Kelly and Vincent – Part 2

Big Tits

Kelly and Vincent – Part 2Kelly had a friend named Vincent. Tall black guy that was a supervisor of security at the federal building she works at. She had only had sex with him a couple of times, but him and I got to become pretty good friends as well. Kelly came home one night and said “Babe. Would you mind if Vincent came over and spent the night with me? Not the three of us this time, but he asked if he could have me one time by himself.” I told her to invite him over that weekend if she wanted to. I had some personal time coming and I used a few hours one day and went to Kellys work. I seen Vincent and asked if he had lunch yet and I offered to buy him lunch. He said “You going to get Kelly?” I told him I will take her to lunch later, but I just wanted to buy him lunch. He told the others he was going to lunch and we left and walked down the street to this place I like.I said “So, did Kelly invite you over this weekend yet?” He smiled and said “No. Not yet. Is she going to?” I told him she was and said “Sorry, I thought she asked you already, so don’t let on you already knew, okay.” He said that he would not tell her that I told him already. I said “Here is what I want to do. I like having fun with Kelly and if you want in, I think we could get her so good! I have an old case from her birth control pills and I know she always acts like she forgot them or tell guys she hasn’t taken them to get them worried and then she makes sure they finish inside of her without a condom or pulling out. What I want to do is switch them…” Before I finished, Vincent said “Man. You want to switch them so she gets pregnant?” I told him no and that I wasn’t finished tell him and then said “What I want to do is add the fakes to that old pill case, but after you two are done for the night, I am going to hide the real ones she took and remove the same amount from the fakes and while you and her are relaxing in bed, I want to show those to her and tell her that you and I switched her pills over a week ago and she has really been taking vitamins. Are you in Vince?”Vincent looked at me and then started smiling and said “So, you just want her to think that you changed them and not really doing it right? I’m in.” I told him that afterwards, when I pull those out to show her, he was supposed to say that he came to me and asked if I would change them with fakes and it was before he asked her if he could come over, and when I agreed and said yes, that is when he asked Kelly if he could spend the night with her and that is why he asked to make it just him and her that night. Vincent Escort said “Man. She is going to shit! What if she gets mad?” I said “If she gets upset and tries to get off the bed, start kissing her or something and tell her that you want to fuck her again. Let’s have fun with this okay?” Vincent agreed. After we got back, I went upstairs and Kelly and I went to a lunch. We went to a different place, but I really wasn’t hungry. I drank a pepsi and Kelly ate. I asked her if she has seen Vincent yet and she said “Well, I called earlier to see if he wanted to go to lunch, but they said he already left. I will just tell him later to come over this Saturday okay?” I smiled and said “Sure. If you want to.” She motioned her head yes very fast to tell me she was really interested.I had the fake pills hidden under the towels in the bathroom. Couldn’t leave them anywhere in case she accidently found them and started using them. Vincent came over that Saturday and we had dinner. Afterwards, our plan was Kelly would take him upstairs and fuck his brains out and I could listen in every now and then, but not be there. Kelly and Vincent went upstairs and it didn’t take long at all and I heard Kelly say “Damn! You are so hard. Do you shove a broom stick in your ass and push it in to make it that hard?” It wasn’t long after and all I could hear was Vincent and I knew that Kelly must have been giving him head. It wasn’t much longer and I heard him tell her he was cumming and from the sounds she was making, I knew she still had him in her throat and swallowing his cum.You could hear them just talking and after a while, I heard Kelly tell him that she wants him inside of her. As always, Vincent said “You didn’t forget your pills did you? “ Kelly joked and said “I don’t remember if I took them or not.” Then it got quiet and before long, I heard Kelly saying “Oh that’s it. I want your hard cock. Give it to me.” After that, I heard moans from both of them and knew he was really fucking her good. I also knew that Kelly was fucking him just as hard. Almost 30 minutes later, I heard Vincent say “If you’re not on your pill, tell me now because I am almost ready.” Kelly said “Either way, it doesn’t matter because I’m not letting you pull out or stop. Make me cum! I want to cum with you!” And then they both started cumming very hard on each other. After they were finished, I heard Vincent ask Kelly if there was a chance she could ask me to bring them a drink because he couldn’t move. I tiptoed fast downstairs.Kelly yelled down “Babe? Can you please get us something to drink?” Escort Bayan I grabbed them both a glass of water and took it up to them where I found