Master and Servant Reversal


Alexa’s personality changed ever since the first time we had the threesome with Rhea. It was like a flip was switched the moment she entered bed. Her normal calculating and reserved self, changed into a tenacious dom like alter ego. She enjoyed teasing me and making me submit to her. I may have enabled her behavior by utterly enjoying the feeling of submission.

It felt relaxing to let her have absolute control, not having to think about all my daily worries. However, thinking about this was my current worry. Her demands became kinkier each time and pushed my boundaries of comfort ever so slightly. I wasn’t sure if she was planning it that way and knew what she was doing or if her inner dom was getting out of control. I also didn’t know how to be open up with her about it since I didn’t want her to feel bad. That and I ended up thoroughly enjoying each new kink she had in store for me.

I started to wonder if it was a problem of acceptance on my end. If we were both happy with the outcome then there’s no reason to put a stick in the mud so to speak. Alexa could tell my mind was wandering as she approached the bed. I didn’t even notice the latex skin tight get up that she had on. It covered none of the areas that clothing normally did and emphasized her breathtaking curves. Especially her breasts by pinning them upright, providing a firm shape. I wanted so badly to touch her absolute roundness that my hand reached up without a second thought.

“No, not without my permission.” Alexa swatted my hand away then pushed me onto my back.

“You’re not allowed to touch me unless I say so. If you do, then I’ll have to punish you.” She licked her red-colored lips. Part of me wanted to say the hell with it and accept the punishment immediately.

“Do you understand?” Alexa teased me into answering by flicking my already erect cock with her fingers.

“Yes, I do.” My voice broke as she flicked in the middle of my sentence.

“Nuh, uh. That’s not how you respond to me.” At this point, she sat on top of my chest with her arm behind herself wrapping her hand around the base of my penis. She stayed like that until I answered her correctly.

“Yes, I understand Mistress.” Her hand began to stroke up and down as she cooed a good boy into my ear.

Her technique was grating on my nerves. The ever-changing speed to teasing and back whenever things started to feel good was getting to me. Instead of disobeying her first rule, I spoke up. I knew how much she loved it when I begged. “Please, Mistress let me cum inside of you.” I received an unexpected reaction from her.

“Let’s keep that mouth of yours busy.” We moved into a sixty-nine position with her pussy rubbing against my face. “Still no hands, only your tongue. If you want to cum then get to work.” She didn’t need to tell me twice as I swirled my tongue around her clit.

Alexa siirt escort had finally started to use her mouth the moment my tongue entered her sex. Her mouth covered just the tip as she teased it with her tongue while her hands caressed my balls. The pace of her sucking went in tandem with mine. Since that was how it was going to be, I made sure to have her cum as fast as possible.

My stamina was one of my better qualities and was nowhere near slowing down. I felt her body start to shiver and knew she was close. I lapped at her clit until her body pushed down against my mouth and her orgasm squirted into me. Hearing her moan into my dick added to the taste. The taste was something I couldn’t get enough of and every time she spasmed, more slowly dripped out. I made sure to slurp it all up.

As if to reward my efforts she edged me to climax. “Please let me cum, Mistress.” I begged several more times in hopes she would concede.

“I’ll only let you cum if you eat your own cum from my mouth.” This was one of her kinks that got out of hand and as usual, I was too heated to think rationally. All I wanted was to orgasm.

I didn’t respond in case she let me cum without confirmation. Though she knew better than to allow me any way to back out. Her timing was perfect and she developed a knack for knowing when to stop stimulating my erection. She edged me a second time. “I can do this all night.” Her voice was laden with hints of lust. She was enjoying this as much or if not more than me. My moaning turned into panting by the time she edged me for the fifth time.

Screw it, I couldn’t take it anymore and I wasn’t willing to submit to her. My hands raised out of frustration and forced her head down on my cock before she was able to edge me for the sixth time. I rammed my cock back and forth into her mouth as if my personal sleeve. I could hear her gagging as my dick reached the back of her throat. The moment of my release I lost all strength in my hands as my legs and lower body trembled vigorously. All of the edging had built up a backlog of sperm. And all of it was being pumped into her mouth. I couldn’t focus anymore and ended up closing my eyes during the moment of bliss.

I felt something wet touch my lips. Before I knew it Alexa had shifted her position to be right on top of me face to face. She worked her tongue to enter my mouth as a thick creamy substance flowed out her mouth into mine. Before I had the chance to object in pure disgust she securely held my head in place with her hands. She made sure to keep a tight enough hold so to prevent any squirming on my end. The moment felt endless as my entire load of sticky cum mixed in with both of our saliva. She was feeding me my own cum and I opened my eyes to see hers slowly open as well. I got lost in her beautiful golden eyes and let her continue as she wished.

