Laura’s Birthday Surprise


Laura’s Birthday SurpriseLaura was unhappy it was her 23rd birthday and it wasn’t much of a birthday. Her and Jimmy had moved here right after she graduated from nursing school. They had been married for three years and Jimmy had always had a big get together with her family for her birthday when they lived back home. Now they lived in the city and Laura worked from 7p.m. to 7 a.m.at the hospital and Jimmy worked days at the factory so they did not see a great deal of each other. In fact Jimmy had not even made it home from work before she had to leave for work. He got off work at 4:30 but he must have stopped off for a beer with the guys he had been doing that a lot lately. Her momma had sent her a card but all in all it had to be her worst birthday ever.Laura worked her unit with Claire, a black woman probably 33 or 34 years old. She was a nurse’s aid so she worked for Laura. Claire was an attractive woman and as a result drew Sam and Clyde two black men who worked in maintenance around usually a couple of times every night. Since they were in a post surgical ward once the patients were asleep there was not a whole lot to do so the visits were a nice distraction. Laura had never been around that many grown men and never in a work environment. Back home there were only a couple of black families and Laura did not know them very well. Claire and the men’s conversations would sometimes get on the subject of sex. Laura had always made a quick exit whenever this happened but a while back Claire had laughed at her when she got ready to leave saying “there she goes again we mentioned S-E-X”. Laura was embarrassed and tried to lie and say that was not the reason but they knew it was. They asked her what was the matter girl didn’t her and her husband have sex. Laura felt that this was none of their business but answered defiantly and said yes that they did. She did not know it but they were leading her in. Oh yea when was the last time came the next question. Their busy schedules made it hard for her to remember as she was thinking. Sam said damn girl I can’t believe you have to think about it if I had a woman that looked as fine as you do at home I would be bumping with that all the time. Clyde agreed. Laura was pleased by the compliment, even if it was somewhat crude, it seemed like a long time since her Jimmy had told her how good she looked. Laura was unnecessarily self-conscious. She had gained a couple of pounds over the last year but it had gone to the right places it was merely growing from a skinny young girl to a voluptuous woman. When her and Jimmy were married she weighed a mere one hundred pounds and was almost straight up and down. When she got on birth control pills is when the change occurred her hips had flared and her breast had swollen. She now weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds at five foot five inches tall and measured 34D- 23-34. Her long blonde hair, clear blue eyes and flawless complexion added up to a country beauty. She had always thought that she was pretty back home but in this big city there were so many other pretty girls around.When Sam and Clyde arrived that night they noticed that Laura was in a dumpy mood and asked what was wrong she explained about her birthday. She was buzzed by a patient and when she returned Claire and the guys were whispering and when she asked, they would not tell her what they were talking about. Even after Sam and Clyde were gone Claire would not tell Laura what they were talking about. Laura did not want to get her hopes up again only to get them crushed but she thought that maybe they were doing something for her birthday.Sure enough a little before time to get off they came back around and said that they had a cake and stuff for her and that they could go to Sam’s house and have a little party. Laura thought that she probably should not go but what the heck Jimmy would be gone to work when she got home and she didn’t have to work that night. So she agreed to go. The guys said that they would go and get things ready while Laura and Claire gave report to the nurses coming on duty and then Claire would drive Laura over.They arrived at Sam’s house it was a little house that definitely lacked a woman’s touch. The living room and dining room were together to make one big room. They had cake and punch on the table and music playing. There were two other black men there, friends of Sam’s they were introduced as Ray and Gregory. Clyde had already made glasses of punch for everyone. Laura took a drink and felt the familiar burn of alcohol in her throat when she asked they said yeaa that they had juiced it up just a little but that it wouldn’t be a party without it. She finished her first glass as they talked and they poured her another as they lit the candles on the cake. When she blew out the candles Sam made a toast to her birthday and they urged her to chug down her second punch and they got her a third glass. No longer did she feel the burn of the alcohol but only tasted the sweet punch.As Laura ate her cake and sipped on her drink, she began to feel the tingling of a good buzz. It had been several hours since she ate and she was not a big drinker any way. She thought that maybe she had better quit drinking but thought that Claire was driving and it was her birthday so she would have maybe one or two more. Besides Jimmy went out drinking with his work buddies why couldn’t she. After they had finished their cake they