henry explained.

“Oh…right! Coach Otto is demanding isn’t he?

“You got that right.” Henry agreed as he turned to leave.

“Good luck, Champ!” Arnie said as Henry left.


Soccer class was Tuesday and Thursday so it was five days before Henry would see Arnie again.

“Hey, Champ! I saw you out there practicing again. You’re really serious about this aren’t you?” Arnie greeted him as he entered the shower. “My name’s Arnie, your’s?” Arnie extended his hand.

“Henry.” Henry replied, reflexively taking Arnie’s hand. He felt strange standing in a shower room, naked, shaking the hand of another naked man.

“Nice to meet you, Henry. Say, if you’d like I can show you some exercises to build leg strength. What days are your soccer classes?”

“Tuesday and Thursday.” Henry answered politely.

“Perfect!” Arnie replied enthusiastically. “If you want, meet me Thursday before you shower and I’ll give you some pointers. I’ll be in the wrestling office until at least six thirty.”

“Sure, thanks, I think I’ll take you up on that. I can use all the help I can get!” Henry was unsure just why Arnie was offering to help but he was happy to accept.

“Great!” Arnie exclaimed. “By the way, don’t let on that I told you but Otto says you have promise for someone who took up the game so late in life. He’s thinking of asking if you’d like to work out with Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort the team.”

“Really?” Henry was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, Champ! Really!”

Henry was flattered. He felt strangely buoyant; kind of light-headed. All he could think about for the next two days was meeting Arnie to get some tips on building leg strength. Thursday evening, after class, he stood in front of the wrestling coach’s office unsure of just what to do next.

“Hey, Champ! Glad you could make it!” It was Arnie, he walked towards the office wearing sweats and his headgear balanced on top of his head. “Come on in. I asked Coach Karlson what kind of training program they use for the kickers on the football team. He says that kicking requires three things; strength, flexibility and technique.” He handed Henry two three by five cards; one suggesting a stretching routine for warming up and cooling down and the other five simple exercises for building leg strength. He said. “Coach Otto will help you with technique but if you are interested in long distance kicking like punting he would be happy to work with you.”

“Really?” Henry was somewhat dubious.

“Yeah, Champ, really. It’s what we do. We’re graduate assistants. Different sports but we all like to see someone who takes an interest reach their maximum potential so actually we’re just doing our jobs.” Arnie explained.

“Oh.” Henry said thoughtfully, “Sure, that makes sense.” Henry studied the cards for a moment and then thanking Arnie turned to leave the office.

“Hey, Champ, Coach Karlson says that you should start slowly and gradually build up to three sets of five repetitions for each exercise. When you reach that level he has some more advanced leg work that involves free weights, ok?”

“Sure, Arnie…”

“Call me ‘Coach’…ok?”

“Sure, Coach, thanks again.”

Henry left the wrestling office and studied the card outlining the strength exercises. Just a few simple calisthenics followed by running a quarter mile, walking a quarter mile and then stretching to end the workout. “This should be easy!” Henry thought as he headed for the indoor track but the next morning he was sore as hell.

The following Tuesday Henry was taking his shower after working out when Arnie greeted him again. “Hey, Champ, you following that workout routine I gave you?”

“You bet, Coach! It looks simple but it’s harder than it looks!”

“Well, Son, that means you’re doing the exercises correctly. You’re working on muscles that don’t always get the attention they deserve. How many sets are you doing?” Arnie was genuinely interested and Henry could sense it.

“Just one, so far, Coach.”

“Don’t rush it, Champ, you’ll know when it’s time to move up to two sets.”

“Sure thing, Coach, I’ll take it easy. When my legs quit complaining I’ll step it up!”

“That’s the ticket…slow and steady…don’t over exert yourself! Say, I was wondering, could I ask a favor?”

“Sure, Coach, how can I help you?”

“Listen, I know this is going to sound weird but could you scrub my back? I left the brush I use in the coaches shower and my back really is itching after my workout.”

Henry hesitated but quickly consented. “Sure, Coach, glad I can help!”

Arnie handed a wash cloth to Henry and turned. Henry lathered up the cloth and scrubbed his coaches back. “Man the feels good!” Arnie thanked Henry. “Let me do yours for you.”

Henry hesitated again, briefly, but consented and gave the cloth to Arnie and turned.

Arnie scrubbed Henry’s back and as he did Henry felt a strange pulsing. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Arnie asked.

“Sure does, Coach.” Henry agreed.

After Thursday’s class and workout Henry was once again taking a shower and Arnie entered wearing a sling.

“What happened, Coach?”

