Lovers Banging In Car


Lovers Banging In CarWe knew it was not safe. At school, we loved being with each other, enjoying each other’s company, cracking jokes and enjoying the time along with our studies. If we would get a chance, we would do some fondling and touching. The reason we couldn’t take a chance again was because everyone had a doubt that we have crossed limits, and we didn’t want to give our friends any chance of confirming their suspicion. Since we used to sit in the same horizontal row, even if the teacher was teaching, we were able to tease each other. Sometimes she would make some eye movements either pointing towards my body parts, or she would just touch herself and smile at my pity condition. My cock would spring to life, but that’s all my cock could do. Salute her beauty and stand still. Sometimes I would take my hands near my cock and make some circles around it to give her the same teasing sensation. It worked for a week or two after the incidence, but the sparks within us were turning into flames now. We were not able to resist each other anymore and the regular foreplay was not enough, As I have already told that we had our tuitions together and that too in the morning time. Since it was near the end of the year, the days were short, which meant that up to 7:30 am in the morning, it will still be dark and as we leave in a hill station, people don’t get up very early and that too in winters leaving the bed is one thing everyone hated the most.So, one fine day, we decided to bunk the morning tuitions and try our luck. We both started from our house at our regular times, but there was a small difference, we never reached the tuitions. I dropped my driver on the way and told him to meet me at the same place after one and a half hour. Drivers are obedient, he didn’t ask a thing. That day I didn’t take my regular car, rather I took my dad’s car, a Scorpio, just to make it more comfortable and spacious to do in the back seat. The only reason for choosing the car as a place to have fun was, so that we can drive to a lonely place, Away from the town and in our own private space and no one will ever know because we won’t come in contact with anyone except us. The good part was that she agreed to do in the car too. I picked her up a mile from her house. She got in…..smiled in anticipation of what to come. Kissed me on the lips and said “what next”. To which I replied, “First let me taste you fully, and then I will say”. She smiled, came closer and started kissing me on my lips. The sweet taste of her saliva in my mouth was unbearable and we started kissing very passionately. We forgot that we are still in the locality. Who cares when your lovers tongue is in your mouth? But, it wasn’t long before we realized that we have started in the wrong place. We broke the kiss and then smiled and stared at each other trying to say to each other to control our emotions for some time. The mind can even try to control but the cock cant. I told her that my cock is at its maximum and wants to come out. I was expecting her to tell me to keep it inside, but the response was fully different. She told me to open my pants and I did so. So, now I am sitting practically nude in a car with my girl friend beside me and the car being parked by the side of the road. I started driving towards the deep forests with her hands on my cock, moving from top to bottom, rubbing my cock, encircling my tip and playing with my balls. I was not able to drive properly and to add to my misery she bought her tongue near my cock and started sucking it. I asked her to stop, but she was in no mood of stopping, she kept on circling my cock while I kept on circling the car, through the bends of the road. In 10 minutes we were out of the town. Now we had the lonely mountains and the darkness to play with. I parked my car under a tree, whereas she was still busy with my cock. I said I am about to cum stop now, she said “cum now so that you will last even more next time”…those words were not even over, that I shot my whole cum in her mouth. For one moment, it felt as if 1000 volts of current passed through me. She drank the whole thing, gulped it, sucked my cock of whatever remaining juices that was overflowing, came up and started kissing me again. She made me to almost taste my own cum. She said that she had a gift for me. When I asked she said, “I will find out later”, I asked her to come to back seat. She went to the back seat and then she held my half limp dick and pulled it towards herself.Even I made my way to the back seat. Though it was cold outside, inside the car the things were starting to heat up. I took her feet and started sucking it. It was sending tickling sensations inside her. She was begging me to stop, but I continued licking it for some time till she finally succeeded in freeing her legs from my arms and took it to my cock. She pressed my cock with her legs, gripped it with her toes and started playing with my semi erected dick. This continued for a minute while we were discussing about how much time we have. I said we have around an hour, enough time for two sessions, to which she laughed and said urs or mine…She continued giving the foot massage till my cock was fully at its best and ready to go. I was already in only my t-shirt whereas she had taken nothing off till now except her jacket. I stopped her foot massage and slowly moved my hands up to her thighs and