My first massage from a man


My first massage from a manI had been reading stories and watching videos on xhamster about being massaged by a guy and I loved the idea and found it incredibly erotic but for years never had the courage to actually go ahead and have one. My experience just far had been with female masseurs. The thought really appealed to me and I kept finding myself looking at various local advert type websites which included Craigslist when it still ran personal ads to see what was available in my area, the only problem I had was finding a reason to be out of the house and away from the wife for several hours.One day while feeling particularly horny I came across an advert, including pictures, for someone who offered naked massages from his home on the outskirts of London and close to a relative who I visit now and again. He looked and sounded just what I was looking for and seemed to understand how nervous some guys would be about getting a massage from another man for the first time. The chance to actually try this out came the next weekend when the wife was meeting friends one Saturday so I took a deep breath and called his mobile number on the day before bahis siteleri nerves got the better of me. A answered the phone and immediately put me at ease so after talking for a few minutes about how it would work, his location and costs I took the plunge and booked a 90 minute session for the next afternoon as fortunately for me A had had a cancellation.i turned up after seeing my relative, parked my car as instructed in a visitors space for his flat and nervously approached the front door feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves and my heart beating faster. A answered the door but kept his body behind it as he invited me in. As soon as it shut I realised he was already completely naked which made me even more nervous. He invited me through to his living room which had subdued lighting, was warm and had a massage table set up in the middle. A said it’s probably easiest if you undress and then lie face down on the table, he then left me to get me some water. I undressed quickly and was laid naked on the table when he returned from the kitchen.He then started the massage and slowly paid attention to my neck arms and back, I was feeling canlı bahis siteleri very relaxed by now and was enjoying both the firm strokes and more gentle touches. A moved down my body and massaged my thighs and legs before moving to my buttocks and firmly massaging them with some more oil, as his fingers very lightly touched my bum crack I felt a tingle of excitement and my cock started to twitch a little. The whole experience so far was almost dreamy and I was almost asleep when A asked me if I would like to try body to body massage. I said yes straight away and he slid his oiled body onto mine and started sliding back and forth and I could feel his cock on various parts of my body the most exciting of which was when it was nestled between my cheeks momentarily. I could not believe how much I was enjoying what was both relaxing but arousing and erotic all at the same time.soon A got back on the floor and asked me to turn over on the table and lie on my back and as I did he parted my legs so my feet were on each edge of the table and then started to massage me from the feet up, as he got to my upper thighs and poured more oil canlı bahis onto me I was anticipating what might happen next. He massaged my inner thighs and ran his fingers from my balls downwards and as he ran a finger over my tight hole I could not help but let out a loud sigh. A focused on this area a lot and unexpectedly I was enjoying it so much and I knew then that I wanted more but was stupidly too shy to ask. A then moved to my cock which was now semi hard and started playing with me which was wonderful and soon I was fully erect as indeed was he. The next 15 minutes were some of the most intense and pleasurable minutes of my life as he touched, licked and sucked me like no one had ever done before. A finished me as I was standing in front of him kneeling before me and he was sucking and wanking me and I came all over his oily smooth chest.i was then feeling a little embarrassed but totally elated and he led me to the bathroom so I could shower.I left about 10 minutes later feeling almost a sense of disbelief about what I had just experienced but also wanting more.This took place about 4 years ago and sadly I was never able to visit A again but I have found another male masseur, N who lives in the same Kentish town as me and who I have visited several times when the opportunity has presented itself. Perhaps I will write about those visits if anyone is interested.

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