Losing My Virginity

Big Tits

My name is Liz Martin and this is the story on how I lost my virginity to a boy I’ve had a crush on since elementary school.

I know I’m not the best looking girl on the planet. I wasn’t back then neither. I was flat chested with boyish looks. I was friends with my crush Kyle and he treated me like one of the boys and not one his girls. Kyle wasn’t a pimp but girls seemed to fall head over heels for him and I was one of them. He was gorgeous and resembled Keanu Reeves as the years gone by. Kyle seemed to be drawn to girls with large boobs. I barely fitted into an A cup while growing up. However, by the time summer rolled by and I was entering high school, I blew up quite nicely.

I started off as a C cup girl and months later, I developed D cups. Another summer rolled by and I was a Double D cup. I was amazed by how much tit I grew and so were the boys around school. Even though all the pretty boys couldn’t keep their eyes off my breasts, they never approached me or even tried to hit on me because I didn’t look like a hot cheerleader. I was considered an ugly girl with big tits. Mostly dorks and horny old men hit on me. And even though I had huge boobs, Kyle didn’t treat me differently. He started picking on me and he even gave me the nickname Jugs.

I was 18 and in my senior year at high school. I didn’t think my boobs could have gotten any bigger then Double D’s but I was wrong. A recent trip to the Doctor’s office told me that I was carrying 42EE’s. My mom was just as surprised, as I was to learn that. The doctor offered to give me a breast reduction but I decided I wouldn’t get rid of a part of me and my new enormous breasts were apart of me.

Hear I am, 5’2, weighting 138, slightly chubby with huge boobs and a huge bubble butt. I may have a body that men would love to fuck, but I had a face that men would love to get the fuck away from.

Kyle and I grew apart during our last year of high school. After we graduated, I completely lost contract with him. I was planning on going to college in the fall but didn’t want to sit around the house doing nothing over the summer. I applied for many jobs over the summer and got hired at Chuck E Cheese.

My supervisor Mark Gidson was more interested in my huge breasts, which were cased inside a tight red and green Chuck E Cheese top and bulging like I stuffed my bra with two basketballs. I got a lot of attention of little kids’ fathers. Even the giant mouse mascot for Chuck E Cheese couldn’t keep his eyes off my bobbing melons.

As the summer continued, I was shocked out of my mind to see Kyle come inside Chuck E. Cheese with his little brother.

“Hey Liz. Long time no see,” Kyle said with a huge smile.

I smiled back and replied.

“Yes it has been Kyle. Good to see you’re still alive.”

Kyle sends his little brother off to play and I took my 15 minutes lunch break early, so Kyle and I could catch up on old times. My 15 minutes turned into a half an hour and then an hour. I could hear my boss searching for me.

“Will I better get back to work before I get fired,” I said.

“Why don’t I stop by when you’re closing so we can continue our conversation?” Kyle asked.

“I would like that,” I replied with a huge smile.

Kyle and I gazed into each other’s eyes and then he was off. I got up and went back to work before my boss could find me sitting on my huge ass.

My workday had ended and Kyle did come back as I was closing up shop. I let him inside the place since I was there alone.

“Man what I wouldn’t do for a nice slice of pepperoni pizza,” Kyle said.

“I could make that happen? And you did say anything right?” I rephrased to him in a curious manner.

“I guess I would do anything for a slice of pizza. I haven’t eaten all day,” Kyle explained.

Now was my time to show Kyle what I was made of. I leaned over and gave Kyle a small peck on the lips. Kyle backed away and seemed very surprised.

“Whoa! Liz! That was very unexpected,” Kyle replied.

As I started to feel embarrassed, Kyle leaned balgat escort forwarded and returned the kiss. He added some tongue and grabbed the back of my head like he was trying to swallow my mouth whole. I moved my hands up and down Kyle’s back and slid them down to his firm ass. I squeezed both of his sexy buttocks as we continued to suck face.

We paused for a minute and looked over to the Chuck E Cheese cage that was filled with different color balls. Kyle grabbed my hand and we walked over to the cage. We kicked off our shoes and climbed inside. Kyle and I lied down in the balls and resumed kissing. I let his hands roam all over my voluptuous body. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had a guy’s hands feel me up, but feeling Kyle’s large, soft hands were the best. His hands stayed at my double E’s and squeezed and massaged them through my shirt.

“Let’s get this shirt off,” Kyle said eagerly.

I sat up and tugged my shirt out of my jeans. Kyle helped me lift my shirt off over my head. My huge 42EE white lacy bra was exposed to him. Kyle was mind boggled.

“I knew you were huge Liz but nothing like this,” Kyle said with excitement in his voice.

Kyle dove face down into my cleavage and began kissing and licking between my bra-clad breasts. He dug his fingers into my bra cups and felt the flesh of my breasts for the first time. No guy has ever felt my bare breast before. Of course, I barely got any play from guys anyways.