Escort near her pubic area over the jeans, pressed her vagina from the top and tried fingering her from above the jeans. But that was never a possible option, so I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down. She was wearing a pink panty which was already a bit wet. In place of opening her panty, I started pressing and circling her pussy over it. She asked me to take my face near her pussy and I did that. I was kissing her and her smell was making me go crazy. I starting biting her pussy lips and she started moaning. Now she told, the surprise is below the panty, pull it down. The moment I pulled the panty down, I saw a fully clean shaved pink pussy for me to lick and eat. I was so surprised to see that. I have told her once over phone that I love clean shaved pussies but I never expected her to do that and that too for today. She smiled and said “only for you darling, now eat”. I stopped for a moment, admired that beautiful piece of cunt and started kissing her over her clit. I inserted one finger inside her pussy and placed my mouth on the mouth of her vagina and started licking the pussy and moving my finger inside her pussy in a two and fro motion simultaneously. The atmosphere inside the car was intense. She was moaning with pleasure and pressing my head more towards her pussy with as much force as she could have at that time. She asked me to do it harder; I inserted two fingers inside her pussy and started licking her more vigorously. You could see the pleasure in her eyes. I kept on sucking her vertical lips with her hands still holding my head near her vagina. This whole time she had not opened her top and bra. I have not even touched her breast once today nor did I get a chance to ask her to open it or to open it myself. But guess what I didn’t have to. She herself took everything off and started pressing her boobs herself. Her nipples were already erected. She took my left hand to her boobs and asked me to press as hard as I can. Her nipples were hard by now. She was in ecstasy. Her moaning was so loud that even though the car glasses were closed, but if someone would have walked by, they would have definitely heard it. Now, in went the third finger and my action of fucking her while licking her intensified more. We were all sweaty from top to bottom. She was holding one of the handles for support. She told she is not able to control anymore and that she is going to cum. I told her, “Now it’s my turn to drink” She moaned heavily, I started feeling the contractions of her vaginal wall; she shivered and out came the juice that I have earned to drink. I drank each and every drop of it. She told that even she wants to taste her juices. She took my hand and licked my fingers of her own juices. I continued licking whatever juices were still flowing from her glory hole. A feeling of satisfaction and relief was there in her face. She told me that this was the best orgasm she has ever had, even better than that last time when we did in the school laboratory and thanked me for that. Both of us were drained of energy and only 20 minutes had gone, and one more session was to be done. I was still sitting near her vagina and she was on the seat. I got up from there, sat in the place next to her and just smiled at her. I pointed her towards my cock. I took her hand and kept it on my cock. She started massaging my cock again. In the mean time, I started kissing her but this time in her horizontal lips with my hands pressing her boobs every time she strokes my cock and every time she licks my tongue.This went on for some time. It gave us some time to recuperate especially me after the valiant effort I had made to get her the huge orgasm. Now we knew that once we started again, my cock will not cum before 20-25 minutes and neither will she. We broke the kiss and decided to just talk for a while. We had never experienced talking to each other nude one on one. We have done it over the phone, but this was definitely new. It is something that we always talked about doing. Now the bigger question was what we should talk. Definitely I cannot ask her whether she took breakfast or not, but I could definitely ask her, how was the sausage today? To which she replied,” it was bigger than the previous day, took a lot of time to come out, I had to practically suck the juices out of it, but once it was thoroughly sucked, the white juices were bound to come out, and it came in huge chunk, looks like it has not been used for quite a while and it was very salty and tasty, the factory where it is manufactured seems to be quite good”…and that was true, I don’t like playing with myself a lot and actually I didn’t do anything with myself for almost 3 days because I knew about this plan of ours. Now she asked, “how was my gift? Did u like it?”…I said,”It was good except that the hairs were missing”…to which she squeezed and slammed my cock and said,”Oh ho, now you want hairs and that day you were begging me to shave my pussy.”