Subject: Daniel Chapter 31 The Making of Daniel Part 31 The normal restrictions apply…..18+ and of course naked……Enjoy! I woke up with a start from the rapid banging on our door. What the fuck, I thought, until Rob’s Dad bellowed, as he opened the door. “Hey guys, if you want to go cross country in the day light, you better get up soon.” And the door was once again closed. And as I began to wake, I turn over from my stomach on to my side, and immediately winced with pain as my semi boner ripped itself away from the sheets. “Oh shit! OUCH!” What the fuck was that all about! But as I woke, and looked over at Rob, who was scratching his fucking hot balls in plain sight, I remembered. As I slept, the man voice in my dream was become more vivid, that was until it woke me up. But the whispers were still being exchanged as I opened my eyes and tried to focus in the dark room. I looked over at Rob bed, I had moved back to my own bed after our mad fuck. What I could see was the silhouette of a man sitting on the side of his bed as the bit of moon light coming from the window gave light to them both. They were talking softly, and seemed quite familiar, so I wasn’t scared, but very curious. Especially when my eyes continued to focus, and saw the hand of the mystery man moving as if he were playing with Rob under his covers. And as I listened more intently; ah…. just as I thought, it was the very familiar sound of a cock getting jerked off. That’s when the guy toss Robs blankets down, exposing is naked body, his hard cock grasped firmly by the mans large hand. He slowly lower himself to Robs boned crotch, and swallowed his stiff cock. Rob had already been breathing heavy, but gasped loudly as the mans warm mouth engulfed his hard cock. His head quickly began bobbing up and down on his crotch, as Rob continued to moan softly. That was until his breathing got so heavy and labored that I knew Rob’s load of hot cum was filling this guys mouth with his white hot spunk that I had enjoyed only hours before. As you can imagine, my own cock was hard and leaking all over my stomach, but I didn’t dare move, possibly alerting them to my awakened state. But as I watched him work his mouth over Rob’s wet cock, I had to jerk off. I quietly began to softly rub the top of my hard cock with the soft sheet below the blanket. And as the man was licking up the reminisce of Rob’s orgasm that spilled into his pubic hair, I quickly shot three or four ropes of hot cum all over my stomach and chest. And after rubbing it around my body I must have turned over onto my stomach and fallen back to sleep. And with the amount my cock leaks after I cum, it’s no wonder that my cock was now in pain and stuck to the sheets. “Daniel, are you okay?” Rob asked groggily “Yea, I ….never mind” I said, not really knowing how to explain what just happened and why. As I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, I noticed a package on the bed side table that wasn’t there last night. I looked over at it and then back at Rob. “Oh dude, my Uncle Peter finally got here last night around 2:30. He brought me some more underwear from Austria where he laid over last week.” Rob said as he sat up in bed. His hard naked body coming into full view, his cock slightly projecting towards me as his morning rod rested on his balls. My eyes focused on his tight abs and treasure trail to the dark patch of hair just above his cock. I wanted him again, and my cock began to expand with just the thoughts. But as I looked up at his face I could see that he was looking at me curiously, most likely noticing the mass amounts of dried cum on my chest, and around my cock. He then looked up at me, questioningly, until I cocked my head and smiled. A kind of, ‘I know what happened’ smile. And he blushed bad. “Dude if you want a couple pair of these underwear, bursa escort I have plenty” Rob said pointing to the new bag, and trying to changing the subject, that wasn’t spoken. “Rob, I don’t wear underwear.” I said as I got up, letting my piss heavy cock fall from my lap “What about those black ones you had on the other day.” Rob questioned. ” You looked so hot in those” “Dude, my mother made me wear those while I was here. She said she didn’t want your family to think she wasn’t a good mother.” I said getting my towel wrapped around my waits so I could go take a much needed piss. “Oh” Was all Rob said as I walked out the door. By the time Rob and I got dress and to the kitchen everybody was up, sitting at the table enjoying the breakfast Robs mother had prepared. Just to let you know, I did take him up on a new pair of the ‘Bonds’ to hug my nuts for the day and keep them warm. “You guys going to be ready to ski in 15 minutes.” Jerr said as we sat down and grabbed some food. “You bet! Where are we skiing today?” Rob answered. “Uncle Peter wants to go to the farm trials.” Jerr said. “Peter is here?” Rob’s Dad questioned “Yea he pulled in around 2 last night.” Jerr answered with a smile. “Good Morning ” Uncle Peter said as he came around the corner from the back bedrooms. “Peter!” Everyone yelled “Todd, Daniel, this is my brother Peter” Jerr’s dad said, as we got up and shook his hand. “Well what are we waiting for, lets get this ski trip going.” Uncle Peter said looking at the 4 of us. When I got a good look at Uncle Peter in the day light, my heart or should I say my cock skipped a beat. He was HOT! Short dark hair, hazel eyes, and about 5’11” with a wicked body. And I already knew he could suck cock, so yea ….I boned. The 5 of us jumped in their large SUV, along with our cross country equipment, and off we went to the trial, where ever the hell that might be. It was an absolutely beautiful day, the sun was shining bright, and the temperature had to be in the mid 50’s. I definitely wasn’t going to need my down jacket for this ski trip. