it didn’t work out that way


it didn’t work out that wayI’d been fucking this guy for a while now. We had planned on a threesome with him and my husband after much convincinging. He was kinda shy after all. He liked fuking me, but was a bit uncomfortorbale doing it in front of another. especially my husband instipite of the the fact we had reassured him it was ok. After finally getting to get him to agree, the two of of us went to my apartment. I had told my husband earlier and I expectected him to be awake and ready for the fun. The two of of us arrived and I called out to my husband. I went back to our bedroom and found Eddie snoozing away already. I went back to the front room and told Bill (my new lover) that Eddie was already asleep. He seemed disappointed. I imagine he thought he was in for a morning of great sex. I pushed up against him and kissed him, I whispered in his ear, just because he’s asleep doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Besides, He knew what was happening, it’s his fault he didn’t stay awake. Bill and I made our way into the bathroom past my sleeping husband. Bill seemed a little uncomfortable but not me. I knew if Eddie had passed out already it didn’t matter. I sort Escort of hoped he would wake but I doubted he would. We were in the bathroom and Bill lifted me on the sink and kissed me passionately. I was fumbling with his pants as we kissed. I finally undid his pants and his cock sprang free. We kept making out. He played with my pussy as I jerked his dick. He moaned as I continued to jerk him. He sprayed all over my thighs and hands. I looked up at him and asked “that can’t be it?”. I smiled and said “well thats good, that would really disappoint me if it was.” He smiled and said, “don’t worry, I’ve got more plans for you.” He took his shirt and shorts off as he turned on the water in the shower. I was already naked at this point as we kissed and he pressed me against the wall. I could feel my breasts against his chest as we kissed and the little droplets of water against our naked bodies. We made our way into the shower kissing the whole way. It felt really good. The warm water. His hands all over my body as we kissed. He looked at me and I knew what he wanted. Without asking or pushing me down I sank to my knees and started sucking his cock. I licked Escort Bayan it up and down. My tongue licking along the vein underneath. He moaned as I continued to lick his shaft and balls. The water spraying all over my face was sort of annoying but I was too in the momement to care. He pulled me up and bent me over. “I’ve got to fuck you before I explode,” he said. He turned me over and bent me over and banged me hard as the water dripped all over us. He gripped my hips as he fucked me hard, my face pressed against the shower wall. We both came good, I slumped against the wall of the shower with his dick still in me. I could feel his cum leaking out of me as I was pressed against the shower wall. I didn’t expect it, but he grabbed my hair. He pushed me down and his dick was in front of my face. I looked up at him uncertain, but he gripped my hair harder and pulled me closer. I opened up and started sucking his dick as the water fell all over us. As soon I sucked his dick hard again he turned me over and fucked me doggystyle. He rammed me hard. Pounding me like a hammer. I was in ecstasy. We had planned on a threesome with him and my husband Bayan Escort but, oh well. We came together and it was good. I was exhausted as he turned the water off. I slumped to the floor and he led me gently out of the shower. We dried off and asked if I liked it. I could only smile and say that it was great. He kissed my breasts as we dried off. Before I knew it we were on the floor fucking again. We made love on the bathroom floor at least twice. We 69 and he came in my mouth as I came in his. When we finally got dressed and went back out to the bedroom my husband was still asleep. His loss. He was supposed to be awake and we were all supposed to all have fun. Oh well. I blew Bill one last time before he left. I laid down next to my husband and he woke as I dripped saliva and cum on his chest. “Baby, you were supposed to be awake.” “Did I miss it? I was just taking a nap.” “Yes. You missed the fun.” He looked disappointed but got over that as I went down and sucked his cock. “What did I miss baby?” as he grabbed my hair and pulled me down on his dick. I tried my best to tell him of the mornings fun while sucking his dick but it was a bit hard with a cock in my mouth. I managed to tell him later, he was sort of mad I didn’t wake wake him. For my punishement he fucked me in the ass with no lube. I slapped him later, but thats hardly a proper punishement for getting fucked in the ass with no lube.

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