…I said I am k**ding and pushed her back, bought her pussy forward, smelled it and then kissed it again. Then I said,” how was my reaction to the gift, did you like the way I responded”…she smiled and said, “loved it, to get the same reaction form you always, I promise you I will shave every time we are going to have fun if you promise me to give the same reaction Escort Bayan to me and my pussy my whole life”…and I said “yes”. This ‘yes’ is one thing that hurts me the most because we are not together now…but at that moment that was the only word that could have come out of my mouth was yes…and I meant what I said. That was all the talk we had, she asked me to lie on her lap, with my mouth facing her breast and wanted me to suck them. How could I say no to that, I put my head over her vagina, but not facing her vagina, but towards her breasts. The moment I turned up, my cock was freed and was standing at an upright position. I started sucking her breast, like a baby, with my hand pressing her other boob. In the mean time she started stroking my cock.My cock had become dry, so she took some of her saliva and put it on my cock and started giving a two and fro motion movement to my cock while I was busily sucking her boobs. I came up, kissed her in her lips and told her “let’s begin again”. She smiled and said,” I want to start”. I didn’t understand that. I asked “what”, she told,”She will ride me first”…and asked me to lie down on the seat and she climbed on top of me. I was holding my cock, which she freed from my hands and guided it herself inside her pussy. I slightly adjusted my position so as to give her enough space to launch the up and down motion. Now she started moving with her back facing me. That was first time she was over me, because the last time we did in school we were doing in more of a missionary position. The way she was moving was driving me crazy. I kept my hand on her back and was pressing them with her every move, she was moaning with pleasure. I asked her to turn towards me and then start again so that I can see her breasts dancing up and down with every stroke, and she did so. Now we were staring right at each other’s eyes with her hand near her vagina, my cock in her vagina and my hand on her breasts. I was pressing her boobs from every angle possible to give both of us the maximum satisfaction possible. She started the fucking action again and the way her breast jumped every time was driving me crazy like me. That was one of the most awesome experience I had in my life till that point. She was getting tired, I asked her to come down and let me do her now. Now she got up, placed herself in the centre of the seat, with her both hands holding the hand support present on either side above the doors. I was able to reach almost a standing condition as the vehicle was a Scorpio, so the position was all set now and the pounding was to begin. Now she told me something that gave me extra energy, the additional punch to fuck her hard. She said, “I am in my safe period, you can cum inside me”….this sentence was alone enough to take out the a****l in me because I always wanted to cum inside her but was afraid of the consequences following it. But now thanks to god, even that was taken care of and I was ready. I inserted my dick inside her pussy again and started pounding her like a b**st. She started moaning louder and louder. The way she positioned herself made it very easy for me to insert my dick as much inside as I could have because her pussy was already stretched at max. I took her legs, kept it on my shoulders and kept my hands on her thighs and started banging her even harder because no I was able to get the grip I needed. I am pretty sure the car was shaking with my every move and in the same rhythm. I started hitting her G-spot. She started shouting like fuck me baby, fuck me hard, harder….and all these things were driving me crazy. She was in heaven, making faces that I have never seen before and screaming like hell. I tried stopping her scream by kissing her mouth, but in return she bit me inside my lower lips and blood started oozing out. But even that was not enough to stop me, I licked my own blood and continued fucking her. This whole fucking in missionary position had been going on for almost 10-12 minutes now…even she was about to cum and so was I. I told her that I am about to cum and I won’t last for more than 2 minutes, she was trying to say something but before she could say anything she cummed again. This time the amount of juices flowing out was less because she had already had a very huge orgasm half an hour before, but this time the feeling was quite different.The reason for the feelings being different was because my cock was inside her pussy this time. Her pussy walls had become tight but the orgasm also lubricated her pussy a lot and I was able to make faster movements now inside a stiffer and narrow tunnel. She smiled and said, “Now its your turn…cum inside me”. I had almost reached my climax too. I shivered and cummed inside her. The feeling of cumming inside her was making me feel so happy. It was like my sperms had met a furnace inside. It was so warm and I could feel my sperms move inside her. I was feeling sorry for my sperms because even though I was sure that all of them would be racing to get to the target egg, but there was no egg inside her that time around for them to go and hit. That was the good news for both of us. Sweats were dripping from all over my body; I was drained out of energy with my limp dick still inside her pussy. I just crashed on her after that. I was lying with my face resting on her breast and I was gasping for breath…we rested Bayan Escort for some time in that position, till we achieved our consciousness back. I pulled my cock out her pussy, there was still some fluids coming out of her pussy which was definitely