My Bus Journey Part 5/6

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My Bus Journey Part 5/6When I woke up a short while later, I realized sis was not in his seat next to me. He came back a few minutes later from the bathroom. I also got up to pee as I had drunk a lot of soda. The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. This Curtain was right next to our seat, in between our seat and the seat across the aisle. Past the curtain, once in the alley way, the bathroom was on the right. The good thing was that not very many people were using the bathroom that evening. When I came back, sis had spread out the blanket again. Once I was under the blanket he whispered to me to take off my shorts again. So I took off my shorts completely and was naked again from my waist down. I was already semi-hard from the adventure of it all, of being naked in a public bus. sis told me that he loved touching and playing with my body since it responded so well to his touch. He told me that I had a very sexy and sensitive body. He started jacking me off for a little bit and then stopped and pulled out something from Escort bayan his bag. It was small cock dildo. It was one of his toys. He asked me if I wanted to cum again like I had at the stop over bathroom with a dildo fucking my ass. I couldn’t refuse. He had me face him again and lay back like before, with my back to the window and the pillow under my neck now instead of the jacket. He put some more gel on my asshole and then gently started inserting the cock dildo in my butthole. With a few pushes, it was inside my ass all the way. I could feel the heat and pleasure in my ass like before. The horniness feeling had returned. He fucked me with the dildo for a little bit, with long strokes, filling me up completely and then pulling it out all the way and then pushing it all the way in. It felt very good and I was moaning into the blanket. He continued playing with my dick and jacked me off. Within a few moments I shot my hot boy juice for the fourth time that evening. He continued jacking me until I had stopped cumming. Like before he milked my cock for every last drop of cum. This time my legs were shaking when I was done Bayan escort cumming. He pulled the dildo out of my ass after I had recovered. I had an empty feeling in my ass then. As I regained my composure, I could not believe that I had been fucked by my first cock and first dildo in the same evening. It took me a while to compose myself. He asked me to continue to stay naked. I wondered if I would be able to cum again that evening. But I figured he wanted to play with my body some more. So I complied with his request and stayed naked.But as I sat up, I realized that he was talking to his colleague who was now sitting across the aisle from us. I guess his colleague had switched seats while I was napping. I had not realized that in the dim light. I was suddenly embarrassed and wondered if his friend knew what was going on. I got a bit scared and worried. sis noticed the look and then leaned over to me and whispered that his colleague and him were very good and intimate friends and they had often had fun together. He told me that his friend was aware that we have been having fun together. He asked me if his friend could join Escort in the fun. I was a bit uneasy with that. sis promised me that his friend was a gentleman and will not hurt me and that I may enjoy it even more. Without thinking too much about it,I agreed for his friend to join us. sis got up and his friend, we will call him FP, took his seat next to me and covered himself with the blanket as well. He was as old as sis but had a clean shaved head and also had a well-trimmed goatee. He reached for my cock and start playing with it. His hands were a bit more rough and hard then sis’s. He knew how to handle a cock. I liked the way he was gripping my dick and balls. He also reached over and started kissing me. Pretty soon I was sucking his tongue. His hand playing with my cock had gotten me hard once again. He also complimented me on the size of my cock. He then led my hand to his cock which was already out of his pants. His cock was about the same length as sis but was a bit thicker. I started playing with his cock. sis was standing up adjacent to our seat and watching us. He leaned over and kissed me too. sis then whispered to me if FP could fuck me? Although by now, I was horny and willing but was concerned about how that would be managed without being discovered. sis assured me that it would be ok. sis told me to switch seats with FP. So FP now moved to the end of the seat by the window and I moved over him towards the aisle.

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