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the trial, but once there, I understood why Uncle Peter suggested this place. It was an old abandoned farm, with hills, trees, and smooth snowy slopes that looked assume. As we got all our stuff out of the car, Uncle Peter removed his sweater. I had to admit it was hot, all things being relative. But then he removed his shirt, just as Jerr was doing the same. I looked over at Todd questioningly, and he just gave me a confused look right back. Rob was now shirtless, and as he began unbuckling his belt, I finally asked. “Guy’s is there something you didn’t tell us?” I looked over at Rob, and the Jerr. “Oh shit” Jerr said “I’m sorry, we ski naked, always have when we cross country, weather permitting. Well actually not, we skied naked last year in a light snow. But you guys don’t have too, really. It’s cool with us, whatever you want to do.” Jerr said honestly. I looked over at Todd, and he was already removing his shirt. Well, no one ever said I was shy. If they are going to get naked… here I go. By the time I had all my cloths off, everyone else was naked and skied up. Rob came over to help me with my skies, and as he was coming up from getting my shoe into the grip, he licked the tip of my cock with his tongue, and that’s all I needed to making me spring forward completely boned up. And off we went, me with a raging hard on and everyone else. The feeling of being naked outside, and skiing was indescribable, lets just say my cock never really got a real break from its rigid state. We all stayed pretty much together, as we went up and down the hills, and in and out of the trees, with out a sole in sight. We skied for a couple of hours, stopping to look at the view or grab a drink from Uncle Peters hot bursa escort bayan wine sack. That was until we came upon this cabin deep in the woods. It looked to be abandoned, but as we got closer, you could see that someone had done some recent work to fix it up. “Hey Jerr, nice job” Uncle Peter said, looking that the building we were approaching. “Wait till you see the insides, you will freak” Jerr said turning back to his uncle. As we got closer, you could see that in fact it wasn’t falling down, and looked quite sturdy. I followed everyone’s lead as they bent down and remove the skies from their shoes, and walked inside. “Oh shit …..look at this place.” Uncle Peter exclaimed. It was pretty cool with its three windows, a couple of chairs, nice potbelly stove, and believe it or not, a fully made up king size bed. Which Rob ran right over too and flopped down on his back making his cock bounce up and down on his pubes. “Jerr start a fire, and I’ll get the beer. You did remember the beer?” Uncle Peter said “Yes, its over there, see the cooler on the other side of the bed.” Jerr exclaimed proudly. I sat down on the bed next to Rob, who sat up when Uncle Peter past out the beers. And by the time we heard the 5 blast from opening beer cans, the fire was lite and heat had started to radiate throughout the small room. As I sat on the bed, I took notice of Jerr’s naked body for the first time. Nice form, and a good size uncut cock, with oversized balls. And not a hair in sight, arms, legs, pubs, even under arms were completely shaved. He was obviously very serious about his swimming, so everything went. But my main focus was on his beautiful over sized cock, and boy did I get busted! “Hey little dude, he’s mine!” Todd exclaimed I quickly moved my gaze over towards Rob who was still sitting next to me. His cock was soft and hung over his smooth balls with the head just touched the bed. I looked over at him, our eyes met, and instantly we were deep in a passionate kiss. Our tongues melding together in each others mouths as our hands began caressing each others smooth bodies. I was so lost in my lust for Rob that I didn’t realize what was going on around me, until I felt Rob tense slightly and gasp for air. Our mouths still locked, I opened my eyes, and looked down. His Uncle Peter was on his knees with Robs cock completely engulfed in his mouth. His hard-on was soon wet with spit, as Peter moved his mouth up and down his hard shaft. Blowing him for the second time in less than 6 hours. Rob responded quickly to his uncle’s mouth on his cock, by driving his tongue deeper into my throat. Almost gagging me, until I swallowed and pushed my mouth deeper onto his. My own cock was leaking all over my crotch, I