My early 1990s adult video supplier’s wife T


My early 1990s adult video supplier’s wife TSee the video:http://xhamster.com/movies/3048337/my_shy_friend_tracy_in_1993.html?s=9Back in the early 1990s I moved to London and lived in bedsit near Stratford, East London. I did find the city a bit daunting at first but enjoyed going down to soho. I saw some ‘live’ shows and bought my first porn tape there. This was pre internet so all porn was still mostly on VHS tapes. I found soho to be quite expensive and to be honest a bit of a rip off as most videos were highly censored. Reading the adverts in the local newspaper I saw there was one for ‘adult videos’ with a phone number. It said they started at £10 per film, or 3 for £25. I phoned and was surprised to find out the seller lived only a street away. I arranged a time to go and buy some videos and on the day I went to his house and was invited into the lounge. There was a box of videos in the lounge and he said I could go through them and if any caught my eye I could watch a sample. After watching the first sample it was clear that these were hardcore and bootlegged. I chose three and paid. As I was leaving he asked if I had any particular interests and I said homemade porn was my favourite, although I had seen very little, and he said he would keep an eye out for some. Anyway during the next year I would go round every couple of months and buy between 3 and 5 videos, and true to his word he always had some homemade videos. I was able to exchange old videos in part exchange for new, and one time for a bit of a turn on I added a section of one of my own movies at the end of a tape, and then for the next few months wondered who had purchased the tape and if they had wanked whilst Escort bayan watching my tape (roughly the same as the edited tape I posted on xhamster, http://xhamster.com/movies/298015/home_movie_made_20_years_ago.html). Anyway, one day I phoned and the guy said he wouldn’t be around for the next week but if it was OK with me his wife would be in and she would sell me the tapes. I arranged a time, and to be honest when I arrived the next day I was apprehensive as I wasn’t too sure how I would feel doing the purchase with a woman. Anyway she opened the door and was very pleasant, probably about 40 in age. She introduced herself as TracyAs usual I watched some samples to make my choice, which was a bit odd with Tracy sat there. I purchased three videos and Tracy asked me why I liked the home made ones more. I told her it was because they showed real women. She laughed and said something like, well no one would want to watch a video of me and my hubby fucking. I said without thinking I would, and she laughed very loudly. I asked her if they had ever made a video and she said no, they were into selling them not starring in them. Anyway after that meeting I noticed Tracy in the background during my next couple of purchases from her husband. Next time I phoned to book a time to pick up some videos Tracy answered. She told me her husband was a away for a few weeks but she said she didn’t mind if I came round when she was there to buy the videos. We arranged a time, and as I was about to hang up she started to ask me a question. She asked if I liked watching amateur videos of women masturbating. I said yes, but what happened next really surprised Bayan escort me. She asked if I had ever made any videos and if I had a camera. I did have a camera, and she told me to bring it along when I came to buy the videos.I turned up not knowing what to expect. Tracy opened the door, and invited me in. we sat and I watched clips from some of the videos. I purchased three and as I paid, she said that if I had my camera she had a surprise. I got the camera out of my bag, and she took me upstairs. She said she wanted to feel sexy and desired so was willing to be my model and masturbate for me on camera, as long as she could hide her face. She stripped off, laid on the bed and covered her face will a pillowcase, She started by fingering herself and then using vibrators on her pussy and clit (see the video) Well it was a great time and at the end of her orgasm she noticed I was hard. She told me to strip and join her on the bed. She put a condom on my cock and wanked me off (she didn’t want cum on her bed spread). Even though it was all over quite quickly it was an amazing experienceThe next few times I went Tracy’s husband was there and she didn’t really acknowledge me. I moved from Stratford to another part of London soon after and stopped getting my videos from their house. Anyway, a few years later I saw an advert on a card in a local newsagent’s window near my flat offering adult videos for sale. I rang the number and made an appointment. The house was a mile or so away. I was surprised when Tracy opened the door. We immediately recognised each other, and she invited me in. I watched a few snippets of tapes and made my choices. As I Escort paid Tracy she asked if I had watched her video often. I did soon after it was made, but then hadn’t watched it for about a year or so. I jokingly said it was about time I made another one. To my surprise, Tracy said she would be up for it. Her husband was now in jail for 5 years and was not on the scene. To my surprise she said she might allow me to fuck her on camera, but she would need to think about that. A week or so later I phoned Tracy and asked if she was serious. She told me to come to her house the following evening with the camera. I t was great as this time I was not there to buy tapes so she took me straight to the bedroom. She quickly stripped and I set up the camera. It started like last time with her masturbating (again wearing a pillow case). She then invited me to strip and join her on her bed. I then played with her pussy and she played with my cock. I then got her on all 4s and fucked her doggy style. The situation had gotten me too excited so I didn’t last long before filling the condom with my cum. Afterwards we got dressed and had a cup of tea. We chatted about a lot of things, especially what turned me on in videos. I said I would put the films of her I had made onto a tape for her to watch. I left and went back a week or so later with the tape. We watched them together and then spent an hour or so in bed together, this time without a camera. She didn’t like how she looked on the video and decided she wouldn’t appear in anymore. However, every 6 weeks or so I would go around to hers and buy some tapes, and we would then watch one together, and end up in bed trying to replicate some of the scenes we had just watched. We even watched the videos I had made of her together a few times as she wanbked me off. This went on for about a year until 1995 when I started a proper relationship with a woman from work, and her husband was due out of prison anytime then as well.

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