Subject: Mr. Moore-1 All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between adult males and teenage boys. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material. Please donate to fty). It is the only way to keep this site up and running. Gay – Adult-Youth: M+/t, oral, anal – – – – – Mr. Moore – Part 1 My first encounter with Mr. Moore was at the age of 14. I was hitch-hiking home from school when he stopped his car and picked me up. He was probably in his early 60s, and had snow-white hair. We chatted as we headed to Lower Malton, which was about 15 miles away. “Did you miss the school bus?” he asked. “A lot of boys from your school hitch this road, and they usually cadge a ride from an old codger like me.” “Yes,” I replied. “I missed it by just a few minutes, so I decided to hitch a ride. This is my first time.” The man was very chatty, and kept touching my thigh as he made a point about something or other. After a while, he just left his hand on my thigh. “I’m Harry by the way, and you are?” “Liam.” “You don’t mind me touching you up, Liam?” he asked, as he gently squeezed my thigh. “In exchange for the ride to Lower Malton.” “No-o-o,” I replied, nervously. “It’s standard practice out here,” he said, smiling. anadolu yakası escort “It gives me something to do during the journey; especially if, like today, the hitcher is wearing shorts.” I bit my lower lip as I stared out the side window, trying to calm my nerves. Outside, the bleak landscape and the newly forming rain clouds were a good reason to go with the flow. Also, as the man said, it was “standard practice out here”, so why make a fuss about being touched up in a warm, comfortable car. Harry kept talking as he reduced speed, he then moved his hand towards my crotch. The sensation felt so good, but I didn’t make any moves to encourage him. “Most boys have their shorts and underwear down by now,” he said, as he put his hand on my growing bulge. “Or do you want to play hard to get?” “I’ve not done this sort of thing before,” I replied, apologetically. “My friend gets picked up a lot on this road. He really likes it.” “That’s good to hear,” he said. “Now, unzip your shorts and get your tackle out.” The car turned off the main road and came to a stop, parallel to a field gate. The man turned in his seat and helped me pull down my shorts and underpants. He then looked at my uncut cock and licked his lips. “Nice and stiff,” he said. “Now, lean back and let me lick you into ankara anal escort shape.” I sighed in anticipation, and then sighed again when his lips and tongue began working on my four-inch cock. I was beside myself with excitement – along with other emotions like anxiety and embarrassment. The man was very dominant, so I let him boss me around, which I kinda liked – I easily convinced myself that I would be no match for the old codger. “Right,” he said, when he came up for air. “We’re in the middle of nowhere, so get your clothes off. I want to see you completely naked and showing off your skinny, schoolboy arse. No ifs or buts, so get to it.” I was in shock, but still I did as he ordered. I even got out of the car, when he said, and scrambled into the back, leaving both doors wide open. Humiliation was clearly his thing, so I stretched out on the back seat and let him have his way with me. As the odd car and lorry passed by, Harry wanked me off, and then sucked me off. I’m sure a lorry driver saw my bare arse, up against a side window, as I was being pushed into a new position. “What a lovely boy …. and so compliant,” he said. “The moment I saw you, I knew you were an incorrigible wuss. And now you’re my incorrigible wuss.” I smiled as I got out of the car, as ordered, and scrambled into ankara anal yapan escort the front passenger seat. It was raining now, so the doors were pulled shut and I began to dress. “Right,” he said, as he drove me home in the rain. “I want to see you outside the bus station at four o’clock tomorrow. And I want to see your bare-arse in my car again, okay?” “Yes,” I said, as I smiled and squeezed my crotch. ~ ~ ~ “Did he pick you up, Liam?” Nick asked, as we both walked to class the next morning. “And did he wank you off? Like I said he would.” “Yes, yes,” I replied. “Keep your voice down. And yes, he wanked me off in his car …. And I was naked for a long, long time, just like you said I’d be. It was really exciting and kinky.” “Yep!” Nick said. “The old man is a kinky fucker, and that’s why I’m one of his ardent fans. He definitely likes schoolboy arse, so keep an eye out for new talent. That red head in Mrs. Dean’s class looks fit. He’d look great sucking hard-standing cock.” ~ ~ ~ When the car arrived outside the bus station, I was told to get in the back. “This is Liam, Frank,” Harry said. “He’s the boy I picked up yesterday. He’s a real wuss, so you can play with him on his way home. Nothing heavy, mind. Just wanking, sucking and finger-fucking. We can play with him properly on Saturday.” So, after Frank played with my naughty bits on Wednesday, Harry introduced me to Ken on Thursday and George on Friday. I liked the idea of sitting in the back of Harry’s car with my shorts and underpants down, and a man playing with my hard-standing cock. The thought of the four men playing with me “properly” on Saturday made me so-o-o excited.

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