could feel the pre cum slime drooling down my balls and thighs. I wiped up as much as I could with my fingers, and pushed them in between our locked mouths. The salty gooey taste fill our both our mouths at the same time. And then suddenly Rob and I were jerked away from our kiss, both being pulled in different directions. We were so relaxed, our naked bodies were pliable to anyone’s desires. And I guess that’s what happened. Because before I knew it, I was on my back, with my legs being held over my head, and immediately I was looking up at Jerr who had already shoved his hard uncut cock deep inside my ass. I moaned or yelped loudly, not that it hurt. Hell no! But I wasn’t really expecting to get fucked, well at least not right then. But fucked, I was getting, and hard, as Jerr began thrusting his hips wildly as his cock pounded my hole. Bouncing me on the bed like a rubber doll. His face abruptly fell onto mine, and our lips met. His tongue darted into my mouth, and he began to moan and gasp uncontrollably. And just then his thrust became short hard jabs as his cock filled my escort bursa warm hot ass. That’s when I saw Todd behind him. He had pushed Jerr forward onto me, as he imbedded his own cock deep into his boy friends ass. Almost Fucking me, as he drove his own hard cock into Jerr’s ass, until both their cock were completely absorbed by our ass lips. The three of us began fucking violently, the bed below us began slamming against the wall, the springs were singing like an opera, as Jerr and Todd fucked us both with everything they had. I was swearing like no sailor could as Jerr’s fat cock swelled deep inside me. I could tell he was about to spray my inner ass with his hot load of cum. But I was so fucking hot and horny, I wanted cum, and lots of it, but not up my ass. So I begged him and Todd. “Hey, hey, wait, wait…… I want you to cover me with your cum, spray me with all your sperm, your man juice, dump your balls all over me.” I pleaded. I looked up at Todd, and by the look on his face I realized that I might have been to late. Until I saw him grab his cock as he pulled it from Jerr’s ass. He held it tight as Jerr backed away from me, pulling his hard wet dick from my ass, until the wet plopping sound and my ass was soon void. They both stood over me, their cocks wet with ass in hand, as they began to stroke hard. It wasn’t going to be long, I could see that in their contorted faces as they beat their raw hard cocks over my naked body. Almost simultaneously jizz began to spew in large jets from their cocks. Spurt after spurt of hot white cum flew through the air and began covering my body. They were shooting their load hard, as they gasped and moaned with every intense explosion of spunk from their cocks. My mouth was wide open as sperm rained down on me. Hoping for a taste or two direct from the fountains. But soon I was covered, their orgasms so intense, and the volume of their load was immense. Even my mouth was full of cum, as I swallowed deep, letting the hot gooey ball juice coat my tongue and throat as it slid slowly lower into my stomach. My eyes soon closed as the delouse of their cum flowed up over my face and hair. And soon even the sockets of my eyes became pools of cum, as their balls churned with sperm. As their orgasm’s began to subside, and the ropes of cum began to dribble, I pulled their cum from my eyes, and savored the flavor in my mouth. Once again opening my eyes. But only for a split second, seeing Rob and Uncle Peter now standing over me, stroking their cocks, ready to douse me with their cum. Ready for that big time! I opened my mouth., and was once again being welted with jets of cum streaming for their hard red cocks as they continued to stroke every ounce of hot jiz their balls could produce. Yup, I was covered, and they were all spent. From my balls to my head, I had cum everywhere even under my arms. It was so hot! All their cum just dripping and oozing all over me, some watery, some globby, but it was all hot cum, and I was drenched. My eyes were still open, as I looked up that the 4 guys above me. All with cocks in hand in various stages of hardness. It was a slight that I will fantasies about forever! It was Rob who knelt first, but soon he was joined by the other 3, as they began to lick my body clean. Todd took my rock hard cock in hand, as he licked it like a dripping ice cream cone. Rob was licking my face, kissing me periodically when he would get a large amount of cum on his tongue. My mouth would fill rapidly as he spit the collect cum deep into my throat Lick after lick of my hard shaft quickly gave Todd the extra topping he was looking for. Soon his face was being splattered with cum as my orgasm burst from my balls with such force that the first two shots flew from my cock, over his head and landed in his hair. The door opened, and the room instantly filled with the cold outside air. We all turned at the same time to see Rob & Jerr’s father looking down at all of us. Hope you got off good….I know I did while writing. Let me know, love to hear the messy details. aol

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