My Lesbian Ghost

Big Tits

It all started when my fiancé and I moved that mansion in Hollywood Hills. We were getting ready to marry in a few weeks. We decided that we were going to move into a large house so that when we got ready to have children, we wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading as our family grew. My fiancé was a pilot, so he was always traveling. We had just unpacked the moving truck when he broke the news that I would be spending the first few nights in the house by myself.

“Babe,” I said to him, “why do you have to leave tonight?”

“Because honey, it’s my job,” he replied. I knew it was his job, but I wanted to enjoy the first night in the beautiful new house with my fiancé.

“I know, but, I just wanted to celebrate with you tonight,” i said, giving him my best pouty face. He lifted my face up and kissed me on the lips. He couldn’t keep his lips to himself whenever I gave the pouty face.

“I promise, we will celebrate when I get back. It will only be for 2 nights,” he told me. We spent the last few hours we had together trying to assemble the bed for the master room. Then, it was time for him to leave.

“Ok babe,” I said to him. “I love you. You be safe ok.”

“I always am. I love you hun. I will call you when I land,” he reassured me.

Once he left, I started unpacking some of the light boxes. I decided that the heavier ones would be left to him. I decorated the bedroom and put sheets and a comforter on the bed. Feeling exhausted after unpacking all day, I decided to stop and take a nap. While in bed, dozing off, I noticed that the house was eerily quiet. There was not a single thing to be heard. You could hear a pin drop in the house. I stiffened in bed, slightly spooked by the silence. I closed my eyes, trying not to think of loneliness. Suddenly, I felt something, perhaps a hand, run up my leg and pull my dress slightly up. I darted my eyes open, but saw nothing. I decided that I was probably just horny and dismissed it. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

An hour later, I woke up and found my clothes on the floor. Had I been that Gaziantep Saatlik Escort horny that I had stripped of my clothes in my sleep?

My pussy was so wet and my nipples were so hard. I started rubbing my nipples, as they hardened to my touch. I worked on my left nipple with my left hand, as my right hand started sliding down my stomach until it reach my wet cunt. I began rubbing my clit, slowly. My left hand switched to my right nipple, as I continued to rub my clit, gradually getting faster. I inserted two fingers into my pussy, and put them in and out, each thrust getting faster and faster. My back began to arch as my pussy got wetter and wetter. I let out a low moan, and started rubbing my clit with my left hand as my right continued to fuck my pussy. Finding my g-spot, I began to climax. I squirted my pussy juice all over our comforter as I let out a scream of gratification. I was breathing heavily and trying to come back down from my orgasm when I noticed someone in the corner watching. She was a beautiful blonde woman, wearing a red thong and nothing else. Her boobs were full, but not large. They were perfectly round, just like her ass. She had icy blue eyes, that were staring right into my soul. Her hand was in her panties, as she was watching pleasure myself. She must’ve seen that I noticed her because out of nowhere, she vanished.

I quickly put my clothes back on and went into the living room. I was too scared to be in the room by myself. I plugged up the tv, and attached the DVD player to it. I popped in my favorite movie and popped a bag of popcorn. I tried to forget about what I had just seen. After the movie, my fiancé called. I suddenly felt safe.

“Hey babe,” he said on the other line. “How is everything? Are you alright?”

“You know,” I paused, “I think there was someone in the house.” I said.

“What do you mean there is someone in the house? Are you sure? Did they take anything? Did they try to hurt you?” he asked, clearly concerned about my safety.

“Now, it wasn’t like that. I just, I thought I saw a woman… watching me,” i said, blushing at the thought.

“A woman? Watching you? Watching you do what?” he asked. I chuckled a little.

“Well, I was feeling horny, so you know, since you aren’t here to satisfy me, I had to do it myself,” I said, trailing off at the end.

“So, you think someone came in the house to watch you masturbate?” he asked me, making it sound like I’m stupid.

“No, it’s just, weird things have been happening since you left. First, I thought someone was touching me before my nap, then I wake up ass naked. Then, I see someone in the house. I’m not sure, but I think the house is,” I hesitated to say it, “haunted.”

“Babe, the house isn’t haunted. You are just missing me. You are in a new house and you’re scared. You’re horny, and you were wishing it were me to see you pleasure yourself. I know I wish I had seen it,” he said, trying to comfort me.

“You’re probably right,” I said. We both said our “I love you’s” and hung up.

I took a shower and put on my sexy black teddy and matching thong. I changed the comforter since it had my pussy juices all over it and got in bed. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t ignore the eerie feeling again. I closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t. That’s when I felt a hand rub my thigh again. I turned around and saw the blonde woman smiling down at me. I wanted to scream, but she put her index finger over my lips as if to tell me to hush. She laid on top of me and started to kiss me. She kissed me so passionately. Not even my fiancé kissed me like that. She slid her tongue into my mouth, and I allowed it. We began to make out for what seemed like an eternity. She moved her mouth away from my lips and started trailing kisses down to my breasts. She grabbed both breasts into her hands and started licking each nipple, one at a time over my teddy. They hardened as she licked them.

She removed my teddy, so that I, like her, was only wearing a thong. I let out a small moan as she played with my left nipple with her fingers and sucked on the right one, flicking it with her tongue. She laughed as I moaned. She slowly started kissing her way until she got to my sexy black thong. She licked my pussy over the panties, which was getting wetter by the second. She slid the small piece of fabric to the side and started to suck up my juices. My back arched as soon as her tongue touched my cunt. Slowly, she began to lick my clit. While she was eating me, she inserted her fist into me. I let out a loud scream as she fucked me with her mouth and fist. She sucked my clit, harder and faster, flicking it with her tongue. Occasionally, she would lift her head to kiss me, allowing me to taste my own juices. As she started fisting me faster, I my body began buckling uncontrollably. I let out louder screams, and grabbed her head pulling in closer to my pussy. She sucked on my clit some more. Not being able to handle anymore, I squirted all my juices all over her face. She seemed to like it so much that she opened her mouth the make sure that she caught it all. She kissed me, allowing me to taste myself. I never knew what a woman tasted like, but I loved the way I tasted so much, that I couldn’t wait to taste her.

She removed her panties and crawled on top of me as she rubbed her pussy against my breast. She slowly crawled her way forward, until she was sitting on my face. Her pussy was so beautiful. It was perfectly pink. It looked delicious. I stuck my tongue out as she started to ride my face. Slowly at first, she humped my mouth as I inserted my tongue in and out of her wet cunt. She leaned forward and started riding my face faster as I continued to suck on her pussy. Her juices tasted so sweet. I didn’t know how I had never been with another girl before. Faster and harder, she rode my face until she came right into my mouth. She collapsed in bed right beside me, and we both lay side by side panting. She didn’t say anything. We just laid there breathing heavily. Suddenly, I heard only my breath. I turned around and she was gone.

I’m married to my fiancé now. I have no intention of telling him about my lesbian ghost lover. Whenever my husband is gone, she always comes back to visit me. While most people regret moving to a haunted mansion, I couldn’t be any happier if I didn’t.

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