It all began in the bus


It all began in the busIt all began in the bus. A lot of people, stuffy… A middle-aged woman with heavy bags in her both hands addressed us:- Guys, can I get past?- Which way? We can’t even move… – Max replied in a rude voice, he was older and bolder than we were (he was 19, and we were 18).- But I have to get off now! – The woman insisted.- But we don’t! – Matthew giggled in response.- Let me to the door, bastards! – She flared up.Having heard an offensive word Max caught her by the throat:- What did you call us, bitch?The woman stared at him frightened and dropped the bags out of her hands which I picked up by some instinct. Her legs became weak and Max pressed her slightly to the wall of the bus.- She’s a hottie! – Matthew whispered to me goggling at her hips and breast.- Guys, please, let me go, I have to… – She asked recovering her breath.- Why don’t we go together? I know a nice place over here… – Max suggested and pulled the woman to the opened bus door.We got off and went to the subway. Max was leading the woman confidently putting his arm around her waist. Matthew was very close to them while we were moving through the crowd and touched her here and there. And I was carrying her bags with food behind.“How do they carry such heavy bags through the whole city?” I thought and then remembered my neighbor Elisabeth, 40-year-old lady. Every week she carried the bags as heavy as these ones from the supermarket for she didn’t have a car. Suddenly I imagined some young fellows acted with her like we did now… I can’t explain why but my penis became stiff.She could run away from us or call the policemen standing right here but she did nothing of that. We arrived at the subway, got in. There was nobody at the back of the carriage and we moved there. Max and Matthew put the woman on the seat between them.- Where are we going? I must be home… – She said in a trembling voice.- You won’t stay too long with us, – Max grinned and embraced her.The woman looked at Matthew who was clinging to her lustfully, putting his hand on her bare knee and moving it up, pulling the skirt up and demonstrating the whiteness of her legs. The woman shuddered and squeezed her thighs to prevent Matthew’s palm from going further.- Wait! – Max stopped his impatient friend.Here I realized Escort Max was going to make a good ending of that. I had goose bumps all over my body and felt that my pants became too tight for me.Soon we went out of the train and the subway and set off for a park. We went for some time and then came to a wide glade surrounded by bushes from all the sides.The woman was standing in front of us covering herself for some reason though she was still dressed up.- Boys, you aren’t going…? – She tried to exhort us seeing what was to happen. – You’re nice guys, I have two sons; what would you think if someone did that with your mother…!These words were the last drop for me. I let her bags fall down and touched my erected phallus. I recalled my neighbor, Elisabeth, had been ransacked by a couple of waifs, who probably made something more to her… As I was told by my father her clothes were torn…- What’s your name? – Max asked slowly approaching to her.- Vivian… – She moved backwards.- Have you got a husband? – Max continued.- I have…- Does he often fuck you, Vivian?- Don’t even dare!!! – She snarled and made an attempt to hit him but he threw his arms round her and gave her a soul kiss.It lasted for a few minutes. When Max released her she began sobbing and stopped resisting. Her legs gave way and she would have fallen down if Max hadn’t leaned her against a tree.- I guess your husband fucks you rarely… – Max was saying that unbuttoning her blouse, – Why are keeping silence? Once a week? More seldom?She nodded her head but I think she did that to stop the unpleasant conversation.- And now you have a great opportunity to try that with so young fellows, am I right, guys? – He winked at us undoing her skirt.When she remained with her lingerie on Max stepped back to feast his eyes upon her. We watched her too.She was standing resting her bottom to the tree looking somewhere down. Her cheeks were red. She wasn’t probably the most beautiful woman on earth but at that moment she seemed to us the most desired. Neither I nor Matthew had ever tried a woman’s body before, that’s why when Max, who was more experienced than we were began undressing we did that either…The first to get busy with her was Max. He rammed her in a standing position right near the tree. Escort Bayan Though she strived to hide her eyes we could see she liked observing the body of a young man drilling into her. Max knew how to treat women and soon as he kissed and fondled her she was deprived of her last pieces of clothes. However, we couldn’t see her body; all we were able to look at was Max’s broad back, her arms embracing him and her legs rubbing against his buttocks… We heard her moans. Suddenly Max’s ass shook and he sighed with relief…The woman slipped down to the grass and now was sitting naked and gasping. Her eyes were closed. She opened them when she heard Matthew coming close to her.