Kyle reached inside my bra and pulled out my enormous left tit, baring it to him in all its glory. My nipples were hard, medium sized erasers. My pink areolas were the size of saucers. Kyle reached into my other bra cup and pulled out my right tit. Now both of my enormous E’s were bare before his eyes.

“They’re so fucking huge and beautiful. So soft and creamy,” Kyle gasped.

Kyle now had his hands full of my pillowy pale breasts. Squeezing and kneading them like bread dough. His fingers had a tight grip on my breasts and even his large hands couldn’t stop my breasts from overflowing from his grip. His thumbs brushed against my rock-hard nipples and began pushing my nipples into my breasts. I squealed with pleasure as my breasts experienced a male’s hands on them for the first time.

He pushed both of my enormous breasts together and began assaulting my nipples with his tongue. Slithering his tongue over both of my erected nipples. Then he moved his lips over them and began sucking on them like a baby nursing from its mother.

“OH GOD!” I moaned in pleasure as Kyle crammed his mouth with my big tits. Alternating between both of my tits and sucking on them hard.

While my breasts were under his mercy, I moved my hands to his jeans and began unzipping them. I reached inside his jeans and maneuvered my hands inside the slit of his boxers. I pulled out his thick, long cock and began stroking it. I’ve done handjobs twice in my life but Kyle’s cock was by far the thickness cock I’ve ever touched.

Kyle continued increasing the sucking on my breasts and nipples. Using his thick tongue to trace circles around my nipples and bite down on them when he was done. I could feel his teeth chewing away at my nipples and his lips vacuuming my tit flesh between them. I felt my first orgasms take control of my body and I just lost it.

“Oh god yes! Oh god Kyle! Suck my tits. Oh god! Oohhhhh Kyle!” I moaned as I continued stroking his fat dick.

I came without warning as Kyle sucked my tits.

Kyle stopped sucking my tits and began jiggling my massive mammaries, watching them ripple before his eyes as they were drenched in his saliva. He then buried his head between them and used his hands to squeeze my giant jugs around his head. I could feel his tongue licking away at my sweaty cleavage. Kyle then lifted his head up and pulled at my nipples. Stretching them outwards from my breasts.

“Ohhhh! I love these breasts Liz. Let’s see what else you’ve been hiding from me all these years,” Kyle said as he gave my breasts a few more squeezes batıkent escort before dropping them down like a sack of huge potatoes. My breasts were glistening and slapped back and forth nicely after he dropped them.

I had to let go of Kyle’s cock unfortunately so he could undo my work pants. He pulled my pants all the way down to my ankles and then tossed them off my feet. He gazed at my moist cotton panties and he knew he was in for a treat. No one has ever gotten to my forbidden spot before, so I was glad that Kyle would be the first.

He pulled my panties down off my feet and revealing my landing strip patch and wet pussy. He immediately planted his mouth against my cunt. He used my thick thighs to hold my legs up high in the air while his tongue worked over my clitoris. Furiously licking back and forth on it, sending mega chills through my body. He could taste the previous cum from my last orgasm, dripping between my labia.

“Uhhhhhhhh!” I moaned as Kyle sucked and licked away at my pussy hole.

“Hmmmm! So sweet. What a sweet wet cunt Liz,” Kyle groaned as he slithered his tongue further up my moist snatch.

I was pinching and pulling at my hard nipples while Kyle ate me out. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I felt his teeth scarping against my clitoris while the tip of his tongue flicked away at it. My pussy had become more soak by the minutes.

“Oh God! Oh oh oh! Kyle! Oh oh oh! Oh my God, oh…” I trailed off as Kyle was at my g-spot tearing it up with his tongue.

Kyle began licking between my pussy folds while his thumb rubbed at my clitoris rapidly. My orgasm hit me long and hard and I was moaning non-stop.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and began filling Kyle’s mouth up with my love juices. Kyle continued licking and sucking my pussy while swallowing every drop of my sweet cum.

After a few seconds of calming down and catching our breaths, Kyle stood up and his cock was extremely throbbing and hard. He looked to be a good 9 1/2 inches. He pulled the rest of his jeans down off his feet, along with his boxers.

“Please suck my cock,” Kyle moaned to me and I wasn’t about to say no.

Kyle kneeled next to my head and my mouth immediately wrapped around half of his shaft. I gripped the base of his cock with one hand, while my other hand fingered away at my wet cunt. I began bobbing my head up and down Kyle’s big dick, cramming as much of his hard wood between my lips as possible. I stroked the base of his cock to give him more pleasure.

Kyle pinched and pulled at my erected nipples. Twisting them between his fingers and rubbing his thumbs over them. I began moaning with a mouth stuffed with hard cock to Kyle’s nipple assault.

“Oh Liz! Hmmmm! Suck it baby! Oh yeaaah! That’s it. Suck it,” Kyle moaned.

