Men are easier

Big Tits

Men are easierI met Alex at a local bar. I’de had good luck there, hooking up with several guys and 2 couples. He’s smaller than me and an alpha type. He struck me as retied military maybe, a real “take charge” type. We struck up a conversation about fishing,football and then he admitted he was seperated from his wife. I thought it odd that the bartender kept grinning at me. I was about to find out why. I ordered another beer and told Alex i’de be right back, had to pee. The bar was old and had those trough type urinals. On many occasions I stood there and admired a man beside me. Standing there peeing I heard the door and saw Alex appear right beside me. So the mood struck you too, I smiled. Actually been in the mood for days he grinned. Unzipping himself I watched as he reached in, gripped his cock and slowly withdraw it. For me that’s an incredibly exciting moment, when a man first exposes himself. Escort When we both need something different, his cock being the shared component. My breath caught in my chest, Alex was very large and clearly proud of his gift. Good lord Alex, why would she want to leave that thing,,I joked. I just leered as he wagged it, smiling at me. That wasn’t the issue, I can fuck everyday, she found out her sister liked it too. Oh, you fucked her sister?, that’ll do it. With me still staring he began to swell, getting thicker, darker, more in need. You have an amazing dick,,everyday?, I asked. If I found the right cock sucker I’de drop off a load everyday, he grinned still. To this point my gaze hadn’t left that dick. You seem interested, wanna hold me? Without answering I looked around as I took him in my hand, my pulse quickened. His beauty was hot, heavy and thick, I wanted him bad. Getting the Escort Bayan feeling you may be the cock sucker I need, he said putting his hand on my shoulder. I don’t know Alex, you’re so big, I’m not very experienced. Okay 2 lies there, I knew for a fact I was going to service him and I am very experienced in giving head. Hey, nobody’s here, put it in your mouth, see what you think, he offered still smiling. The idea of sucking that big thing in the bathroom was too much to decline. Without even putting my cock away I went to my knees, looked up at him and opened wide. His hand went to the back of my head as that big cock head touched my lips. I tried to relaxe as he forced himself balls deeply in me. AAhhh you’re gonna love my dick, got a big load for you. We heard footsteps on the old wooden floor approaching the bathroom. I quickly stood, he turned to the urinal as I zipped up Bayan Escort to wash my hands. another older man entered and went to pee. Alex joined me at the sink, I have a blue Ford Expedition, parked back left of the lot, I’ll pay the tab and you meet me there, he left. So, you and Alex are friends? the stranger spoke up. Well, we just met. I had no idea why I answered him, seemed he knew. The man looked back to me, awhile ago I let my wife suck his dick, thought it was a one time thing, evidently she really liked it, they met everyday for almost 3 weeks till I found out. I moved to his side, I was curious about him. You were okay with it?, I asked checking him out. He had a nice dick, nothing amazing but i’de of serviced him. I guess it was my fault saying yes to the one time. He’ll be pestering you for more, if you’re good. He’de gone from peeing to stroking his dick. Well then he’ll be pestering me, I grinned, I give incredible head. He’de grown to about half erect with a very nice up curve, wanna hear about it when we get going?, I asked. Sure, he smiled to me. I left heading to Alex’s truck, my heart racing…to be continued

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