had another surprise for her they even had a present for her.When Laura got up to go to the living room to open her present she was a little bit wobbly. Sam and Clyde smiled, the pure grain alcohol they had added to the punch was having the effect that they had desired. Clyde quickly refilled her glass for her. They sang happy birthday and Clyde toasted her and she downed another glass of punch before she was allowed to open her present. Laura pulled off the bow and wrapping paper and opened the box to find that they had gotten her lingerie. It was a shear and lacy teddie with little shear white g-string and white thigh high hose. They told her if that did not get her husband excited then nothing would. After several more compliments Laura got to her wobbly legs and went and hugged Sam and thanked him and then went over to Clyde and hugged him and thanked him. Clyde said that she was totally welcome he just wished that he could see her in it. The rest of them chimed in and said yea that they would all like to see her in it including Claire. Claire told Laura yea that it only seemed fair that they had bought her the birthday present and Jimmy had not even got her anything he shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy it. The compliments were a needed boost to Laura’s bruised ego she thought that at least these men thought that she was attractive.Laura knew that she Escort should not be in front of four men in something as skimpy and see through as the outfit and she knew that Jimmy would not approve. But the alcohol was clouding her judgment and the hurt that Jimmy had not come home coupled the peer pressure had her thoughts running towards doing it. She told them no that she did not think that she could. They persisted and wore her down and she finally agreed to just go back and try it on with Claire.Claire and Laura went back to the bedroom so that she could try on the outfit but before they went they had once again cajoled her in to downing her drink. The buzz of earlier was now full fledged. Claire helped her out of her nurse’s uniform. When Laura released her bra Claire was impressed and told her golly girl you have got some big boobs for such a little thing. She looked at Laura’s Bra and said wow 34-D girl you are stacked. Laura enjoyed the compliment as she pushed off her granny type Hanes that she wore with her white nurses’ pants. Laura was a natural blond and as a result her pubic hair was light and sparse making the lips of her pussy easily visible.She pulled on the little G-string that left her firm little ass uncovered and then sat down on the bed to put on the hose. When she pulled the teddie over her head Claire told her that she looked hot. When Laura looked in the mirror she agreed. The out fit was the sexy type that covered everything but left little to the imagination. Her tits were large but they were firm and stood out proudly, being of fair complexion her areolas were a pale pink but they were still visible and her nipples were hard and making nice sized bumps in the fabric. Laura said that she couldn’t go out in this that you could see right threw it. Claire explained to her how Sam and Clyde had done such a good job picking it out that they really ought to get to see her in it. She played on Laura’s anger telling her you know Jimmy didn’t get you anything. This is a good way to pay him back to let these guys get a good look. Laura knew that it was too revealing and that she shouldn’t do it but for some reason she felt that she should. The combination of seeing herself dressed so sexily, the hurt of Jimmy, the alcohol and the excitement of being dressed like that in front of these men all spurred her on. The only man who had ever seen her naked was Jimmy and he was her first and only sex partner. Looking at herself in the mirror, with the thought of showing her self to these men dressed this way made her tingle all over. She reasoned to herself that she was just going to let them see it and that was all, after all Claire was there to keep anything from happening. She asked Claire “all I have to do is just show them and then I can come back and change right” and Claire said sure baby as soon as you want to come and change you can. So Laura agreed to just go out and let them see it.Claire said okay then she would go out and put on some music and then she could come out and model for them. When Laura came out there was music with a strong beat playing. Sam, Clyde and Gregory were sitting on the couch and Ray was in the other chair. They hooted and hollered as Laura made a few turns so that they all got a good view from all sides then she stopped and just stood there. Claire brought her drink to her and said come on girl is that the best you got. Laura asked what she meant and Claire said come on girl I know you got to have some moves or can’t you dance. Laura took the challenge and said hell yea that she could dance. Well then said Claire lets see you get nasty and put some lumps in some trousers or else I will have to show you how it is done. Laura was spurred on by the challenge and chugged down the rest of her drink and told Claire to put on another song. As the song started Laura began to dance and sway her hips sexily. The guys were hooting and Claire was cheering her on. Laura’s firm young breast bounced, shook and jiggled as she moved, and her nipples were at full mast. She danced first in front of the couch and then over to Ray. When she danced back over in front of the couch