Morning Puppy


Hello you naughty girls and boys!

Pet ownership can be a beautiful thing, and pets and owners come in all sorts of varieties. Julia has a new pet and this is a peek into one morning of her playing with her new Puppy.

This is also a little different from my usual stories here thus far and any feedback and comments would be appreciated. I think I have achieved what I set out to do but some of that will be determined by you, the reader.


The kids were off to school and Peggy made her way to the house on Oak St. Not wasting any time she made her way around back and down the concrete stairs to the basement door. She unlocked the door and looked behind her before she stepped inside. It really wouldn’t matter much if someone saw her, but she often wondered if anyone had seen her, or might see her someday.

Quickly she dismissed the thought and made her way across the dark room. Standing in the corner she began to take off her clothes. As she removed them she folded them quickly and placed them in the small dresser next to her in the corner. There was also a small drawer to hold her keys and wallet.

Once completely naked, she walked over to the beam, casting a glance at the dog bed and blanket on the floor. Those simple items filled her with a mix of fear, excitement, and wonder. She moved past them and reached the upright. Hanging on a small nail was a collar, a dog collar; her collar.

It wasn’t ornate. In fact it was a rather simple collar and before this all began she would not have thought much about it. But now she knew the collar much better and now she wondered about other collars. She wondered what could be the best collar, the best for her, if she was able to choose.

Slowly and deliberately she placed the collar around her neck. Then she shut the small lock. The key was almost certainly on the other side of the room in one of the small glass jars full of random screws, but she was not allowed to check beforehand. She was to lock the collar with the understanding that she didn’t get to decide when it came off. That thought once again sent a shiver through her. Now naked and collared, she stood straight and took a few deep breaths.

She then walked over to the base of the wooden stairs. She looked up the staircase where she could see light coming from under the door. She thought she heard sounds of movement, but it could have been her imagination. Slowly she leaned forward and placed her hands on a higher step. Then she began to crawl up the stairs until she was at the door.

The wooden staircase felt old and familiar. It was worn from years of use and she wondered if in the years before the current owners if anyone else had ever climbed the stairs as she was now, naked and on all fours.

She scratched at the door and waited. She could hear someone on the other side of the door but they didn’t seem to be approaching. She scratched again. Then she scratched once more and added a whine and whimper. It worked. She could hear the footfalls coming closer.

Above her head she heard the sound of the lock being turned and then the door was opened. The light was bright compared to the darkness of the basement and she squinted for a moment as she looked up at the woman who had opened the door.

“Morning Puppy.”

Of course Puppy didn’t say anything. Puppies don’t talk. That’s just silly. Puppy looked up the long and lovely legs of the woman. She was dressed in simple white cotton underwear and nothing else. Her lovely breasts, which were way up beyond her lovely tummy, were free of any restrictive clothing. She smiled down at Puppy as she picked up a leash from beside the door.

Then Mistress leaned over and attached the leash to Puppy’s collar. Puppy looked down at her bare feet, so as to better present her neck to Mistress. Once the leash was snapped into place Mistress stepped back and pulled Puppy into the room, then closed and locked the basement door.

“I hope Puppy has been a good girl. Shall we take a little walk?”

Puppy loved to take walks. She loved spending any time with Mistress; making Mistress happy. And being with her made Puppy happy. Mistress headed into the kitchen and Puppy followed. Puppy admired Mistress’s calves and feet. Mistress had such beautiful skin.

Mistress made a stop at the counter, maybe picking up her coffee. Mistress loved her morning coffee. Sure enough, Puppy saw the bottom of her white ceramic mug as she stepped away from the counter.

Mistress then walked Puppy around the table. She stopped a couple times. Maybe she was looking at magazines or mail on the table. And she also stopped to look out the window. As she stood at the window Puppy rubbed her cheek on Mistress’s calf. Her skin was so soft.

Mistress then walked Puppy to the porch door. The door led out into the backyard. Puppy was excited and scared to look out the porch door. It was still the backyard and there was a high fence, but it was also the outside world. Puppy knew she would walk out there someday, but she wasn’t ready yet.

“Would Puppy ümitköy escort like to go outside? Does Puppy want to go outside for a walk?”

Puppy did not want to go outside and she quickly walked backward away from the door as far as her leash would allow. She wasn’t ready. Outside was scary. Puppy wanted to stay safe inside.

