Mother In Law


Mother In LawMother In LawIt was me and my girlfriends 3 year anniversary. I had just dropped her off at home when I had decided to go back to her house to decorate her room with special anniversary festivities. I went to her house having an extra key walking straight to her room. I didn’t realize someone was home until I heard moaning coming from her mom’s room. Who is basically single since her husband was a drunk and a gambler who never wins and goes around fucking other whores.. I was in her room decorating quietly until I heard footsteps. I turn around to see nothing but her mother naked. She was quite in shock wonder what I was doing as she was grabbing a towel from the dryer. The towel and wrapped it around her body and headed back to her room. It was strange she was so casual about it. I knew she had to get ready for work so I figured she would’ve been gone by the time I was there. By the time I was done decorating her room I decided to snoop in my girlfriends panty drawer.. It wasn’t much but it was still a turn on to see what she would be wearing underneath the dates I take her on. I picked up one of my favorite thongs my girlfriend wears. It just hugs ass butthole so nicely that it’s an instant turn on when I see her in it. Knowing it’s playing peek a boo with me when we play around and wrestle around her living room. My mother in law came into my girlfriends room barging in catching my smelling her daughters panties. She burst out with the question! “What are you doing with my panties?” I thought in my head “WTF these were Michelle’s..” So I apologize and told her I honestly believed they were her daughters. “I been searching for these for months” she responded.. I couldn’t believe why because I knew for a fact she hadn’t had a dick inside her for months with the problems of her and her husband. I knew she was very stressed out from when I first met her the very first year I was dating my girlfriend. She was basically a single mother, taking care of two c***dren, cooking dinner, and working two jobs. Just the usual. I never caught interest in her until she cooked dinner for us one night and she basically fell asleep on the couch due to exhaustion. Her daughter and son were glued to the TV until I looked over and saw her sleeping. So innocent but she had her hands between her thighs squeezing her breast. They were definitely huge natural breasts I can recall that they were D’s. I can verify by lurking in her drawers while when I was there alone. So much cleavage I couldn’t take my eyes off of them and I could Escort bayan only thing, am I the only one that notice her boobs hanging out or am I just that much a of a perv?So I apologized begging her not to tell her daughter or anyone else that I was actually sniffer HER panties.. I noticed she was going to work an extra hour early and asked why? She said she had to cover an optional overtime shift and decided to take it. So with this I threw in a perfect opportunity to offer her a massage. I then told her I knew how stressed she was from working two jobs and feeding her c***dren that she has no actual time for herself. I know this because when going through her drawers I couldn’t find a single dildo. All she used were hands if anything. She was wearing her loose fitted uniform for her first job as a waitress at a buffet and her other was a very fitted professional uniform for a retail store. She said why not and said her legs have been killing her anyways.I began by massaging her legs, her calves, and just rubbing her feet. It wasn’t so intimate being she still had her work uniform on. I threw on some smooth jazz on the iPod dock my and my girlfriend use to play our fuck tunes on. The smooth jazz actually brings the stress out in her because that’s what her so called husband listens to when he gets his road rage or just goes crazy on the family to call him down. As perfectly queued once the second song played she brought up her husband how he hasn’t been around and if he was he’d just be in the garage smoking and thinking about his loses in gambling. That he never payed attention to her. I reassured her that someone was paying attention to her as I began rubbing out her thighs from the tension that was built inside. She told me her inside thigh was really tight that sometimes she would have to limp when it gets too tight. I began using my knuckles to get in deeper and she moaned loud, “harder… deeper” I did as she commanded. 