a mixture of my cum and hers. She took her hand near her pussy, shook her pussy for whatever liquid that could come outside and then sucked her fingers to taste the fluids and then repeated the same and put it in my mouth. It was tasty…I could feel that even though I am sure that all my taste buds in my tongue were still to come alive again after our adventure. She had some towels in her bag, she pulled it took out the towels and started rubbing me with the towels to wipe off the sweat coming out of her body and also the liquid that she had sprayed around my mouth and chest region during her orgasm. I did the same for her, starting with wiping her pussy which has not stopped flowing till now and then moving on towards her breasts which was wet due to my saliva on it. Time was almost up, at max we could have stayed for another 10 minutes, which we were definitely going to. I just for fun sake asked her, “Can I do your ass next time”…I was expecting a definite no, but she said she will think about it and then let me know. I understood that she won’t stop me from fucking her in her ass the next time we plan to do, even though it was going to be very painful. Suddenly she realized that she had bitten me in my lips while I tried to control her scream. She said sorry for that, to which I replied, “it’s ok”, because considering the love that she had shown to me, this was nothing. She started kissing me again in my lips with her tongue focused on putting her antiseptic saliva on the inside of my lower lips. I enjoyed the part that she was so concerned and started kissing her more passionately and with more tongue. My cock again sprang back to life and she could feel it in her stomach region. Even though my cock was not at its full due to the intense session that it had faced in the last one hour, but was still enough to get her attention. She stopped and asked,”what is with your cock, will this devil ever settle?”…I said, “It’s all because of you, so don’t blame me and my cock if you are so hot, blame your parents”. She looked at my cock again and started stroking it again. She came near and asked me, “want me to do one more time”…I said “yes”…but we were running out of time..so she told “let us get dressed first and we will end the journey the same way we started it”, I understood what she meant, she gave a blow job on the way here and now she wants to do the same while going again. I told her that,” this time you will have to put some extra effort and some extra force because you have to make me cum faster”…she said, “will see”…and smiled. Now we started dressing up, and we were up and running in 2 minutes. I didn’t wear my pants this time so that she could feel my whole cock and so that I could feel more of her mouth and hands on my cock this time again. She started by kissing the tip of my cock and then moving downwards and I started driving. She was gripping my cock so hard and rubbing it so vigorously with her hand and mouth that I was having difficulty in driving. She almost took my whole cock inside her mouth, which I was very surprised to see. I was driving in 20’s the whole way. Because of the speed it took us around 20 minutes to reach near her home and that was enough for my darling to make me cum again. I stopped my car in a lonely place, 2 minutes from her house, told her I am about to cum, she looked at me and then started her job again. In no time I came inside her mouth. This time the cum was very less but she sucked out whatever cum that came out of my cock.She took my underwear from the back and gave it to me…and told me put my dick inside else she will eat my dick this time…even though I wanted her to go forward and eat my dick again, but at the same time I knew that it was not safe anymore, we were almost in her locality and had no time. So I did as she asked me too, even I dressed up fully this time and started the car again. I dropped her about half a km from her place with a small kiss in her cheeks. She told we will discuss about this in the school. I understood that she will tease me again in the school in her usual ways. I started back to my house; I was about 15 minutes late. So, I started driving fast, picked the driver on the way and reached home. I didn’t have much time to take bath and go to school, but I was forced to because I was all dirty and any friend of mine coming near me will tell me that either I have masturbated like hell or had sex and came to the school. I just jumped from the car and ran to take bath. I told I was very late, so I am running but the actual reason was that I didn’t want my parents or anybody in the house getting even a hint about the smell or the scent coming from me. Then I took my breakfast and reached my school almost on time. But the worst part is that, time will not always be on your side. And as you guys already know that we are not together anymore because of our parental reasons, even though we are friends forever…friendship has no limits,no boundaries and no one can come in between friends. I am at Coimbatore now and she is in Delhi for our respective studies, but even distance cannot break our friendship. We both are singles now and we know that we won’t be a couple again, at least not with each other in this life. But our friendship is too precious for us to break whatever is the situation and that will definitely go a long way.

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