“No? No going outside today? Okay Puppy but someday soon you’ll need to go outside, if only for a few minutes in the yard.”

Mistress waited giving Puppy a chance to change her mind but Puppy had already made up her mind. Someday she would go out but not today. She only hoped Mistress wouldn’t make her go out; not yet.

“Okay Puppy, we’ll stay inside today.”

Puppy was glad to hear that. She ran up to Mistress and pushed her head between her legs, rubbing her cheeks back and forth between her calves. Mistress was so good to her.

“Okay Puppy, calm down. Let’s get you some food.”

Mistress walked her over to her bowl. Puppy was hungry and ready for food. She tried to be patient but her tail was wagging as Mistress attached her leash to a hook on the wall. Then Mistress took the box out of the cupboard. She leaned down and poured the food into Puppy’s bowl.

It was like the cereal Brian and Samantha ate in the mornings before going off to school. But Puppy’s food didn’t have all the bright colors. It was just tasty O’s for Puppy to eat.

Puppy was ready to eat but she knew she had to wait until Mistress was done and gave her permission. Only naughty puppies ate too soon. So she waited, with her tail wagging as Mistress took the milk from the refrigerator.

Mistress squatted low and pet Puppy’s head. Puppy loved that. Then Mistress poured the milk in Puppy’s bowl. Still Puppy knew she had to wait. Mistress stood back up and returned the milk to the refrigerator. Then she turned to look at Puppy.

“Okay Puppy, time to eat.”

And then Puppy pushed her face into the bowl. The milk was cold on her face; that would wake her up. And then Puppy began lapping up the milk and eating her food. As Puppy ate, Mistress walked away into another room. Puppy wanted to be with Mistress but she had to finish eating first. So Puppy ate.

Puppy ate her food and thought about how thankful she was to have such a nice owner, Mistress always took good care of her. She would spend the morning with Mistress and Mistress would play with her. Puppy was happy.

Puppy finished her food, but she couldn’t go anywhere. Her leash was attached to the wall. Mistress didn’t want Puppy running around when she was supposed to be eating. But now Puppy was done and she needed Mistress to give her permission to come and play.

“Woof, woof.”

It wasn’t loud. Puppy wasn’t supposed to be loud inside the house. But she had to let Mistress know she was finished with her bowl. She waited a few seconds to see if Mistress had heard her.

“Woof, woof.”

Then she heard Mistress from the other room. She had heard Puppy and was headed to the kitchen. Now Puppy would be able to spend time with Mistress. She wagged her tail waiting for Mistress to arrive and let her go.

Mistress walked into the kitchen. Puppy waited to be released but Mistress was doing something else. Mistress was refilling her coffee. But soon she would let Puppy go.

“Oh Puppy, you always make such a mess.”

Mistress squatted next to Puppy and took a hand towel to wipe her face. Puppy was getting better about not splashing her food out of the bowl, but she still had milk on her face and dripping off her chin. Mistress cleaned all that up and stood back up, hanging the towel in front of the sink.

Mistress then took the leash off the wall and walked Puppy away from her bowl. When they reached the basement door Mistress told Puppy to sit. Then she leaned over and removed the leash from Puppy’s collar and hung it by the door. Puppy then followed Mistress into the den.

In the Den Mistress took to her favorite chair. Puppy waited to see if she was going to watch TV. Instead she picked up a magazine and began flipping through it while she sipped her coffee. Puppy might have to wait to play. But maybe Mistress just needed to be reminded she was here.

“Whimper, whimper, whine”

“No Puppy. We can play later. Right now I just want to read and drink my coffee.”

Puppy was disappointed but she knew Mistress would play with her later. Mistress always took good care of her. So Puppy just laid down on the floor in front of her chair; and waited, if not patiently.

As she was waiting on the floor, she noticed Mistress’s foot dangling in the air in front of her. She crawled closer. And then she licked the sole of her foot. Mistress’s feet always tasted good. She licked again.

Mistress sighed and wiggled her toes. Puppy knew then she had permission to play with her feet; to taste them. Puppy licked and licked and licked.

Mistress continued to read and drink her coffee while Puppy played with her foot. She did a lot of licking, tasting Mistress’s foot. avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort Then she paid special attention to the toes. After a lot of licking and wiggling her tongue in between them, Puppy began to suck on her toes.

All of this had been going on for quite awhile when Mistress finally put down her magazine. She breathed a heavy sigh and then looked down at Puppy and smiled.

