Kayleigh Ch. 02


NOTE: This is a completely fictional story, written by me, Faptasize, a young male.

Hope you enjoy 😉 Everyone is over 18.

Be sure to check out Chapter 1.


I came home exhausted. It was 11PM. I quickly cleaned myself up and then crashed down on my bed, passing out immediately.

The next morning, when I was about to grab my phone to watch some good porn, I noticed I’d received a text. “Y dont you come over 2day? Xx K” it said. My heart started beating faster and I felt my manhood growing. I got back in bed and masturbated, thinking of the amazing woman that was Kayleigh. Only after I came I finally gathered the courage to respond.

“Hey K, how you feelin after tonight? Id like to come over, when?” I sent her.

Not two minutes later my phone vibrated and Kayleigh’s response appeared on my home screen. It contained just one word.


I immediately got up and changed out of my pyjamas and ate some breakfast. I then grabbed my bike and just fifteen minutes after Kayleigh had texted me, I was riding towards her.

I was in for quite a surprise as when I opened the door, it was not Kayleigh but Emily, her 18-year old younger sister. My mouth fell open as I looked at her. I’d seen her once or twice at school, but this was the first time I got a good view. She had a dark blonde hair color and beautiful light brown eyes. Her boobs were starting to fill out (and she clearly hadn’t had a boob job, as opposed to Kayleigh and Amber, of which I’d heard stories they got it as a birthday present when they became 17), I guessed she had something like a medium C-cup. She was significantly smaller than Kayleigh at 5’2″ but her ass made up for it. Her facial features were a lot like Kayleigh’s, but different enough to know she wasn’t the same.

“Man, you do like watching girls. You’re here for Kayleigh right?”

That snapped me out of my dream world and I said: “Yeah, thanks for opening the door.”

“No problem,” she answered and stepped aside so I could pass. In the hall I could see Kayleigh talking to Amber, her older sister. I decided to stand somewhere in the hall so that she would know I was there, and while I waited I took a good look at the oldest of the three.

Amber was slightly shorter than Kayleigh at 5’7″. On her frame, which was slightly smaller than Kayleigh’s, were mounted the most amazing boobs I had ever seen in my life. Because of their perfect round shape, you could easily determine they were fake, but I didn’t care as long as they looked good. She easily had a DD-cup, maybe even F. She had light blonde hair and greyish green eyes, and the palest skin of the three.

When they just kept talking, I interrupted them. “Hi, Kayleigh,” I said, and, looking at Amber, “hi to you too.”

“Oh, sorry, Ethan,” Amber said. “I don’t want to stand in between you two,” and she walked away, smiling.

Kayleigh gestured me to follow her and so I did, up the stairs, where we reached a wide hallway with doors on each side. Three of them had posters on them, adorned with the names of the sisters.

Her room was pretty big (slightly smaller than mine, but that wasn’t strange as I was an only child) and the only furniture was a large, queen-sized bed, a desk with a laptop and most of her school stuff and a large lazy seat. Most of the room was painted in light blue colors. The walls were filled with several posters, up to the point where you could barely see what was behind them. Most of the posters were from (female) actors and to my great surprise I actually saw a few porn stars among them, some completely nude. There were also some posters of male pornstars, standing with freely hanging cocks.

“Doesn’t your mother have a problems with those… explicit posters?”

“Not at all,” she said as she sat down on the bed and started untying her sneakers. “She just wants me to be happy, and watching guys with huge cocks fucking hot sluts helps me be happy. She has even more hardcore posters, you know. When family visits us she always locks the door going upstairs. My family rarely visits though, so we don’t have to do that often.

It was only then that I noticed there were at least three gigantic dildo’s lying on the floor.

“Oh, don’t mind the dildo’s, I’m just horny sometimes.”

I figure.

“Well, sultanbeyli escort are you going to stand there all day admiring my room or are you going to come over so we can fuck?”

“Fuck” I said, shocked. “Shouldn’t we get to know each better first?”

“Oh come on, you’re just saying that so I don’t complain we went too fast. You want me, I’ve seen that look in your eyes. And I need a big fat cock in my hole, and in my opinion you’re the best man to do that. Please?” The last please she said with the most adorable puppy eyes I’d ever seen. Her big blue eyes were just staring at me and again, there was no way I could say no to that.

I answered her by unclipping my belt and unzipping my pants.

She clapped in her hands like a little school girl. I felt my cock quickly growing. She now also started to unclothe and within a minute we were both naked. Slowly we walked towards each other.

As soon as we were close enough she grabbed my arms and placed them on her ass. I softly squeezed and heard a soft yelp of pleasure coming from her mouth. She then placed her mouth violently on mine and pushed her tongue inside. I had stopped resisting at that point and answered in full. Our tongues danced within our mouths in this intense moment of passion.

When she retreated, she said: “I sucked you yesterday, let’s get straight to the fucking now. One question first though, are you a virgin?”

I blushed. “Yes, and you?”