20 minutes to half an hour had passed and I realized I had only done her legs because that was her main complaint. I knew I had to step it up because she had to work pretty soon. I insisted to to unzip her shirt vest she had to wear because I saw some ‘tension’ in her back / shoulders. She said go for it knowing she still had time. Talking about all the things that bothered her from cooking, working two jobs, and just trying to find time for herself. I knew she was just venting so as her story went on I unstrapped her bra which now gave me just a bare back. Bayan escort She didn’t hesitate in her speech so I knew she was fine with it. I began message her neck to her face turning her face away from the position my body was standing. I pull down my pants to having nothing but my bare cock out. I let it sit on her leg ever so softly she wouldn’t even realize my cock was there. I work my way from her head all the way down to her ankles.I then began rubbing her inner thighs again knowing that’s where it was ‘so tight’ for her. I began rubbing closer and closer to her pussy. I was so close I could feel the warmth of them breathing on my hands. She began spreading her legs slowly and my cock still laid on on her calf right by the inside of her knee cap. She had no idea I was pants down. I told her I would give a harder massage to ease the stress / pain. I get on the bed and kneel between her legs. Massaging her inside and outer thighs and her lower back right above her ass. All she had on now were just her stocking and underwear. Her vest / bra were still on but they were unstrapped and just about to fall off. I began rubbing her lower back all the way to her shoulder blades. Each passing she gave a bigger moan knowing I did something right.She began telling me she haven’t had a break in the longest time. But ever since I started dating her daughter it was a sure thing that it lifted the weight off her shoulders. She began telling me how much of an asset I was to this family. Each time I made a passing her moans became deeper and more intimate. She began to raise her ass during every pass.. As each pass went on from lower back to shoulder blade I started the pass lower and lower.. I was starting from her butthole all the way to her shoulder blade. Then I went from behind her thighs with my palms and when passing her pussy my thumbs just grazed them enough to give her an extra moan. My cock was pumping with blood ready to penetrate her but knew it wasn’t going to happen unless it was what SHE really wanted. Each pass just made her more vulnerable as her ass began to rise more and more. Until it was nothing but her ass against my cock and he breasts against her daughters bed. Where I fuck her daughter every night I had possible. The bodies were identical. I couldn’t imagine nothing but her daughter. Her pussy was pressed against my cock with nothing but her granny panties in between. I pulled them tight showing nothing but her pussy lips. She couldn’t say anything but “Oh God…” I pulled Escort her panties aside and stuff my cock in. A true used and abused pussy that hasn’t been punished for years because her husband had neglected it. Two k**s and the pussy felt so nice. Just like her daughters. Sounds of squishing everytime I penetrated my cock inside of her. Slowly I pumped until she said fuck me. Louder and louder.. I turn her over and took off her bra and vest.It was a different feel. I had never fucked a mature woman like her before. But the sex was so pure and innocent it felt like fucking a virgin. It was just the two of us. No care in the world. Just wanting each other. Each penetration of my cock made her pussy wetter and wetter. She had caught us one time having sex because my dumb girlfriend through the condom in the trash can and she found it. She told me to fuck her like her daughter. “Fuck me like Michelle, Cum inside my like you cum inside the condoms” She was at the age where that didn’t effect her so I pulled her to the edge of the bed.. I was standing fucking her harder and harder. I grabbed her wrists and crossed them making her hold my hips. Her boobs were so huge and bouncy I couldn’t resist but to fuck her harder and harder. I had to pause because she came all over my daughters bed. Doesn’t mean it had to be a long pause. I stuffed my cock back in her because I was about to let out my cum all over her. I fuck her holding her wrist as she was holding onto my hands and I pull out before I cum inside her and cum from her pussy all the way up to her face. Best nut I ever had.. She then got up and sucked me clean. All the cum and I was in shock. Body quivering all around.. Told her her daughter never does that for me.. She said “Don’t worry I’ll teach her too.” She then through on her uniform and left.. As if everything was okay between me and her. As if it was an act of normalcy that she had been dying for this entire scene to happen before. I was left sitting there limp dick and all looking around to see my decorations for my girlfriend.I lay in her bed reminiscing on what had happened between me and her mother for about an hour until my girlfriend pulls into the driveway. She comes into her room full of surprise and whispers “I have something special for you”… She then gets in the shower and changes into a slutty officer uniform and walks out of her bathroom. She began teasing me told me to handcuff her as I wrapped her body with my arms how I did with her mother with the towel.. I fuck my girlfriend the same way I fucked her mother. Two families in one night was too perfect. This anniversary for me was perfect in itself. Two pussies from the same family.. I couldn’t believe it.. and neither of them knew.. Such an accomplishment for me.. Next goal were to get them together in one bed :]

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