Mrs S


In 2006 after leaving my teaching post after three years, I moved on to pastures new leaving many friends behind. In the first year after I became close friends with Mrs S who I had worked closely with. She had always been there for me and mothered me with cakes and biscuits.

At the time there was no sexual attraction and in fact conversations tended to be after who I was chasing at the time or school gossip. After leaving I still came back occasionally for a cup of tea. mending or even dinner with the family on the odd occasion.

One day however, it all changed. Keeping in touch took a whole new meaning with the use of messenger to chat after work. Initially it stayed work based then one day Mrs S was fed up with her husband and we started chatting about it.

Mrs S: He is being so difficult I don’t know what to do.

Me: I am sure you’ll be alright you can always chat to me.

Mrs S: Thanks you are a nice guy

Me: You’re a nice girl

Mrs S: Perhaps we should go out together?

Me: (After a pause) really?

Mrs S: Sorry that was wrong of me

Me: It’s ok

Flirting followed this brief interlude from normal discussions. As weeks progressed flirting grew and we started discussing our bodies and as with dating we found out more each week.

So ağrı escort let me explain.

Mrs S is 53, 5ft 1, size 14-16, 36D bra, beautiful tummy, nice short legs and short ginger hair.

Me well I’m 27, 6ft, slim, toned body, short brown hair and dark eyes.

We were brought together by a shared sense of being lonely. After lots of erotic chats on line we didn’t meet up as both felt ashamed of online antics in a virtual world. The relationship ended then returned ended then returned, both sides still holding these desires. However with the husband increasingly isolating himself and me with a quiet house we grew closer.

One spring morning when both at home, we started chatting as usual. With the husband away and school holidays the house was empty except for two souls united by their desires.

Me: I’ll be down your way today

Mrs S: Wishful thinking

Me: Behave

Mrs S: Do I have to?

Me: No

Mrs S: I’ll be in all day

My connection went at a critical point. Was it still virtual or were we talking for real? This was on my mind the whole round of golf.

After finishing and dropping my friend off. I drove via Mrs S’ house for the first time in ages. Her car was there, my hands were sweaty, heart pounding. I locked the agriescort.net car and walked sheepishly over to the door. No going back now.

Her shadow appeared inside coming closer and closer until the door opened. She looked surprised.

“Cup of tea?” She asked.

“Yes please!” Following her in I looked at her figure in a gorgeous red top and blue trousers, imagining her bottom beneath the fabric. Having seen photos in the past I was turned on already. This was real and not in virtual world and my cock grew hard.

Initially the conversation was rather timid but both of us wanted more and we knew it. Mrs S invited me into the living room and we sat down together. Our legs touched as he sat down and we looked at each other. Holding her hand I pulled her close kissing her lips softly at first before feeling a tongue slipping onto my lips. Our tongues circled in the motion of a heart flicking and gliding across the surface.

Without a word spoken she got up held my hand and walked me to her bedroom. We stood opposite each other and undressed each other slowly gazing into each other’s eyes. Soon we were in our underwear. Mine a black pair or boxers and hers a matching set of lacy blue underwear.

Pulling her close our bodies touched. My erection was by now obvious to her as she pressed against her tummy. Her panties clearly wet from the initial excitement. She then lay on the bed as I climbed in next to her. Our heads nestled on the pillow as we continued kissing passionately whilst our hands wandered. Over her breasts which felt soft and tender and even better when she took the bra off. Her hand slipped into my boxers and pulled them down. I helped take them off completely as she did the same.

Our bodies felt warm as we lay exploring each others body. I could feel her trimmed hair as I explored lower and lower. Lapping over the top of her pussy and along her smooth slit I decided to take a closer look and went on a kissing rampage down her body over her tits, whilst rubbing my chin between her breasts. Lower and lower over her gorgeous cuddly tummy and the sexiest belly button I’ve ever seen.

I made it. Looking up at her lying back smiling I opened her legs wide. She giggled as I stared in amazement at her pussy. Drawing my head closer my lips moved nearer and nearer to a sweet pussy lips gently lapped by soft red hair. She smiled and asked me to take a closer look.

Wow she tasted good, before long my tongue was deep inside her pussy opening her lips wide. Her clit was throbbing as my tongue and lips played with her. Her pussy glistened as my finger slid inside her slowly nice and deep. I could feel her pussy contracting around me. Should I really be doing this? I asked myself.

To be continued…

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