My First Sensation with Paula


My First Sensation with PaulaGoing back to college was always a rather special goal of mine, if only due to the fact that you never knew what kind of people you would meet during your time there. Some would meet others like themselves, others may find the unusual ones who, after some time and conversations, tend to grow on you. And then, past all of that, you have that person who is friendly to you, yet you know that you literally have NOTHING in common with that person. Well, unfortunately for me, Paula just so happened to fit the last category.I met her during my first day on campus, considering we share the same Math course, and were nervous about the course. The classroom we were in is also the very same that my previous course, Sociology, was held in, so for me, it was as if I was taking a double course in the same, dull room. But enough about the room we shared, I’m sure you’d all like to know what Paula looks like, yes?Paula stands about 5’7, which is just about my height, with the brightest, most dazzling sea green eyes I’ve ever seen, though I think they stand out due to her going tanning, as well as her light brown hair with blonde highlights, which go down to her bust. A small B-cup, considering she is quite the thin woman, and when I say woman, I mean it. I was slightly shocked to hear that she was 41, considering how thin and young she acted; however, I didn’t have much time for my shock to truly show, as a group of four girls sat right behind our table. Now, I don’t know these girl’s names, nor will I ever truly learn them, but I’ve picked up a few nicknames for them: The Librarian (Young Black Haired Edition), Fishy Eyes (Sweet Personality), Average Cheerleader (With a decent low C-cup), and the Tease (I’ll get into her nickname later). These four, alongside with a woman who sat at the far left of the second table, who I’ve nicknamed Proud Peaks due to how she always shows off her D-cups, which tend to jiggle quite nicely when she takes a deep breath, made Paula move down to the table so she could properly talk to them, which, at that time, didn’t bother me one bit. I didn’t go to class just to make friends, but to get past my worst subject with hopefully a B.Our professor, Mrs. Shlovak, was someone I didn’t quite expect to see teaching the course for several different reasons. The first was her accent, which clearly showed that she lived in Bosnia for most of her life, and the second reason was due to her not really knowing how to communicate properly, despite teaching on campus for about twenty years. The worst of the reasons, at least it was at first, was both her body and her choice of clothes. Now, Mrs. Shlovak is an older woman, possibly upper fifties to lower sixties, but that certainly didn’t stop the thin, fragile woman from wearing a tight, dark purple button up that clung to her body, nor did it stop her from wearing her hair in a low cut that barely reached her chin with the rest in a pony tail, which I find to be quite hot. Coupled with her cute glasses that remind me of a smaller frame of Harry Potter, and she would have certainly been a cutie if she was younger. The main problem with her is the brown skirt she ALWAYS wears! Not only does it barely go down past her knees, but it is a button-down that, though she always has more slits to her use, always buttons it with two, allowing for me to see up her skirt.If it wasn’t for the fact that I was one of three males on that side of the room, I would have just assumed that it was all an accidental mishap the first day, but I’ll explain a bit later. So, after bursa escort the initial introduction to the class and the course, Mrs. Shlovak had us do a worksheet to see just how much she had to work with, which wasn’t an issue. Well, it wouldn’t have been an issue if she hadn’t kept opening her legs towards my general direction, though with her head facing the left-hand side of the room, I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or an accident. So, to keep my head out of the gutter, I turned to my left to see if she was looking at someone else. To add to my overall problem, turned just in time to see Paula bending down for something out of her large, pink and black purse, allowing me to see that, yes, her breasts were mostly tanned, leading the possibility that she tanned naked. Needless to say, the rest of that particular class was quite hard to pay attention to, and I was quick to leave it.The next few classes gave me a feeling of Deja Vu, considering I found myself sitting in the exact same seat each class, which allowed me to see up Mrs. Shlovak’s skirt, look at Paula’s cleavage when she bent down for her purse, as well as glance at Proud Peaks’ breasts when Paula would ask me to help explain a problem from the previous day’s homework to her. I, for