Mothering Karen Ch. 02

For Women

Vicki and her eighteen-year-old boarder and lover, Karen, were in the kitchen making supper when the phone rang and Karen picked up the portable, which was sitting nearby on the counter.

“Hello,” she chirped in her adorably optimistic voice. “Oh hi Jeff,” she continued noncommittally. A sexy young woman like karen was bound to get attention from boys she met in her college classes, and they had been calling fairly often lately. Vicki didn’t look up, but was listening in.

“Well, I don’t know,” Karen faltered. “Um…” Karen was the sort of girl who hated hurting anyone’s feelings, and sometimes was a bit too tactful.

Vicki stepped close and softly placed her right hand on Karen’s shoulder, almost caressing her, and gently but firmly took the phone from her with her left.

“Jeff?” Vicki said like a honey-dipped female cougar. “She wouldn’t be interested. Bye now.” The forty-two-year-old woman pressed disconnect with her slender thumb, and set the phone back down on the counter. Then she looked brazenly at Karen. She knew she had crossed a line of personal space, that she had overstepped outrageously for a woman simply renting space in her house to a pretty college student.

But she and Karen were not just housemates. Oh no.

Karen’s succulent lips curved up in a smile and her eyes danced with amusement and excitement as she gazed back at the older woman.

“What if I wanted to go out with him?” she asked.

“You didn’t,” Vicki replied softly but with certainty.

“No,” breathed the younger woman as she tilted her head up slightly and closed her eyes. Vicki captured her lips with her own and Karen moaned in pleasure as her older lover kissed her deeply. Karen’s body was responding both to Vicki’s kisses, and to the delicious fact that she was so proprietary with her. She felt marvelously protected, desired, and watched over. She pressed her body to Vicki’s and moaned again, into her soft mouth.

“Oh god, Vicki,” she murmured as the two of them began runnning their hands all over each other’s bodies, dinner preparations completely forgotten.

“It’s like you Bycasino OWN me,” panted Karen happily, as Vicki lavished love on her.

That night, Karen was dozing on the satin sheets of the huge bed she shared every night with her lover Vicki. She was naked for her, and waiting, when she entered the room, padding in softly.

Karen lifted her head, her dark curls tousled adorably, and watched as Vicki removed her shoes and skirt and put them away. Then, wearing only dark pantyhose and a sinfully soft cashmere sweater, she approached the perfect teenage girl waiting for her in her bed. The same girl who had been asked out by a boy earlier. The same girl who had not only not objected, but been thrilled and aroused when Vicki had put the kibosh on any plans in that direction.

Vicki gracefully knelt in front of the reclining girl, the bed giving softly as their bodies experienced the clean soft smooth environment of their little love nest.

“Cmere,” whispered Vicki, and held her arms out. Karen smiled softly, betraying her pleasure at being yet again summoned into this woman’s embrace.

“Kiss me,” instructed Vicki, gently redirecting Karen’s lips from her own down to her sweatered bosom. “Kiss me through my soft sweater.”

With a little cry, Karen nuzzled her face into Vicki’s chest. She felt Vicki’s small hands caressing her hair, and the heavenly feel of her sweater against her face. She could also feel Vicki’s bra under the sweater and that only inflamed her more. Everything, absolutely everything about making love with Vicki ws deeply feminine.

Almost hypnotically, Karen kissed and sought the older woman’s covered breasts. She trailed her lips across them, taking material and flesh between her lips and kissing and gently biting. She moaned in bliss. So did Vicki as the two women explored each other slowly.

“Karen….would you like to be allowed to remove my bra, sweety?” Vicki softly asked the increasingly aroused girl who was seeking her breasts so ardently.

“Yessss,” came the slightly muffled reply from the girl who was completely unable to stop kissing Bycasino giriş her woman lover.

“Mmmmm,” Vicki half-sighed half-purred. “Then reach up under my sweater and undo me, Hun.” This the girl did. Her fingertips seemed to get little electric charges just from touching Vicki’s smooth silken skin, the inside of her sweater, her lovely lace bra. It was so personal, so intimate, to take off another woman’s bra. And even sexier to do it when she was still wearing her sweater, drawing out the moment when she would be naked before the now trembling young woman.

Karen expertly unclasped Vicki’s bra and caressed her. The combination of her warm skin, her delicate underwear, her soft sweater, were making Karen wild with desire.

With a look of complete and loving victory, Vicki shrugged out of her sweater and loosened bra and now cradled her girlfriend in her arms clad only in her nylons. The women made out frantically, seemingly trying to get inside each other’s skin in their intense desire for further closeness.

Finally, her voice ragged with lust, Vicki commanded, “Lay back.”

Smiling, her eyes alive with passion and love, the teenage girl did as she was told.

Vicki positioned herself between Karen’s legs, making the girl cry out softly as her nyloned legs moved against her bare ones. She stopped when her face was close to the girl’s glistening sex. Vicki edged forward, wetting the tip of her nose from Karen’s fur. She licked tentatively at her outer lips, then drew back to simply admire her lovely treasure. Vicki stroked her with her fingers to increase her anticipation and make her even wetter.

She said it out loud. “I want you wetter.” Karen tossed her head on the pillow and groaned, half wild with sexual need. Need for Vicki.

Vicki reached in and placed her finger high on Karen’s pussy. Very gently, she pulled back the little hood, exposing the girl’s clitoris. With her thumb, Vicki softly stroked her clit, still drawing the skin up with her finger. Karen was going insane from this gentle treatment.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she kept saying Bycasino güncel giriş as her arousal kept increasing. Vicki was making her jump out of her skin with raw sexual need, and doing it by the merest stroking of her thumb and finger.

Then Vicki licked the girl’s pussy lips with long slow strokes of her tongue, still playing with her with her hand. Again she drew back her face and Karen scream/growled in blissful frustration.

Vicki took her other hand and stroked Karen’s flower with her middle finger, all the time still pulling back her lips and stroking her clit gently. Double stroking te overheated young woman, she smiled and brought her tongue to her. Then she entered her.

Karen’s reaction was immediate and wild. She thrashed and called out Vicki’s name in a long ragged growl that came from her very depths as she bucked and came powerfully for her beautiful female lover. her orgasm went on and on, with many little aftershocks and smaller orgasms. Through it all she kept saying Vicki’s name, like an erotic prayer.

Just when it seemed the girl would subside into blissful afterglow, Vicki gently raised herself and verrrry slowly pressed her breast against Karen’s center. This was too much for the young girl, and she contracted very strongly around Vicki’s finger. Vicki moved her breast almost imperceptibly against Karen and the girl responded the same way as she had before, with a series of mini-orgasms.

Karen’s last sweet climax came as she deliriously thought about the fact of how different this kind of love was than anything a mere male could do for her. Another woman had simply stroked and licked her–knowing exactly when and how–and then pressed herself to her; and these delicate actions had given her the most intense of pleasure.

Of course, Vicki was well capable of being more forceful too, when the mood struck them. Their sexual relationship was complete and deeply satisfying to them both.

As Karen lay on their bed, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to recover from her intense joy at Vicki’s hands, the older woman watched her with loving eyes. She lay her cheek against Karen’s wet mound and smiled. She lay there, utterly happy, and thought of the joy this girl had brought into her life, and she felt something in her heart swell and fill her.

“It’s like she OWNS me,” she thought.

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