them both laying on their backs still naked. Vincent said “Thanks.”, and Kelly said she was hoping I would grab her a glass of wine. I told her she shouldn’t drink any alcohol and she said “What? Since when?” I went to the bathroom and quickly grabbed the fake pills and said “Here, you need to see these.” She looked and started to hand them back and then looked real close and said “What is this?” I said “Well, uhhh…” Vincent spoke up and said “A few weeks ago, I handed him some fake pills and asked him to switch out your birth control. I figured you were always joking about not taking them that you wouldn’t mind getting pregnant.” Kelly was stunned and looked at him and then at me and said “Are you guys serious? You switched them. Really? Shit!” When she started to roll over Vincent and was going to head to the bathroom, I nodded to Vincent and he grabbed her by the waist and said “I want to fuck you so bad right now. Please don’t get up.” He held her on top of him and Kelly turned her head to me and mouthed the words “What do I do babe?” I nodded to let her know she might as well keep going.I went back downstairs and when I heard them fucking again, I snuck upstairs and was in the hall listening. This time, when Vincent said he was getting ready to cum, I heard Kelly ask if he would pull it out. Vincent started ho humming back and forth and just as he started cumming, he said “I can’t. It’s too late!” I heard him really grunting and knew he was filling her cunt with his hot cum over and over. I headed back downstairs when I knew they were finished and acted like I was watching TV. Kelly had a robe on and Vincent was dressed and said he needed to get home. He hugged Kelly and they kissed and he reached down and patted her belly and said “Take care of this little guy.” Kelly didn’t think that was very funny.When he left, Kelly was in the kitchen getting some vinegar from under the cabinet and said “I need to get upstairs.” I took the vinegar from her and sat it down and started hugging her and holding her close. I told her that when Vincent ask me to do that, it turned me on and reminded me of how hot it was hearing about her and the others way back when she was in Utah with Marcus. Every time, she would start to say something, I would start in with things like “Remember when you called and said you didn’t have your pills and Marcus was coming over? I remember how great I felt when you Bayan Escort told me the next day that you still fucked him and let him cum in you.” Kelly said “But babe…” And I interrupted her saying “And remember when you called to say you had two others with Marcus that night and everyone fucked you and you told me they filled you up? That was so hot!” Kelly started to say something else and I popped in with “Remember when you said you tried to wash them out, but didn’t think you were getting it? I was so hard when you told me that!” She said “But I need to get upstairs.” I told her I wanted her to sit with me for a few minutes first and then I want to take her upstairs and I was going to fuck her so hard.She said “So you aren’t going to let me do anything about this are you?” I said “Don’t you want to just leave it and have me fucking you later? I really want to fill you tonight.” We sat on the couch and Kelly leaned in to me and snuggled up to me. I could feel Kelly shaking a little and know that we just got her good. After a few minutes, Kelly looked at me and said “Are you sure babe? You want me to leave him in me?” Her voice cracked a little and I know I carried this far enough and said “No. That’s okay.” She started to jump up and I followed her upstairs. Kelly pulled her water bottle out and before she had the vinegar open, I finally said “You don’t need it.” Kelly said “But you just said…” I said “No, I said that’s okay.” I showed you some fake pills. What you really took was your pills. Vincent and I decided to have some fun with you. When I took you to lunch and asked if you invited him over, who do you think he was at lunch with? We had this idea of making you think that you were taking fakes and then Vincent was supposed to say it was he idea to switch your pills and I agreed to it and make you think he was trying to get you pregnant.” I was laughing, but Kelly was not amused, but she did sigh in relief and said “You fucker! Maybe next time, I will really do it. Then, let’s see what you have to say!” I told her that I would still think it’s hot and she would be the one shaking like a leaf when she is telling me she fucked a guy and didn’t take her birth control. She gave me a big hug and said “Damn you! I am so gunning for you two now! Just wait. When I see Vincent again, don’t tell him that you told me the truth. I’m going to tell him that when you showed me the fake pills, I had already switched my real ones out with sugar pills so that you wouldn’t know. And see the look on his face when he thinks it was a joke on me, when I actually make it seem like I took other fake ones and not the real ones. I am going to keep this one up and let him sweat for a few weeks and then tell him I missed my period! Will you help me do that?” Well. You know me.I always like a good joke!!

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