“Would Puppy like me to rub her belly?”

“Woof, woof.”

Puppy loved to have her belly rubbed. It made her so happy. And Mistress knew just how to do it, too.

“Okay Puppy, roll over.”

Puppy rolled over onto her back with her paws in the air. And soon she felt Mistress’s soft foot stroking her belly. It was a little ticklish, but it still felt so good. Puppy rolled a little toward her side so Mistress could reach all over.

Mistress ran her foot all over Puppy’s belly. She made slow strokes back and forth. She made big circles and small circles. She would find a spot and rub her foot really fast. Puppy loved the way it felt.

And then Mistress’s foot went even higher. Her foot was rubbing Puppy’s chest. When she did that, Puppy got those tingly feelings. At first she moved her foot between Puppy’s breasts. But then she began to rub and press on Puppy’s breasts and then Puppy felt her foot graze one of her nipples.

“Does Puppy like it when I rub her chest?”

“Woof, woof.”

Puppy liked it a lot. She liked a good belly rub and she liked playing with Mistress’s feet, but that didn’t get her tingly the way she was when Mistress rubbed her chest. And Mistress was rubbing her chest right now, passing her foot back and forth and sometime brushing her nipples.

“Okay Puppy, slide over here so I can give you a really good rub.”

Puppy knew what that meant. She turned on the floor and slid her legs under Mistress’s chair. Her front paws were still up in the air and she kept them wide apart so Mistress could get to her chest. Now Mistress would be able to use both feet at once.

And that’s exactly what she did. Mistress brought both feet to Puppy’s chest. Each foot had a nipple to focus on; though it wasn’t just the nipples. Now Mistress could squeeze Puppy’s breasts together or spread them apart. She could rub them in circles so they were like waves crashing into each other.

Puppy was getting more and more of that tingly feeling. Mistress stopped to bring her foot to Puppy’s face and Puppy lapped away at Mistress’s sole until she took her foot away. But then the feet went right back to rubbing Puppy’s chest.

“Does Puppy want me to rub that special place?”

Puppy gave a whimper. She was already so tingly from having her chest rubbed, but she knew it would be so much more if Mistress rubbed her special place. She wanted it so bad.

“Woof, woof. Whimper”

“Okay Puppy, slide up.”

And so Puppy did slide up. She slid up so that she could pull her legs out from under the chair. Then she spread her legs and bent her knees so her legs were on either side of the chair and Mistress had good access to her special place.

Mistress brought her foot back to Puppy’s face and Puppy licked it. Then Mistress pulled the foot down so it ran down between Puppy’s breasts and across her belly. But it didn’t stop there. Mistress’s toe kept going until it reached Puppy’s special place.

There it stopped and then began to make slow circles. Puppy was extra tingly now. And then Mistress brought her other foot down to meet at Puppy’s special place. Now both feet were rubbing and stroking and caressing and brushing all over and around Puppy’s special place making her tingle like crazy!

Puppy began whimpering as Mistress’s feet continued to play with Puppy. Puppy loved Mistress so much. Mistress knew how to make Puppy so very, very happy. Soon Puppy even began to howl.

“Does Puppy want to be extra happy? It’s a special treat. Does Puppy deserve a treat?”

Puppy so desperately wanted that treat. She wanted to be extra happy. She always tried hard to please Mistress. She tried to be a good dog. She wanted to be a good dog. And only good dogs got special treats like being extra happy from their special place.

Puppy barked and whimpered. She whined and howled. Puppy would do anything to receive her special treat. Mistress had to know how much she wanted it, but Puppy was also sure to tell her as she howled some more.

“It’s a special treat; only for good puppies. But first Puppy has to do a trick.”

Puppy didn’t want to have to wait but she knew she had to be a good dog or there would be no special treat.

“Puppy can have a different treat as she does her tongue trick. Then…if she is really good…Puppy will get her special treat.”

Puppy expected she would have to do her tongue trick. But Puppy liked it. Puppy had learned her tongue trick well. And Mistress was right, it was a different treat. Puppy would get to lick Mistress’s special place and make her happy.

“Okay urfa escort Puppy. Get ready to do your trick.”