“The same.”


“What? Do you think I’m lying?” And without expecting an answer she pushed me on the bed. I fell straight on my back, my cock straight in the air. She likes to be in control, that’s for sure. But I didn’t mind, for I just had to lay back and relax.

She placed her pussy above my cock and with her hands slowly pushed the head inside. “Fuck you’re big!”

“And you’re fucking tight!” I exclaimed in answer.

Her pussy had become wet enough now and my dick finally slipped inside of her. With one quick push it was all the way in while she sat on top of me. She moaned, but didn’t move yet.

“One second,” she said. “My pussy’s got to get used to having a thick cock all the way inside of it.”

“No problem,” I was able to say, panting heavily.

Slowly she started moving up and down and, as her rhythm increased, she said: “Come on! Push against me, harder!”

I quickly started bringing my hips up and down in an attempt to increase our combined rhythm and God it worked. She was starting to moan faster and faster and I could feel soft sounds coming from my mouth as well. Her soaking wet pussy was taking my entire cock inside of it without a single bit of pain for Kayleigh, and if there was she didn’t show it.

After our fuck had reached an extreme intensity, she bent forward until her face was just above mine. Her tits pushed against my chest and instinctively, I grabbed her ass and helped her push down faster. I felt her hot lips on mine and answered her kiss.

I suddenly felt that I was just about to cum. No way I was going to hold this and without warning, my muscles contracted and forced the cum out of my balls and I pumped my hot jizz deep inside of her pussy.

My swelling cock and tight grip resulting from her orgasm also finally triggered her, and we came in unison as we relaxed. As before, her womanly juices spurted out of her pussy softly, leaving my cock soaking wet.

She climbed off me and went to lay on the bed beside me. When I was about to stand up, she pulled me back down, surprising me with her strength and whispered in my ear: “I’m not done with you yet.”

She brought her pussy to above my face and said: “I want you to lick me as you did yesterday.”

Without waiting for an answer she sat on my face and I had no choice but to start licking her pussy, which was still soaked with her juices. I also tasted my own cum, and sometimes saw it drip out of her pussy, making me extremely horny again. My cock was getting hard again as I pushed my tongue inside her pussy. I also brought my fingers into her and started fingering her tight cunt. She was wetter than ever, and I easily got in three, then four fingers. When my tempo was starting to tire, I pushed her down further onto my face as she grinded tuzla escort her pussy on top of my face. When my tongue touched her clit, I could feel a pulse of intense pleasure move through her as she moaned loudly while throwing her head back.

“I’m CUMMING!” she yelled (way too loud) and her vaginal sap sprayed over my face again, after which she licked it off, just like the day before. She had then grabbed my cock, which had reached its full size again, and started stroking it.

“Let me fuck you, please,” I said, not able to withstand her teasing.

And so she let go of my cock and proceeded to lay facedown on the bed, her ass up to me. “Fuck me then!”

I placed my cock inbetween her lips and pushed it inside her in one swift stroke and started slowly fucking her for the second time that day. My cock filled her sheath up entirely and you could see her outer lips flexed around my big tool. While I increased my tempo, I suddenly heard a moan, and it did not belong to Kayleigh.

I immediately stopped and looked behind me. There I saw a completely naked Emily, masturbating furiously while watching us. She had four fingers in her pussy and was pinching her nipple.

Kayleigh had noticed her too and said: “Ethan, go on, isn’t it hot to know that someone’s watching you?”


“Just continue fucking me, she’s next.”

I didn’t know what she meant with ‘she’s next’ at the time, so I just started to pump in and out of her again. My thick cock was filling her up good, and I knew I was going to cum any minute.

Her tight labia were squeezing my cock as her vaginal walls got wetter and wetter every time I pumped into her. Kayleigh screamed in exhilaration. “Fuck me, Ethan! Fuck my slutty pussy!”

A low moan escaped my throat as my throbbing meat pushed against her birthing channel. She had definitely never had such an amazing sensation. I couldn’t hold it back any longer as she grinded against me and pushed with all her weight, trying to let my dick slide in even further.

“Kayleigh, I’m going to cum!”

“Wait!” she screamed and she moved forward onto the bed, my huge cock escaping her drenched pussy with a soft ‘pop’ sound.

I just stood there, not believing she stopped just as I was about to cum. But instead of kayleigh, Emily came in and took her sister’s place, still completely naked, and pushing her plump ass against my cock.

“Fuck me!” she said with a horny voice.

She was young, but I didn’t care as at that moment I just wanted to cum, and so I placed my head at her even tighter entrance and pushed inside. In just two strokes it was too much and I started shooting my load. Ropes of cum splashed against the walls of her tight canal.

“I’m sorry…” I stuttered. I had cum two times now in a short time and I was starting to feel it.

“I don’t think my cock can handle much more now. How about we watch a movie and then continue?”

“Sure,” Emily said as she pulled out my cock out of her pussy. Without a word, Kayleigh went over to her sister and started licking my cum out of her pussy. “The remote is over there, we have Netflix.”