I stopped bobbing my head up and down his cock to let my tongue slide of the sides of his shaft while it was still inside my mouth. His cockhead was rubbing against the roof of my mouth. I resumed taking more and more of his cock between my lips until I finally had my face buried in his sweaty and stinky pubic hairs. My lips reached all the way down to the base of his cock. Kyle grabbed my head and began thrusting his entire cock down my throat. Saliva poured out of my mouth and ran down my chin to my chest. Glistening it more with my saliva.

Kyle face fucked me for a good five minutes before finally letting me take a breather off his cock. His big dick was covered in saliva and I could taste the pre-cum moving down my throat as I swallowed the rest of my saliva.

“I’ve got to fuck your pussy Liz,” Kyle groaned.

Kyle lifted my body up, moving the colorful balls with me, so that I was now lying in front of him, with my drenching snatch at his disposal. I had one leg on top of his shoulder while the other to his side. His pushed his thick cock between my swollen labia and began thrusting.

“Hmmmm! You’re little cunt is so tight. I’m going to do more then pop your cherry Liz. I’m going to fuck beşevler escort the shit out of you, so you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life,” Kyle told me.

This was the first cock to ever enter me and it was going to be a painful experience. Kyle pushed his cock far up my cunt, in and out while rubbing our glistening thighs together. His balls were beating off my ass and if felt great but painful to had been impaled with a large 9-inch cock.

“You’re so fucking tight Liz. I might split you in two,” Kyle grunted as he began thrusting faster and harder.

I lied there in the balls with my eyes closed while Kyle fucked my virginity away. My labia were being stretched to the limits, as Kyle was balls deep between my legs.

“Oh Liz! Fuck yeah! You’re got some good pussy. So fucking tight. Hmmmm!” Kyle moaned. He planted his hands on my shoulders and pushed in and out of my cunt hard and slow. He then began to pick up the pace with rapidly thrusting his big dick between my pussy lips.

My huge breasts were wobbling up and down my sweaty chest. I grabbed a handful of different color balls, trying to fight off the pain Kyle’s hard cock was causing me.

“Uhhhhhhh Kyle! Oh god! This hurts Kyle! You’re so fucking big!” I cried as I dropped my leg off his shoulder and arched my back.

Kyle held onto my waist and pumped his cock harder and faster inside my snatch. I looked up and saw the sweat rolling down his face and chest. His eyes were closed as he couldn’t believe how tight my pussy was, clamping around his thick thrusting meat. I wrapped my legs around him to keep his cock fully inside my cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhh! OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I whimpered. “G-g-God Kyle! My pussy is being ripped open. Oh Fuck!

“Feels good? Doesn’t it Liz? Your very first cock. Big and fat. Sliding between your sweet tight pussy and breaking you in,” Kyle teased me as he slowed down his thrusting.

I felt an orgasm surging through my body.

Kyle shifted me over to my belly and lifted my body up off the balls. He was kneeled behind me and rubbed his pre-cum oozing cockhead against my swollen labia. He once again inserted his fat member between my soak cunt.

“Oohhhhh you’re cock Kyle. Your cock f-f-f-feelings so g-g-g-good!” I could barely mumble out as he thrusted me hard and deep from behind.

His heavy balls hung below my cunt, absorbing my cunt juices as they flowed down. His crotch was banging against my big ass, making waves surge through my buttocks.

“Ohhhhh! What a big ass you have Liz. I wouldn’t mind breaking your anus in,” Kyle moaned as he thrusted harder and faster, sending me into another orgasm.

I tossed my head back and endured Kyle’s great strength as his cock rammed inside my cunt furiously.

My enormous sweaty breasts were flopping back and forth beneath my chest. I felt his hand gripping over them, trying to steady them but there was too much breast flesh hanging from my chest.

“Oh GOD! I want to feel you’re cum. I want to feel your hot jizz on me. PLEASE CUM ON ME!!” I cried to Kyle, pleading to be released from his thrusting.

I knew Kyle had to build up an enormous amount of cum inside his heavy balls, which smacked hard against my ass.

“OOHHHHHH MYYYYYYY G-G-GOD!!” I cried out loud as I began cumming uncontrollably all over Kyle’s thrusting dick and swinging balls.

Kyle finally pulled his pulsing, pussy-juiced glistening cock out of me and I turned around to wrap it between my huge titties. Kyle held onto the sides of my breasts while I clenched onto his buttocks. He thrusted his wet man meat between my tits for a few short tit-fucks and then started to spray an enormous, thick layer of cum onto my neck, chest, and between my breasts. He pulled his cock from my cleavage and began gushing out more cum all over my knockers. Drenching my nipples in his thick gooey milk. Almost every part of my breasts was covered in his hot spunk. I rubbed my cum-covered titties together and could free his hot jizz oozing in my cleavage.

Kyle rubbed his cockhead against my nipples to clean away any left over cum that was pouring out of his peehole.

I smiled up at Kyle and he planted a kiss on my forehead. He let his wet cock slide over the tops of my gooey breasts.

“Now Liz. How about that free slice of pizza you promised me?”

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