“I sprained my shoulder. I should know better than to wrestle with guys twice my size.” Arnie took off the sling and holding his arm by his side turned on the shower next to Henry. “I hope you don’t mind, Champ, but I can’t raise my arm more than about half way.” He handed Henry the washcloth. “Could you, please?”

“Sure, Coach.”

“I really appreciate this, Champ…and do my right arm would you? I can’t reach it with my left.”

“No problem, Coach.” Henry felt uneasy washing another man’s body, even if it were only his back and one arm. Arnie was five inches shorter than Henry and probably weighed in at about a hundred and fifty pounds but he was all muscle. Henry again felt a pulsing in his groin that was going to embarrass him if he wasn’t careful. “How’s that, Coach?”

“Great, Champ! I can finish…I hope!”

Henry gave the washcloth back to Arnie and finished his shower hoping that penis wasn’t getting too hard. If it was just beginning to throb hopefully Arnie wouldn’t notice.

But Arnie did notice and he decided that next week he would press Henry a little harder!

On Tuesday, before entering the shower Arnie stroke his cock enough to give it some substance. Not enough to stick out straight but enough to give it a little eye appeal. He put the sling on and headed for the student showers. “Hey, Champ, how’s it hang’in?”

Henry wasn’t used to this kind of speech and didn’t know what to make of it. “Great, Coach! I’m up to two sets and I think by the end of next week I’ll be able to do all three!”

Arnie took off the sling and handed Henry the washcloth as he turned on the shower next to Henry. “That’s great, Champ! I’m glad to see you’re following through. Lot’s of guys start a program but most never maintain. If you keep at it you’ll reach your goal.”

“I hope so, Coach.” Henry answered as he washed the coach’s back. He was actually enjoying touching this man.

“Henry.” Arnie used his name for the first time that he could remember. “Hoping doesn’t do it. Only doing does it!” Does that make sense to you?”

“Of course, Coach. You’ve got to make an effort to accomplish a goal, right!”

“Exactly, now give me the wash cloth, I owe you one.” Henry handed the coach the washcloth and turned. As Arnie started to scrub Henry’s back he asked. “Do you believe in keeping promises, Henry?”

“Without question, Coach!”

“Henry, I need your help in keeping a promise I made to my fiancée but I’m ashamed to ask. It’s personal.”

“What is it, Coach?” Arnie’s hands massaged Henry’s back and the older man knew Henry was responding. He also knew that Henry might bolt and run when he heard his question but it was now or never.

“Henry, I promised Kelly that I wouldn’t masturbate while she was in Chicago.”

“You what!?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. But I’m desperate. My balls ache. You jack-off, don’t you? Henry was speechless. He wanted to run but he also wanted to stay. He’d been stealing glances at Arnie’s cock since day one but he didn’t want to appear too eager. But he had been thinking about touching Arnie’s cock since he first saw it.

Arnie knew he had to be careful, one false move and Henry would leave. “I know you’re not queer or gay or whatever but I need help, man.” His cock was hard as a rock! “Can’t you see?”

Henry could indeed see that Arnie was hard, standing up smartly like a little soldier standing at attention. “I don’t know, Coach. What if…”

“Nobodies around now, Henry, you know that. Nobody will ever know. Besides, I think you might really want to…have you ever touched another man?

“Never!” Henry answered emphatically.

Arnie took Henry’s hand and guided it to his cock. “See, it doesn’t bite. Put some soap on it; just think of it as washing it.”

Henry’s cock was very hard too and Arnie could see he was aroused. “Why don’t you jack yourself off at the same time?”

Arnie put one hand on Henry’s shoulder and gripping Henry’s right wrist tightly rubbed his cock with Henry’s hand. “Go ahead, stroke yourself…you know you want to!”

Henry took his cock in his left hand and squeezed. It did feel good. He did want to jack-off. He opened his right hand and let Arnie place his cock in it. “Do it, Henry, please make me cum, I need it so bad.”

Just as Arnie shot a long stream of cum towards the shower wall Henry’s own cock erupted. Henry let loose of Arnie’s cock and reached for the soap. He felt dirty, he felt used. He felt good!

Arnie broke the silence, “That felt good man, thanks! Really, thank-you for helping me keep my promise to Kelly.”

“Ah…sure, Coach…ah…your welcome.”

Arnie looked at Henry who didn’t return his glance. Henry was embarrased. Embarrased that he had just jacked off a man and he jacked off while doing it and he liked it! “He’s perfect!” Arnie thought as he watched Henry lather up his crotch. “I bet I could get him to jack-off again right now! I won’t push him any more tonight but I bet by the end of the week I can get him to suck me off!”

“Really, Henry, I was really hurting! You can’t know how much you helped me! Kelly won’t be back until Sunday. Can you stop by tomorrow?”

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