Mom and I Getting Plumbed intro


Mom and I Getting Plumbed introHIMHmmmm, MILF, I looked at the pics you put up and I see you in your mother. Your eyes and mouth are very close to her. May I be more graphic? Hope so. You have large breasts, always a turn on for me, and I must say your mother seems to be large breasted as well.I suppose a total stranger, that would be me, arrives at your house to do some handyman work and I find you and your mother lying outdoors enjoying the sun. You have on a bikini that lets me enjoy your beautiful body as I work, but your mother is covered a bit more.The sun is warm and your body glistens Escort in the sun light and my cock hardens as I take peeks at you lying on a towel on the patio. I try not to be obvious but you catch me looking and roll over on your tummy and say, “Mom will you unfasten my top, I need to get rid of my tan lines.” She rolls over towards you, the towel covering her middle falls away and I see her ample breats pushed out the top of another very skimpy bikini. I swear I can see a nipple but look away to avoid being caught.When I look back her breasts are trouching your back and Escort Bayan I swear you are squirming under them as she unhooks your top. The top falls and as it does you move your arms up and I see the sides of your beautiful breast bulging and my cock is now uncomfortably erect.I move around to ease my discomfort and as I do your mother trails a hand down your back and then caresses your butt. I have a lump in my throat as well as my pants. You look up at me and smile, and the look on your face tells me anything is possible……..MEI want you to watch so badly as Bayan Escort I’m smirking at you as my own hot milf of a mom grabs my bubble butt through my bikinis. My eyes lock onto yours as your as gravitate from mine to my mothers hand groping my ass. I lick my lips to you, knowing your enjoying the scene. I can feel my moms fingers digging I to my soft fleshy round butt as her oiled sun tanned tits rub against the small of my back. You can see her tits over flowing to the side of her body as she pushes up against my body. My mom climbs on top of my oiled body so she’s sitting on top of my ass. You get a great side view of her 34D tits as age starts to untie my top. My heads still facing you seeing the expression of how much I’m enjoying your eyes devouring both our bodies. Your staring at us hungry through the kitchen window.

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