Kiki & Me – Chapter 1


Kiki & Me – Chapter 1Chapter OneI Found Her1.1“I met this girl name Kiki, I guess u can say she was a sex fiend…I saw her in the online chat room masturbating with a magazine….”Inspired By:PrinceTitle:From the song “Darling Nikki”It was the heat in her loins that drove her to look for pleasure and contentment on AFF. She perused the ads looking for someone to vanquish the year-long flames that consumed her. In her search through the online catalog of men, she found her. There were many men of different backgrounds, shapes and sizes in proximity to her, but it was only one person she contacted who resided in a different state. Tricky90210. Through the many profiles with pictures of all types of faces and body parts, it was Tricky’s beautiful and magnetically attracting face that caught her attention in the sea of men’s pics. So, after a moment of self-debating, she decided to contact her and hence commence the beginning of a long and adventurous friendship with a person whom was not like the people in her world.So through the profile and online pictures, she began to get acquainted with this exquisite creature. The more she learned about her, the more her fascination grew. From reading her profile, she learned that she was actually a he. A him, who pictorially represented herself as a beautiful woman but honestly muğla escort stated she was a man, a man who enjoyed the carnal desires of both hims and hers. This was a relief to her as she has never desired a woman and she did not understand the basis of her current attraction. As she perused her online photos, her attraction amplified but this unrealized same sex attraction was a mystery even to herself. She continued to read the profile and look at the photos finding they intensified the heat in her loins causing it to rise and spread through her body. Through pictorial introduction, she admired the perfectly coiffed hair, beautifully smoothed and applied made up face, and a sensual yet provocatively inviting smile. As she looked at the next photo in her profile, she loved the endearing and tendering pose in the picture demonstrating lithe and softness. Her stirrings became intensified yet she also felt this sense of guardianship of such a delicate thing. She advanced to the next picture that oozed sensuality and seductiveness and the next most revealing picture, caused her to leave her computer and masturbate some of the burning heat away. She returned to her computer, a bit sweaty, and continued looking at the next revealing picture that not only negated all facts of her being a muğla escort bayan woman but showed she had a nice little package to offer too. This last revealing photo sent her away from her computer again to masturbate. This time she required her favorite vibrator, a nice thick, well-endowed tool that hit her g-spot perfectly. She laid herself in the bed, inserted her vibrator and put her notebook on her chest so she could stare at Tricky’s photo while she masturbated. She envisioned it was Tricky between her legs, driving that nice little package in and out repeatedly until a ball of heat increased in her loins. She lifted her legs and spread them wider to allow for deeper penetration. She allowed that conflagration to intensify until it exploded causing her to tremble and scream out. She enjoyed the pulsations caused by the orgasm until they subsided. With heavy breath, she returned to her desktop computer to continue looking through Tricky’s profile. What she read only amazed her more.Tricky’s profile not only indicated she was a male, but she was a male with c***dren who lives in southern California. She is small for a guy, standing only about 5’5”. She guessed most of her height went into her endowment which was average in comparison but more than average for a small guy. escort muğla She is athletically fit, African American, light smoker and drinker and she was a performer. It didn’t take rocket science to assume performing meant performing as a drag queen. From her profile introduction “Forget milk, I’ll do your body good” was a strong indicator Ms. Thing enjoyed the hell out of sex and she was open to most types of sexual opportunities from men, women, and especially couples. Her pictures revealed her to have a nice hot chocolate with milk brown skin complexion, almond shaped eyes, small but wide nose, nice-sized sensual lips, not too full yet not thin and a beautiful smile complimented by nice pearly whites. In addition to her physical attributes, her pictures revealed her to be a diva in the true sense of the word. The type of woman envied by other women because of their natural diva qualities. Once she read her profile, she knew there was something about this person and she had to become acquainted with her.Ignoring the overwhelming desire to have sex with someone now, she initiated an e-mail to Tricky that Saturday evening. She simply wrote “U r gorgeous!! I hope you don’t mind the intrusion but I had to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy yourself meeting new people.” She only had to wait a half a day for a response that said “Thank you. Nothing makes you feel good as when you get a response such as the one you sent me. Kiki” Her response was short, sweet and to the point and now, she knew her name. She decided that was enough of that and let it go. She let it go for about a week.

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