I sat down on lazy chair and went searching for a movie. I was still naked. Kayleigh was still sucking her younger sister’s pussy, trying to gather up every single drop of my cum. While I scrolled through the endless list of movies, I thought about the two past days.

An embarrassing moment had lead to a date which had lead to a wild blowjob. The next day I didn’t just have sex for the first time, but I fucked not only the girl I was after but also her sister. It was simply unbelievable.

I put on a generic action movie, not forgetting Kayleigh’s preferences when they went to the theater the day before. When the last logo finally flashed by and the movie actually started, Kayleigh walked up to the TV and turned it off.

Confused, I said: “Why did you do that?”

“Well, we’re not done.”

I sighed. “Girls, I had a lot of fun, truly, but I’m just really, really tired.”

Emily laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, it’s not you who’s getting pleasured, but it’s us. You’re just there to watch.”

Oh god.

Kayleigh lay down on the bed, getting up on all fours and showing off her ass to her sister, who did not ümraniye escort wait and immediately attacked her sister’s cunt. I could see Emily’s tongue flickering over Kayleigh’s pussy at lightning speed while she rubbed Kayleigh’s clit with her left hand. Soon her right hand went down to her own bald pussy.

I had never watched two girls going at it in such an amazing way before. That it was the first time didn’t come up in my mind.

Suddenly the fun was interrupted as the door opened and Amber stormed inside. He’d heard many stories of her bossyness when she had been a cheerleader in high school, and he feared for the worst.

“You fucking sluts!” she screamed as she pulled Emily off Amber, lifting her up easily. She placed her down in the hallway and said: “Go put on some clothes you whore! You’re lucky I’m in a good mood or otherwise your life would be a helluvalot worse right now.”

Amber returned to the room and slapped Kayleigh hard on her leg, which wasn’t covered by the shorty shorts she’d been able to slip on in the few seconds Emily’s abduction had given her. A red mark in the shape of a hand could be seen quite clearly.

“You fucking told me downstairs you wouldn’t take his virginity! You looked me in the eye and fucking lied to me, you stupid bitch!” Amber was very angry and tried to slap Kayleigh again, who was still silent but able to evade Amber’s slap, being prepared.

I just remained in the lazy chair, naked and with a flaccid cock. I was not getting turned on by what was a happening.

Amber screamed in anger as she missed another slap. If she was an animal, there would be literal foam coming from her mouth. Not being able to stand it any longer, I tried to calm them down.

“Come on, ladies, calm down,” I said as I grabbed Amber’s arm, trying to keep her away from Kayleigh, who still said nothing.

My intervention definitely helped, because who wouldn’t be calmed down by a naked guy like me?

“What’s the problem here?” I asked Amber.

Amber was panting, still extremely angry. “She!” she said, pointing at Kayleigh. “Broke her promise to me! One she made to my face with her eyes locked with mine.”

“And what promise was that?” I said, trying to be the voice of reason here.

“Amber forced Kayleigh to make a promise not to take your virginity, because Amber collects boy’s virginities like the fucking bossy bitch that she is,” Emily suddenly said, appearing in the door opening, clothed now. Kayleigh had now also put on a bra, making me the only person with any sexual parts exposed.

Amber’s eyes lit up with rage again. “That’s not how it went, you slut! You promised me you would only let your beautiful cherry be popped by a man who was also a virgin.”

“And whose idea was it for me to make that stupid promise in the first place? I was 13, damnit! I’m fucking 18 now, I can make my own decisions,” Emily responded, walking into the room now.

Amber walked up to her, obviously trying to hit her put I stepped in between them, saying. “No violence, please. We are all civil members of society. And in this society hurting each other is not something we allow. Even if one person has wronged a person, of which I’m not even sure if that happened here.”

“Sure,” Amber said.

“How about you tell me about your promise, Kayleigh?”

“I lied to Amber to keep her from our room. I knew that if I didn’t promise not to fuck you she would have taken you by force. And so I lied that I would only give you a blowjob and let her have you later.”

I was shocked by how all the girls thought of me as little more than a piece of meat to be used for strange virginity pacts and promises between sisters.

“And you think it’s okay to make these kind of promises behind my back?” I said now to all three of them.

They said nothing.

“I will repeat, do you think it’s okay to make these kind of promises behind my back?”

“Well it was only-” Amber started but I cut her off. “It was only what? A pact designed to rob me of my virginity just so you could have some fun? I thought that Kayleigh genuinely liked me, but now I find out she just wanted to finally fuck without Amber interrupting.”

“That’s not how it-” Kayleigh begun but I cut her off as well. “Goddamnit, Kayleigh, don’t try to defend yourself.”

I slipped on my clothes as fast as I could and headed for the door opening. “Well, ladies, it was a pleasure. Have fun with the next guy you ensnare.”

I left the house, denying the three hottest ladies I’d ever seen.

I should’ve just let them use me.

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