Last Night at Camp


ok it was about 9 or 10 at night the last day of creation fest 2006, i had been really horny all week because this was a christn camp and i didnt think any of the girls were into that sort of thing. anyway i had just got done with the last concert of the night when i was walking around looking for a group of people to hang out with when i met amy. she was 16, blonde hair blue eyes about 5’5 tan nice round ass and 38 c breasts.
i sat down with her and her brother at there camp fire and we started talking about concerts we had been to that week. all of a sudden evey one gets tired and starts going to sleep. so she askes if i wanna camp out there since my campsite was a really far walk in tha dark, so i sayd yea sure why not. so were laying outside under the stars and is about 56 degrees outside and shes geting a lil cold so i ask her if she wants to cuddle up to me. she says “no its on i will be fine after i fall asleep” me being really horny moves closer to her anyway. after about 15 mins im starting to doze off to sleep shen she shakes me saying “i got to go pee will u walk me to the bathroom?”
me being a gentleman sayd “yes” so as were walking she gets closer to me so i pull the blanket around her to keep her warm. we walk past the bathroom as were talking and i say “i thought u needto to use the restroom” she replys” Escort no i just wanted to ger you alone toget to know you better” so im geting really chiiled so i wrap my arms around me waist as the blanket covers us. we get to talking about past relationships as we get close back to her camp. as we sit down next to thje smoldering fire she says out of no where that i have a nice body. im taken back by this and say ” yea and how would you know that??” (now i dont mean to brag but i consider myself to have a really hot body, im brown hair blue eyes 5’9 really tan 6pac u name it) and she replys “well maby you should show me” so she takes my hand and leads me to her tent. as she zips the door she turns around and plats a kiss in my lips, i then open my mouth and slide my tounge into hers. she then starts pulling my shirt up over my head as i say “should we really be doing this, i mean ur parents could wake up at any time!” “i dont care im so horny” she says. she then reaches down into my shorts and starts rubing my hardening cock. i tilt my head back and moan a lil as i start pulling her top up over her head. i open my eyes to the best pair of tits i had ever seen. i then proceeded to kiss her neck and breasts as i reached arounf to unclip her bra. i slid it down her arms as her pink nipples stood out in the cool air. i leaned Escort Bayan in and took one in my mouth and rolled the nipple around with my tounge as she ran her fingers through my hair, then i reached down and slid her pants down as she layed down on her blow up mattress with her legs spred wide apart as i got my first glimps of her hot shaved cunt. i leaned in as i smelled her sweet musky sent as i parted her pussy lips with my fingertips ans started runing my tounge up and down her slit. she threw her head back and wimmperd a lil bit as i covered her whole pussy with my mouth and slid my tounge between ur pussy lips and sucked on her clit gently. she let out another lil wimper as i felt her tense up as a warm fluid covers my tounge, i instantly knew she had came. i kissed my way back up her body as i looked in her eyes and sayed “that was my 1st time eating a girl out” she replyed “omg that was the best orgasam i have ever had” i then sayed” i want to go further with you but i dont have any condoms with me”, “its ok i have some in my purse” i layed on my back as she rolled the condom down my throbing 9″ cock. and thats when i relized i was about to fuck a chick i had only known for a good half hour. after that she straddled me as i reached down and grabed my cock and pointed it at her we fuck hole, i sayed “go slow Bayan Escort baby i wanna enjoy this” with that she slowly impaled herself onto my cock. inch by inch she slid down till she was siting on top of me, i then grabed her hips and she started to slide up and down my cock as the tilted her head back and moaned. as i started trusting upward into her cunt she met me with eaqualy hard downward thrusts as my cock went deeper into her,
she started panting as i increased my speed. i then asked if she wanted me to be on top since she was doing all the hard work. she sayed yes as i rolled over ontop of her and pulled her legs up over my shoulders as i inserted my cock back into her steamy hot love box. i fucked her harder and harder as she looked me in the eyes and sayd “oh my god ur cock feels so good inside me, i wanna feel u cum inside my cunt” i pumped for another 10 or 15 min before i felt my back tense up. i leaned over her and whisperd in her ear “oh yea baby im cuuuummmmiiiiing!!!!!” i pumped what seemed like gallons of my seed into her as i lay down on top of her. i then pulled the condom off and got dressed as i unziped her tent door and steped ot to see the sun starting to rise, i looked back at her and sayed i hope to see you hear next year babe, with that i kisses her softly on the lips and headed back to my camp to pack up and go home.


plz this is my 1st story comment me on if it was good or bad

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