Puppy was sad when Mistress’s feet left her special place. She was sad she was already losing the tingly feeling. But Puppy knew she had another treat in store. So Puppy slid back, rolled over, and turned around. As she did that, Mistress pulled her white underwear down her beautiful legs and off her ankles. Then she spread her legs on either side of Puppy’s head so Puppy could reach her special place.

“Is Puppy ready to do her trick?”

“Woof, woof.”

“Puppy has to do her trick really well; or Puppy won’t get her special treat.”

“Woof, woof.”

“Okay Puppy. I know you can do it. Make me proud. Ready…set…go!”

And Puppy dove in to care for Mistress’s special place. Puppy knew how to do this. Mistress had spent time training her. Puppy knew to begin with her nose. She sniffed and sniffed and then pushed her nose all around. She could tell Mistress was already very happy.

Next it was kisses. Puppy had to learn how to give kisses; and kisses were only for special places and special times. But Mistress taught her this was what kisses were for. So Puppy kissed and kissed all around her special place.

But the real trick came next. Puppy had to use her tongue. It was like licking but it was so much more. Puppy had to be taught and she had lots of practice. Now Puppy knew how to use her tongue. Still, she couldn’t be lazy. Sometimes even when she did her tricks right it was hard to make Mistress really, really happy.

And if Puppy wanted to have her own special treat she would have to make sure Mistress was really, really happy. So Puppy worked and worked her tongue. She couldn’t just rush too fast and try to finish because that wouldn’t make Mistress happy. Puppy had to be careful and go just the right speed.

And she had to change speeds as she worked her tongue trick. It was a complicated trick but if she did it right she could make Mistress happy; and that made Puppy happy. But even more than that, if she did it well in times like this, then Puppy would also get her own special treat.

So Puppy licked and licked, and kissed, and sniffed, and kissed, and licked some more. Mistress was beginning to make those happy sounds. Mistress was petting her head as Puppy worked.

Sometime Mistress’s hand would stop petting and would just grab the back of Puppy’s head. This usually meant Mistress was close to being really happy, but one never knew if this would be the right time. Sometime she just went back to relaxed petting, or took her hand away.

So Puppy was never sure how long it would take. She was learning more ways to do her trick and she was always learning how to make Mistress happy. Puppy kept working her tongue; doing her trick.

Then Puppy felt Mistress’s legs close together against her head. This was a sign she was going to be really, really happy. She also pulled Puppy’s face tight against her special place; very tight. Puppy knew not to stop, but as Mistress squeezed her legs and got really happy, Puppy was having trouble breathing.

Puppy held on. She knew she had to please Mistress. She knew this was a treat in itself and the only way that she could earn her own special treat. If she panicked now or tried to press away, even to breathe, Mistress would not be happy with her. So Puppy just held on, doing her trick and waiting to be released.

Suddenly Mistress let her go. She had done it. Mistress was really, really happy. And now Puppy could breathe. Puppy gulped lots of air. The tongue trick could be a lot of work and Puppy was ready to take a break. But Mistress wasn’t ready for a break.

“No Puppy, you’re not finished yet.”

And then Mistress pulled Puppy back onto her special place. Puppy knew that today Mistress needed a lot to make her truly happy. So Puppy knew she had to work extra hard. Puppy began to do her trick all over again; trying to breathe when Mistress would let her.

It was a long time after that before Mistress was finally finished with Puppy. When Mistress finally let Puppy go they were both tired. But Puppy had made Mistress really, really happy; several times. Now they both needed a minute to catch their breaths.

“Such a good Puppy I have. Good Puppy.”

It was little more than a whisper but it made Puppy proud. Mistress was pleased with Puppy; no not just pleased with Puppy, she was proud of Puppy. Puppy knew she had earned her own special treat.

“Woof, woof.”

“Yes Puppy did a good job with her tongue trick. Such a good job.”

“Woof, woof.”

“Yes Puppy has earned a special treat. But Mistress is a little tired right now. I think maybe we will play a little first. Now I just need to find the strength to get out of this chair.”

Puppy was happy and sad. Mistress was very pleased with her and Mistress had even said she had earned a special treat. But Puppy was going to have to wait. She knew Mistress would take care of her but it wasn’t going to happen right now. Maybe that was better. Puppy was still a little tired from doing her trick.

Mistress took a few seconds but she did find the strength to stand up. Then she left Puppy by the chair and told her to stay. It wasn’t long before Mistress came back waving a toy in her hand. Puppy recognized the toy. Mistress had also called it a dildo.

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