Subject: Adventures in PAUL. (More of a Rush (2) These are fictional stories Of this guy I had the pleasure to work with some time back. he is a short, Hot and hairy. hunk if ever there was one. These tales of from the vantage point mostly of the fictional guys Paul meets on his travels. And how lucky they are to have a chance with this awesome piece of manhood. This story of course by all means does not suggest that Paul or anyone in them could be coaxed into Gay sex. Nor question of any sexual preference. But one could always Hope.. Enjoy… ============================================================================ Adventures in PAUL. (More of a Rush (2) ….. Paul called Rush as he promised. The phone rang and he wasn’t near it. His girlfriend grabbed it and answered “Hey Paul” she said “How ya doin?” “Yeah he is here” She came over to Rush to let him know Paul was in the phone. “Here” she said “It’s Paul” He grabbed the phone and answered “Hey man. So are we up for hanging out” he said as he looked up at her “Yes” she chimed as she turned to leave him “Take him Paul” “Please take him from me for a night” Paul laughed as he heard her over the phone. He then said to Rush something very dirty over the phone. “Yeah. Tell here we are gonna fuck each other silly dude” he said to Rush Rush laughed at his friends comment. “Alex has no idea we are gonna team his ass” Paul then said “He just thinks we are all hanging for drink” “Then going back to his mom’s for fun” “She’s kocaeli escort outta town” “Is that perfect or what” Rush could feel his cock twitch under his pants. In just a couple of hours he would see Paul naked again. And that was more than he could hope for. It didn’t matter that Alex would be there. He would get a go at Paul. “See ya there” he then said He went on to shower. For some reason he wanted Paul to smell him clean. It was stupid, because they would stink of sex shortly after the fun started. Paul and his hot sweating body gave of this smell of pure sex. The thought of it. The memory of that scent had rush starting to jerk himself in the shower. He reached for his dick. It was hard already. Just the thought of his hot friend and his stink got him hard. So he started to stroke himself. “Fuck yeah Paul” he said softly under the cascading water “Hottest fucking man ever” His hand moved up and down his rock hard dick. Stroking himself slowly under the water. He sighed and moaned quietly as he let the warm water move over his body. His hand caressed at his own chest. Hairy, but now where near the magnificence of Paul’s chest Rus liked how his body looked though. Since losing some weight and working out more, his body was getting hard and more toned. Hi fingers grazed his nipple as he stood there under the water. “Hmmm” he sighed as sensation touched him “Great chest man” But even though he knew his body was great now. Big chest and muscled. He still did not conpare to kocaeli escort bayan the magnificent body in Paul. Pauls body was set uo perfectly as it was. The shape of his chest was nice and accentuated by thepat fur he had. The strong hairy legs that seemed thicker because of his shortness. Rush stroked himself harder. “Fuck Paul” he said again “Cannot wait to have you again man” “Awee fuckk” His thrusts intensified as he pinched his tit. Fucking his hand as images of the hunk Paul flashed before him. He loved the feelings on his cock. The warm water and his gripping hand pulling on his raging boner. He was fucking his hand harder now. Thrusting between his fingers as he groaned softly. continued to caress himself, stroking his hard dick in the shower until he hear his girl calling to him. So he had to stop. He released his hard on and finished up. “Coming” he called back at her” “Fuck” he huffed as he could not finish He finished his shower and dried off. His dick still semi hard as he passed the towel over it. He went to see what she needed after getting dressed. Rush was soon on his way to meet with Paul and Alex. He kept reaching down to grope himself as he drove to pick up the hot Paul. By the time he got to Paul’s mom’s house he had a raging boner. He parked outside for a few moments to try and let his dick subside. Paul saw him and waved him in. “Come in man” he yelled “My mom wants to say hi to you” “In a sec” he yelled back Paul then not understanding why he izmit escort hadn’t come in, came out to him. Rush saw Paul walk to his car. The gorgeous stud looked as smoldering as ever his handsome face had the requisite beard that the guy always seemed to have on now. Full yet trimmed nicely. It framed his face and that mouth. That mouth Rush wanted to kiss. He wore a snug fitting polo shirt that showed off Paul’s arms. He too seemed to have been working on his body a bit. The biceps fuller than last he remembered. And the forearms furry like always. Paul was also wearing snug khaki type cargo pants. These things are something he had seen on Paul before, several years back. But now they were just a tad snug on Paul’s meaty legs. Not to mention the nice filled up package Paul was sporting. “Fuck. Look at him” Rush said to himself “Fucking hotter than ever” Then Paul reach the car and looked into the window. He started to say something to Rush about coming un. But then looked down, and knew why. “Hey man, come in…. ” he started “Oh. Ohh. Shitt!” “I see” Paul started to laugh as he looked down at Rush’s problem. He wanted to reachh in and grab for Rush’s crotch. But then just told him to ‘come in when he was better’. Then Paul turned around and walked back to the house. Rush again sat there in the car. Again watching Paul. And this time it was that incredible ass. “Fuck me!” He shouted But after a few minutes, he was able to come in and say hi to Paul’s mom. She bitched at him for ‘living so close and never coming by’. “Sorry ma’am.” He said to her. Paul stood there snickering as Rush was scolded………… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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