she turned her back to them spread her legs and bent at the waist. When she got beyond parallel the top began to fall forward but she grabbed it with one hand and kept it over her tits. It rode up the back though and exposed her bare ass and thinly clad pussy. When she repeated the move for Ray they pleaded for her to let go of the top but she held it in place. The song ended and there definitely were some bulges in some pants. The guys were cheering for more as Laura went over to Claire and in a smug way said how was that. Laura did not expect Claire’s response she said that it was okay. Laura thought that she had done a great job and expected to hear so. Claire said I thought that you were going to get nasty. Laura said that she thought that she did get nasty. Claire said no by nasty I mean like playing with you tits some maybe pulling on a nipple or licking a nipple. I know you can lick your nipples with jugs like that. She said and when you leaned over your hand shouldn’t have been on your top you should have spread your cheeks or slid your hand between your legs, now that would have been nasty. Laura said hell if I would have done that the top would have fallen into my face to where I couldn’t see. Claire said well you could just take it off but your to chicken for that. Laura retorted back and said start another song I will show you chicken. The guys cheered at the promise of what was to come.Sam and Clyde were happy, they had hoped that this might happen but they couldn’t believe their luck. They had this pretty little white girl dancing for them wearing next to nothing and Claire was getting her to do more.Laura had enjoyed dancing the first time she liked the way it felt and the way that the guys looked at her. She had seen the bulges in their pants and liked knowing she was causing them. Claire started the next song and Laura began to move and rub her hands over her body. Her hands traveled to her tits she cupped them in her hands, pushed them together and shook them for the guys. She then let her fingers travel to her nipples she pinched them and pulled on them and it sent shivers through her body. Laura was not accustomed to touching herself and right about now she was wondering why because it felt really good. In sent electric shivers coursing through her body. The music was too loud to actually hear the moan that escaped her lips but the look on her face gave away that she had struck a nerve and everyone in the room knew it. Her eyes were closed as she continued to fondle her breast. Claire walked in behind Laura and took hold of the bottom of the flimsy top and began raising it. The guys were happy Escort Bayan to see Laura raise her arms to allow Claire to remove the garment. Her big tits were now naked for all to see. She shook them around a little for the guys to see and then took them in her hands again remembering what Claire had said to her she pushed them up and leaned her head over and sure enough she was able to flick her tongue over her nipples. She could feel the moisture between her legs and she hoped that the little g-string was containing it. She bent at the waist again and spread her cheeks like Claire said and when she put her hand between her legs and rubbed it over her mound once again a moan came from deep in her being.The song ended and she raised up Claire started another song and Sam got up from the couch and asked if he could have this dance. Laura answered yes as she stood in just the little g-string and thigh high stockings. The song was a slow one and Sam pulled her body against his and took her ass into his hands. His large hands easily cupped her cheeks. As they danced Laura could feel Sam’s cock rubbing against her belly. Sam worked his leg between her legs and using his hands on her ass began to rub her crotch into his thigh. Her pussy had now taken over, no longer was she thinking with her brain but instead following her a****l urges. She reached down to unfasten Sam’s pants to get at what was inside. When she had them open and his zipper unzipped Sam let go and she slid down to her knees pulling his pants with her. Sam’s cock was straining at his boxers. Laura took the waist band in her hands and began to remove his shorts. His cock hung in the waist band and when it broke free it bobbed up down in front of her face. She now had his pants and underwear down around his ankles. She took his dick in her hands and began to rub up and down its length. Her little white hands barely wrapped all the way around it. Sam took her head in his hands and told her to suck on it. She opened her lips and shoved as much of it as she could into her mouth.She bobbed her head up and down slurping and sucking on his member. Clyde moved off of the couch and began to play with her tits. He fondled them in his hands and began to play with her nipples. When he pinched her nipples between his fingers it sent an exquisite feeling of both pain and pleasure through Laura causing her to let out a muffled shriek. Clyde noticed her response and intensified his attack upon her nipples. He began twisting and pulling on them pinching harder and pulling on them more enjoying the looks on her face. He thought that it was nice to have his hands on these fine tits that he had been fantasizing about for so long. As her moans and contortions of her face intensified from his playing he pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and then began pulling on her nipples. The feeling of pleasure and pain was