Josh’s Good Time


Josh’s Good Time“There you are babe. I’ve been looking for you.” Josh said to his girlfriend Lea, who he had been dating for two years. She was Haitian with perky b boobs and short brown hair. To Josh she had a smile that would light up the world. She was wearing a yellow t-shirt with blue shorts.“Awww. That’s sweet babe. Since you’ve been working all day, what do you say we go back to your place?”. She reached in his pants grabbing his 9 inch dick and gently rubbing while standing on her tiptoes to kiss him.“Mmm, someone is feeling frisky today. Sounds good to me!” He reached into her shorts to find out that she wasn’t wearing underwear and started rubbing her clit.“Ohhh baby, not yet, and you know I’m always horny.” Leah said.They walked back to his house hand in hand, him rock hard and her soaking wet. As they got inside she pushed him against the wall taking his shirt off kissing down his chest.“Hope your ready babe.” Leah said as she took Escort Bayan off his pants and underwear stroking his dick. She started sucking his cock while stroking him. “God, you know just what do honey.” Josh said leaning against the wall. Just then she stopped sucking and sat on the couch. “Awww baby, why’d you stop?” He gently stoked his dick to stay hard. “I stopped because I don’t want you to cum yet and I want you to watch me masturbate.” She gently rubbed her clit while rubbing her nipples. “Ohhhhh fucckk that’s good, rub your dick for me hun.”As she rubbed her clit Josh stroked his dick hard panting. “Ohhhhh Josh!” Leah said as she rubbed her clit and fingered her gspot. “Fuck fuck ohhhhh goddd, I’m close to cumming babe!” As she said this Josh knelt in front of her while stroking his cock. He then began to finger her pussy, which was tight despite the numerous hours they’ve spent having sex. “Ohhhhhhhh Bayan escort babyyyyyy, ahhhhh I’m cummmminnngggg!!!” She screamed as she exploded in orgasm. Still panting Leah said “Damn, I love when you do that honey.”“That was awesome baby, I love you. What do you say we go the bedroom?” Josh as he gently rubbed her clit. “Mmm, after an orgasm like that and being told you love me how could I say no? Oh, and I guess I love you too.” Leah said giving Josh a mischievous look and sticking her tongue out at him.“Ohhh for that you’re really going to go get it!” Josh said chasing Leah into the bedroom and gently pushing her on the bed bending her over. As he started pushing into her pussy she gave a low moan “Mmm what do you say we try it in my ass today?” Leah asked. “Ok sounds good.” Josh said.He positioned his dick at the entrance of her butt gently pushing in. “Goddd that’s tight honey, but I love it. Ram Escort that dick hard and fast.” As she said that he began pushing hard and fast gently spanking her ass. “Ohhhhh fuccckk baby keep doing that, spank me a little harder.” She said grabbing the sheets. He proceeded to pound her ass hard and fast while giving the occasional spank. “Ohhh yessss baby, I’m almost there, ohhhhh I’m cumming Josh, Im cummmmmiiinnnggggggg, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Leah screamed in orgasm as Josh humped her ass.“Pull out babe, I want to taste you.” Leah said. Josh pulled his dick out so she could suck his dick and taste her juices. She took 7 inches of his hard hard cock in her mouth before moving back up. She continued to bob up and down on his dick. “Ohh baby, I’m fixing to cum.” Josh said. Leah lay on her back. “I want you to cum on my belly and tits.” Leah said rubbing her nipples. Josh started stroking his dick, panting, and grunted as he came a massive load landing on her boobs and stomach. She rubbed some of his cum on her finger and tasted it. “Mmm, that’s delicious. Thanks for all this. I love you Josh.” She said giving a loving and mischievous wink. “I love you too babe.” Josh said kissing her passionately.The End (for now)

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