the most part, ignored the chatter from the four girls behind us; however, I blame them for what caused me to get my first “taste” of Paula, if you will.”Hey Ricky, come here.” “Hm? Do you need help with another question?” Paula, instead of pointing at another problem or nodding, pulled the chair to her right away from the table. “Sit next to me! It’ll make it easier for you to help me out. Plus you won’t have to crawl over the chairs again.” Seeing as I sat three chairs away from her, and our row of tables had four tables for the set, meant that I was at the third table while she and Proud Peaks were at the first, which placed me in the middle of the row. With no reason to reject her logic, I sat next to her with a smile on my face as I placed my bag in the chair next to me. When I turned to her, I saw her glance at the girls behind me, to be specific Tease, but paid no mind to it since I knew that the girls talked to one another before class started. “At least we can all help each other out now.” I heard her mumble to Average Cheerleader. What she meant at that time I didn’t know, and I still don’t at the moment, mostly since this happened last Tuesday. Now, seeing as we’re pushed to taking notes and writing the examples that she puts on the projector, we’re constantly looking at either the screen, our papers, or at our cell phones to see just how much more time we need. Again, it was harder for me since Mrs. Shlovak seemed to point her skirt in my sights, so I turned my head to glance at Paula, mostly to skim at her paper and compare math problems. The fact that I saw her cleavage was a plus, yet I started to feel guilty since I grew to her overall positive charm; however, she turned towards me with a small smile on her face before bending down to grab something from her purse, which was right between our chairs. “Sorry.” I whispered as the professor was talking, and turned back to the screen to look at the problem once more. I won’t deny that the sight of her cleavage was still in my mind, which made my cock quite the bit harder than I would have liked, but I tried to erase it for a while.”Pssh,” I turned to Tease, who pointed at her paper, “look.” I bent my head back, which was a bit difficult to do considering I didn’t want to leave my chair, and saw the çanakkale escort words Don’t Make A Sound written upon it. I looked up at her, noticing the devious smile upon her face right as I felt a slight push against my hard-on. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes as I turned back to my paper and glanced down to see Paula’s hand inching towards my cock, which instantly made my mind travel to the gutter of my perverted thoughts. When I thought she was reaching for the zipper of my pants, I thought she was going to unzip them; however, she shocked me a bit by squeezing my cock, making me fake a yawn with my right hand over my mouth to add to the mirage I needed. “Oh wow,” Paula whispered a bit too loudly for me to feel comfortable with, “that is big!” That part, at the very least, she whispered low enough where only Proud Peaks and I could hear it. Also, two fun facts, now that I think back on it. The first is that, amongst the males of my family, seven to eight inches is average, with the biggest amongst us being my oldest brother, who has a nine inch cock he loves to brag about while drunk. The second fact was that, when she said that particular part, our professor just multiplied 12 by 164 to solve for x, hence granting us a rather big number for her comment to not seem out of the ordinary.”Thanks.” I smiled at her with a light chuckle as I wrote more numbers, mostly garbage just to keep up with the mirage, but I couldn’t write the proper problem even if I wanted to, as she decided to start stroking me through my pants. The overall thought of getting caught, plus the friction of my boxers and pants added a different sort of pleasure that I wasn’t used to, yet it wasn’t entirely unwelcomed at the same time. Meanwhile, Mrs. Shlovak didn’t notice a thing from her desk, especially since she seemed to spread her legs a bit more right before pulling herself more towards the computer to change the screen, which was a normal action for her. The sight of her thin, yet slight curved leg with the white panties she wore made me twitch quite the bit, though I was glad that Paula seemed to decide that she wanted to feel my cock with her bare hands, and slowly unzipped my pants. A slight movement to my left made me look at Paula’s phone, which was placed next to her stacked binder and textbook.”Can you check out my math for me while I grab something from my purse?” The ‘math’ she wanted me to check out was, in truth, a picture of her topless with her mouth open for me to see her stretched tongue. The thought of her giving me a blowjob with those eyes of hers looking straight at me got my balls churning with cum build up, yet I never considered her licking at my cock either. ‘Considering how playful she is, I wouldn’t be shocked if she licked at my balls and up and down my shaft before actually sucking me off.’ Was my exact thought as I felt her hand pull my cock out with a bit of effort on her part, and instantly began to jack me off faster than I thought she would have liked to show. It was fortunate that she was left handed, as well as the fact that the professor kept on looking at the screen, or else she would have easily caught Paula jerking me off. I turned to Paula to see just what she looked like as she did this, and boy was I shocked to see her blushing while wiping a bit of drool off her chin the moment I turned. Was she drooling, was something I wanted to ask her. I wouldn’t mind her drooling on my cock as she sucked me off with how intense she was stroking me, yet I wasn’t going to complain as çankırı escort I turned the page in my notebook. The professor finally turned towards our side of the room, causing Paula to lay her hand flat on my lap, pressing my cock between my thighs, which I clamped a few seconds later.”Okay! Now its time for you to solve this!” I assumed she was going to ask one of us on this side of the room to answer, so I ignored the light stroking Paula made with the tip of her fingers, and solved the problem to the best of my ability. Fortunately for us, someone in the front row answered for everyone, causing Mrs. Shlovak to smile before writing some more problems for us to solve on the projector, allowing for me to better enjoy Paula once more. It was then that I had an idea and pulled out my phone, entering a text without someone to send it to, and slid it over to her. “I normally last about twenty minutes while jerking off, as well as make quite the mess too. I hope you can make me cum before class ends ;)” Was what I typed for her. Despite the length of it, what I said seemed to do the trick, for not only did she pick up on her speed, but she also slightly turned her hand around the tip whenever it reached it, adding another small wave of pleasure that brought me closer to the edge. I heard the giggles and light cheers of the girls behind us, bringing me to the conclusion that they somehow talked Paula into doing this, yet the movement of her chair made me turn to her.”Opps, dropped my pencil.” Yet again, she bent down to show me her cleavage, adding more fuel to my perverted fire as she stroked me quite the bit; however, she pulled her top more so I could see just how erect her nipples were, as well as getting a full view of her cup, which pushed me over. “I’ll m-move.” I stammered as I tried to pull away while I felt myself cumming. Tried being the key word, for I simply managed to give Paula a better angle to bend down and take the head into her mouth, sucking down the bashful stream of cum that rushed out of me, as well as gave the four girls behind us a full view of my cock and the scene. I, fortunately, kept my sight focused on the screen, yet I didn’t keep hold of my pen as I felt a sigh escape my breath what seemed to be minutes after. I, deep down, knew it must have been about a minute since she sucked out the cum from me, yet it was when she pulled away and grabbed her pencil before sitting up did she allow me to see her mouth full of my white, thick cum.”Thank you.” I heard her say with her filled mouth before she swallowed it in one gulp, shocking me before I quickly fixed myself. I was partially glad that Paula was sitting far enough where people on the other side of the room couldn’t see me, yet it took a bit of time for me to shove my cock back into my pants, which earned me a few whispered cat-calls from the girls behind us. By the time that class was over, which we were allowed to leave early due to my fellow classmates finding the two lessons easy to remember, I couldn’t help but to slowly pack up my stuff, keeping myself as calm as possible in the event that Mrs. Shlovak actually saw something, or everything that happened between us, and found the weight from my shoulders disappear when it was finally me and some other students in the class who were talking amongst each other.’Well that was quite something.’ I thought to myself as I walked out of class. It was there, right in front of the elevator, that I saw Paula and the other girls, each smiling at me as Tease opened the door to the stairs. I felt a sense of dread hit me for two reasons. The first was due to the smiles on their faces being something that would forever place me within an inner circle I never found myself in during my life. The second?My class was on the fourth floor, which meant that we had quite a bit of time before reaching the first floor.

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