At sincan escort this point, she made sure to keep one hand positioned so that I couldn’t turn to the side and the other stroking my throat as if to ease it all down. I was surprised that her actions relaxed me enough to allow my throat to swallow. Bit by bit the cum slowly went down my throat. Her mouth was still pressed to mine not letting me spit it out either. She was forcing me to eat my cum just like how I forced my cock into her mouth as I pleased earlier.

The sticky sensation lingered long after I swallowed all of it. “Naughty boy, ready for your punishment?” Alexa broke off her kiss to whisper into my ear. It was an entirely rhetorical question. I thought the kiss was the punishment to begin with, which was another reason why I accepted it.

Alexa left the bed to retrieve something from the bathroom. She hid it behind her back as she reapproached me. “Stay, don’t move!” She commanded in a more serious tone.

That was a turn on and she knew it from how my cock twitched with joy. She had reached the side of my body and looked down at me still hiding whatever it was from my view. “Close your eyes, now!” Alexa held the same serious tone with me. The moment my eyes were shut I felt her use one hand to grab my growing erection. “Open your mouth.” I did as she said and she let me stay with my mouth open for a couple of seconds before something rubbery and hard entered it.

I opened my eyes to shake my disbelief but found out exactly what I thought. She was pressing a purple strap-on into my mouth. “I never allowed you to open your eyes.” She squeezed one of my balls with enough force to let out a muffled gag.

“A punishment has to be something you’re against.” She sped up the pace of the strap-on going in and out of my mouth. “The more you disobey me the stricter I will get.” Alexa definitely had a switch flipped and went full dom on me.

“Make sure to lube it up real nice, or else it will hurt more later on.” There was no way in hell I was going to allow her to use that on me. Though to that contradiction, I tried my best to lather the strap-on in my saliva.

“Good boy.” Her sweet seductive voice returned. “Now get on all fours.” A perfect switch back to her commanding tone.

I felt helpless against her as I was already fully erect and wanting more. “Alexa, I think…,” I was on all fours with my ass sticking up in the air. Before I could finish my sentence she inserted a wet finger into my ass.

“Naughty boys don’t get to think.” She said it so matter of factly as if there was no way I was getting out of this. Part of me believed she was dead serious.

“No, It’s enou…,” Right as I was about to object she inserted another finger stretching my anus even wider.

This continued until every last sinop escort word was prevented by having my breath taken whenever she made my hole bigger. She got to the point where she was using two hands to slowly spread it wide open only to watch it slowly gape closed.

“You’re all set. Any objections?” Her voice changed to a form of teasing.

My words were muttered as she stroked my rock hard dick awaiting my answer. “You actually want this, don’t you.”

“Say it. Beg for me to take your ass.” Alexa had me playing to her rhythm. One of her fingers was dug deep massaging my prostate while edging my cock with the other. My mind was broken and only responded to pleasure.

“Mistress Alexa, ram my ass with your big strap-on!” I followed up with a mixture of repeating please and mistress.

“That’s my good little cumslut.” Alexa removed both of her hands as I turned my head to watch her take her time securing the strap-on to her hips. I imagined the whole ten inches inserting into my asshole. Its girth several inches wide. She took her time to let me visualize and build up anticipation.

I recoiled from the soft placement of her hand on my rear. She used one hand to guide the strap-on and the other to spread my ass. Her spit landed on my opening and her finger made sure to spread it evenly. She even took the time to reapply more of her own saliva to the dildo.

Without any warning she poked the opening of my hole. I could feel my tense body gradually losing out to the amount of force she was pushing against my sphincter. Once she got it in the opening she rammed the rest all the way in, onto the base of the dildo.

I moaned loudly from the abrupt pain and focused on her tender loving voice. “That’s it. My good little boy. You’re doing great.” She continued with her encouraging words that differed from her rough handling.

It was like she couldn’t decide on how to tease and treat me. Her pace picked up along with her hand, smacking my ass. As soon as she peaked to a fast pace she stopped with the sweet talk. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you, my little cumslut.” She slapped my ass harder as if to get a response out of me.

“Yes!” Was all I could get out between my ragged breaths and panting.

“You wanted this all along didn’t you!” Her allegations and provoking made my cock twitch furiously.

“You love eating your own cum and you love getting your ass pounded.” She made extra emphasis on the word love.

Her mental fuck brought me over the edge as she made me cum from ramming my ass.

Buckets of cum squirted all over the bedsheets as she pulled out of me. She grabbed hold of my shoulder and hair forcing me down into my own mess.

“Eat it all cumslut. Don’t let it go to waste!” It was her final coup de ta. She moved my head, slowly across the sheets until I licked up every last drop of sperm.

Writer’s Notes: This is essentially my first time writing any form of erotica. If you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments, as that will help me decide whether or not to continue this avenue or to just stick with my fantasy/sci-fi stories.

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