too much for Laura she let Sam’s cock fall from her mouth. And let out a shriek. When she looked down the thought of a cow being milked back home crossed her mind when she saw her milky white tits being pulled like an udder by these two black hands. When her nipples finally stretched to their limit and pulled from his grasp they shook on her chest and her mouth fell open giving Sam the opportunity to put his dick back in her mouth She resumed her slurping on Sam’s rod as Clyde chose his next attack. Moving the material of the g-string to the side he slipped a finger into her wet slippery hole with ease.Clyde said man is she wet, this bitch is hot. He worked his finger in and out a couple of times and then found her clit and rubbed it . Laura’s first orgasm swept over her, she moaned and growled pushing Sam to the edge he began pumping into her mouth and soon shot his load. Laura had never let Jimmy cum in her mouth and only blew him when she had to but this was so sudden that all she could do was swallow. As his load subsided she could now taste his seed and she liked the taste. She polished off his knob cleaning it with her tongue as it lost its erection.Clyde was now naked and had a big hard on ready to use on her. He moved her to the couch and positioned himself between her legs. He took hold of the g-string but before removing it he had it in the front and back and he slid the silky material between her pussy lips which bulged forth on both sides of the material now. He moved it back and forth a couple of times and the material rubbed against her clit triggering another orgasm that soaked the material. This orgasm was more intense than the first and caused Laura to arch her back and her breathing increased, her whole being was centered on her pussy and she was ready to get fucked, not made loved to but fucked like an a****l.Clyde said damn this bitch has done got off twice and I haven’t even stuck it in yet. He was enjoying this he had dreamed many times of fucking this little white bitch and he now had her in a position where he could do as he pleased. He pulled her wet panties off of her and positioned his dick at the entrance to her pussy she spread her legs wide to accommodate him. Her pretty pink pussy made quite a site spread wide open like that. Clyde wiped the head of his dick up and down it a couple of times to get it wet. He looked down at her and said do you want old Clyde to fuck you baby. Laura needed it bad she said Yes, Clyde I want it stick it in me so he then began to push it in. Laura let out a moan as she felt her pussy being filled with Clyde’s dick. Only the second dick ever to be there. As juicy as she was it only took two strokes for Clyde to be buried to his balls. He developed a rhythm as he pulled it almost out and then slammed it back in. Laura looked down and saw the big black dick being pumped into her little pink pussy. She looked over and saw Claire on her hands and knees with Ray and Gregory filling her from both ends and that just excited her further and she began to cheer Clyde on telling him to fuck her good and to fuck her hard.Clyde was picking up his pace and was slamming into her pretty hard, fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before. Her tits were shaking and jiggling from the pounding. He leaned forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth he bit on it and rolled it between his teeth and as she began to squeal he pulled on it with his teeth until it finally popped from his grip. He did the same to the other side triggering her third orgasm. Her rosy pink nipples were now a dark red from the abuse he had inflicted on them. Her squirming and the contracting of her pussy pushed Clyde over the edge and he thrust in one more time and began pumping his seed deep into her womb. Once he was finished cumming he pulled his dick out and moved up to where she eagerly licked and sucked him clean.Gregory Bayan Escort said that he was about ready to pop his load. Claire took his dick out of her mouth and said okay baby but not in my mouth. Clyde then told Gregory that since Claire would not let him cum in her mouth why didn’t he come over and let Laura suck him dry. Sam had been the first to cum in her mouth and the second did not seem to be far behind. Gregory moved over and stuck his dick in Laura’s face She wasn’t sure she wanted him cumming in her mouth but it seemed she had no choice. She went to work on his hard cock she was sucking on the knob as she stroked his shaft with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. Pretty soon she felt him begin to tense up as he prepared to shoot off. She swallowed as quickly as possible as several thick squirts filled her mouth. What she could not swallow leaked from the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin and fell on her tits. She sucked every last drop out of him and then cleaned off his tool as she had done the others. Afterward she took her fingers and scooped what had leaked out and licked it up also it didn’t taste bad at all in fact she kind of liked it. Gregory said damn girl you like that don’t you. Laura said yes that she liked it and she was ready for some more. All of the guys had just cum once so none of them were ready yet. Ray said if you want some more baby I just put a big load right here and pointed to Claire’s pussy. Claire was apprehensive she had never had another woman there before. Laura hesitated and Claire said no that she did not have to lick cum out of her