In The Shadows


He was pounding into me. He was slamming me roughly, just the way I like it sometimes. I adore making love sweetly and gently, and sometimes I just need to be fucked. The kind of fucking where you throw my legs over your shoulders, bury your head in the pillow, grab my ass-cheeks in both hands and slam the shit out of my little pussy.In between thrusts so hard that my head was about to start a rhythmic thumping of the headboard, I turned my head as a shadow seemed to pass by the kitchen down the hall. I had noticed it out of the corner of my eye but didn’t worry too much about it as I was focused on something else at the moment.I put it out of my mind as my lover let out a final groan and pushed his whole body forward as if he was trying to climb into my pussy. I felt his cock throb inside of me as he released his load. He finally fell to the side, bahis siteleri giving me just enough freedom to draw a fresh breath of air. I gently moved over and let him collapse on the bed next to me, both of us still gasping from the exertion.I closed my eyes and began to drift off.Have you ever had your eyes closed in a well-lit room and suddenly a shadow moves across real fast, blocking out the light for a second?Try it now.Seriously, give it a try.Just turn on the lights so that the room is bright. Lay back and close your eyes. See if, within a minute or two, a shadow doesn’t pass across you. Go ahead. I’ll wait.Did it?Well, that’s what happened to me.I was drifting off to sleep after my lover had worn me out. Suddenly, the light was blocked out. I quickly opened my eyes thinking someone had put a hand across my face.Nothing.I was exhausted canlı bahis siteleri at that point and faded off to sleep.A few weeks later, I was sleeping alone. Deep into a nice dream, I felt the bed move. Thinking it was my boyfriend crawling into bed with me, I smiled and slowly came awake. If you’ve ever shared your bed then you know the feeling of someone sleeping next to you. The covers move, the mattress sinks a bit toward the middle, sheets either go tight or move away from you. I was sleeping on the left side of the bed so I turned over and reached out to him.There was no one there.The whole right side of the bed was still as it was when I slipped into it. The sheets and blanket were still pulled tight and the pillow was fluffy.I slowly rolled back over and within seconds, I was back to sleep.”Rachel,” I heard loud and clear in canlı bahis my ear.It was a man’s voice, but not familiar to me. My fuzzy mind was trying to figure out who it was when it did it again.”Rachel,” it said. Right there in my ear.I sat up straight in bed looking rapidly around the room.Nothing. No one.It took me a long time to fall back asleep after that. You bet your ass I left the fucking lights on.The very next night, I was getting tongue-fucked. I do mean fucked! He had his tongue working up and down my slit, circling my clit, and then plunging deep inside of me. His hands were underneath my ass and holding me by the cheeks. I was spread wide open and had both of my hands behind my head with a death grip on the headboard. I was naked and exposed to whatever he wanted to do to me.I finally couldn’t hold back anymore and the orgasm took over my body.”Oh! My! GOSH!” I moaned loud enough to wake the dead. I sprayed fluids from my pussy. I never do that.I was horrified that I had soaked his face. I opened my eyes to see the damage and apologize.I was alone in bed.

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