My cab ride


My cab rideIt was the third day Andrew waited for the girl he felt obsessed with. She had been on his mind for three days already, her charming smile and a lustful look. And his hand still remembered her hand though it was just a one-second touch…Last Saturday he was driving around the city looking for clients when he noticed a couple leaving a café. He suddenly stopped close to them and thus made other taxi drivers angry who had been waiting for clients for long already. He didn’t care! He knew this couple was going to be very generous. The guy would never haggle and would pay what Andrew asked as he wanted to fuck his girlfriend as soon as possible…These young people didn’t want to wait. The minute they sat on the back seat of the car the guy put his hand under the girl’s skirt. She just smiled apologetically and told Andrew her address. It wasn’t far!Now this address was literally burning his mind. For the third day he had been staying near her house… Maybe he would see her today!Being deep in his thoughts Andrew didn’t notice someone approached his car. When the door opened he shuddered…-Will you drive me to Broadway, please?Andrew looked at the girl talking and words stuck in Escort his throat… It was she…-Get in…His heart stopped for a while and then started beating so fast that everything went dark before his eyes. It was she! She!!!He tried not to show how excited he was but his trembling fingers starting the car revealed everything.-Is your name Andrew?-What? Yeahhh… why do you..?-My name is Courtney . You gave me your card a few days ago. Do you remember me?-Yes, I do. It was a good show. I liked that a lot…Andrew tried to speak more or less indifferently but his heart was pounding fiercely.-Yeah, probably! – The girl said putting her hand on the fly of his jeans. – Mmm… you’re so big…Andrew swallowed spasmodically and parked the car near a pavement sharply. They had barely driven a few blocks. He turned to the girl wishing to say something when Courtney kissed him passionately…The girl unzipped the fly skillfully and without tearing from Andrew’s lips took the pulsing cock out. Her cool touch made the phallus grow pretty fast and soon it was a huge dick with a crimson mushroom-like head.Andrew didn’t restrain any more and began kissing the girl’s neck and face. His greedy hands Escort Bayan started exploring the body he wanted so much.A moment later the man realized Courtney wasn’t wearing a bra again and a tiny piece of fabric that served like a skirt was the only thing to cover the girl’s legs. He pulled up the blouse impudently and his lips embraced the nipple. His hand slid over the widely open legs to the hot crotch.The panties were wet and Andrew moved them aside. He passed his finger over the pussy, from the quivering clit to the tight anal hole. Then it returned to the vagina, spread the labia and entered the passage. It was so warm and wet there! The girl let out a moan and arched her back inviting the guest to enter deeper.The hand serving my cock became weak and then moved to the girl’s breast.“No, I’ll be the first!” Andrew thought.He put his hand on her neck tenderly and pressed her down. Then he sat more comfortably and relaxed.Andrew didn’t have to ask twice. Courtney looked at the man lustfully and took the cock into her mouth. A hot breath wrapped the head and then the cheeks of her girl embraced it tightly. The man made a sound similar to a roar and moved Bayan Escort towards the girl. Courtney pushed him aside and kept on stimulating the dick.Her fingers were caressing the scrotum and the tongue was working on the head. She slid down the shaft, then released it and swallowed the balls jerking the stem furiously.She was a great sucker. She enjoyed the process as much as sex itself. She liked watching the males reacting to her caress. She loved the power she had over men and laughed at the sounds they made when she was sucking them… The girl could enjoy any dick. She felt this part of a man’s body very well and according to her intentions she could make the cock be hard for a long time or burst out rather quickly.Now she was in a hurry and decided she would have a chance to play with this cock later…Impaling her throat on the cock the girl put her hand between the man’s legs and started massaging the prostate. Her other hand was jacking off the shaft while the lips wrapped around the head tightly.The body under her strained trying to keep the semen inside but a few more girl’s motions made the dick explode and a spurt of cum hit her palate. Courtney moved a bit aside but her hands went on fondling the shaft. The girl was watching small lips spitting sticky dense liquid…-Have you got a tissue?Andrew could barely hear her words:-It’s in the compartment…-So, will you drive me to Broadway? I’m in a hurry to a date…

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