Subject: Model Beginnings Part 5 Model Beginnings, Part 5 This is the 5th installment describing early experiences as a model. As in each chapter, none of the situations described include anything deemed inappropriate or sexual activity. It had been about two weeks since Ted spoke to my mom. When we finished the last photo shoot, he had indicated he wanted to do another shoot, but this one would take place in his backyard where he had a huge luxurious swimming pool. Knowing it could be any day, I spent a lot of time outside, swimming and wearing just my speedos so that I would have a great tan. Sure enough, Ted called a couple days before the weekend. He asked if we could come by on Saturday. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. On Saturday we made our way to Ted’s house. It was a beautiful large house in a really posh neighborhood. When we entered, Ted showed us the swimming pool. It was large, about twice the size of our own, and had a waterfall that poured constantly into the shallow end. Ted also had a lot of plants and trees that created a wall of privacy between his yard and the neighbors. By now it was around 10am, and the sun was starting to make it very warm. Ted suggested that we get started. This time, my mom decided to stay, which I was a little bummed about. I had started to get really excited about the idea of being directed around and acting a bit slutty for the camera. I wasn’t sure how I would feel with my mom nearby. But not to worry, she parked herself on a patio chair on the side of the house while Ted and I got to work in the back. The first thing Ted did was show me his pool house, where there was a bathroom and a place I could change. He also had three swim kayseri escort briefs for me to wear. One was orange, my favorite color because it accentuated my tan. The second one was blue, also a favorite color of mine. The third brief was solid white, that’s most looked like underwear. Unlike some of the swimsuits I usually wore, these looked like they were a little thinner and cut a little smaller. Ted then asked that I put on the blue briefs first and meet him at the pool. As I slid them up my smooth legs, I instantly got tingles. I spent a few minutes checking myself out in the full length mirror and I loved the way the suit looked on me. It was just low enough I could see my hip bones and when I turned around I liked the way it showed my ass. After clicking a couple photos with my cell phone, I padded barefoot to the pool to meet up with Ted. He made a comment about how good I looked and then said that he had a few shots in mind. For the first shot, Ted had me lay on a lounge chair with my hands clasped behind my head and my legs crossed. Once he was satisfied with my position, Ted smeared baby oil all over my exposed skin. He said it will look like I was sweating in the hot sun and then proceeded to snap a bunch of photos. Then for the final shot, Ted said he was going to do a short video. He wanted me to keep my eyes closed and pretend that I was asleep, however, he wanted me to make sure my chest rose every now and then and slowly move my toes. He also readjusted my swim briefs so that they sat even lower on my hips. As he filmed, he was careful to be very quiet so all could be heard was a few birds chirping. With the first set done, Ted told me to jump keçiören escort into the pool. As I did, Ted started snapping photos. He had me move to various spots in the pool, including grabbing the edge while kicking my feet. Eventually, Ted threw an inflatable tube into the pool. It was clear and shaped like a wheel with a hole in the middle. Ted told me to hop in with my butt in the hole and getting wet while my arms, legs and chest were above the water. Then he had me lay my head back which would show my neck and pretend to sleep again. I heard his camera clicking as I just floated. Next, Ted brought me some lemonade and said he wanted to have me change into the orange swim brief. I guzzled it down because I was excited to try that pair on. Like the blue ones, they fit great and looked amazing against my tan. The first shot in orange was me laying on my stomach on a blue towel on the pool deck with my chin resting on my hands and my legs forming a slight v shape. Even at 11, I knew what it felt like to get stiff and I couldn’t resist slowly grinding my junk into the towel as Ted filmed. After a while Ted just wanted me to strike a few different poses in front of the pool. For one he handed me a beach ball and had me hold it up in the air. For another, I was to bend over like I was picking the ball up. Some other poses included me wrapping the towel around my shoulders but leaving a lot of my neck and shoulders exposed. We finished this set with a video also, which was just several minutes of me jumping into the pool and then climbing out dripping wet and repeating that several times. It was really getting hot by noon as Ted suggested I change ankara kendi evi olan escort into the white briefs. For the first set of photos, Ted had me stand in the shallow end under the waterfall. It was shallow enough that the water was about 6 inches lower than where my bulge was in my briefs. As I stood there, Ted told me to act like I was in a shower and raise my arms and look upward as the water cascaded down my smooth body. Finally Ted asked that I get out of the pool and sit on the deck with my knees pulled up to my chest as he snapped a bunch of shots. He told me to wait a minute because he wanted to check on my mom. When he came back he said that he wanted to do a few shots without the swim briefs. He said he asked my mom and she agreed it would be ok if I was also ok with it. The slutty side of me thought it would be hot and so I quickly agreed. Ted showed me a hammock, one made from a netting of canvas rope, that was at the corner of the deck. He said he wanted me to take off my swim briefs and lay on my tummy with my head facing away from the camera, the arm near the camera straight next to my side and the other folded like I would when sleeping. The way I laid down my legs were sort of higher than the rest of my body, and Ted thought that looked perfect with my feet just suspended there. Ted then snapped a bunch of pictures from different angles. None showed my face or any of my junk, except for my ass which was exposed and I’m sure had a strong tan line from wearing my speedos all the time. After a few minutes Ted said he was done and I should go to the pool house and get dressed. When I was done I saw Ted and my mom talking. I just hung by the pool for a few minutes and then we left. On the way home my mom asked how it went. I had a hard time playing it cool because it was so much fun and I felt so turned on by all the attention, being Ted’s subject. Then she told me that if I was willing Ted had another stock shoot in mind, one with a pirate theme.

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