pussy. But the guys kept egging her on she looked at Claire’s pussy it was much hairier than hers and darker like her skin but her lips stuck out shiny and wet from the fucking she had received. Clyde said baby if you want any more dick you got to lick that pussy. Laura said okay that she would do it if Claire did not mind. Claire did not get to answer Sam said she don’t mind go on. Laura reached out and touched Claire who jumped at the touch causing Laura to pull back. Laura looked at Claire she did not want to hurt her . Claire’s sex drive was now taking over she smiled at Laura and told her to go ahead baby, she now wanted to feel the hot little white girls wet tongue on her clit. Laura leaned back in and spread Claire’s folds with her fingers. Laura thought that Claire felt much different than herself, her pubic hair was much thicker and coarser. She could smell the aroma of her sex. When Laura leaned in and lapped at her with her tongue Claire coached her to continue telling her yea baby come on lick me good. Laura licked around a little more and the mixed love juices began to flow out of Claire’s pussy and Laura lapped them up. She stuck her tongue as far as she could up in to Claire’s vagina licking out all that she could. Claire began coaching her telling her to lick her clit. Laura knew what made her feel good so she went to trying to make Claire feel good.She soon had Claire squirming and moaning. She grabbed Laura’s head and thrust her hips up at her mouth as her orgasm swept over her. The orgasm seemed to last for several minutes before She released Laura’s head and collapsed back exhausted as Laura gently tongued her.The show now had stirred some life back into some dicks and Sam moved in behind Laura and sank his tool into her. Claire moved out of the way so that Ray could put his dick in her mouth. The two were pumping her from both ends. Claire had things to do so she got dressed. She asked Sam if they were going to get Laura back to her car and he said that they would take care of her. Laura looked up from the fucking she was taking as Claire told her that she had to go but that Sam said he would take her back to her car when she was ready. She finished by telling her to have fun.Laura knew that she should leave with Claire but she was enjoying getting fucked and besides with her gone that left two more cocks for her when she got done. When the two of them had each pumped their load into her body. Laura once again cleaned up theirs cocks with her mouth. As soon as she was done Clyde and Gregory took their places and began fucking her from both ends.Sam looked at Ray and said how much dick you think this little white bitch is gonna take. Ray said I don’t know but she is one nasty bitch I never seen no girl eat no other girls pussy like that. Sam said maybe you ought to call your brother and let him and his buddy come over and take a turn at this. Sam said that he knew they would enjoy that Ray placed the call as Gregory and Clyde continued to work on the little white girl. Gregory stroked his dick in and out of her now well lubricated pussy a couple of times and then said baby how about I try a little of this ass. Laura had never been fucked in the ass Jimmy had mentioned it once but she had never let him try. Laura quit sucking on Clyde and told him that nobody had ever done that and that she didn’t think he would fit. Clyde said sure he will baby you just let him show you. Gregory took his dick in his hand and began to push it into her virgin ass hole. Laura felt some pain as Gregory was forcing his dick into her ass. She grimaced in pain as he slowly worked his way in. Clyde seeing her discomfort decided to transfer her attention by reaching under and grabbing her big tits that he liked so much. He found her battered nipples and resumed his attack on them. Gregory reached around and began to rub on her clit to get her to relax as he worked his dick past her spincter. The rubbing on her clit and pulling on her nipples triggered another orgasm. Once the orgasm had subsided the pain in her ass had waned and Gregory was able to begin pumping her tight little back door and she went back to sucking on Clyde’s hard member. Gregory was the first to come pumping his load deep in her bowels. She was still sucking on Clyde’s dick when the men Ray had called arrived.Laura looked up to see that there were now two more black men there to fuck her she did not know what to do but her question was answered quickly because the men didn’t wait for introductions. One of them had his dick stuffed in her pussy in no time and the feeling told her that this was the thing to do. Clyde shot his load in her mouth and she lapped it up before the second man took his place. More men arrived and they took turns fucking her for the next three and a half hours. They fucked her every which way, in her mouth, pussy and ass. Sometimes all three holes at once. All in all she had fucked ten different guys several times each before she stopped.As she showered in Sam’s shower the cum was still running out of her pussy and ass. She hoped that Jimmy wouldn’t want to have sex with her that night. Surely he would be able to tell how full of cum her pussy was and her nipples were so sore that she doubted that she could wear a bra.As she drove home she thought of how her birthday had turned out not to be her worst yet and wondered how long it would be before she visited Sam’s place again

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