- Oh, no!!! Not this one!!! – She yelled trying to move aside.Her reaction was evident. She’d been fucking with handsome Max and at this moment Matthew who looked as a pimply freak was going to get into her… Matthew giggling as a moron pressed to her when she stood on her fours. She was kicking but he was stronger and soon thrust his hot cock into her wet vagina. Vivian was lying still on the grass and the guy began moving his thighs quickly and then came, almost as soon as he entered her. And here the most interesting thing began.- Hey, stop… – She squealed and turned to Matthew who had already stood up.She grabbed his penis and pushed it into her mouth being on her knees in front of him. Max whistled when he saw what happened.- Lady, what are you doing? Let me go… – Matthew was worried a lot trying to tear off from her but the woman embraced his legs tightly.- Don’t twitch! She can bite it off! – Max shouted to him laughing.Matthew had a very silly face at that moment, it was unusual even for his phiz and the woman was working with her lips. Soon Matthew got aroused; it could be seen from his languishing eyes and half-opened mouth. Vivian stopped sucking his now hard cock and lay on the grass pulling him on her…They rolled on the grass for about fifteen minutes. When she climaxed she still didn’t want to release the guy and pressed his bony body tightly to her pilowy breasts.- Set me free! I’ve got no air to breathe… – He protested.Then he was able to rise a bit over her but didn’t pull his cock out of her watching her moving her ass as she was trying to impale on Bayan Escort him as deep as possible…- Look what she is doing! Guys! – Matthew nodded at our direction. – Her tits are stuck out!Saying that he pinched her nipple and the woman turned on even more.- Matthew, when you are going to come push it deeply, – Max stirred up his friend. – You might become a father…- No way!!! – The lady suddenly realized what she was doing but Matthew was already shooting his semen into her biting her nipples painfully.- Why have you done that to me? – She asked him when he collapsed on her exhausted.He leaped up with an angry face and shouted at her:- Why? You’re a real bitch! Fucking with me is Ok but becoming pregnant from me doesn’t seem appropriate to you? Am I worse than your hubby?Matthew slapped her on the face and started dressing up. I was the next…When I came up to her she was lying on the ground, her hands covered her face. The only thing she had on was her wedding ring. I took her hand and pulled the ring off. She looked at me possibly thinking I was going to keep it for myself but I threw it far into the grass. She shuddered and moved her hips apart in front of me…I used to masturbate a lot and didn’t explode for a long time. While ramming her I was reflecting upon Elisabeth. What had those guys done to her? Anyway her daughter was born right nine months after that incident. While jerking my phallus I often envisioned my neighbor sitting on the handrail in front of her apartment door that day with spread legs and a young chap screwing her and stroking her thighs. His buddy was pawing her boobs. Elisabeth was shaking from regular thrusts and moaning quietly. And then she kissed the guy who was touching her breasts. At this moment another man burst out into her…And I shot my cum either and stretched on my partner feeling her tender skin under me.When everything was over we helped Vivian put on her clothes and get home.- Ok, thank you, I’ll go further on my own, – she said in front of her house.We exchanged glances.- Your bags are heavy; let us accompany you to the door, that’s not a problem…- Ok… – She gave her consent thoughtfully.We entered the dark block of flats and went upstairs. Suddenly we heard a squeaking sound of the opening door and we immediately hid in the niche of rubbish chute. Then the door slammed and the building was quiet again.- Here is my apartment, – she said pointing at one of the doors on the footstep.We were standing around her. She looked at us and began undressing…

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